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Decision at Doona [1969]
Earth was a very well behaved planet... The kids were raised to be quiet at all times, to play physically restricted games, never to make sudden movements, never to open their mouths in a satisfying yell. So they were huddle-scared on Doona. The adults were even worse -- reactive patterns of conformist behavior that had taken a lifetime to build were not broken overnight just because they now had the space to sneeze without intruding on a neighbor. So everyone was quiet. At first. But every one of them there was also a rebel, or they would never have had the guts to get to Doona in the first place. Which was fortunate. Because wide open Doona had some surprises for them that they couldn't have nightmared on good old security-bound Earth!

Crisis on Doona (with Jody Lynn Nye) [1992]
More than twenty-five years ago, the first Humans had set foot on Doona and had found a beautiful, unspoilt planet. But they had also found that they were not alone. Their early survey had completely ignored or missed the fact that the planet was already settled -  by the alien, feline Hrrubans. The ensuing conflict led to the historic Decision at Doona - a social experiment in living together that was to last for a quarter of a century.
Now that contract has run out and is up for renewal. Everything that Human and Hrruban has worked for - particularly the delicate alliance itself - is in peril and could be destroyed utterly...

Treaty at Doona [aka Treaty Planet] (with Jody Lynn Nye) [1994]
The huge, black spaceship in orbit around Doonarrala is apparently unarmed and seems to present no immediate threat. And yet its very presence and size are menacing to some. A classified tape, seen only by the military, shows that it bears a strong resemblance to another ship found derelict and looming over a planet devastated by war.
For Todd Reve, leader of the Human colony on Doonarrala, and for his Hrruban friend, Hriss, the ship represents an opportunity for their two species to extend the hand of friendship to another. For others, from both Earth and Hrruba, the ship and its inhabitants are a threat of such magnitude that they will stop at nothing to sabotage Todd's efforts at communication, waiting only until their own forces are in place before acting.