James Jacobs grew up in the "Great White North", and continually says things like "aboot" and "Eh." He also has the habit of adding the letter "u" inappropriately to such words as "colour" and "humour". Regardless of these limitations, James has managed to gain more then 10 years of production experience in Visual Effects, Feature Animation, Commercials and Television. James has also taught Computer Animation Courses at the "International Academy of Design" in Toronto Canada, and has been published in various trade magazines. James has worked for many different studios over the years. These include: Nelvana, Guru Animation Studio, Toybox, GVFX, Mr. X, DreamWorks, ESC Entertainment and, currently, Weta Digital. His credit list includes numerous forgettable films like "Going Back" and "Undercover Brother". Several children's television shows including the Emmy Award winning "Rolie Polie Olie" . Numerous brain numbing commercials. The animated feature "Shark Tale". The Oscar winning "Chicago". The Razzie Award winning "Catwoman" and the Visual effects tour de force "King Kong". James is currently working as a Creature Technical Director on X-Men 3.

This is Pern concept art and to be found here, but it is not altogether clear axactly for which series or movie this concept art was produced.

© Copyright by James Jacobs, all rights reserved.


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