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The Pern Pen Pals with Anne.Probably the most important picture taken during our Ireland trip: the Pern Pen Pals with Dragonlady
Anne McCaffrey, seated at the real Kitchen Table
All right, you might have wondered why we call ourselves PPP's (Pern Pen Pals) when it is obvious that we met on the internet, this even being the first time we were together live. The answer is: I dunno, I suppose it's habit to call correspondence friends pen pals. :-)
Anne, her son and webmaster Alec and me.And here's yet another one of a set of pictures that I absolutely needed to have and needed to bring back home with me. I think you'll understand why. Aha, there he is!
Anne at Dragonhold Stables. Below: I know, awful picture but very, very special to me. Anne invited Katherine Kurtz (one of our other favourite authors!) over for tea. Katherine is a long time friend of Anne's and the author of the fantastic Deryni books, in which series a special new volume was published very recently: Deryni Tales has short stories in it that were written by fans! (wow) Anne unpacking gifts. [Picture courtesy and (c) Cheryl Miller] "Ah, there is that darn archivist who keeps naggin' me. Got ya!"

A joke of course, Anne never said that. But after finally having been able to speak to her in person I can now rest assured she won't ever say it :-)

This is Anne at Dragonhold Stables with Arkle, the horse of her good friend and stable manager Derval Diamond. Anne, me and Katherine Kurtz. Above: Anne unpacking her gifts (you didn't think we came empty handed, did you?). In front of Anne
a special, super soft pillow, hand made by Cheryl. In her hand a book we gave her, titled "The cats of Paris" that has the most gorgeous cat pics you've ever seen. Out of sight are many more gifts of both edible and non-edible nature :-).
Cheryl and me on Dragonseye's porch. [Picture courtesy and (c) Anneli 2002]
As not to overburden anyone's system or computer below this point you will find thumbnails of pictures. Clicking on the thumbnail will take you to a larger version of the same picture that will open in a new window. To return here you just close that window. Above at the right: Cheryl and me on the porch of Dragonseye just after having left Alec's office.
The dog is Alec's puppy Zeph (short for Zephyr).
Cheryl and Hans at Dragonhold entrance. Cheryl and me, photographed for posterity at the Dragonhold-Underhill sign at the entrance to the grounds.
Anneli and me, trying to get Anne's dog Silkie and Anto's dog Maya to look at Cheryl who is trying to take a picture of them. [more animals]
Hans, Silkie, Anneli and Maya. [Picture courtesy and (c) Cheryl Miller 2002]
Anneli at the entrance of Dragonhold Stables. Anneli near where she would like to live: Dragonhold stables :-) A bad day with your horse is better than a good day with a husband, eh? :-) Alec (right) introducing us to the (at that time) Worlds of Anne McCaffrey system engineer Charlie in the main hallway at Dragonhold.
Charlie and Alec. [Picture courtesy and (c) Cheryl Miller 2002]
Me at Dragonhold Stables. Here's me at Dragonhold stables. The picture is very grainy but we dared not flash for fear of spooking the horses. Cheryl at the stables greeting the same horse I did. The little dog in the background is Jennifer (Jen Jen) Diamond's dog.
Cheryl at Dragonhold Stables.
My friends with Master Robinton Cheryl and Anneli by the original painting of Masterharper Robinton which hangs in Anne's dining room. A picture I'll cherish forever. Me and Master Robinton, so beautifully and lovingly portrayed by Robin Wood.
Me and Master Robinton.
Anneli, Jen Jen and pony Puffin. Back at the stables. I don't know what Anneli is laughing about but Jen Jen Diamond is telling her that pony called Puffin is hers. Cheryl loves all animals large and small :-) but plants and gardens, too. So here is a picture of her in a part of Dragonhold's gardens.
Cheryl in Dragonhold gardens.

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