Elizabeth Malczynski Littman was born in 1955 and is responsible for three pieces of art used on Pern book covers and, since recently (2008) one Pern music CD: Dragonsong, Dragonsinger, Dragondrums (not a complete cover but a smaller, oval piece) and the CD Sunset's Gold by Tania Opland and Mike Freeman and friends. Elizabeth apparently stopped her professional illustration after getting married. This must have been after 1979 in which year she did the cover and interior art for Michael Moorcock's Gloriana, the Unfullfill'd Queen. Elizabeth resides in the United States.
Shortly before these pages went pblic a post on the A Meeting of Minds Ane McCaffrey bulletin board revealed that Elizabeth has surfaced again and wanted fans of her work to kow she had a new website! So, I am very happy to be able to point you to those gorgeous new webpages which has a great gallery which, of course, features the art done for te Pern books including some close ups. You will finsd Elizabeth's website here.

This piece, originally a watercolour, is actually somewhat photoshopped by me. It appears on a box of a boxed paperback edition of the three Harper Hall novels published by Bantam Books in or around 1983 for the Christmas season. I removed the text that is on the box, nothing more. This is the same art that graces the cover of the Bantam paperback edition of Dragonsinger.

© Copyright by Elizabeth Malczynski Littman 1978, all rights reserved.

This piece of art , originally a watercolour painting, is from the backside of the box mentioned above. It is also the backside of the cover art used in the beforementioned edition of Dragonsinger, where it has a lot more text. For this reproduction I merely cut off the text. The actual cover art is a "wraparound piece of art"and consists of one piece, i.e. is one piece of art (see smaller picture here).

© Copyright by Elizabeth Malczynski Littman 1978, all rights reserved.

The art for Dragonsong is a wraparound too, going all over the cover from front to back including the spine. It shows us Menolly with her fair of firelizards. I cut away the title and authors name to be able to just show the cover art.

This art was recently used (after a long search for Elizabeth Malczynski to obtain permission) for the second Pern Music CD Sunset's Gold by Tania Opland and Mike Freeman.

© Copyright by Elizabeth Malczynski Littman 1977, all rights reserved.


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