I am having trouble finding reliable information about Victoria Poyser (Victoria Poyser-Lisi?). She was born in 1949 and has painted many book covers for many different fantasy and science fiction authors. A book The Works of Victoria Poyser was published in 1985 by World Tales for the World Fantasy Convention of that year. It has an appreciation it it written by Michael Whelan, himself a very famous artists and illustrator. If somebody who owns this book reads this and if it contains biographical information, please contact me.

This artwork for the cover of the Science Fiction Bookclub of America (SFBC) edition of The Harper Hall of Pern (comprising Dragonsong, Dragonsinger and Dragondrums) must be of the best sold pieces of Pern art. I have seen signed and non-signed copies on heavy quality paper been sold on eBay and found them still for sale through a UK site.
The art shows us a redheaded Menolly sitting on a rock, playing a gitar (?) while insolent Piemur (also a redhead) is lounging on the base of the rock, idly watching the antics of Menolly's nine firelizards.

© Copyright by Victoria Poyser, all rights reserved.
Prints are available through www.artistsuk.co.uk. Go to this webshop page and scroll a ittle over halfway down. The print is wrongly titled "Hall of Pern".

I actually own a print of this art and know from experience that they are sold seperately, in a set with other prints and in signed and unsigned versions. I framed it but had to trim the edges slightly to have it fit in a European size frame. It hangs in my Pern Art Stairwell, the real life, but much smaller, version of the Pern Museum.


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