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Dedicated to:
"To my husband, who is more often Wright than rong."


The Mark of Merlin [1971]
For Carla Murdock, recently orphaned and recovering from a serious illness, the summons from her guardian to his windswept Cape Cod house came as the last straw.  With her life in tatters and her spirits at a low ebb only Merlin, her Alsatian dog, seemed to offer comfort.
Then Carla began to learn the truth about her father's end and found herself swept into the intriguing mystery of a missing treasure.  Encouraged by the strange and overwhelming love which grew between her and her guardian, Carla realized that the future was bright with promise.


Ring of Fear [1971]
Nialla Dunn's past in California resurfaces to haunt her - the murder of her father, paying off a blackmailer, and her rape by her father's employer.The memories return as small incidents, potentially dangerous, happen to her on the east coast. A whirlwind romance and marriage push bitter thoughts out of her mind. The the phone calls start again.The blackmailer has returned.

The Kilternan Legacy [1975]
Irene Teasey, recently divorced and raising two teenage children, unexpectedly inherits the estate of her great aunt from the little known Irish side of her family in Dublin. Wishing to escape her former husband, Irene packs up kids and clothes and heads off to Dublin for a long relaxing vacation. Once there she is quickly embroiled in the mysteries of her tenants, conniving greedy relatives, and romance.


"Affectionately dedicated to Sheila, Mic and Eric Simonson and the feline complement of their house"

Stitch in Snow [1984]
Dana Jane Lovell wrote books, knitted Arran sweaters, and tried not to worry about her grown-up son.  She'd been widowed young and was lonely -- though she usually didn't admit it. The man at Denver airport was large, distinguished, mysterious about his private life, and said his name was Dan.  She thought he'd be a witty and amusing traveling companion. But they'd both reckoned without the storm -- the deluge of snow that cut them off from the world they both knew and hurled them into a breathtaking relationship.

The Year of the Lucy [1986]
Lucy Farnoll had died seven years ago and with the loss of her close friend's support, Mirelle's life was stuck in a rut. Her marriage is in trouble from internal conflicts as well as troublesome relatives. Long-suppressed memores of her childhood and parents, and her too long restrained talent as an artist of scultpure collide together in 1961. Two chance meetings with James Howell lead to a close friendship that helps her face the past, strengthen the preseent, and set a course for the future.

Dedicated to the memory of a promising amateur jockey
Robert Richard Evans (Oct. 24, 1964-Aug. 18, 1986) of Kilpedder, County Wicklow, Ireland, killed by the driver of a stolen car, sadly missed by all who knew and loved him-and me

The Lady [1987] (aka The Carradyne Touch [1988])
They are the Carradynes, who for over 200 years have bred and trained horses of the finest caliber on Cornanagh -- a land so beautiful it inspires the soul. But it is not idyllic at hearth and home. At the center of the conflict is Catriona, the youngest child, a girl who dreams of riding her family's big jumpers and show horses. Her father, Michael, is keenly aware of her immense talent and he urges her on -- only to lock wills with his insufferably pious and overbearing wife Isabel, a woman who cannot bear horses, who cannot bear his touch. Her goal is to put stiff dresses, tight shoes and perfect manners on Catriona. It is a stalemate of pride and passion -- until the day Lady Selina Healy enters their lives. Poised, beautiful, and warm, she too knows imprisonment in a loveless marriage, she too admires good horses, she too finds enchantment in Cornanagh. She falls in love... with Catriona, who becomes the child she never had, with the splendid lush land, and with Michael, the consummate horseman and gentleman...

An Exchange Of Gifts [1995]
When Meanne, the princess of the realm, runs away from her father's castle and an unwanted suitor, little does she realize the hardships and difficulties that lie ahead of her. Loneliness is the worst part - until she finds a fellow refugee, a boy named Wisp. Together they must make new lives for themselves. Yet they both have secrets - hidden pasts and magical powers that can tear them apart!


