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Dragon's Time available for pre-order (April 2011)
Dragon's Time, the new Pern novel by Anne and Todd McCaffrey (sequel to Dragongirl) is scheduled for publication in the United States on June 29, 2011. It is availabe for pre-order at Amazon for a very attractive price: go here to put your order in on
Originally we also had news, and even a pre-order link, for Dragon's Time's sequel here, but Todd McCaffrey informed us that Amazon was a bit forward of the actual news and happenings. Though vatious titles (like Dragon's School and Dragon's Night) have circulated, nothing has been settled upon yet. Since this news comes from the author himself I have, of course, immediately removed the news about the not (yet) existing titles and apologise for any inconvenience this caused.

Pern Museum to present birthday wishes to Anne on her 85th birthday (March 2011)
My wife and I will be traveling to Dragonhold-Underhil to not only deliver our own heartfelt birthday wishes on this special 85th birthday, we will deliver birthday wishes of dozens of fans who posted their own wishes online on the two main McCaffrey related bulletin boards: Anne McCaffrey Fans Forum and A Meeting of Minds Forum. We are very glad you reacted in such great numbers so we could cut and paste your wishes and collected them into a binder we will present personally to Anne on her 85th birthday on April 1, 2011.
We also realise we have been woefully negligent in posting news here and we will do our best to make 2011 a better year than 2010 was in that respect.

Happy Birthday Anne McCaffrey (April 2010)
On behalf of myself, The Pern Museum & Archives and the myriad of fans Anne still has all over the world I wish the Dragonlady a most wonderful 84th birthday. Let's hope for many more in as much health and happiness as is humanly possible. Anne, we hope you like the bouquet we had a florist send to you and wish you many happy returns and hope you have a fabulous day. Congratulations!

A Pern Museum world exclusive: cover art for Dragongirl! (Jan 2010)
We are proud to say it seems that it's becoming a tradition for the Perm Museum & Archives to get the permission of the reknowed British artist Les Edwards for the world premiere of new Pern cover art. This time we proudly present Les Edward's art for the cover of the new Pern book Dragongirl, by Todd McCaffrey (publication date rescheduled to July 27, 2010). Dragongirl is already available for pre-order on and you will support this website by doing so. Like the previous Pern novel the gorgeous artwork will grace both the US and UK covers of the book.If you want to see more artwork by Les Edwards we heartily recommend a visit to his website full of wonders. To admire the full work of art please click on the thumbnail or use this link.

Pern book (publication dates) news (Jan 2010)
There is some more information about the upcoming new Pern books in Todd McCaffrey's first newsletter of the year: Dragongirl, the sequel to Dragonheart, has its publication date re-scheduled to July 2010. So it'll be a slightly longer wait for us. Dragonrider, the new collaboration between Tood and his mother Anne, has been turned in to the publishers. It is expected to be published in hardcover in 2011. Further more, the draft of Todd's Dragon's Time, the sequel to Dragonrider, is currently being read by his agent. Todd McCaffrey has started a newsletter to which you can take a subscription. We will pass on all the news of course, but in case you want to read more about Todd's non-Pern exploits and experiences you might want to visit his website and register for the newsletter.

A happy Turnover! (Jan 2010)
The Pern Museum & Archives wishes to extend its best wishes for the coming Turn to all its supporters, viewers and visitors. We hope you, and all those who are dear to you, will have a happy and healthy 2010. With those two things "in your pocket" everything else will follow.

News from Anne and some new Pern books! (Dec 2009)
In an end-of-year-update letter on her own website Anne gives us a lot of news, both bad and good. The bad news is that she has undergone surgery on her hip and knee and has entered the healing process with all the disadvantages a lady of 83 has. Our own re-bionic Annie (her words, not mine) is still in physiotherapy and she writes "it will be a while before I get all the parts moving in the right direction again." The good news on the personal front is that there is a chance that, when the dust has settled, she'll be fully ambulatory again. So let's keep out fingers crossed for the Dragonlady!
Anne tells us that she hasn't done any writing this year, as that took energy she hadn't available, but that she was very pleased with Todd's Dragongirl. So much so that she suggested they collaborate on its sequel, Dragonrider. And more good news for us fans: they are already planning a sequel for that, as yet unpublished, book: Dragon's Time. They might all be working titles and subject to change but I guess we are assured of our future "Pern fixes"! Apart from that there's the new collaboration with Annie Scarborough (Catalyst: A Tale of Barque Cats, who appear in the Acorna world) which will come out from Del Rey in hardcover early 2010.
Read the whole letter here, on Anne's website and if you feel like it, send her a get well soon card at: Anne McCaffrey, Dragonhold-Underhill, Newcastle, County Wicklow, Ireland.
Let's show her we haven't forgotten her!

Suvudu Free Library (Sep 2009)
Not so long ago Random House, the publisher that also publishes the Del Rey books, started the Suvudu Free Library. At Random House they know it can be hard to navigate the countless fantasy and science fiction series out there and figure out which ones are right for you. Well, through this new initiative they are trying to make those tough decisions a bit easier. With the Suvudu Free Book Library, you can read the first book in some of our most acclaimed series absolutely free! They will be adding new titles to the download list on a regular basis. To be on top of the news you can sign up for a newsletter and be the first to find out what the newest free offerings are. Among the books added this month (No it is not a Pern book. That would mean Dragonflight for free...) is the first volume in the Twins of Petaybee series: Changelings, by Anne McCaffrey and Elizabeth Ann Scarborough. It is available as free download in PDF, Kindle, Sony Reader, BN and Scribd formats. You can, of course, still buy the real thing, too.

Les Edwards cover artist for Dragongirl (Sep 2009)
Les Edwards' wife and agent Valerie let the Pern Museum & Archives know that Les has been asked by the US publisher (Del Rey/Ballantine Books) to do the cover art for the new Third Pass series Todd McCaffrey book Dragongirl. The McCaffrey's publisher in the UK, Transworld Pubishers will use the same cover art for the Bantam and Corgi editions. As we let know earlier, publication of Dragongirl, the sequel to Dragonheart, is expected for April 2010.

Tenth Anniversary festivities: opening of the Pern Museum Art Gallery and new portrait by Linda Eicher (August 2009)
I have been very content with my ISP and for some months now with my new 60Mb fibre optics connection, but the otherwise reliable Cisco modem gave out last Thursday and with a replacement having to be installed by a mechanic it effectively meant I was a week without internet access... While I would normaly see that as a kind of an enforced holiday it couldn't have come at a more inappropriate time, just before the weekend in which the anniversary festivities would start, the weekend I would announce the opening of the Pern Museum Art Gallery with a truely magnificent portrait of Masterharper Robinton by artist Linda Eicher! You can click on the thumbnail on the right to jump immediately to Linda's own page in the Fan Art section of the new Art Gallery. The Linda Eicher room of the museum now has what many fans wanted and asked for: large pictures of her great portrait scenes (please do remember these are copryrighted and permission is needed to use or reproduce them anywhere).You can also reach the Art Gallery's main menu page by clicking on the Art Gallery button in the menu to the left and through the posterbutton on the Pern Museum menu page. Stay tuned for more festivities with exclusive new art and possibly a contest with great prizes!

