Cheryl's visit to The Netherlands
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Cheryl on one of our two sitting room couches. If you look at her face you will notice that I am trying to take a picture of her, cause she's laughing... While on a walk near my home we happened to come along a pasture with some nice "horsies" and since Cheryl can't resist any kind of animal... (see also other pictures) Rotterdam's last windmill at Delfshaven, the place where the Pilgrim Fathers set sail for America.
While on that walk that brought us to the Rhoon Castle horse pastures I more or less accidentally shot one of my nicest and funniest horse pictures. Ain't they cute? Cheryl silhouetted against the Northsea, standing on one of the protecting dams (Delta plan) the Dutch built to keep dry feet in the west of our country.
Unfortunately we did not have weeks and after "talking Pern" we only had so much time to see something of The Netherlands. The choice fell on the region where I live, with a focus on the Zeeland province with all its waterworks and defences against the sea and on Rotterdam, the worlds biggest port city.

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