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Acorna : The Unicorn Girl (with Margaret Ball) [1997]
It had started as a pleasure-cruise spaceship, but as the Khlevii moved closer to them it threatened to turn into a death chamber. They knew there was no hope for them, the adults, but they took a chance on their youngling, nestled her into a pod and ejected her into space before exploding themselves and the hated Khlevii with them.
It was three young space prospectors in an asteroid mining ship who hauled the piece of "space debris" aboard and opened it up. It contained an alien youngling. Silvery hair curled down over the shoulder-blades and, in the center of the forehead was the beginning of a small horn. The feet ended in tiny cleft hooves. The little alien was frightened, affectionate, and she was to become their mascot, their miracle girl. Many people on many planets wanted her and the mysterious powers she possessed, but Acorna had her own ideas of the tasks she was to accomplish in the worlds of space.

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Acorna's Quest (with Margaret Ball) [1998]
Acorna, the unicorn girl, has become a young woman. She still has her tiny, translucent horn and her "funny" feet and hands. And she still has her miraculous ability to make plants grow and heal human sickness.
But Acorna has strange dreams of a gentle folk who mind-speak by touching horns. With her "Uncle" Calum, one of the three grizzled asteroid prospectors who rescued, protected, and raised her, she sets off to find her people. No sooner does she leave than a mysterious craft appears, piloted by the Linyaari, a gentle race with telepathic powers. The Linyaari are roaming the galaxy, spreading the alarm about the deadly Khleev -- and searching for a beloved little girl they had given up for lost, long ago...

Dedicated to:
"Rick Reaser, science and salvage consultant"


Acorna's People (with Elizabeth Ann Scarborough) [1999]
Acorna, the unicorn girl, has at least found her own kind, the telepathic and sensitive Linyaari. But Acorna has not led the life of a normal Linyaari female. She has experienced many dangers and accomplished much in the worlds of space -- she has lived amongst humankind, learned their ways, received their love and affection -- and has also made enemies who resent her miraculous powers.
Now, restored to the Linyaari world, she finds her new life strange and -- sometimes -- frivolous. Welcomed with a lavish costume ball and an already chosen suitor, she begins to discover that there are unresolved problems amongst her people, and Acorna must strive to right an unspeakable wrong and defeat an enemy even more cruel than the Khleevi themselves.


Dedicated to:
"Andy Logan, for feeding bodies as well as creative spirits with her care and attention and delicious dinners while she listened to first draft readings!"


Acorna's World (with Elizabeth Ann Scarborough) [2001]
Although she had made peace with her Linyaari heritage, Acorna knows that only by returning to the frozen stillness of space will she ever truly feel at home. But the solitude she desires must wait.
Answering a faint distress call leads Acorna into a strange, intoxicating perfumed world of intelligent and sentient plants. There she finds a burned-out space ship with all the signs of a Khleevi attack. And suddenly all that Acorna holds dear is in grave peril. Because the devastation that was wrought here was no isolated occurrence, but the opening move in a planned onslaught that will decimate the two races to which Acorna is culturally, emotionally and genetically tied. facing the annihilation of both her races, Acorna must discover the Khleevi's weakness -- and strike first.

"To Nelda Wythe and Doris Saario with many thanks for help during hard times"

Acorna's Search (with Elizabeth Ann Scarborough) [2002]
Acorna's people, the Linyaari, are once more without a home. And though they survived the brutal attack from the cold-blooded Khleevi, the battle left their beloved planet, narhii-Vhiliinyar, horribly scarred. Yet all is not lost. While the damage is terrible, hope still lives deep within this gentle, spiritual people. Banding together, they will rebuild both narhii-Vhiliinyar and the original Linyaari homeworld, Vhiliinyar, restoring them to the natural beauty and vitality they enjoyed before the time of the Khleevi. Acorna, too, is eager to help reconstruct the homeworld of which she's long dreamed. Though she was abandoned in space as a baby, then rescued and raised by gruff human asteroid miners, the beautiful young woman with the "funny" feet and hands and gleaming horn has made peace with her heritage and is now eager to turn her extraordinary healing powers to re-create the Linyaari's world with her lifemate, Aari, her human "uncles", and her friends. But just as work begins to get under way something goes terribly wrong. Linyaari begin mysteriously disappearing -- including Aari and his sister, Maati. Is it the Khleevi or some other unknown enemy? Searching for her beloved, Acorna makes an even more astonishing discovery; the remains of a subterranean world that belonged to the legendary Friends -- a technologically advanced society that populated Vhiliinyar before the time of the Ancestors. What happened to the Friends? Where did they go and why has so little remained of their society? Acorna knows that to save Aari and the rest of the missing Linyaari she must begin to seek the answers -- a guest that will once again take her deep into the realms of limitless space to find the origins of her people.

"In loving memory of Donald Dean Scarborough"

Acorna's Rebels (with Elizabeth Ann Scarborough) [2003]
Acorna's people, the Linyaari, have started to reclaim their homeworld from the ravages of the brutal Khleevi. But the expedition has unlocked a larger mystery about the origins of the Linyaari people - one that has led Ari, Acorna's lifemate, into a dangerous journey through time and space.
Now Acorna, joined by Captain Becker, Mac, nadhari and RK, sets off on a mission to save her beloved Ari. But a crash landing brings the crew to the exotic jungle world of Makahomia, home of the mysterious Temple Cats. Beautiful and barbaric, Makahomia has been blockaded for years to protect itself -- and the Federation.
Racing to save the Temple Cats from a deadly disease, Acorna uncovers a plot to destroy the sacred felines and exploit Makahomia's people, and finds herself leading a small band of rebels determined to stop the conspiracy -- a quest that takes them into the hidden sanctuaries of that world. But within one sacred shrine Acorna discovers shocking information that may lead to Ari... or to disaster.


"In fond memory of Connie Johnson: math teacher, bibliophile, adventuress and friend"

Acorna's Triumph (with Elizabeth Ann Scarborough) [2004]
Acorna faces her most difficult challenge ever. Finally Aari has returned and together they can finish rebuilding their homeworld. But Aari is oddly changed, to the point where he barely remembers Acorna -- much less their love -- and his actions grow more and more sinister... As Acorna tries to stop a viscious criminal from destroying innocents, a new complication arises. Sensing the Linyaari weakness, the deadly Khleevi return, determined to take back the planet -- for good. In this dark time, it will take all of the unocrn girl's courage and determination to rescue Aai and stop the alien menace once and for all.

"This book is for Jason and Cynthia Scarborough, with love"

First Warning : Acorna's Children (with Elizabeth Ann Scarborough) [2005]
Khorii, daughter of the near-mythic Acorna and her lifemate, Aari, must contend with an overwhelming legacy to forge a path of her own through a universe filled with new adversaries and adventures. A simple journey home to visit her parents turns into a race against time when Khorii happens upon a derelict spacecraft drifting in space, its crew dead in their seats. But this gruesome discovery is only a dread harbinger -- a deadly plague is spreading across the universe and not even the healing powers of the Linyaari can slow its horrific advance. Khorii, one of the few unaffected by the outbreak, must find the nefarious perpetrators and a cure before the disease consumes all in its path -- including her beloved parents.
The Unicorn Girl. The illustrated adventures with stories by Mickey Zucker Reichert, Jody Lynn Nye and Roman A. Ranieri. [1997]
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