Seeing Pern in everything!Pern Museum & Archives 10th Anniversary (July 2009)
I am proud to announce that the Pern Museum & Archives wil be celebrating its tenth anniversary this year. I started a counter at the end of October 2005, so that's almost five years ago, which now stands at almost 130,000 people who visited my pages. I think it is safe to assume that the total number will be around a quarter of a million visitors. A lot has happened to me (and my site) during the last decade; most of them fun things, some things were less pleasant. Overall my life has been immensely enriched by getting to know people in the Anne McCaffrey fan community. Many became friends in real life and even Anne McCaffrey herself became a personal friend, something I absolutely hadn't even dared dream about ten years ago. We will celebrate the 10 year anniversary of the Pern Museum with some new spectacular pages. A grand new room of the Museum will open its doors next weekend... some spectacular new artwork will be involved...

Publication date set for Todd McCaffrey's next Pern novel Dragongirl (July 2009)
When he was visiting New York with his daughter Ceara Rose, to collect her Natianal Silver Award from the Scholastic Writers and Artists Alliance at Carnegie Hall, Todd visited his editor at Del Rey who was able to give him good and bad news: the good news was that Dragongirl is to be published on Todd's birthday, the bad news is that his birthday is on April 27. This means that, while we were expecting maybe a publication date near the Christmas season this year, we'll have to wait a little longer. On the upside again is the fact that we might get a preview of Dragongirl in the upcoming October 27 release of Dragonheart in paperback!

Les Edwards website updates (July 2009)
Both the Les Edwards website and the Edward Miller website have been updated with new images. If you are interested please take a look at and There's no news yet about Les doing the UK cover for the new Pern novel but us here at the Pern Museum & Archives are keeping our fingers crossed!

Publisher Roca continues Pern series in Spanish (May 2009)
After having published a Spanish language paperback for the young adult market of Dragonflight (El Vuelo del Dragon) Roca continued the series by publishing Dragonquest (Busqueda del Dragon) last month. Like the first volume in the Dragonrider of Pern (Los Cabalgadores de Dragones de Pern) series, this book has new cover art too. It is only the second new edition since the original publication of this book by Acervo in 1977 but it is the same translation. It looks like the cover art is by the same person who did the art for the previous volume, the Spanish (digital) artist David Agemi. To order the book on click here. It is unknown if Roca will also publish The White Dragon but it does seem likely. For more information from the publisher, please visit the Roca juvenil website.

Congratulations Anne McCaffrey (April 2009)
Author Anne McCaffrey has an auspicious natal day: April 1st. She is fond of saying that she tries to live up to it :-) Well, dear Anne, as far as I am concerned you are very succesful! Please join me in congratulating Anne, who celebrates her 83rd birthday on April 1st and let's hope we'll have her around for many more Turns to come. Hip, hip, hip... Hurrah!

Congratulations Ceara Rose McCaffrey (March 2009)
Anne and Todd both tell us on their respective websites about the fact that Todd's daughter and Anne's granddaughter Ceara has won a Scholastic Gold Key Award (and certificate) from the Alliance for Young Artists and Writers. Ceara won the award for a story she submitted to a Christmas competition. Both father and grandmother are, of course, over the moon with this first success by Ceara who is only 14 years of age. Who knows what this might mean for the future!

Pern CD "Sunset's Gold" available as download (March 2009)
Mike Freeman informed me recently that "Sunset's Gold", the marvelous new Pern CD is now available as digital download from Amazon, CD Baby, iTunes and other places! That'll save the peeps who haven't yet bought this gem the cost of postage. Also new: as promised earlier the lyrics to the songs on the second Pern CD have been posted on their website: click here! And there's news galore! Just last week they re-released a solo CD by Tania. The CD originally came out in 1995 and was pretty much lost for 14 years. And while their music is often traditional Tania and Mike do move with the times and don't spurn the digital world. This is evidenced by the fact that both Menolly and Robinton, as respective ambassadors of the Pern CD's that they "stand for" have My Space Pages! For those who want to join the friends of these illustre Pernese Harpers: Robinton is to be found here and Menoly here. And oh, their ater egos have their 'spaces' too, of course, which you can always check for the latest news and -- very important -- the concert and appearances schedule! Is this a shameless plug some some nice, friendly, great and well deserving musicians? You bet it is! :-)

Dragongirl is coming: Pern and non-Pern! (March 2009)
Todd McCaffrey turned in the second draft of Dragongirl, the sequel to Dragonheart, to his editors on March 14. The only thing we have to do now is wait... (patiently).
Another Dragongirl we may be expecting to appear in new books is Lanen Kaelar. This has nothing to do with Pern except for the fact that author Elizabeth Kerner is a friend of both Anne McCaffrey and me. Since the books in the Kolmar Series (Song in the Silence, The Lesser Kindred and Redeeming the Lost) are very popular with Anne and Pern fans I am permitting myself a shameless plug for my friend who recently got a new website and a three book contract from her publisher Tor! If you want to know more please visit Elizabeth's website at

Something old but interesting: video is coming to the Pern Museum! (February 2009)
While roaming the internet for Pern and Anne McCaffrey related material and looking at stuff on YouTube I found that there was only a rather bad copy of the introduction of the PC/Dreamcast Dragonriders of Pern game available (a vid of it playing on a monitor). So I posted a better version there and here, for the erstwhile players of the 1999 game to reminisce and for those who never bought or played the game, well... you might like it! So turn up your volume, sit back and enjoy!

Happy New Year (January 2009)
A happy new year to each and everyone who visits the Pern Museum and Archives. The coming year we will celebrate 10 years of my Pern site (albeit under another name in the beginning) on the internet! This year will begin most auspicious as Tania Opland and Mike Freeman will be starting sending out the advance order for their second Pern CD soon (see below). And the Pern Museum and Archives will certainly see new developments and pages because I am hard at work at the next installment of the museum: the Art Gallery! Pages and tables listing my extensive collection have been made and are undergoing last revisions, so new Library Pages will open soon, too!

Les Edwards website update (December 2008)
Valerie Edwards, Les Edwards kind and lovely wife and agent wrote us to let you all know that the Les Edwards & Edward Miller websites have been updated. Following the recent changes in currency exchange rates, the dollar and euro prices of prints and original artwork have been revised. This means that all dollar and euro prices are down (considerably), and some of the sterling prices of original artwork have been reduced too. So it's worth while taking another look at your favourite pieces of artwork as well as the new images. As I was working on the Pern Museum & Archives Art Gallery pages for Les Edwards (which will show all his Pern work and will have easy direct links to Les' webshop pages) I discovered that both my and Les' own site lacked the original artwork for Dragonsinger and The White Dragon. Valerie immediately promised to correct that, and she did!

New Pern CD available for advance orders (December 2008)
Tania Opland and Mike Freeman, the artists known from the first Pern CD Masterharper of Pern have finished their work on the new Pern CD titled Sunsets Gold and are taking advance orders. This CD features the music of Menolly and the Harper Hall trilogy. Estimated shipping time is December 31st, 2008. "That's not a guaranteed date, but since the master is now off to the manfacturer, it should be a pretty good guess", the musicians write on their website. A long search for Elizabeth Malczynski had succes and with Tania and Mike we are delighted it is her art that graces the cover of the CD. Musci on the CD includes: Song for Petiron, Menolly's Firelizard Song, My Nightly Craft (Sweet Sea), Gather Day, Brekke's Cry, the Running Song, Sunsets Gold (The Blackest Night) and several istrumentals and... a never-before-heard Anne McCaffrey ballad: Four Hundred Turns! Click here to go between sites and order your copy now! It is possible to pay with PayPal.

