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This page last edited on 29 June 2008

Bahrain: one of the spaceships with which the colonists made the journey from Terra to Pern.

Baid: a cropholder at Ruatha [Mor].

Balan Hold: a mountain Hold beholden to Telgar Hold and under the protection of Telgar Weyr [RSR/14:345]. It was located near a forest not far from Telgar Weyr, even by surface travel [RSR/4:109]. It lies even closer to a subsidiary of the Great Dunto River and not far and northeast from Campbell's Field Hold [Fonstad-AoP/12]. At the hold there was a barn, paddock, vegetable garden, dairy hold, animal hold and forestry. The living quarters and animal hold were hewn out of a rockface [RSR/4:109-110]. Balan Hold is the ancestral Hold of Debera, green Morath's rider [RSR]. Balan Hold is a natural stopping poijnt for barges and drays [Dfire].
One must take care not to mistake Balan Hold for Balen Hold in the High Reaches, for the names are very similar.
  • Lady of: unnamed, was among those who were taken into "protective custody" by F'lar to prevent the Lord Holders attacking Benden Weyr just prior to the start of the Ninth Pass [D1/138].

Baldor: a Harper at Ista Weyr [D3].

Balen Hold: a small sea hold on the north side of the peninsula west of High Reaches [DLG1/122]. Balen Hold is the most westerly Hold of High Reaches Hold [Fonstad-AoP/18, Dfire]. One must take care not to mistake Balen Hold for Balan Hold, for the names are very similar.

Balfor: a master at Keroon Beast Hold [Mor].

Ballad of Moreta's Ride, the: a famous Pernese ballad about the legendary Weyrwoman Moreta [D1; H2]. The actual story about Moreta, the valiant Weyrwoman of  Fort Weyr can be found in the book Moreta : Dragonlady of Pern [Mor]. The "problem" with this ballad is that some of its content does not match with the actual story. It might, however, been (re)written long after the Sixth Pass in which facts, that are sung about in this ballad, took place.

Balzith: a green dragon, rider unknown, stationed at Fort Weyr. She was used at a first aid demo at College during lessons given by Head Medic Corey in the Winter of 257 [RSR/7:184-186]. Balzith is not listed in DLG2.

Bambu (bamboo): Pernese name for Terran bamboo of which the colonists obviously took seeds with them to Pern and which thrived in Pernese soil. Bambu is a tall, treelike shrubby grass that grows mainly on the Southern Continent and only in tropical and semi-tropical regions. It has many uses and is also used to fashion fishing rods [DoP/1:14]. The All the Plants of Pern website lists that this grassoid is to be found in Nerat Hold and Southern Hold. It's general habitat is marshy land. Some of the known uses of it is for wicker like work, for furniture and as food.

Banak: head stockman (head of the stables) at Fort Hold. His stables also takes care of the Harper Hall runnerbeasts [H3].

Banana: name of both the tree and fruit it bears. Known to grow in Southern Boll but probably to be found all over the Pernese tropical climate zones.

Banger: Lord Holder of Igen Hold [D1/222].

Bantur: a Harper at Igen Hold [H2].

Banuth: brown dragon, rider T'lel [RSR].

Barba: a bossy child at Fort Hold [MHoP].

Bargen: Lord Holder of High Reaches Hold [MHoP].

The picture on the right is the portrait artist Robin Wood made for the Mayfair Boardgame Dragonriders of Pern (1983, 1989). Lord Bargen does not appear in The People of Pern (1988), the wonderful book with portraits of Pernese people by the same artist.

[Illustration used with permission. © Robin Wood 1983, 1989]

Barla: born Ruatha app. 2470, a member of the Ruathan Bloodline (she was a cousin of Lord Kale of Ruatha). She married app. 2494 Dowell. Children: Aramina, Pell and Nexa. Barla had often been pregnant but only these three children survived [GWHD/19]. The first child (a boy) had been prematurely born and died in 2496 [GWHD/20]. Barla sometimes has "seeings" on which occasions her voice is totally devoid of emotion [GWHD/13], this is probably a remnant of the "power" that comes with the Ruathan Blood but which  is not present in all its members. Barla is a woman with lustrous hair, at the start of the Ninth Pass she is called handsome despite fourteen Turns of nomadic life and "endless pregnancies as tokens of Dowell's esteem" [GWHD/19]. In name of her husband, she offered the building of a gather wagon to Lord Asgenar of Lemos as payment for their stay in a cave in Lemos, which he accepted only if he would be allowed to pay for it [GWHD/63].

