Hans van der Boom is the founder and owner of the Perm Museum & Archives. He is a long time fan of Anne McCaffrey and especially of her world of Pern and started a fan website back in 1999, called Elrhan's Pern Site. He was a host and administrator of Anne McCaffrey's bulletin board until its end in 2005 and worked on her website as assistant webmaster to her son Alec and later as webmaster until 2005. Hans is a part time professional public relations officer in the healthcare and social services fields and also a professional genealogist and amateur historian. Together with a friend he runs a small time publihing company called Van der Boom & Slijkerman which published the commemorative book 40 Years of Pern in 2007. His interests involve genealogy, history, Greek and Roman history and culture, languages, website design, desk top publishing and photoshop.

Because I liked the art Les Edwards did for the cover of Todd McCaffrey's Dragonsblood so much, I have used it in one of my photoshop 'doodles'. This one is called "The Pernese Times", and I have had enquiries after subscriptions!. The combination features an old American newspaper, revised by me with new headlines and pictures by Robin Wood and Les Edwards in the columns. The background is Jamie Hurst's Pern globe which was also used for the book 40 Years of Pern the blue dragon in the foreground is part of Les Edward's art for the cover of Dragonheart. The art by others was kindly used by permission

© Copyright by Hans van der Boom, Les Edwards, Robin Wood and Jamie Hurst all rights reserved.

And here is the design I did for the commemorative book 40 Years of Pern. We were honoured to be able to present it to Anne McCaffrey at the dinner held for Eurocon 2007 in Copenhagen. I again used the globe of Pern by Jamie Hurst and a portrait of Anne made by my friend and American artist Linda Eicher.

© Copyright by Hans van der Boom, Linda Eicher and Jamie Hurst all rights reserved.

A "photoshop challenge" issued by my friend Linda Eicher on the Anne McCaffrey bulletin board A Meeting of Minds resulted in a Pernese bottle of whisky (I'm known as a whisly lover to my friends).

Below is the original I started out with.

A few days before I did the whisky bottle I had posted a milk pack I made as a practice for some photoshop techniques.

The top reads: "A mug of milk a day keeps the healer away". The front also states that the milk is of genuine Ruathan herdbeasts.


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