Ron Miller (b. May 8, 1947 - Minneapolis, Minnesota) is an artist and author who lives and works in South Boston, Virginia in the United States of America. His current work is primarily the writing and illustration of books specializing in astronomical, astronautical and science fiction subjects for young adults. Miller holds a BFA from Columbus, Ohio, College of Art and Design. He worked as a commercial artist and designer for six years, before taking a position as art director for the National Air & Space Museum's Albert Einstein Planetarium. He left there in 1977 to became a freelance illustrator and author; to date he has nearly forty book titles to his credit, and his illustrations have appeared on scores of book jackets, book interiors and in magazines such as National Geographic, Reader's Digest, Scientific American, Smithsonian, Analog, Starlog, Air & Space, Sky & Telescope, Newsweek, Natural History, Discover, Geo, etc. Miller has translated and illustrated new editions of Jules Verne's 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, From the Earth to the Moon and Journey to the Center of the Earth as well as a companion/atlas to Verne's works, Extraordinary Voyages. He has acted as a consultant on Verne for Walt Disney Imagineering and A&E Television Network's Biography series. Miller's book The Dream Machines, a comprehensive 744-page history of manned spacecraft, was nominated for the International Astronautical Federation's Manuscript Award and won the Booklist Editor's Choice Award. His original paintings are in numerous private and public collections, including the Smithsonian Institution and the Pushkin Museum (Moscow). Miller has been on the faculty of the International Space University. He is a contributing editor for Air & Space/Smithsonian magazine; a member of the International Academy of Astronautics; a Life Member, Fellow and past Trustee of the International Association of Astronomical Artists; an Honorary Member of the Sociétè Jules Verne (Paris); a Member of the North American Jules Verne Society and a Fellow of the British Interplanetary Society.

Firebrands, subtitled The Heroines of Science Fiction & Fantasy is a book with lots and lots of art by Ron Miller and text by Pamela Sargent (a well known SF author and editor of many an SF anthologies). It holds one of the less well known pictures of Lessa and Ramoth. It is an A4 size, large paperback (slightly larger than letter size). On the left you see the front cover of the book, published by Thunder's Mouth Press, New York, in 1998 and by Paper Tiger in the UK in the same year. It is dedicated to "Polly Freas, science fiction heroine".

Lessa and Ramoth appear on page 88, in the chapter "The 1960's to 1970's".

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