Barley: a Terran grain, brought to Pern by te colonists, which did well in the rich native soil [DLG/II:16]. Hordeum vulgare. A tea made from barley can be used to treat the symptoms of cystitis. Barley is a grain crop grown in temperate regions. It wants drained alkaline soil, full sun and grows to be 3 feet tall. Barley water mixed with milk can ease digestion and makes a good convalescent drink. A poultice can be used to relieve inflammation, suggesting their may be some validity to use as relief for the inflamation caused by cystitis.

[Data partly submitted by Jennifer Quail].

Barly: a Healer at High Reaches Weyr [Mor].

Barndy: Hold Bailiff at Fort Hold [NS].

Barometer: [DoP/1:18-19]. The pressure of the atmosphere at the surface of Pern will balance the weight of a column of liquid. Mercury is favoured because it is so heavy compared with other liquids, and the barometer tube can be relatively short - less than a metre. Mercury-in-glass barometers, being expensive, cumbersome and difficult to transport, were largely replaced by 'aneroid' barometers on Earth in the Terran 20th century. Aneroid barometers consist of a flexible metal cell or bellows from which some air has been evacuated. When the air pressure rises it presses the sides of the cell together, and when the pressure falls the cell opens up again. The cell is connected to a pointer on a dial. It can also operate a pen that moves across a graduated paper chart wound around a drum for either 24-hour or 7-day rotation, this is caleld a barograph.

Baror: First mate of the ship Wind Rider. Baror was to be her captain after the maiden voyage. He disliked dragonmen because his first wife left him for a dragonman. His second wife died in the Plague and third wife hounds him. He hit captain Tanner with a rock at Half Circle Sea Hold [DB].

Barr Hamil: co-pilot of one of the Yokohama's shuttles. Sallah Telgar's co-pilot [DD].

Barrister: an English term for a member of the legist profession who argues cases in court.

See also Legists.

Bart Lemos: colonist, shuttle pilot with mining as a secondary skill. Traveled to Pern on the Yokohama on which he made a pact with Avril Bitra. She only told him a little bit of her plans as Lemos was fond of liquor (called quickal on Pern) and would have told anybody his life story when given a few mugs of it. Later tagged as a troublemaker and member of a group the Pern governor and her people kept close tabs on; members of this group were Bitra, Tashkovich, Nabol, Olubushtu, Kung, Ursuai and Kimmer. Bart had been panning gold out of a mountain stream and had given the gold to Bitra who was hiding it in her cache at Landing. He formed a trio with Avril Bitra and Stev Kimmer but was seen as the least threat of the three by the Pern authorities. Admiral Benden put a discreet monitor on both Kimmer and Lemos after Bitra had taken off. Was seen again with Kimmer at a later stage, but now in the company of Ted Tubberman and was probably involved in the launch of the homing device. When Nabhi Nabol was asked to man the shuttle Moth to go into space once more to colelct a sample of live Thread he demanded Bart Lemos as his co-pilot. For this job Nabol originally demanded the whole province of Cibola as payment but settled for the Big Island after smart haggling by governor Boll and Admirial Benden. Both pilots were elevated to charterer rank. People disliked them because of the arrogant and obnoxious way they behaved but didn't want to be in their shoes and held their peace because someone had to do the job. They succeeded in rocuring a scoopfull of Thread pods but took a lot longer than expected. At reentering Pern's atmosphere the Moth's instruments gave the pilots false readings. They were warned of this but Nabol disagreed and the shuttle crashed into the Island Ring Sea. Both pilots were killed. [DD].
It is kind of a mystery why Holds in the north were later named for the troublemakers Bitra, Nabol and Lemos. A common explanation, much heard in fandom, is that their respective stories -- and especially the one about the shuttle flight by Nabol and Lemos -- were mangled, mystified and changed by retelling them by several generations. Given their original purpose and subsequent "heroic death" this could mean that people were actually thinking they had died heroes or these three Holds were settled by dissident like groups who took extra pleasure in naming them after famous people who had opposed the original Pern leadership and in case of Nabol and Lemos even "died for Pern". Although not one hundred percent sure neither Nabol nor Lemos seems to have had descendants who might have named the later Holds after them

Bart Nilwan: mechanic [DD].

