Didier Thimonier is a French artist of great standing who is active as an allround artist and who is also active in advertising (art). In relation to Anne McCaffrey he is known for the cover art for a publication of the Harper Hall trilogy for Albin Michel that preceded the editions by Presses Pockets. Despite being very versatile and respected I didn't find any biographical information on Didier on the internet.

Strictly speaking these pieces of art are "merely" part of the total bookcovers. But since the rest of the bookcover seems not to belong to the art I scanned them and will include them here because of the fact that they are so different, special and -- contrary to most other French Pern cover art -- do have a firm link to the books.

This is the art for Dragonsong (Le chant du dragon) and the most surprising (and striking) fact is that we see Menolly here as a black girl!, playing flute. A novel take on the talented Harper. The background is appropriately formed by a dragon and, even more important, the sea. Thimonier would use the cartouche of bamboo and dragons on the other books, too.

© Copyright by Didier Thimonier, all rights reserved.

I personally find the art for Dragonsinger (Le dragon chanteur) the best of the three piece set . I am fascinated by the black Menolly who plays a kind of gitar on this cover instead of the flute. She appears to be meeting an old wizard (Robinton?) who is pointing her in the right direction. The many fire lizards in the picture are delicate and very nicely excecuted.

© Copyright by Didier Thimonier, all rights reserved.

Thimonier's take on Dragondrums (Les tambours de Pern) reminds me of the scene of Piemur's trip to the remote miner's hold in the Fort mountains, collect ing and keeping safe the gemstones needed for the new Master Harpers. The dragon belching fire that appears in the background might be one of the Oldtimer dragons that set upon the Minehold.

© Copyright by Didier Thimonier, all rights reserved.


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