Artist and illustrator, Chris Achilleos has created some of the best-loved fantasy and glamour artwork over the past thirty years and has become one of the most influential figures of the genre. His works includes many hundreds of book cover illustrations for authors like Robert E. Howard (Conan), Edgar Rice Burroughs (Pellucidar) and Michael Moorcock (Elric) He has been working as a conceptual artist for the films "Willow", directed by George Lucas, the adult animation "Heavy Metal" - now a cult movie - and the more recent historical dramas of "King Arthur"and "The Last Legion". Chris is acknowledged for his unique interpretation of fabulous Amazons, dragons and other incredible fantasy images, not to forget his beautiful and sometimes controversial glamour works. An extensive biography can be read here. Chris Achilleos's work has been published in three internationally best selling books and now a forth volume is available with his latest works. The largest collection of images from Chris's wide and eclectic art ever brought together has been assembled in this online gallery, showing works from all the books and other rarer images. We invite you to visdit Chris's website which includes an art gallery and a great webshop.

Chris' only Pern cover artwork was for the 1979 UK Sphere Books paperback edition of Dragonquest, the fifth printing of that title. The artwork is titled "The Sentinel".

Chris himself writes about this piece: "This creature is a compromise between my own idea of a dragon and the one in the book, this led me to give it six limbs instead of the four which I have always felt would make a more feasible dragon".

© Copyright by Chris Achilleos, all rights reserved.
For the collectors among you; this artwork as a can be ordered as a giclée print here and it is also available as a figurine.


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