Basic rights: basic rights were listed in the Charter.
Examples: protection from Threadfall was a basic right [RSR/1:58]. (Although this must have been an addition in the original charter, made after the move North).
Originally, someone who was Searched had the right to stand on the Hatching ground. A Searched person who did not impress could rightfully extend his or her stay at the Weyr until the next clutch hatched [RSR/4:112].

See also Charter.

Basil: Ocimum spp. Like most other members of the mint family, basil is used in decoction for digestive complaints. It is a bushy, leafy annual with fragrant leaves and white flowers. Its seeds are small and brown., 1-2 feet tall. It prefers full sun, mildly acid, moist, well-drained soil.
Like parsley, it's not really of any significant medical value, but it's also harmless. There are fourteen different species, most of which have culinary uses. O. kilimandscharicum, which is not used in cooking, has a strong camphor scent and can be used as an inhaled treatment or to repel insects.

[Data submitted by Jennifer Quail].

Basil Tomlinson: colonist, chief medical officer [DD].

Bastom: Lord Holder of Tillek Hold. In relation to the succession, in case of impeachment, of Lord Chalkin of Bitra Hold, Lord Bastom proposed the appointment of a deputy or regent right away until one of Chalkin's sons (who would be specifically and firmly trained) came of age [RSR/9:221]. This proposal was not followed however and Chalkin's uncle Vergerin became the next Lord Holder.

Bay Harkenon: colonist, microbiologist. A "portly woman in her fifth decade" with gray, shoulder length, curly hair . Partner of fellow scientist and zoologist Pol Nietro. Bay is prone to motion sickness (she was seasick when sailing with captain Jim Tillek). She Impressed a gold fire lizard when out on a science trip with Pol, Sean Connell and Sorka Hanrahan, to discover more about the critters. It was Bay Harkenon and Pol Nietro who discovered a particularly surprising phenomenon about the fire lizards. When Bay's little queen Mariah mated with a bronze that Pol had impressed, the sensuality of their pets surprised them with its intensity. They found themselves responding to the exciting stimulus in a human fashion. After the initial shock, they came to a mutual conclusion and took a larger residence together. (From that point onwards Bay is called Bay Harkenon-Nietro when she appears officially). Awed by the empathic potential of the dragonets, Bay and Pol asked for, and got, Kitti Ping's permission to try mentasynth enhancement on the fourteen eggs that Bay's Mariah had conceived in her mating flight. They fussed considerably more over the little golden Mariah than was necessary, but neither the dragonet nor her clutch suffered. When Mariah produced her enhanced eggs in a specially constructed facsimile of a beach, Bay and Pol were smugly pleased. [DD]

Bay Head Hold: a Hold situated in Benden Hold, on the shore of Nerat Bay [Fonstad-AoP/9].
  • Loreana [Mor].

B'dor: rider of an unknown bronze dragon, stationed at Ista Weyr [D2].

Beachberry: edible berry, used in pies.

Beans: a Terran legume, brought to Pern by te colonists, which did well in the rich native soil [DLG/II:16].

Beasthold: Pernese equivalent of a farm where animals are raised or kept, also a name for stables.

Beastmasterhold: Hold where the current Beastmaster resides, as head of the Beastcraft, that works in close cooperation with the Farmercraft [Mor].

Becky Nielson: a worker on Bitkim Island [DD].

Bedda: a trader, member of the Lilcamp Train. Bedda was an aunt of Jayge Lilcamp but it is uncertain whether she was a sister(in-law) of his father or his mother [RoP].

Bedella: oldtimer rider of queen Solth. Weyrwoman of Telgar Weyr [D2].

