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Arrival at Dublin, meeting my friends and pics taken from the train to Bray
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I couldn't get an affordable ticket straight to Dublin.
I ended up with a peculiar combination flight carried out by BA and AL.
I had a stopover at Heathrow when flying out and a stopover at Manchester (of all places) on my way
back. Well, I had never been to Manchester Intl. Airport... and hope I never have to visit it again. :-(

My first glimpses of Ireland.
Though I have traveled often and visited countries all over the world I had never visited relatively nearby Ireland. Well, now I had reason to!
Not only was I going to meet my Pern Pen Pal Anneli again, I was
going to meet my sister-in-arms, hmm... partner-in-crime (?), Cheryl in person for the first time and the three of us were going to invade Dragonhold to meet our favourite author Anne McCaffrey! Can you think of a better reason?
I arrived quite a bit earlier than the ladies, so I was forced to spend at least part of my time in the Irish Airport Pub... After Anneli and Cheryl's arrival and a short ritual of "wetting throats" in the airport pub it was time to get on the bus and set out for Dragonhold. Since we perceived this" to be an event of historic importance (in at least our lives) there was a major case of "the-grabbing-of-cameras" at the bus stop, the results of which you see above.


On the top photo on the right you see the Irish Sea coast and on the bottom one Dun Loghaire (pronouced: Dun Leery but please don't ask me why).

The rather rickety train brought us in a respectable time to Bray. The train ride along the coast I can recommend to anyone. You sure get to see some very nice sea coast scenery.

The pictures on the left were taken from the DART (Dublin Area Rapid Transport) train from Dublin to Bray. They're not very good pictures because that train really honours its name, it sure moves rapidly.

Above: Location of County Wicklow.

Left: Map of County Wicklow.

County Wicklow

The Garden of Ireland

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