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I have been allowed to "walk the tables" and been promoted to the rank of Master Archivist by my peers.

As is being established as custom by now, a panel of notable Pern Experts was organized by two of my dearest friends (and peers) who put my promotion up for voting. I've obviously passed the ultimate test and am eternally grateful to my peers for their trust in my work and abilities, their positive answers on the question of my promotion and their kind compliments about my website. 

Quite unexpected, and making the occasion very, very special, was getting a specially written congratulation by Anne McCaffrey, the Dragonlady of Pern, herself!
My senior Master, Sariel of Pern, and her co-conspirator, senior Journeywoman Ilenna (who got Anne to write this card!), have far exceeded the bounds of friendship and have made my mastery a truly special one, with a fantastic story (which I can't share with you due to copyright rules) and some more wonderful gifts (read all about them further on, on this page).
And all this on the one-Turn anniversary of my site! As you can imagine this made for a very special celebration :-)

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Before I go on I should take some time and space for a special thank-you to my peers, the panel of notable Pern Experts who made the endeavors of my dear friends Cheryl Miller (aka Sariel) and Anneli Conroy (aka Ilenna) (who are both included in the peer list themselves) possible
Anneli Conroy aka Ilenna (Hungary), Advisor on Pernese Affairs
Becki Stacy aka Menai (USA), Expert on Pernese Botanics
Becky Skinner aka Coelura (USA), Expert on Pernese Publications
Cheryl Miller aka Sariel (USA), Master Archivist
Dave Slater aka Dave S (USA), Expert Contributor to
François Labarbarie aka Meus (France), Notable Collector of Pernese Artwork
Greg Kempe (South Africa), Expert on Pernese Addiction and Humor
Hartley Patterson (UK), Expert on Pernese Demographics
Tess Parmley (USA), Expert Census-Taker
Thomas Edgar aka Tosus (Germany), Journeyman One-liner and joat of
Besides the most wonderful card I could ever have wished for, my fellow MAP'ers (MAP stands for Mad About Pern) Cheryl and Anneli gifted me a Master's rank cord, made on commission by rank-cord specialist Sue Hauran and (according to them, due to the rarity of Terran sapphires :)) a magnificent Master's Pin in he form of a pewter sculpture by Todd Cameron Hamilton; which you can see here on the left. An original copy of Princessions (issue 14, summer 1983) with the famous Anne McCaffrey interview in it (a must for the true Pern Archivist) was dug up for me somewhere in the USA by Cheryl and came as an extra gift. No need to say I felt like Master Robinton entering his beautiful house at Cove Hold with all his gifts!
I'll conclude with a heartfelt thank-you to my peers and hugs for those
devious, conniving, secretive... wonderful and fantastic friends
who made this occasion so very special for me

Thank you!