The picture on the right is the portrait artist Robin Wood made for the Mayfair Boardgame Dragonriders of Pern (1983, 1989). Weyrwoman Bedella does not appear in The People of Pern (1988), the wonderful book with portraits of Pernese people by the same artist.

[Illustration used with permission. © Robin Wood, 1983, 1989]

Begamon: Lord Holder of Nerat, son of Lord Vincet and an unknown lady. [D3; AtWoP].

Begreened: a mild Pernese curse [D1/90].

Beldona: EEC survey team member (who has died before the beginning of the story), serving as the team’s second pilot, and specializing in archeology. She was killed on the third planet of this survey tour, designated as a G.O.L.D.I. [CoP-Survey/1:4a].

Belesdan: Mastertanner at Igen Hold [D2].

The picture on the right is the portrait artist Robin Wood made for the Mayfair Boardgame Dragonriders of Pern (1983, 1989). Mastertanner Belesdan does not appear in The People of Pern (1988), the wonderful book with portraits of Pernese people by the same artist.

[Illustration used with permission. © Robin Wood, 1983, 1989]

Belior: one of the moons of Pern, the largest and highest set of the pair [GWHD/16].

Bell, O.: a physician at Landing [DD].

Beltara: a Master Smith at the  Smithcrafthall in Telgar Hold [AtWoP]. According to the name probably a relative of Belterac.

Belterac: a Master Smith at Landing [AtWoP]. According his name probably a relative of Beltara.

Bemin: Lord Holder of Fort Hold. Lost his wife and his sons to the Plague and has only one surviving child: a daughter Fiona. Lord Bemin had a brown fire lizard called Jokester which dies from the dragon illness in AL 507 [DB].

Ben: a dolphineer, probably at Fort, who told the dolphins there had been sickness and hadn't been well himself [DoP/1]. Ben is not listed in the character list in DLG2.

Ben Andiyar (Telgar): son of Tarvi Andiyar and Sallah Telgar, known as Ben Telgar after his mother's heroic death [DD].

Ben Byrne: a dolphineer at Monaco Bay [CoP-DB/29, 41].

Ben Jepson: colonist child, twin brother of Bob and friend of Brian Hanrahan. Had an older brother Sorka Hanrahan's age. Ben later became a Threadfighter/sled pilot [DD].

Ben Turnien: EEC survey team member, specializing in geology, with a secondary background in chemistry [CoP-Survey/1:7]. His duties were: survey of air, land masses, magnetic fields, mass-cons*, continental plate structure, tidal patterns, temperatures, general topography, seismic activity, three million year surface history; and if possible: longer term history including signs of magnetic reversals and mass extinctions [CoP-Survey/1:7].

*The term mass-cons or mascons is shorthand for mass concentrations. Gravity and magnetic sensors are used to detect concentrations of higher density in a planet or moon's crust which may indicate deposits of metal ores or dense rocks like granite, which are valued for use in construction. Such technology has also been used to survey impact craters to see if remains of the impactor may be left under the surface. Earth's moon contains some mascons of high enough density to make low orbits very unstable. The density is so uneven that the Lunar center of mass is 1.2 miles off from its actual center. [] [with thanks to Gregg Eshelman]

Bendarek: Journeyman and later Master Woodsmith at Lemos Hold [D3]. Mistakenly called a Masterwoodsman in DoP [DoP/3:56].

The picture on the right is the portrait artist Robin Wood made for the Mayfair Boardgame Dragonriders of Pern (1983, 1989). Master Woodsmith Bendarek does not appear in The People of Pern (1988), the wonderful book with portraits of Pernese people by the same artist.

[Illustration used with permission. © Robin Wood, 1983, 1989]

Benden: a region in the eastern part of Pern's Northern Continent.
  • Borders: to the north and west: Bitra; to the southeast: Keroon, to the south: Nerat and to the east: the Eastern Sea [Fonstad-AoP/69].
  • Bound to: Benden is protected from Thread by and tithes to Benden Weyr.
  • Climate: Benden has a moderate climate. It is cooler there than in the southern lands with lower elevation. It is drier in Benden than in Nerat's rainforest but more humid than in the desert and barren plains of Keroon [Fonstad-AoP/6]. Part of Northern Benden has cold winters and warm summers, the rest of Benden has moderate winters and warm summers [Fonstad-AoP/150-151].
  • Inhabitants: The Benden region has a population of about eight to ten thousand. Five to seven hundred are housed at Benden Hold. The rest of the population lives in smaller holds around it and in holds along the coastline.
  • Person from: a person from Benden is called a Bendanian or Bendenite.
  • Products: Benden Hold is not a grain producing Hold [D1/93, 135]. The slopes of the Benden hills are ideal sites for grape cultivation [Fonstad-AoP/6].

