proudly presents

  the world premiere
of the showing of Les Edward's original artwork for the new,
upcoming Pern book Dragonheart by Todd McCaffrey


Les Edwards is a seven times winner of the British Fantasy Award for Best Artist and has been nominated three times for a World Fantasy Award. Les received the commission for the cover art for Dragonheart from the American publisher Del Rey (Random House). Dragonheart is his seventh Pern cover Exciting news was that this cover art has aso been chosen by the UK publisher Bantam Books (Transworld) for the UK edition of Dragonheart. So, like happened with Todd's first stand alone book, Dragonsblood, Les' wonderful work will grace both English language editions again, something about which I am very happy personally. Les said on his website: "It usually happens the other way round so I'll be interested to hear if any Pern fans can spot the subtle differences in art direction when it is eventually published." So, fellow fans, you have every reason to go visit Les Edwards' website and give your opinion, after all, the master asked...

I found this cover artwork unsual and special in the sense that we are given an exquisite look at agricultural Pern we haven't had before. The layout of the fields have a definite, old European touch. You don't find fields like these in North America. But the montains on the other hand have the grandeur of a big mountain range like the Rockies and thus feel North American. Whatever Les' inspiration may have come from, it makes for a stunning background for an action packed scene with the gold and bronze dragons in the foreground.

If you are interested in seeing more artwork by Les Edwards or in buying prints please visit his website at, we heartily recommend a visit! And don't forget to check and read his News Section every month!


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