Winners of McCaffreyQuest announced (November 2008)
The winners of McCaffreyQuest 2008 (100 questions on Sixth Pass Pern and the Ship Series) are announced on the Anne McCaffrey forum A Meeting of Minds. We congratulate grand prize winner Kevia with her near perfect score of 99 points out of 100! Three runners up had to split the honour of second place: Lis, S'ra and Christi, congratulations. Scores were inredibly high this year and the quiz is by no means easy, which says something about our winners and of the eight entrants who made it to the MQ2008 Wall of Fame. You can be on that Wall of Fame too as you can still take on the quiz and go for a place on that list. To know how please visit the special McCaffrey Quest website, read the instructions, answer the questions and send in your answers.

Dragonheart, the perfect Christmas gift (November 2008)
Dragonheart, the latest novel in the Dragonrider of Pern series, by Todd Mccaffrey, has been released. There is ample time to order the book for Christmas. So why not order it and have all the time in the world to wrap it as the perfect gift for somebody... or for yourself! Dragonheart tells the story of the Lord Holder of Fort's daughter Fiona who accidentally Impresses Talenth and comes to play an important role in Pern's history. She is not ony instrumental in the struggle of the Fort Weyr dragonriders coping with the dreadful dragon disease that decimates the number of dragons just at the start of a new Pass, but she also plays an important role in the creation of Pern's first Wherhold. Times get to be really exciting with the start of a new Pass when the planet's ancient enemy start falling again. Grab this chance to know more about Pern's history and that of its valiant riders of dragons and watchwhers. Click here to order.

Fire just misses Todd McCaffrey's apartment (October 2008)
When he came home from AlbaCon Todd McCaffrey discovered that the Sesnon wildfire missed his apartment by a mere fifty feet! Todd writes in his blog: "...the first message from my cellphone was an offer from a friend to stay at his place — that’s the first I knew that there might be a problem. I called the friend who was looking after my daughter and was warned that she hadn’t been allowed up to get the cats. So I raced over, retrieved the cats just as they declared a mandatory evacuation. It could have been worse..." We can imagine that Todd feels very lucky after this narrow escape and is immensely glad that his house and cats were not hurt and even more glad his daughter was staying with friends elsewhere. And Todd... you did remember to keep a backup of the computer file manuscript for the new Pern book somewhere else, didn't you?

Pre-order Dragonheart for Christmas (October 2008)
Dragonheart, the latest novel in the Dragonrider of Pern series, by Todd Mccaffrey, will be released in the US on November 11th and in the UK on November 20th. Both dates are a comfortable time away from the Christmas shopping rush. So why not pre-order it and have all the time in the world to wrap it as the perfect Christmas gift for somebody... or for yourself!

Anne McCaffrey has to cancel attending AlbaCon! (October 2008)
A big disappointment, to both her and her fans, many of which were traveling to Albany especially to see the great Dragonlady in person. After over four months with no news Anne's own website had to publish the bad news this week...Anne wrote on her homepage: "As bad luck will have it, I am not going to be able to make it to Albacon. I had what was deemed a minor heart attack, and as my blood pressure sort of went berserk (although it’s better now) I shan’t be able to get to Albany and Jan’s [Jan Finder, con organiser and friend; ed.] convention… much as I was determined to. I am very sorry. (...) I know a lot of people will be very disappointed… as I am… but at 82, as the doctor said with my family history of everyone conking off with heart problems, I cannot take unnecessary risks. I like to keep my word, when I give it, but common sense prevails." We all wish Anne the best of health and of course we understand the reasons for her not tackling the flight and the convention. Fortunately both Todd and Anne were Guests of Honour and Todd will be there to spread the McCaffrey charm and news.

'Oh, shit! Oh, shit! It's not the - oh, shiiiitt.'
Ninth Portrait in PMA series: the infamous Avril Bitra (October 2008)
Among the most interesting characters Anne McCaffrey created in her Pern series are the villains and thinking of especially female villains the name of Avril Bitra automatically pops up first. Fans are still wondering why there was ever a major Hold named after her, though admittedly it is populated by the least liked of Pern's inhabitants, and who doesn't know her famous last words... "Shove it Benden. You know where! You'll get nothing out of me. Oh, shit! Oh, shit! It's not the - oh, shiiiitt." The last with four i's and two t's. The Dragonsdawn characters could not be incorporated in Anne and Robin Wood's wonderful book The People of Pern but thanks to our very special "Pern Artist" Linda Eicher we can now see Avril Bitra in full glory. Linda has outdone herself with this erotic and sexy scene (boy will this earn me a lot of Google hits...) and has yet again succeded in placing all aspects of one of Anne's characters in a more than wonderful portrait. An extra special touch is that in the portrait Avril is holding the Shavva bint Faroud ruby. And that guy silhouetted in the foreground? It could be me, or you I guess... Oh, you want to see more? Well, click the thumbnail then.

McCaffreyQuest 2008 set for the weekend of 8-9 November (September 2008)
The Anne McCaffrey community and discussion board A Meeting of Minds is glad to announce that McCaffreyQuest 2008 is set for the weekend of 8-9 October. Most likely it will actually begin sometime Friday and end a little into Monday. The topic of this year's Quest is Sixth Pass Pern and Brainships; which means Moreta, Nerilka's Story and the short story Beyond Between for Pern and the wonderful Ship Series, starting with the famous Ship Who Sang and including Partnership, The Ship Who Searched, The Ship Who Won, The City Who Fought as well as the The Ship Errant (by Jody Lynn Nye alone) and The Ship Avenged (by Steve Sterling) and including the short stories Honeymoon en The Ship Who Returned, look here for more details if you need them. Well... you didn't think this years edition would be any easier than the earlier ones, did you? As usual you will have to answer a total of about 100 questions on these books and short stories. The only consession we make is that the majority of these question are multiple choice... [grin]. Question will be posted on the special website.

Website Les Edwards updated ---- (July 2008)
The website of Les Edwards (to Anne fans known as the artist of the latest UK, and sometimes US, Pern covers) has recemntly been updated. There is news to tell and of course new images have been added to both galery and the online store where you can purchase prints with payment through PayPal. At times even original artwork and prelims are for sale, so do go and tke a look! Pern fans will be happy ecause the cover art for the new Pern book Dragonheart, which will be the same for both UK and US edition (as was the case with The Skies of Pern) is also on display, so please go and visit A bit from the newspage: Les Edwards is invited to ParCon in the Czech Repblic, which is to be held in Pilsen from 22-24 July.

'I am already clean, you polka-dotted idiot'
Eight Portrait in PMA series: Sorka Hanrahan (July 2008)
Regular visitors of the Anne McCaffrey bulletin board A Meeting of Minds won't be too surprised that the next installment in the portrait series for the Pern Museum & Archives by Pern artist Linda Eicher is Sorka Hanrahan, a member of the original first eighteen dragonriders and first Weyrwoman of Fort Weyr, and Pern for that matter. Not surprised because some aspects of this portrait were discussed on the bulletin board. Despite that we bet most viewers will be surprised at the scene Linda picked for this portrait: the famous "bathing scene" at Landing with two ten day old dragons and their fast learning riders. This delightful scene, with the silliplas pool and the houses at Landing and the mountain range in the background, catches an endearing moment in the lives of the first Weyrleaders of Pern. A moment in the lives of two extraordinairy people who led the Dragonriders of Pern to victory in many battles with Pern's enemy: Thread. A pair that was instrumental in laying the basis for many generations of heroes who rode their dragons in defense of the People of Pern!

