Paul Youll was born in 1965 in Hartepool, England as one of five sons. Paul Youll is one of the rising stars of SF art and, at one time was part of a two-man illustration team with his twin brother, Stephen. After graduating from the Durham New College of Art and Design, Paul spent two more years at Sunderland University. Since 1989, when Stephen moved to America, Paul has worked independently and has produced some excellent paintings, mainly for Bantam Books. Youll currently resides with his wife Annmarie, in the country village of Esh Winning, on the border of Derwent Side and County Durham. He illustrates primarily for the US softcover (paperback) book market.

Paul Youll did cover art for books in Anne McCaffrey's Freedom series but he is responsible for only one Pern cover (so far): Anne and Todd McCaffrey's Dragon's Kin, the first collaboration of mother and son. Paul's art was used for the US hardcover and paperbacks and shows us a green dragon or watchwher hatching. An intimate scene with fine detail, done in a great way. The only dissonant is the brick like underground, which a Pern fan won't associate with a hatching which is always done on, preferably hot, sand but one could argue that it is a wtachwhere's lair, at a Hold.

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