"Apart from their love of Pern, Marilyn and Harry Alm are long-term friends and fans, and thus it is my pleasure to dedicate this book to them in appreciation of their many kindnesses and courtesies over the years of our association"


Black Horses For The King [1996]
In order to defeat the Saxons invading his land, Lord Artos -- who will one day be known as King Arthur -- needs to develop a swift, mobile cavalry, the first ever on his island. This means he must breed Libyan horses: the only ones large enough to carry his armed warriors.
Enter Galwyn Valerius, son of a bankrupt and dishonored aristocrat and a runaway from his tyrannical uncle's ship. With his gift for languages and his knowledge of horses, young Galwyn becomes invaluable to Lord Artos as an interpreter at the horse fairs on the Continent and, later, as the first farrier to accompany him into battle to repair and replace his horses' iron sandals.


No One Noticed The Cat [1996]
Mangan Tighe had been the perfect regent. Having sufficiently provided for the future peace and prosperity of Esphania and for the smooth ascension to the throne of his young prince, Jamas, the wizened old Mangan had quietly passed away - with a grin upon his face. For the very clever Mangan had left behind an extraordinary guardian to help Jamas beat the news and heavy burden of leadership: Niffy the cat.
Niffy, no ordinary feline, will accompany Prince Jamas everywhere, perusing every document and decree, and - in her own peculiar way - offering guidance.
And it is guidance that the prince desperately needs. The realms and kingdoms that now include Jamas' Esphania are a belligerent and unruly lot, constantly jostling and fighting for local mastery. The worst of them is ruled by a greedy kind and his treacherous usurper queen, who scheme to annex Esphania and crush its royal household. And as young Jamas falls hopelessly in love, compounding the court conspiracy that surrounds him, the sharp-eyed, nimble Niffy may be the only one capable of preventing total disaster and her noble master's untimely demise.


A Diversity Of Dragons (with Richard Woods) [1997]
Before there was a world, there were dragons snorting fire and phosphine gas, ploughing the waters of primordial chaos. The Babylonians knew them, the Sumerians and the Egyptians. They can be found in the Bible, in Chinese legends, in the Norse Sagas, in ancient Britain and in the lost myths of America. Anne McCaffrey, world expert on dragons, is visited by a stranger possessed by the need to know everything about the fabled beasts. Just as she invites him in, mysteriously an old hermit also arrives -- a man who, as it happens, knows rather a lot about ancient lore. The three entertain each other with tales of dragons old and new, rare and fabulous. The result is a tale of magic and splendour...

If Wishes Were Horses [1998]
Known far and wide for her healing touch, Lady Talarrie Eircelly offers sanctuary for villagers with every manner of ailment - from the heart to the head. But she finds her true mettle tested when her husband is sent into battle, leaving a houseful of children behind - and no cure for their father's absence.
With her husband away, Lady Eircelly watches her two oldest, Tracell and Tirza, approach their sixteenth birthdays. While Tirza will receive the gift of a special crystal, even Lady Eircelly cannot give Tracell what he wants and needs most - a new horse. Though Lady Eircelly's magic has its limits, her heart has no bounds. And in the waning months of the twins' childhood, she gives them two unforgettable gifts: the power to find hope in hardship, and the faith to trust in love, the greatest magic of all

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Dedicated to
"Betty and Ian Ballantine, whose kindness, faith, and perseverance did more than give us the dragons of Pern -- they kept them flying."

Dragonholder [1999] by Todd McCaffrey
Every year Anne McCaffrey gets more requests than she can count for her to tell her own story: how she spent her childhood, who her friends were, her pets, how she ever thought up Pern and its dragons -- the whole nine unvarnished yards. She even gets hints and downright demands for invitations to visit her in Ireland -- far more than her home could ever actually handle. This book is her invitation for us to step into her world. In this way we are all welcome at Dragonhold-Underhill, the home that dragons built. You can virtually pull up a chair by the fire and while Anne works behind her computer on her latest novel, her son Todd tells the story of her life so far. After all, he lived through a lot of it -- and Anne herself has made certain he's got the other bits right! So, a must for the real Anne-fan.