Benden Hold: one of the major Holds in the Northern Continent.
  • Crafthalls at: Benden Hold hosts the Winecrafthall [DLG1&2/109]. Fonstad cites Dragonquest (p42) and says there are no major crafthalls in Benden Weyr's jurisdiction. I agree with her since I don't see the Winecraft as a major craft. It does, however, has its crafthall at Benden.
  • Established: at about the same time as Benden Weyr.
  • Founder(s): a major role among the founders was played by Rene Mallibeau, whose Bloodline probably gave Benden its (first) Lord Holders [CoP-BW]. DLG has it that founders of Benden Hold came from the Thessaly and Roma stakes in Turn 22 [DLG1&2/107].
  • Harpers at: Evarel (master) [MHoP]; Robinton (journeyman) [MHoP].
  • Healers at:
  • Holdings beholden to: Greystones Hold, Valley Hold and probably a number of (as yet) unnamed holds [Fonstad-AoP/8-9].
  • Inhabitants: Benden Hold was originally built to house about 700 people. By the Ninth Pass Benden Hold had a population of between 500-700 people.
  • Lady Holders:
  • Lord Holders: Bridgely [RSR]; Shadder [Mor]; Maidir [MHoP]; Raid [MHoP; D1]; Toronas [D3].
  • Main Hall:
  • Main Hold: upon arrival the founders of Benden Hold found there already existed an impressive warren of caves running to the cliffs there. This was the reason that there was not much need to create additional caves. Some of the less accessible caves were turned into storerooms, which means the capacity must already have been big enough, even in the early Turns. [DLG1&2/107].
  • Named for: Admiral Paul Benden, colonist and co-colony leader. See also Paul Benden.
  • Products: Benden Hold supports itself as far as is possible [DLG1&2/107]. It is famous for its wines which are considered to be the best on Pern.

Benden Lake: Benden Lake is situated near Benden Weyr and is the source of the Benden River [Fonstad-AoP/8].

Benden, Paul: see Paul Benden.

Benden Peak: probably the highest mountain of the Benden mountain range [D1/139].

Benden Range: a mountain range in Benden [D1/89].

Benden River: A river with its source at Benden Lake, which flows down, through Benden, Bitra and Keroon, to Nerat Bay. It has three major tributaries: the Keroon River with its source on the Keroon Heights and which joins the Benden River near Curved Hill Hold in Keroon; the river which has its source near Benden Hold; and an unnamed river that has its source in the Northern Barrier Range and is fed by meltwater from the Snowy Wastes (to the north of the Northern barrier Range), it joins the Benden River near Fork Hold in Bitra, which is named for the place where the two rivers meet. At Fork Hold the Benden River widens considerably . [Fonstad-AoP/8-9].

Benden, Ross Vaclav: see Ross Vaclav Benden.

Benden trading group, the: a group of traveling traders that originated from the Benden area [RSR/8:205].