Latest DragonCon news (June 2008)
And it ain't good... It has been announced that Elizabeth Ann Scarborough, Anne McCaffrey's co-author on the Acorna and Petaybee series, can't make it to DragonCon this year, largely due to health reasons. We all wish dear Annie the best of health and hope for a speedy discovery. Much worse was the news that Robert Asprin has died at the age of 61 on May 22nd, in his bed, while reading a Terry Pratchett novel. Robert was not an Anne McCaffrey co-author but the last seven of his MythAdventures books were co-written by Jody Lynn Nye, whose husband Bill Fawcett was his agent. Our sympathy goes out to his family and friends. Robert will be missed.

Albacon update (May 2008)
Albacon, the small scale New York state convention that's to be held on October 10-12 later this year and for which both Anne and her son Todd are listed as Guests of Honour, has an updated, new website: The site also gives us some more news about who will be appearing. Next to the McCaffreys the Artist GOH will be Barclay Shaw while the fan GOH will be Gary S. Blog. Not sure if this is a joke... Among the attending panellists I spotted Eric Flint, Sharon Lee, Steve Miller, K.T. Pinto and Pamela Sargent. There'll be a 1632 minicon and a Star Trek Phase II track. A group of members of the Anne McCaffrey forum A Meeting of Minds will attend the convention, let's hope it'll be just as big a success as the group attendance at Eurocon in Copenhagen last year! More news to come.


DragonCon update (May 2008)
In April it was announced that Anne McCaffrey co-author Elizabeth Ann Scarborough (often affectionately called 'the other Annie') will also be attending DragonCon. We think it's superfluous to announce that Jody Lynn Nye will also be present at the con (the costume contest would not be the same without her). Check Jody's site to learn about her other appearances. Among the interesting author guests at DragonCon are Bill Fawcett (Jody Lynn Nye's husband), Katherine Kurtz, Janny Wurts, Harry Turtledove, Mike Resnick, Margaret Weis, Robert Asprin and Tamora Pierce.


Latest news on Dragonheart and... Dragonlove! (April 2008)
Mid April, shortly after having returned from a flash visit to his mother in Ireland for her birthday, Todd McCaffrey wrote in his websiteblog: "Today at noon I sent the first draft [of Dragonheart which is already available on pre-order!] at 200,000+ words to my editor and plunged immediately into the sequel which I’m tentatively titling 'Dragonlove'." Keep us posted, Todd!

 [picture courtesy of Linda Eicher]

Yet another Les Edwards Pern cover world premiere
for the Pern Museum & Archives
(April 2008)
The famous British artist Les Edwards kindly gave us the world premiere for showing the just finished artwork for the upcoming Pern book Dragonheart (formery Dragon's Heart and Dragon's Time) by Todd McCaffrey. Dragonheart will be Todd's second stand alone book, It started out as a sequel to Dragonsblood but, according to the author, it has changed significantly along the way. To tell the full story that Todd wants to tell in all its glory he has realized he will need to write not just one very big book but four rather large books. On his wesite he announces that he is now happily at work on Dragonheart while at the same time chortling with glee over the ideas he has for the sequels. Dragonheart is already available for pre-order on Amazon with a projected release date of October, 28 (hurry up Todd!).
Extra special about this cover art is that, although commissioned by the US publisher Del Rey, the UK publisher Bantam Books has also chosen to use it for the UK edition. So like with Todd's book Dragonsblood Les' beautiful artwork wil grace both editions! If you want to see more artwork by Les Edwards we heartily recommend a visit to his website full of wonders. To admire the full work of art please click on the thumbnail or use this link.

Congratulations Anne McCaffrey! (April 2008)
On April 1st (yes, an auspicious natal day) Anne McCaffrey celebrated her 82nd birthday. The Dragonlady was born in Cambridge, Massachusetts to George Herbert McCaffrey and Anne Dorothy McElroy. I personally congratulated her and told her the fan community wanted to keep her for at least 18 more years... it made her laugh her special laugh and she thanked me for it. All of us here at the Pern Museum & Archives wish Anne a happy birthday and many more returns in health and happiness. Cheers Anne! As is as good as a tradition by now American artist Linda Eicher has published a new Anne portrait on the occasion of the Dragonlady of Pern's birthday on the Anne McCaffrey bulletin/discussion board A Meeting of Minds. We encourage you to go and see it! The picture to the right was taken at Eurocon 2007 in Copenhagen, Denmark.


'Admiral Benden Sir... may I present the Dragonriders of Pern?'
Sean Connell and the first dragonriders pictured in portrait series (March 2008)
Who doesn't remember this gripping last sentence from Dragonsdawn, the First Chronicles of Pern. This month's portrait and scene by Linda Eicher features the first seventeen dragonriders. Seventeen courageous young people, seven men and ten women, who had only recently been confronted with the death of the first dragonrider and his dragon: Marco and Duluth. Who had worked their butts of helping in the evacuation north. Who had only recently Impressed their dragons and were not only new to such a bond but also to flying, their dragons capabilites like going between and most of all, to the job of a fighting dragonrider. One young man almost automatically became their leader and later the first Weyrleader of Pern: Sean Connell, a young lad from an Irish traveling folk family. He became one of Pern's ultimate heroes, leading 'his' dragonriders to victory over Thread again and again in that First Pass. Not an easy task because almost everything had to be learned, learned at cost, great cost at times. But in Sean Connell the Dragonriders of Pern had a capable and charismatic leader who was smart, cunning, courageous and wise. A man to trust and to follow. A man that made history and became a legend.
When it was decided that Sean Connell's was to be the next portrait, artist Linda Eicher didn't need long to decide on the accompanying scene... Young Sean Connell saluting Admiral Benden and presenting the dragonriders sould be it and nothing else. A scene with much emotion, possiby written by Anne McCaffrey while she was thinking of her father's funeral, with her older brother Hugh, also a military man, saluting his father for the last time, a scene that moves her every time she recounts it, even after more than five decades. As usual Linda Eicher has caught the atmosphere and gives us a magnificent portrait that, whatever your personal mental vision of Sean may be, will have to be admired by everybody.

Latest News: Anne McCaffrey attending DragonCon 2008 (March 2008)
On March 3rd Anne McCaffrey confirmed to us over the telephone what Charlotte Moore, director of the Weyrfest, the Anne and Todd McCaffrey fan track at DragonCon, recently posted on the Anne McCaffrey Bulletin Board A Meeting of Minds: Anne McCaffrey will be a guest at the Atlanta based convention! DragonCon will run from August 29 to September 1. The news has not been published yet on the Weyrfest website but it undoubtedly will soon. We congratulate DragonCon and Weyrfest in landing "the big fish", well done! Anne also told us that it isn't completely sure whether her son Todd will be able to make it to AlbaCon in Alany, New York about six weeks later. "It's an awful long way to travel for him", Anne said to us. As for the rest, the Dragonlady is doing great, which is great news with her 82nd birthday coming on April 1st.

Some news about Todd's new Pern book: Dragonheart (February 2008)
Todd's new Pern book Dragonheart has gone up as pre-order on Amazon and several other sites with a projected publication date of October this year! Wonderful news but... a bit fast after Dragon Harper, we thought. Fans across the globe were pleasantly surprised. However, after inquiries Todd let us know: "You're surprised? You should see me!" Apparently Pern's heir is still working on the book! We also asked him to tell us a a bit more about the storyline and with the stipulation that "it's all subject to change" Todd wrote: "When Fiona, the only surviving member of Lord Holder Bemin's family, Impresses a queen dragon, she doesn't begin to realize the perils and privileges that come with her new role. As she grows into a young woman and her dragon reaches her full growth, Fiona faces not only the possibility of losing her dragon to the sickness that has claimed so many others but also the challenges of becoming a Weyrwoman in her own right as she is forced to face the question: What is she willing to give up in order to truly 'be' a queen rider?" So, we get to read again about Fiona who was almost lost in Dragon Harper and undoubtedly we'll see Kindan again. Who will be doing the US cover we don't know yet but what we do know is that Les Edwards was commissioned again for doing the UK cover. Let's cross our fingers for Todd to meet this near impossible deadline, two Pern books in a year will not be an easy task. Whatever the outcome, you can preorder your copy of Dragonheart here and support the website at the same time.

