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A wealth of information about Pern is available at your fingertips in the Pern Museum, one of the two main branches of the Pern Museum and Archives. You can use any of the links above to visit one of the many permanent exhibitions of the Pern Museum and Archives. If you first want to read more about the various exhibition rooms you can scroll down for some further information. There is a message board for temporary, special exhibitions below this message frame.

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Art Gallery In the Art Gallery you will find separate sections dedicated to Hold related art, Craft related art, Dragon and Weyr art, Pernese landscapes, Pernese Flora, Pernese fauna and People of Pern. Please keep in mind that all art, shown in the Art Gallery, and on the other pages too, only represents how Elrhan (aka Hans van der Boom, this site's webmaster), the curator of the Pern Museum and Archives, perceives that Pern, its inhabitants and products etc. could look like.

To the Art Gallery

History Exhibition

The tale of the heroic 
and the despicable
Through the Passes and Intervals. Read and see more about the history of our beloved Pern. If you are interested in history the Pern Bloodlines and many parts of the Pern Encyclopedia will be of great interest to you, too.

To the History Exhibition

Colonist Exhibition

Beyond worlds,
beyond generations
Such an important group of people that they needed their own exhibition room. Discover more about Terran backgrounds, famous colonists, the state Terra was in when the Pern Colonists left and about the political and administrative struggle that took place before they could fulfill their dream.

To the Colonist Exhibition

Space Exhibition

Where no colonist
has ever gone before...
Naturally the Pernese corner of the vast universe needed its own exhibition, too, especially after the publication of The Skies of Pern. The history and the future of the Pernese is linked unmistakably to space!

To the Space Exhibition

Pernese Flora

From numbweed to tubers
Both originated from Terra, often modified, and indigenous flora features in this exhibition. There are also displays on (medicinal) uses of some of the Pernese plants.

To the Pernese Flora Exhibition

Pernese Fauna

All except dragons
From plague feline to spit dog and from trundle bug to webcrawlers. In this room you can explore the vast variety of Pernese fauna which is, of course, partly of Terran origin.

To the Pernese Fauna Exhibition

Pernese Architecture

Building for centuries
After the first centuries the colonists had to revert completely to native building material. That, and the menace that Thread posed put their distinctive mark on Pernese architecture, most present in the Holds. Something as insignificant as a grub, that protects the land from Thread, turned out to have a heavy impact on architecture, especially on the Southern Continent.

To the Pernese Architecture Exhibition

Dragonlore Exhibition
Kitti Ping's legacy


You want to know more about the awesome dragons and their riders? Here you'll find answers to your questions about dragon sexuality and mating flights, dragon food (and fodder), dragon memory and habits... in short, information about dragon life and death including much information about their riders and pointers to other resources.

To the Dragonlore Exhibition

Fire Lizard Exhibition

Ancestors of the Dragons

Once a common animal and protector of mankind the fire lizards became almost a mythical species in later centuries until brown rider F'nor of Benden Impressed little Grall on a Southern beach. An intriguing indigenous species, with their common and shared memory, who certainly merits its own exhibition.

To the Fire Lizard Exhibition

Crafts Exhibition

Crafts and craftiness

An exhibition about the history and the development of the crafts and their vast impact on Pernese society through the centuries. There are many crafts on Pern but they all adhere to certain, most unwritten rules. A special corner is reserved for the craft-of-crafts, the Harpercraft: which is actually far more then a craft!

To the Craft's Exhibition

and their People

Fort was first,
South Boll then...

The counterpart of the crafts and Pern's third influential body (besides the Weyrs and the Crafts) are the Holds. Since Pern's society is almost a feudal society the Holds and their Lords Holder play a very important part in Pern politics and daily life. This means that both geography and the social structure are of great importance.

To the Exhibition on Holds and their People

Food and Drink

From Benden to bubbly pies
Basic things tend to be forgotten, but where would we be without them? Pern's food and drink are partly indigenous, partly Terran by origin, which makes for very interesting varieties and... recipes. Visitors are very welcome to send in their own recipes, too!

To the Food and Drink Exhibition

Maps and Charts

Where and "when"
Pern's geographical structure is a changing one, not in the least because we discover more about our beloved planet while Anne McCaffrey writes more books. A revised edition of the Atlas of Pern is sorely needed, but if you want to know where certain Holds are until we can buy that book, this is the place to come to.

To the Maps and Charts Exhibition

The Pern Charter

Rules and regs
The Pern Charter sounds like dull stuff but can really catch the imagination, it did mine! The 9th Pass Pernese discovered that, even after more than 2500 of its making, they (more or less unwittingly) still lived by the rules their ancestors set up.

To the Pern Charter Exhibition


The PMA Library An independent part of the Pern Museum & Archives which has its own introduction page and further links. The Library of the Pern Museum holds information about many different hides, books and records for you to investigate or peruse at your leisure.

To the Pern Museum & Archives Library

Pern Encyclopedia The Pern Encyclopedia, one of the main features of the Pern Museum & Archives has its own introduction page. This link will bring you to that introduction page.

To the Pern Ecyclopedia

Pern Bloodlines The Pern Bloodlines section, one of the main and unique features of the Pern Museum & Archives. This section has its own introduction page. The link brings you to that introduction page from where you can further explore the many bloodlines, pedigree charts and other genealogical data.

To the Pern Bloodlines


The Dragonlady of Pern
An extra exhibition for the Dragonlady of Pern, Anne McCaffrey. Not only to give you more information about this grand lady and top author but also as a tribute to her and her family members.

To the McCaffrey Exhibition

Museum Shop

I am looking into possibilities to sell books (both second hand and as a liaison for regular channels) and other worthwhile goods through this site by means of the museum shop. You'll surely find links here to sites that legitimately sell McCaffrey related merchandise once the shop has opened.

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This site is owned and maintained by Elrhan, Master Archivist.
All references to worlds and characters based on Anne McCaffrey's fiction
are copyright © Anne McCaffrey 1967, 2000, all rights reserved,
and used by permission of the author.