Gerald Brom was born March 9, 1965 in Albany, Georgia, as a son of a U.S. Army pilot. He spent much of his early years on the move, living in many countries such as Japan and Germany. Brought up as a military dependent he was known by his last name only, and now is best know and signs his name as simply Brom. He graduated from high school in Frankfurt, Germany. At the age of twenty, Brom started working full-time as a commercial illustrator. By twenty-one, he had two national art representatives and was doing work for such clients as Coca-Cola, IBM, Columbia Pictures and CNN. TSR, Inc. hired Brom on full-time at the age of 24, where his paintings have been published in the Dungeons & Dragons role-playing games (specifically in Forgotten Realms and Dark Sun) and on collectible card games such as Wizards of the Coast's Magic: The Gathering. In 1994, after four years at TSR, Brom returned to the freelance market where he has since worked as a movie concept artist, and created illustrations for comics and computer games. Brom has also been active with a line of Brom fetish toys from Fewture and a series of bronzes from the Franklin Mint and paintings for novels (by Anne McCaffrey, Michael Moorcock, Terry Brooks, R.A. Salvatore, Edgar Rice Burroughs). He has also returned to painting for book covers for TSR's successor Wizards of the Coast, including the covers for the War of the Spider Queen series and reprints of The Avatar Series. Brom currently resides with his wife and two sons in the Seattle, Washington area.

Gerald Brom did only one Pern cover (so far), for the US Del Rey edition of The Masterharper of Pern. His cover depicts the much beloved Masterharper Robinton of Pern twice: as a young boy and as a young man. In the background we see dragonrider and Weyrharper C'gan of Benden Weyr on his faithful blue dragon Tagath.
This book reveals that C'gan was a member of F'lon's wing (F'lar's father) and it appears he also was Benden's Weyrlingmaster for a time. Tagath is a dragon of one of Lidith's Hatchings. But of course this book reveals much, much more about Robinton's life and about the events during the end of the Eight Interval.
The art also adorns the cover of the first CD with Pern music, The Masterharper of Pern, by Tania Opland and Mike Freeman.

© Copyright by Gerald Brom, all rights reserved.

Anne was very pleased with the artwork Brom did for the cover of the US edition of The Masterharper of Pern. So much so that she acquired the original and placed it in the hallway of her house Dragonhold-Underhill where it greets every visitor with its vibrant colours.

on a (later dicontinued Del Rey Pern website Anne wrote about this cover in 1997:
"I was delighted to have the talents of Brom for the cover, with its hints of the heroic adventure stories N.C. Wyeth used to illustrate. It caught me quite at the heart to see C'gan and Tagath in the background."

© Copyright picture Hans van der Boom, all rights reserved.


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