Kitti Ping Yung and Wind BlossomDouble Pern Portrait: Kitti Ping and Wind Blossom! (February 2008)
We're running out of terms of praise for artist Linda Eicher who delivered the latest Pern Portrait + Scene, by now an established tradition for the Pern Museum & Archives, a few days ago. We're still sticking with the book Dragonsdawn and this time we get to see two ladies without whom there would be no dragons and no watchwhers: Kitti Ping Yung and her daughter or granddaughter Wind Blossom; their family relationship depends on whether you are/were a reader of the UK or US edition of the book on the Pern Colonists and their first years on our beloved planet. Kitti Ping looks exactly as the stern, grand old Asian lady in her tenth decade who, by her studies in the Great Beltrae Halls of Eridanis made possible mentasynth firelizards and of course, the dragons!
The scene coming from the skilled hands of Linda, who must surely have a spiritual bond to Pern and the Pernese, that comes with this double portrait is an extra special one. Around the massive microbiological unit, it shows not only the great and super talented bio-geneticist and her granddaughter but in addition two others who have been instrumental in the work on firelizards and dragons both: zoologist Pol Nietro and micro-biologist Bay Harkenon, his wife. The whole scene outstandingly depicts the wonderful atmosphere there must have been at the science lab when working on the dragonproject, with admiration and dutiful attentiveness for Kitti but with a hint of humour and radiating hope... hope for the future of Pern!

First new room of the Pern Museum opens its doors (January 2008)
The Pern Museum & Archives proudly announces the opening of the first room in a series for the totally renewed, revamped and updated Pern Museum! The first room to open is the Maps & Charts Exhibition, making use of complete new webpages and the impressive free Java abum JAlbum. The new room features eight exhibits among which: Maps from The Atlas of Pern by Karen Wynn Fonstad, with a new overall view map of the Northern Continent, well over 30 maps from the Pern novels in several different languages, Maps from Fandom, Maps made by Fans with some very special and unique copies and an exhibit with Globes and Spheres you absolutely must see! We would be glad to receive copies of your (fandom) maps to put up in the new exhibition rooms. We also welcome your remarks and suggestions through mail or in our guestbook. We hope you will enjoy this new feature and assure you we are working hard on the other rooms. Click here or on the Pern Museum button in the left hand menu, to go to the Entrance Hall of the Pern Museum.

New portrait: Red Hanrahan; the crossing of Red's Ford (January 2008)
The first portrait of 2008 by Linda Eicher, the artist so expertly attuned to Pern's persons and scenes, has been delivered to us. While not a major protagonist in the wider scheme of things, the interesting character of Oliver Peter Plunkett (Red) Hanrahan, the father and father-in-law of Pern's first Weyrleaders Sorka Hanrahan and Sean Connell, does have his own very special short story: The Ford of Hanrahan. It's a wonderful story telling of a group of colonists traveling from Fort to the new founded Ruatha Hold and the dangerous fording of a river in spate. Needless to say that Linda has chosen this scene to be the background of this sixth portrait in the series for The Pern Museum & Archives. From heavy oxen to the oddly shaped cart made from a sled, carrying the airlock doors that were to be installed as the new Hold's doors to the power torches and horses King and Cloudy; all is there, while the ominous sense of real bad weather hangs over all...

News from Les Edwards (January 2008)
Just to get the New Year off to the perfect start the websites and have been updated with some new stuff, thanks largely to a huge amount of work done by Les Edwards' wife Val, in spite of recent computer problems, and the usual sterling effort by Ariel. In the news section Les writes: Pern fans might like to know that I'm awaiting the manuscript of the new Todd McCaffrey novel so I'll be dusting off my dragon-coloured paints in the near future! As always The Pern Museum will stay in close contact with Les and Val to keep on top of the news.

New Year, New Turn (January 2008)
The Pern Museum & Archives wishes all her visitors, all Anne McCaffrey and Pern fans a most happy, healthy and prosperous 2008! This year we hope to expand much on the site. Additions to the Encyclopedia will be made, work on the update of the webpages layout will continue and the first Exhibit Rooms of the totally renewed Pern Museum will open their virtual doors. We sincerely hope this website will take yet another 'turn for the better' in the new year. Watch this space!

Latest installment in Pern Portrait Series: Sallah is not alone! (December 2007)
The much revered resident PMA artist Linda Eicher has delivered her latest astounding creation in the Pern Portrait Series: Tarvi Andiyar, later known as Tarvi Telgar. You might remember his partner Sallah Telgar being the first portrait in this series some months ago. Well, Sallah is not alone anymore, her beloved Tarvi has joined her! On special request Linda also pictured two other early Pern characters in the background (which pictures working on the Fort caves itself): Cobber Alhinwa and Ozzie Munson, the last of which helped Tarvi founding Telgar Hold and settled there. The new portrait with the, by now established "storytelling background scene", is the fourth in the series Linda Eicher made for the Pern Museum & Archives. Click on the portrait to see the full painting in the encyclopedia.

Anne and Todd McCaffrey scheduled as Guests of Honour at Albacon (November 2007)
Albacon is a weekend gathering of fans and creators of Science Fiction or Fantasy, including literature, movies, games, and other mediums. It is held in Albany in the state of New York over the weekend of 10-12 October, 2008. Still a long ways away but the fact that mother and son McCaffrey are scheduled as GoH's is a first and definitely newsworthy enough to bring it to your attention early. For more details about the convention, the hotels, the registration etc., go visit the Albacon website. There are plans to visit this convention with a group of Anne Fans from especially the Anne forum A Meeting of Minds, where there is already a topic dedicated to this convention.

New portrait in People of Pern series ---- (November 2007)
Despite being very active before and present at Eurocon 2007 in Copenhagen, American artist Linda Eicher has finished a new portrait for the Pern Museum & Archives' People of Pern series. After the stunning portrait of colony leader Admiral Paul Benden, it won't come as a surprise to you that we chose co-governor Emily Boll as the next subject.
The project culminated in a rather detailed portrait and scene from the metereology tower at Landing with Emily sitting at her desk surrounded by objects of work and mementos from her private life. Emily was born on Altair 75 years before Landing and was governor of First Centauri. She died in the year 16 (the fever year), probably at Fort Hold. Her husband, chef and manager of the mass catering at Landing, Pierre de Courci, founded Southern Boll Hold and named it after his wife. With the update of the Pern Museum & Archives homepage we also installed a guestbook, we invite you to take the opportunity to tell us what you think of the portrait!

New homepage design for Pern Museum & Archives ---- (November 2007)
The basis has stayed the same but we implemented a new design for our homepage. Be aware that not all menu buttons work (yet) and that most will still bring you to the old pages. The Pern Museum is currently under construction but hopes to open the first new exhibition halls in the beginning of next year, as will the shop. Do drop us a line, comment or suggestion through our new guestbook!

