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Dragonhold-Underhill, the most beautiful house you can imagine
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Yes, as you can see Dragonhold is a beautiful house (its inhabitants even more so) and it is situated in what must be one of the nicest rural Irish settings imaginable.
Built according to Anne's own specifications, Dragonhold sprawls (I can't find a better word) on the side of the hill which had to be dug out for the house to be built where it stands (hence the second name Underhill).
The famous Kitchen Table is situated in the right hand part of the house, just to the right of the front door (where Anne's car is parked).
Famous address
"Anne McCaffrey, author. Dragonhold, Ireland" was written on an envelope now hanging on the tagboard in Anne's office. And it was delivered! :-)
As not to overburden anyone's system or computer below this point you will find thumbnails of pictures. Clicking on the thumbnail will take you to a larger version of the same picture that will open in a new window. To return here you just close that window. You can miss the house easily (you'll drive past it before you know it) but you can't miss the grandiose entrance with its matching set of dragons on the gates.
Cheryl and Anneli at the front door of Dragonhold. To the right the bay window of the kitchen where most of daily life takes place.
Looking alongside the front. On the right hand side the two bay win-dows of the official living room. In front there's ample parking space...
Walking around the house but still at the front (northeast lawn). The right wing is the kitchen, the left wing the living room. At the east side of the house, part of which you can't see in this picture. The beautiful, well tended garden runs all around the house.
Walked round the corner and on the other side of the house now, facing south. This is what Anne sees from her office on a rainy day. A close-up of the lovely two-level pond with its little waterfall at the back of the house. Just magine how it will look when the sun is out.
Still at the back but turned around now and looking at the west wing of the house while overlooking part of the colourfull flower beds. At the same spot still but now looking towards the east wing of the house, from under a grown over colonnade.
Having walked completely round the house we're back at the front again, looking in the direction of the gate, with Anne's car on the right. On our way from Dragonhold to Dragonseye we turn around and look back. Now you can see clearly that Anne's house is on the hillside.

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