I haven't been able to find biographical data of Colin Saxton yet. He is probaby born in 1927 and I suspect he is the same person who wrote the book Art School. This book is an instructional guide based on the teaching of leading art colleges. Quite simply it is a complete art course covering every aspect of theory and practice. The text is clear and down to earth, supported by hundreds of magnificent photographs and illustrations. Every section contains specially designed projects to test your developing skills, and to help assess your progress there are examples of other students work and their tutor,s comments and assessment. I found paintings by Colin auctioned in the UK in 2004 and 2005. Colin probably taught at the Bradford College of Art during (at least) the fifties and sixties.

In March 2016 I received an email from John Gaskin with additional information on Colin (thank you John!):
"There are no doubt many people who are more qualified than I to give information and considering his ability as an artist there is very little about Colin on the internet. I remember he had done some illustrations for Anne McCaffrey and that she had stayed briefly with the family at their house in Radcliffe on Soar in Leicestershire. His wife, Josephine Saxton, is a Science Fiction Writer who, I believe, now (2016) lives in the United States - as far as I know. After teaching in Bradford Colin became Head of Fine Art at Loughborough College of Art and in 1968/1969 I shared a studio for a year with him when I did my Post Graduate in Fine Art there. He went on to become Head of Painting at Coventry Polytechnic - later to become Coventry University  - and commuted from the family home in Leek, Staffordshire. Although I was, for many years, Head of Art in a school in nearby Leamington Spa, I sadly lost contact with him. It seems he passed away in 2013. Kendal Art Gallery in Cumbria has some of his works in their collection. I know Anne McCaffrey thought his vision of her dragons were accurate interpretations of those in her Pern novels. Precious little of Colin's work is known or available on the internet and it is therefor hard to get acquainted with the variety of work and use of colour. I think he was an important artist and eventually his time will come."

Some of Colin Saxton's artwork can be see on this website.

This artwork was done for the cover of the UK hardcover edition of Dragonsinger, the second volume in the Harper Hall trilogy.
As far as I know showing this art here is also the first time this original piece is to be seen on the internet in colour. Anne McCaffrey owns the original and my friend and fellow Pern Archivist, Cheryl Miller, and I were fortunate to be able to photograph it during our May 2002 visit to Anne at Dragonhold-Underhill in Ireland.

I haven't been able to locate the original art for the other Pern cover Colin did, for Dragondrums, the last volume in the trilogy. The art for that cover was originally used for a limited edition poster titled F'nor and Canth of which Anne commissioned one thousand copies for the 1972 World Science Fiction Convention in Los Angeles, California. All these posters were signed by Anne but half of them were reportedly lost in shipping. I have never come across a copy of even a good picture of a copy and haven't been able to find a copy at Anne's house and archives. Neither did I find the original artwork for it there.

© Copyright by Colin Saxton, all rights reserved.
© Photograph by Cheryl Miller 2002, all rights reserved.

The original artwork for the Dragonsinger cover has a prominent place in Anne's hallway at her house Dragonhold-Underhill.

A uniquely interesting fact about Colin Saxton's dragons is that Anne has stated in at least two interviews (first in 1983, and the other much more recently) that Colin Saxton's dragons most closely capture her own image of Pernese dragons.

© Photograph by Hans van der Boom 2002, all rights reserved.


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