proudly presents

  the world premiere
of the showing of Les Edward's original artwork for the new,
upcoming Pern book Dragon Harper by Anne and Todd McCaffrey


Les Edwards is a seven times winner of the British Fantasy Award for Best Artist and has been nominated three times for a World Fantasy Award. Dragon Harper, for which he received the commission in February this year, is his fifth Perm cover, sixth if you count the cover of the SFBC edition of the omnibus titled Dragonrider's Dawn (holding Dragonsdawn and Chronicles of Pern : First Fall). His dragons and cover art is much loved and admired by Pern fans all over the world and often preferred over the US version. Without deminishing any of the great art found on the US covers it seems that newer US cover versions focus more on the "technical sides" of the cover and lettering to create a more businesslike and general novel feeling than to the artwork. With Les Edwards, the cover always seems to reflect and have more bearing on what is in the book, a point which earns him even more admiration by fans of both Pern and his artwork. Fans were therefore extremely glad when his artwork for the cover of Dragonsblood was chosen for both UK and US editions.

Transworld the publisher of the UK edition of Dragon Harper (under their Bantam Press imprint) wanted a slight change in the artwork for the cover, which was probaby done to accomodate the title or author's name better, so there will be a slight difference between the original artwork and the cover. The picture below, with one of the small flying dragons digitally moved to the back cover, is the version that will grace the cover of the new Pern book.

If you are interested in seeing more artwork by Les Edwards or in buying prints please visit his website at, we heartily recommend a visit!

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