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The Coelura [1983]
For the beautiful, spirited Caissa, the mysterious substance Coelura has always held a strong fascination. Despite persistent attempts, however, she is unable to discover any trace of its nature or whereabouts until, in a rage over her father's choice of alliance for her, she takes her speedster and races to the abandoned Yellow City. What she finds there will not only change her life, but that of the entire planet.

The Coelura / Nerilka's Story [depicted: UK Corgi paperback ed.]
The Coelura is often found in one volume with the famous Nerilka's Story, set in Sixth Pass Pern.


Nimisha's Ship [1999]
On Vega III, where the jaded inhabitants pursue lives of decadent pleasure, lady Nimisha Boynton-Rondymense prefers the challenging world of her father, Lord Tionel, owner and principal starship designer of the famous Rondymense Ship Yards. Precociously gifted, Nimisha becomes his secret assistant -- and, in the aftermath of a shocking tragedy, his chosen successor at the helm of the Ship Yards. After carrying out her father's plans for an experimental long-distance cruiser, Nimisha takes it on a solo test flight. But something goes horribly awry, marooning Nimisha light-years from home on a planet as deadly as it is beautiful. Now the ruthless members of a rival branch of the Rondymense family are given the chance they've been waiting for: to reclaim the Ship Yards... by any means necessary. Only Nimisha's child, Cuiva -- a girl every bit as ingenious as her mother --  stands in their way. But for how long? For just when her daughter needs her most, Nimisha is in a precarious situation herself -- and unable to help. But Nimisha has never given up in her life -- and she's not about to start now...