Anne McCaffrey died at her home on Monday 21st November (November 2011)

ANNE MCCAFFREY (1926-2011)
Portrait by Linda Eicher, all rights reserved

Yesterday evening I simply couldn't get my courage up. My mind was in turmoil and I felt so sad... I am so, so, so glad that I decided to pay her visit on her 85th birthday, earlier this year! And she looked so much better, walked so much better than she had done before... Then came the bad news before she was to travel to Dragon*Con and I got a fright. But she pulled through yet again, as she had done several times before. This last time turned out to be too much even for our strong Annie to cope with.

A quiet funeral service will be held for her Saturday at Collier's Funeral Home in Dublin. And the family is planning a larger memorial will be held sometime next year for more family and friends. Anne's daughter Gigi confirmed to me it will possibly be streamed online.

Remember that lovely little white rose bush I gave Anne on her birthday as part of the set of gifts from us fans? It's in the picture in the post about her birthday below. Over the telephone her daughter Gigi said she planted it in her garden and that at first it didn't do well and wilted somewhat. Then, like our beloved author, it defied the odds and shot up and bloomed perfectly when it was time. That set me off crying again. Damn.

Anne has touched my life in so many ways I can't begin to describe them all. But apart from her great books and wonderful stories she "gave" me friends and I got acquainted with so many wonderful people of all ages, from all over the world, just through the shared love for an author. And I know, from personal experience, that she touched so many people that way that you would almost think that she was more than "just an author". She certainly was gifted, in many more ways than having an uncanny good way to tell a story and write it down.

Yesterday I twittered:
"Heaven better had dragons. Anne McCaffrey deserves one. Goodbye my friend."

To which Jody Lynne Nye reacted with:
"Well, would it be heaven without dragons?"

My favourite Pern poem suddenly gets another meaning...

Harper, tell me of the road
That leads beyond this Hold,
That wends its way beyond the hill...
Does it go further on until
It ends in sunset's gold?

Dear, dear, Annie,
Thank you for everything
Rest In Peace

Todd McCaffrey wrote on his facebook page:
At about 5 p.m. Monday November 21st, 2011, Anne McCaffrey passed away. Mum was getting ready to go back to the hospital because she was feeling "puny" and collapsed while she was moving into her wheelchair. Her daughter, Georgeanne Kennedy, and son-in-law, Geoffrey Kennedy were with her. She was in no pain and it was over in an instant. She first had a heart attack in late 2000 and a stroke in 2001, so we were well-prepared and knew that we were on "golden time" with Mum these past ten years and more. She leaves behind an incredible legacy of marvelous books and a huge legion of fans. She won practically every major award in available to authors of science fiction and fantasy, including both Hugo and Nebula Awards, the American Library Association's Margaret A. Edwards award for Lifetime Literary achievement in Young Adult fiction, was an inductee into the Science Fiction Hall of Fame, and was a SFWA Nebula Grandmaster. She was also a great cook, magnificent mother, doting grandmother, ardent quilter, knitter, bridge player, horsewoman, fencer, actress, singer, and all-around nice person. We are blessed to have known her, just as we are blessed with the knowledge that she has touched so many lives and made such huge changes in them. Mum always said, "Don't just pay back a favor -- pass it on!" In light of that spirit, we ask that, instead of condolences or flowers, that commemorators make a donation to their favorite charity. We know that we haven't lost Mum -- that she has truly passed on her legacy of love and honor to all those who were touched by her -- and that we have only to open one of her books to find her again. Rest well, Mum, you've earned it!

Anne McCaffrey thanks all fans for birthday wishes! (April 2011)
Anne was delighted with the booklet with the collection of all birthday wishes made by fans online on the dedicated bulletin boards and with her other gifts, including a new birthday portrait in the 'Anne McCaffrey Birthday Series' by artist Linda Eicher and the poster, program and DVD of the UK premiere of the play 'Dragonsong' by Lutheatre (University of Leicester Student's Union) in December last year. Anne specifically asked me to thank all those who remembered her birthday. A short report of my visit and a couple of more photo's can be found at the Anne McCaffrey forum 'A Meeting of Minds'.

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Is titled Dragon's Code by Gigi McCaffrey. Hardcover publication was in October 2018.
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The latest published Pern short story still is Beyond Between. The story appears in the anthology Legends II which has Robert Silverberg as editor.
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The latest Pern short story in translation is Runner of Pern in the Danish language, published in the anthology Fantastiske Virkelikheder (Fantastic Realities) which was published especially for Eurocon 2007 which was held in Copenhagen.

40 Years of Pern
The 40 Years of Pern commemorative fanbook can be ordered on The book holds an introduction by Anne herself and well over 50 essays by friends and fans. Contributors describe how they came to read Pern, and what it has meant in their lives. To order your copy of this book click here. The first 10 pages can be previewed online (this includes part of the introduction by Anne McCaffrey).

Anne McCaffrey:
A Life with Dragons
Robin Roberts has written a most wonderful biography of Anne McCaffrey. The richly illustrated book tells of the life of a fascinating and complex woman, who creates and re-creates her fiction by drawing on (her own) life experiences. Roberts conducted interviews with Anne, her children, friends and colleagues, and used archival correspondence and contemporary reviews and critisism. Click here to order the book at Amazon.


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Pern CD by Opland & Freeman!
Tania Opland and Mike Freeman, the musicians of the Masterharper of Pern CD and the Pern Songbook have finished theri new Pern CD titled Sunsets Gold. Personally I think its even better than the first Pern CD!

A closer peek at Anne & Dragonhold

Anne, Anneli, Cheryl and Hans at the Kitchen table.

In May 2002 I visited Anne for the first time, together with my two "Pern Pen Pals" Cheryl and Anneli.
I made lots of pictures of which I have put several in a special part of this site to give you a closer peek at Anne, her house and its beautiful surroundings. Needless to say these pictures are dated somewhat but I think you will enjoy them anyway.

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There's a section on this website that is dedicated to all the non-Pern books and stories by Anne McCaffrey.

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