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Is this a Weyr? No, this is County Wicklow!
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This looks how a Weyr bowl could look, don't you agree? At least that is what Anne's son Todd said to his mother when he saw this. Actually we were told that this is part of the Guinness estate, yep, the whole area and the lake. Yes, Guinness as in the famous beer brand. Me, almost lost in the vastness of the Irish landscape.... and what happened?
I got a phone call :)
Yes, that little windswept figure is Cheryl. We were almost blown away on this slope but came back safely with beautiful pictures! In County Wicklow you will also find Powerscourt House & Gardens. We reccommend a visit even if we did not get a chance to see the gardens because the weather did not cooperate...
The scenery of County Wicklow is breathtaking and if you ever end
up in Anne's corner of the world - County Wicklow in beautiful
Ireland - be sure to take the time to drive around there. Besides,
it is fun to see signs like Ballybran and Greystones and
thinking... hey I read those names before :)

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