McCaffreyQuest 2007: Early Pern and Tower & the Hive ---- (October 2007)
This year's McCaffreyQuest, will deal with Early Pern (i.e. the books: Dragonsdawn, Chronicles of Pern : First Fall and Dragonseye/Red Star Rising) and the Tower and the Hive series, which comprises The Rowan, Damia, Damia's Children, Lyon's Pride and The Tower and the Hive. The prize pool is fabulous again and the top 10% of entrants will be able to pick their own prize. With 100 to 120 questions McCaffreyQuest is the toughest and largest Anne McCaffrey related trivia quiz on the internet but... it is not only for the die hard fans! The questions are difficult, yes. You must enjoy a challenge, yes. But the questions are multiple choice and if luck is with you... (we've seen it happen!). McCaffreyQuest is a yearly event organised by the Anne McCaffrey Forum Board A Meeting of Minds and has been endorsed by Anne herself. This year the event is held over the weekend of 10-11th November. Click here for more information.

Anne a big hit at Eurocon 2007 ---- (October 2007)
Anne McCaffrey fans from all over the world gathered in Denmark during the weekend of 21st - 23rd September for the 29th European Science Fiction Convention, Eurocon which was held in Copenhagen this year. On Saturday evening, during dinner, Hans van der Boom presented Anne with the first copy of "40 Years of Pern" (see also below), the book to commemorate the fact that it is forty years ago that the first Pern story was published in the SF magazine Analog. Many fans attended Anne's, who was one of the Guests of Honour at the con, interview, GoH speech and book signing and listened breathlessly to her when she read the short story "The Ship Who Sang" on the closing day of the convention. For more news, pictures and even short movies of Eurocon The Pern Museum and Archives invites you to visit the Events Board of the Anne McCaffrey forumboard "A Meeting of Minds".

Anne scheduled to attend Octocon, the Irish Science Fiction Convention ---- (October 2007)
Newsitem to be restored.

40 Years of Pern book available for order ---- (September 2007)
Newsitem to be restored.

Eurocon 2007, Copenhagen Denmark ---- (September 2007)
In less than a week the 29th Eurocon will start. The yearly European Science Fiction convention is being held in Copenhagen, Denmark from 21-23 September. This years edition is very special to us Anne McCaffrey fans since our favourite author is one of the Guests of Honour. Most of Anne's program participations take place on Saturday, September 22. The staff of The Pern Museum & Archives and several staff members of the international Anne McCaffrey forum board A Meeting of Minds will attend the convention. More news about the program of Eurocon can be read here. A list of program items Anne Mccaffrey will attend or participate in can be found here. If you are attending Eurocon too, please drop us a mail. The Pern Museum & Archives wishes all those attending a great con. Anne McCaffrey herself told us she is looking very much to the convention and meeting up again with fans and friends.

Anne praises Eicher portrait of Paul Benden ---- (August 2007)
Anne emailed us and told us she was glad there was someone willing and able to fill the gap concerning Pern Portraits. She complimented Linda Eicher on her werk and wrote: "She did a marvelous job on Paul Benden a.k.a. George H. McCaffrey. And remarkable close to my father. I don't have all that many photos left of him but this is close enough and I am quite glad to read the entire entry."

Second Linda Eicher portrait for the Pern Encyclopedia ---- (July 2007)
In May we were proud to announce that Linda Eicher would be painting portraits of People of Pern that are not included in the book with the same name by Robin Wood. We started the series with Pernese heroine Sallah Telgar. The second portrait in the series is one that has long been awaited by many a Pern fan: Admiral Paul Benden.
As a tribute to Anne McCaffrey, Linda used the very blurry and unclear picture of colonel G.H. McCaffrey a.k.a."'the Kernel" (Anne's father) that appears in Anne's biography Dragonholder as the basis for the portrait. And what a magnificent portrait it has become! Do click the fragment here on the right to go and see the full work and behold not only the portrait but Admiral Benden and Governor Emily Boll flying the Pern and FSP flags.

Les Edwards and Edward Miller websites updated ---- (July 2007)
The websites of artist Les Edwards have been updated with new images (new new and new vintage ones) and a News Section has been added. If you have been thinking about buying a print noww is the time to do it because they also have a "summer sale" on all prints with prices having been reduced by 20% In addition the site now also lists the prices in euro's.
For the Pern fans it might be of importance that the cover art for the upcoming book Dragon Harper (by Todd McCaffrey) has found a place in the fantasy gallery. The Pern Museum & Archives had the world premier of showing the artwork but since then the work has slightly changed; so it's worth to go and have a look. Last but not least I made it to Les Edward's website with a photoshop production of a Pernese Times for which I borrowed the 'Dragonsblood Blue'. Instead of being upset with me Les put it on the website as a derivative work of 'art': click here to see! Do visit and

World Premiere for the Pern Museum & Archives:
Original artwork for cover of UK edition of Dragon Harper by Les Edwards
---- (May 2007)
The Pern Museum & Archives is proud to announce that Les Edwards has kindly given us permission to be the first in the world to show the original artwork he did for the cover of the UK edition of Anne and Todd McCaffrey's new, upcoming Pern book Dragon Harper! We kindly thank him for this exclusive. Edwards is a seven times winner of the British Fantasy Award for Best Artist and has been nominated three times for a World Fantasy Award. The cover for Dragon Harper will be his sixth Pern cover while the cover for Todd Mccaffrey's Dragonsblood was even used for both UK and US editions. Click the fragment on the right or this link to view a larger image of the complete artwork. If you are interested in seeing more artwork by Les Edwards or in buying prints please visit his website at, we heartily recommend it!

Linda Eicher illustrating for the Pern Encyclopedia ---- (May 2007)
To members of the Anne McCaffrey discussion board A Meeting of Minds she's already a legend: Linda Eicher, the artist that made over thirty portraits of her fellow members, and of course Anne McCaffrey. Among other projects Linda was responsible for the art on the cover of the special binder and the portrait that was presented to Anne on her 80th birthday, was the artist for the 2006 LA Worldcon T-shirt project and the same goes for the 2007 Eurocon T-shirt project. She has her own gallery of portraits on A Meeting of Minds.

Linda's work is respected and much admired by Anne fans in general and Pern fans in particular. Thus we are extremely happy to announce that Linda will be starting a series of portraits for the Pern Encyclopedia, portraits of People of Pern that haven't been covered yet by that other Pern artist, Robin Wood, who so kindly gave us permission to use her artwork to illustrate the encyclopedia. The new series by Linda is opened by a wonderful portrait of Sallah Telgar, a true hero of Pern who'se portrait was sorely missed and will forever take pride of place. Keep checking this frontpage where we will be announcing the new portraits as they are finished and added. We welcome Linda on the Editorial Board for the Pern Encyclopedia!

Synopsis of latest Pern book: Dragon Harper!---- (May 2007)
A synopsis is now published for the new Pern book by Anne and Todd: Kindan is an apprentice harper at the Harper Hall but he is finding the lessons very difficult and although he has his friends, Nonala, Kelsa and Verilan, he also has enemies, such as the bully Vaxoram.Things begin to improve for Kindan when he beats Vaxoram in a duel and Vaxoram becomes first his servant and then gradually his trusted friend. Then Kindan impresses a fire-lizard and becomes the proud owner of the magnicent Valla. At the hatching, he meets Koriana, daughter of Lord Holder Bemin of Fort Hold. She also impresses and she and Kindan fall in love, but her parents disapprove and she has to return to Fort Hold. Then a plague begins to spread across Pern, killing nearly everyone infected. Kindan and his friends search the harper records to see if they can find a cure, but all they can find is mention of a similar plague over a hundred Turns past. As the plague gets worse Kindan and Vaxoram are sent to Fort Hold to help tend the sick. Kindan will be reunited with Koriana, but will she be free of the plague, and will he be able to find a cure before more people die? Preorder your copy of Dragon Harper at Amazon .com: preorder Dragon Harper.

