Here are pictures of some of the dragons and other objects in my personal collection. These were often gifts from friends and relatives or little things I bought to commemorate a journey abroad.

This is Pragueth, a pewter dragon I bought in the Czech city of Prague in 2000.

This is actually a tie clip which I bought in a souverir shop in German Königswinter, where the famous Drachenfels (Dragonmountain) is situated.

This is Birthdath and her, as yet, unnamed young. I got this little black statue some years ago for my birthday (how surprising) as a gift from my son and wife.

I never actually came up with a name for this second black dragon, so let's call him Blacketh. There was a time that these black dragons were popualar and you saw them in gift, fantasy and eastern ware shops regularly. It must have been a fashion as I don't see them often anymore.

A blue hatchling. These little, hatching dragon is from a series as they were done in different colours.

Another hatchling from the series, green this time and barely out of its egg.

This one is the same as the blue hatchling but this one is green and called Kermtih.

These are blue and green Ikeath. As the name reveals these were once sold, and acquired, at one of the Ikea furniture stores.

This is Cilleth, a purple dragon gifted to me by a dear friend.

At a local store I found two dragon cork screws and since I'm a lover of good wine I must have those!

This necklace is something special because I bought three of these when I spent a Christmas in Berlin years ago. I bought one for myself and one each for my good and long time friends and fellow Pern fans Cheryl Miller and Anneli Conroy, also known as the Pern Pen Pals (although we correspond digitally) and the Terrible Pern Trio...

A gift from my friend Cheryl Miller. It shows the name of green firelizard Sarynth (named after Sariel, Cheryl's Pernese persona) which looks to my Pernese persona Elrhan.

This beautiful dragon is called Iceth. Orginally found by Cheryl as prize(s) for the yearly McCaffrey Quest on the Anne McCaffrey bulletin board A Meeting of Minds, she kindly enough bought one for me, too (as one of the organizers I couldn't of course enter the Quest).

I call this little statuette of twins dragons hatching "Ever the Twain", after that sweet little Pern short story.

This gargoyle, uh... this little watchwher is watching over part of my book collection from a top shelf in my computer room.

And this is little Purpleth whom I found on a freemarket somewhere, in between a pile of children's toys...

Labarbareth is named after a fellow Pern fan from France because I found this angry guy in the French city of Verdun.


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