Elrhan's Pedigree Chart

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Pedigree chart of Elrhan
This pedigree chart is, of course, completely fictitious; however:
though the Turns of birth and death are changed to a Pernese format all the ages given are correct.
Names and professions are often correct or at least adapted from the original ones.

Elrhan of Harper Hall
Master Harper/Archivist
Born Fort Hold 2472

Has one son (
Niels) [born Harper Hall 2503] by Journeywoman Harper Marjon [born Harper Hall 2473]

Aif of Fort Hold/Harper Hall
Masterharper - brass
Born Fort Hold 2434
Died Fort Hold 2510
Married East Fort Hold 2458

Adriana (Riana) of East Fort Hold/Harper Hall
Journeywoman Harper
Born East Fort Hold 2436

Sybrand of Fort Hold
Master carpenter/woodjoiner
Born Fort Hold 2389
Died Telgar Hold 2435
Married Fort Hold 2418

Jennie of Fort Hold
Born East Fort Hold 2391
Died Fort Hold 2475
J'han of Benden Weyr
(rider of brown Knipth)
Wingsecond at Fort Weyr
Born Benden Weyr 2413
Died Benden Weyr 2496
Had two children by:
Nelly of East Fort Hold
Had six children by:
Gerreta of Fort Weyr
Nelly of East Fort Hold
Journeywoman clothcraft
Born East Fort Hold 2415
Died East Fort Hold 2441
Fort Hold

Master carpenter
Born Fort Hold 2357
Died Fort Hold 2429

Ruatha Hold
Born Ruatha Hold 2362
Died Fort Hold
East Fort Hold
Master shipbuilder
Born East Fort Hold 2361
Died East Fort Hold 2433
Fort Hold

Born Fort Hold
Died Fort Hold
of Benden Weyr
(rider of bronze Orgeth)
Wingleader at
Benden Weyr

Born Benden Weyr 2374
Died Benden Weyr 2467
Had several children by:
Mariah of Benden Weyr
Benden Weyr

Cook in the
Benden Weyr Lower Caverns
Born Benden Weyr 2376
Died Benden Weyr 2453
East Fort Hold
Mastermariner, captain of the ship Hook of Fort
Born East Fort Hold 2379
Died East Fort Hold 2465
Tillek Hold

Born Tillek Hold 2378
Died East Fort Hold 2438

Hans van der Boom 1999, 2001
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