Anne finishing draft of new (solo) Pern book!---- (May 2007)
Anne let us know she has the draft for a new Pern book finished! But "hold your dragons" please, as the draft hasn't even been sent to her agent yet. It's great news nonetheless. At 60,000 words around her birthday she "got the urge", she told us, and finished the draft by the end of April. The working title given to us at Anne's birthday was "New Era, Pern" but a few days ago Anne told us she dubbed it "After the Fall". While both working titles do give you an idea of at least some of the content we think a lot of readers will be in for a surprise...

Anne not appearing at Dragon*Con 2007---- (May 2007)
Anne will not be appearing at Dragon*Con this year, to be held in Atlanta, GA from August 31 to September 3. Anne was an already confirmed name on the guest list but her doctors advised against the trip. Her son Todd will be attending the convention as scheduled. "I am not ill", Anne assured us over the telephone, "but have been and am recovering from an infection". She also confirmed she will be at Eurocon, in Copenhagen, Denmark, in September, where she is one of the Guests of Honour.

Happy birthday Anne McCaffrey! ---- (April 2007)
Aye, another year has flown by. So we wish Anne a very happy 81st birthday and wish her many happy returns, health, happyness and... inspiration for the years to come!

Surely some of the best patronage for the PMA ---- (March 2007)
The Pern Museum & Archives recived a maiol from Todd McCaffrey. Todd writes: "I thought you might get a chuckle to know that in the middle of the night, rather than searching for copies of Dragonflight, I stumbled upon your website's section on Pern Poetry (looking for: 'Honor those the dragons heed'). Cheers, Todd McCaffrey".

Forty Years of Pern ---- (January 2007)
This year it will be 40 years ago that Anne published her very first Pern story: Weyr Search in the Analog Science Fiction and Science Fact magazine issue of October 1967 (followed by the story Dragonrider in two installments in December 1967 and January 1968). In collaboration with the Anne McCaffrey bulletin/discussion board A Meeting of Minds we will be publishing a Liber Fanorum, a book of fans. Read more about this project elsewhere on this page. In the meantime we congratulate Anne McCaffrey and her publishers on 40 Years of Pern!

Website of artist Les Edwards redesigned ---- (January 2007)
The website of Les Edwards (to Anne fans known as the artist of the latest UK, and sometimes US, Pern covers) has been completely redesigned. New images have been added, there is a facility to purchase prints with payment through PayPal, and where original artwork is for sale, prices are being given. Don't worry, the downloads of Pern covers to use as background on your desktop are still there, too. We invite you to go and take a look:

A happy new year to you all ---- (January 2007)
We here, at the Pern Museum and Archives want to wish you all the best for 2007. An auspicious year has started because it will hopefully be one with one of the scarce appearances Anne makes on the European mainland! Anne will be a Guest of Honour at the Eurocon 2007 which is to be held in Copenhagen, Denmark over 21-23 September. A bunch of Anne fans will be attending and we're looking into the possibilities of a Euro version of Dragon*Con's Weyrfest or Worlds of Anne McCaffrey Track. If you are interested please send us an email! For more news about the con go to their website.

Entire Pern Encyclopedia Googlized and illustrated! ---- (November 2006)
Many knew it was coming and the happy moment of announcing the new html pages is here! The entire Pern Encyclopedia (actually, the entire Pern Museum & Archives site if you use the Google search facility that you'll now find on every encyclopedia page) is now searchable with the Google search interface (fast!). If you want you can even search the entire web for the same subject by a mere click on a radio-button. On top of that, and no less important, comes the fact that I started to illustrate the encyclopedia! After the addition of the herbal pharmacopeia of Pern data (graciously admitted by Jennifer Quail aka Anareth/Anareth's Rider) I started illustrating her entries. After that I obtained permission from famous 'Pern artist' Robin Wood herself to use all of her artwork for both the Dragonriders of Pern games and the book The People of Pern, for the encyclopedia! Many of you will not own these items and will get their first chance to actually see the portraits of the people you love so much reading about for the first time.

Winners McCaffreyQuest 2006 announced! ---- (November 2006)
The Grand Prize Winner this year, with a perfect score (quite a feat!) is Starsmith Kath! The 1st runner-up is Allana. There was a tie for third place between Dahlia_Gold (the first ever contestant from India) and Kestral. There was also a tie for 5th place between Spaceman Spiff and Jax. More news, including scores is to be found at the dedicated McCaffreyQuest subforum on the Anne McCaffrey discussion board A Meeting of Minds.

Anne McCaffrey scheduled as GoH at Eurocon 2007 ---- (October 2006)
Anne McCaffrey fans (especially the UK and European mainland ones), pay attention! Anne has been confirmed as a Guest of Honour at the 29th European Science Fiction Convention. Eurocon 2007 will take place on 21-23 September in Copenhagen, Denmark. Other Guests of Honour made known are David A. Hardy and Stephen Baxter from the UK and Zoran Živković from Serbia. Be sure to check out the site of Eurocon 2007 and their forum. The Pern Museum and Archives will try to keep you updated and will also try to attend. If you are a regular visitor here or at the Anne McCaffrey discussion forum A Meeting of Minds, please do send us an email if you are planning to attend Eurocon 2007. It might be interesting to see if we could have a Euro Weyrfest in Anne's honour!

McCaffreyQuest 2006 is coming! November 3 - 6 ---- (October 2006)
The Ultimate Anne McCaffrey Fan Trivia Challenge is coming again! This year's subject is: Crystal Singer and Ninth Pass Pern, so get cracking and brush up on your knowledge. Don't miss out on the Great Prizes from which numbers 1 through 10 can chose. Anne McCaffrey herself donated a signed copy of the biography Dragonholder written by her son Todd McCaffrey, as a Grand Prize! Don't be daunted by the hundred questions (yes!) and the fact they are tough ones because the top ten will be able to chose their own prize from the large prize-pool. Yes, the challenge is a tough one but it is equally tough for all contestants, you have more than a weekend and the questions are all multiple choice, so who knows, you might be lucky! You need to be able to say later: I entered McCaffreyQuest 2006! More news soon at the McCaffreyQuest website.

 McCaffreyQuest 2006

Greetings from Anne McCaffrey ---- (September 2006)
While on vacation in Ireland in August I visited Anne at Dragonhold again. Anne is doing fine and two weeks after my visit she was off to the United States to award the Writers of the Future prizes, to do some booksignings and attend WorldCon in Los Angeles. This last event was also attended by a large group of Anne Fans, from A Meeting of Minds and other boards. Go here, here and here for pictures. Anne gave her permission for a special project I will announce separately and I will publish selected pictures of my visit at a later date.

Anne McCaffrey inducted in the Science Fiction Hall of Fame ---- (June 2006)
On June 17th Anne was inducted into the Science Fiction Hall of Fame at the Science Fiction Museum (SFM) in Seattle, Washington, together with George Lucas, Frank Herbert and Kelly Freas. The Hall of Fame honors the lives, works, and ongoing legacies of science fiction's greatest creators. The evening's Master of Ceremonies was author Neil Gaman and Anne was introduced by friend and co-author Elizabeth Ann Scarborough, who both told about their fond memories of Anne. During her short speech Anne was her usual, witty self, the Anne so many thousands of us love and cherish just as much as we do her books and stories. Staff Member Becky from the Anne McCaffrey dicussion board "A Meeting of Minds" (with which the Pern Museum & Archives is associated) was at the induction and wrote a report!

