David studied Fine Arts in the University of Barcelona and his passions have always been illustration and computer graphics. He spent some years moving from one place to another and travelling around the globe but has finally settled between Cabrils, a small and quite village near Barcelona, and Madrid, where he teamed up with Multimedia Resources SL, a video/film, FX and content creator company. He has been working in illustration since the early beginnings of mhiscareer, but for years he also did a lot of architectural and engineering visualization. He loves to do bookcover illustrations and is an avid sci-fi & fantasy reader. He thinks that doing illustrations for books that he read years ago when he was a youngster is one of the biggest rewards that his career has brought. Many times he is offered a job because he actually knows the book he is going to illustrate. In early 2006, he teamed up with Multimedia Resources as a resident illustrator/FX creator, doing Illustration, matte painting work and video for the video/film industry.

David's dragon art is appearing on a cover of one of the latest publications of Dragonflight (El vuelo del dragon) for the Spanish langage market , published by Roca for the juvenile market. They used his art but the art director played around with it a little bit, reversing the image and changing the angle and the background as can be seen if you look at the picture of the actual cover below.

© Copyright by David Argemi, all rights reserved.

Actual cover for the Roca Editorial Juvenile edition of El vuelo del dragon (Dragonflight).


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