I haven't really been able to dig up much about the artist Eric Peterson apart from the fact that he did quite a lot bookcovers for several famous science fiction and fantasy writers like Tara K. Harper and Harry Turtledove, just to name two. IWell, I can find a lot on artists named Eric Peterson but unless I find a link to him doing the artwork shown below I can't be sure whether I have the right one, so if you have any more, additional information please send it to me.

This is the artwork done and used for the US hard- and softcover edition of Dragonseye, the only Pern book that was published under two different titles because in the UK it is called Red Star Rising (and has a Steve Weston cover). It depicts a group of people, with a chronicling Harper very recognisable in Harper blue, watching the Red Star's position through an eyerock at a Weyr, presumably Fort's or Telgar's as those are the two prominent Weyrs in this book. Surprisingy a bronze dragon is perching on the eyerock, but that was probably done for the effect.

© Copyright by Eric Peterson, all rights reserved.


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