Pern booked for the big screen ---- (May 2006)
Anne McCaffrey's best selling and wonderful Dragonriders of Pern series looks like it will be adapted for the big screen by the Canadian production company Copperheart Entertainment. This company is best known for their Oscar winning animated short "Ryan" (2005) . They have optioned the whole series. "I decided that 'Pern' had to be done right, and I wouldn't let it go to someone unless I was certain that they were committed to excellence," McCaffrey said. Fans all over the world can get their hopes up again to see their favourite series being spun skillfully into images.

Congratulations Anne McCaffrey, on your 80th birthday! ---- (April 2006)
On April 1st Anne McCaffrey celebrated her 80th birthday at home in Dragonhold.
Dear Anne, we at the Pern Museum & Archives wish you a very happy birthday indeed and congratulate you on having reached the age of the very strong! We hope you will have a wonderful day and that you will be able to enjoy it as it should. We know it'll be a very busy and tiring day but hey, you'll get tired joyfully and with best friends and relatives to celebrate with. We hope you'll like the presents (some of which we know about and hopefully many of which we don't) and wish you many, many more returns in happiness and health!

A new Pern Chatroom ---- (February 2006)
A totally shiny new Pern Chatroom will soon open over at the Anne McCaffrey Discussion Forum A Meeting of Minds. The chat will debut on Saturday, March 4th around 08.00 GMT (that's 3pm East coast US, noon West Coast US and 7am on Sunday in Sydney) and you are all invited to join in the opening celebrations! Although the chat is of course available 24/7, the Meeting of Minds "Prime Time" chat gatherings are to be on the first Saturday of every month, from 7pm-1am GMT. Prime Time is the time moderators and members will make a special effort to be in chat -- not for the whole time, just a window of time in which to drop in and connect up with other members. Visits from celebreties and special guests in chat will be properly advertised in advance!

Les Edwards does it again ---- (December 2005)
Les Edwards, the British artist who made the wonderful covers for the UK editions of The Skies of Pern, Dragon's Kin and Dragonsblood (which had the same cover for UK and US editions) has also been contracted to do the cover for Anne and Todd's coming Pern novel Dragon's Fire (see below). Go to the gallery of Les Edward's site to have a look at the artwork. Les offers artwork for the Pern books The Skies of Pern and Dragonsblood is available for download as desktop wallpapers of different sizes. Click for the download list!

Pern Encyclopedia to be illustrated and google-ized! ---- (December 2005)
The Pern Encyclopedia is to be illustrated and google-ized. Recently we received gracious permission from Robin Wood to use the art she made for both the Mayfair Games and for the book The People of Pern for our Encyclopedia. On top of that many other illustrations will be added; especially to enhance the subjects that Jennifer Quail (aka as Anareth/Anareth's Rider) graciously submitted regarding the herbal pharmacopeia of Pern.
A search facility that is provided by well known internet search engine makers Google will be added to the PE. Try-out pages are available for the letters A, B and C. Click on the letters to try the new pages and do send us your comments or suggestions!

Trouble in AMC fandom yet again ---- (December 2005)
Recently the forumboard of, a popular Anne McCaffrey fansite, had a spot of trouble with their site tech admin Scott, who apparently had been a source of trouble and with whom it was difficult if not impossible for the moderators to work. He threatened to take full control of the site, taking it away from the rightful set of operators, and issued an ultimatum to which the team of hosts who run and operate Anne McCaffrey Fans Forum and Chat could not concede. The tech admin obviously couldn't come up with valid reasons for his ultimatum or threats, which endangered the site and the team of moderators directly but indirectly all site members and participants. To avoid an impossible situation in which team and members wouldn't have access or authority over their own board, the Anne McCaffrey Forum and Chat team revoked Scott's (admin) access and removed him from his position. In the process they unfortunately had to buy a new, expensive forum license, to replace the one that originally was bought with member furnished funds. The original license is still in the hands of the former tech admin.
In case of dire emergency a safe haven for all members on A Meeting of Minds, the other Anne McCaffrey Discussion Site was offered, which was luckily not necessary. The team at AMCF seem to be in full control again. Steps have been taking to make sure likewise situations cannot occur again.

Del Rey Pern Pages ---- (June 2005)
Del Rey, an imprint of Random House Publishers, has discontinued their pages dedicated to the Dragonriders of Pern and Anne's other books. The Pern Museum and Archives regrets this choice but wants to thank Del Rey for all the years they provided them. Luckily they still offer the DRIN (Del Rey Internet newsletter). Want to receive the newsletter: click here.

Anne been named as SFWA Grand Master ---- (April 2005)
Anne McCaffrey has been named to the select group of authors designated as SFWA Grand Masters. She is only the twenty-second writer so honoured by the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America since 1974. The selection was made by SFWA President Catherine Asaro, in conjunction with the Board of Directors and the past presidents of SFWA. Presentation of the award will be made during the Nebula Awards ® Weekend in Chicago, April 28-May 1, 2005.
We congratulate Anne with this achievement. Among the many awards, prizes and titles Anne has won, this will be a very special one as it is coming from colleagues, like the Oscar in the movieworld.

The Kitchen Table and Kitchen Table live will be no more ---- (December 2004)
January 1st, 2005 will be the end of an immensely popular part of the official Worlds of Anne McCaffrey™ website. In fact I would even dare say the heart of the site will be ripped out. It is the prerogative of course of the owners of The Worlds of Anne McCaffrey™ Ltd. to discontinue this service to the many fans of Anne McCaffrey but the blow and sense of loss won't be less, not even if fans accept and understand why. Suffice it for me to say that, as a Host (moderator) and Administrator of Anne McCaffrey's site as well as the Kitchen Table forum board and Kitchen Table Live chatroom, I have been busy many, many hours with all aspects of it for four wonderful years over the period 2000-2004. I have done so with great pleasure. Although sadness reigns now I know that I will look back on this period later as one in which I had lots of fun and, more importantly, a period in which I was able to discharge a small part of my "debt" to my favourite author Anne McCaffrey, by serving in the capacities I mentioned for as long as I was allowed to do so.

Is this the end then? Of course not, don't be silly :) Hosts and Administrators of the Kitchen Table as well as several fans/fan groups are rallying to put up forum boards. Is this a good thing? I don't know, I really don't. But one thing I know, I won't be the judge of what is happening within Anne McCaffrey fandom right now. So, even if I do have my preferences (which I can adhere and admit to, here on my own site) I'll leave you, the Anne McCaffrey fan, to chose. One thing I'll offer: despite the fact I have no intentions to set up a forum board here, at the Pern Museum Archives I do plan to make this site the place to look for all the (latest) news. Not only official Anne McCaffrey news but news from all around, all over the net, relating to Anne McCaffrey and/or Pern and even to her other works.

New boards! As said new boards came into life with the sad demise of the official one.
I had the priviledge to set up a New Kitchen Table that will be run by some of the admin and hosts of the Old Kitchen Table: Anne McCaffrey Fans Forum & Chat.
Cheryl Miller, a good friend of mine who has also been host and administrator on the old board, and to many well known for her websites Sariel's Guide to Pern and The Many Works of Anne McCaffrey, has started a wonderful Anne McCaffrey Discussion Board titled: A Meeting of Minds
of which I also have become a staff member.
For everybody involved in Pern Fandom who wants to visit a forum board specificly dedicated to that, there is either the Pern Alliance Forum or the Pern Fandom Forums.

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