Benden Weyr: Situated in the extreme north of Benden, near the Bitran border [Fonstad-AoP/8]. Benden Weyr was the second Weyr to be established [CoP-BW]. It was capable of housing 500 dragons in F'lar and Lessa's time (Ninth Pass) [D1/68]. It is the only Weyr situated in the east of Pern's Northern Continent.
  • Bath system: known is a description of the bath system in F'lar's weyr prior to him becoming Weyrleader [D1/69-70]. The water for the bathing pools throughout the Weyr is heated by unseen, internal fires [D1/87]. It appears that many of the weyrs, though probably not all of them, had their own bathing pool.
  • Bitran refugees: at the end of 257 there were still fourteen Bitran refugees housed at the Weyr because they were unfit to be transferred elsewhere. They were interviewed by Lord Azury of Southern Boll Hold [RSR/10: 244]. See also Bitran Exodus.
  • Bowl: the Weyr bowl at Benden is long and oval in shape [D1/103].
  • Bronze riders: at the end of the Second Long Interval (2508), under Weyrleaders R'gul and F'lar there were only seven bronze riders [D1/155].
  • Council room: [D1/90].
  • Council table: the council table of course has its place in the Council room [D1/99].
  • Dry caves: [D1/93].
  • Echo chamber: see Queen's weyr.
  • Eye rock: [D1/125, 146, 156].
  • Feeding ground: [D1/159, 183].
  • Finger rock: [D1/89, 125, 146, 156].
  • Hatchings
    Benden Weyr had a Hatching at the end of Autumn 257. At this time, such a short time before the start of Fall, various Weyrs were overproducing, including Benden [RSR/3:83].
    At the last hatching of the Second Long Interval, being Nemorth's last clutch, there were twelve candidates for the queen egg. Among those candidates was Lessa of Ruatha, who impressed Ramoth. Two girls were seriously injured. In total there were eleven eggs, including the queen egg [D1/80].
  • Hatching Ground: the Benden Hatching Ground has a lower entrance on ground level (the bowl) [D1/183], this implies that the actual Hatching Ground is on one of the upper levels though from other book passages it appears that the Hatching ground was situated on ground level. The Hatching Ground consists out of a gigantic (mountain high) cavern. It has ledges on which the dragons can perch and many tiers for spectators [D1/79, 183]. The sands of its central part, the actual Hatching Ground, are heated by an unseen (volcanic) heat source. Elsewhere it is implied that the heat source consists out of internal fires [D1/87]. The mysterious thing about Hatching Grounds is why they heat up after a queen has clutched and cool down again after the eggs have hatched.
  • Holds under the protection of: Major Holds: Benden Hold, Bitra Hold, Lemos Hold.
  • Internal communication system: [D1/73].
  • Internal food transport system: [D1/75].
  • Lake: [D1/126, 159].
  • Lake plateau: [D1/126].
  • Lower caverns: [D1/94].
  • Peak: [D1/139].
  • Queen's weyr: the senior queen's weyr at Benden has an echo chamber [D1/182] and stairs that lead to the bowl (ground level) [D1/120].
  • Records: [D1/234].
  • Records room: [D1/151].
  • Rim (eastern): the first Rim to have an Eye-Finger Rock installation, put there at the end of Turn 257 [RSR/14:328].
  • Star stone: [D1/89, 125]. Benden Weyr was the first to have the Star stones (Eye and Finger Rock installation) on its rim, at the end of Turn 257 [RSR/14:328].
  • Supply caves: [D1/93].
  • Weyr Records: Benden Weyr Weyrwoman Irene kept records on bad tithing by Bitra Hold that occurred at the end of the First Interval [RSR/1:58].
  • Tunnel entrance/road: [D1/127, 130].

Benden Wine: wines from Benden come in the red, white and bubbly (champagne style) varieties.

See also Benden Hold, sub Products.

Bendenian: a person from Benden [RSR/11:264]. The term Bendenite is also used.

Bendenite: a person from Benden [DLG]. The term Bendenian is also used.

Benelek: probably born Fort Hold, son of Lord Groghe and Lady Benoria of Fort Hold. Journeyman Smith, later Master of Technical Hall (a Hall affiliated with the Smithcrafthall) [D2, AtWoP].

Bengel: a student at Landing [AtWoP].

Benis: a son of Lord Groghe and Lady Benoria of Fort Hold, probably one of the younger ones [H2].

Benoria: born c. 2465. Lady Holder of Fort Hold, spouse of Lord Groghe [MHoP]. Lady Benoria is not listed in the character list in DLG2.

Berchar: a Master Healer at Fort Weyr [Mor].

Berd: Brekke's bronze firelizard. Comes from the same clutch as F'nor's queen fire lizard Gral.

The picture on the right is part of the portrait artist Robin Wood made of Brekke for The People of Pern (1988), the wonderful book with portraits of Pernese people by the same artist.

[Illustration used with permission. © Robin Wood, 1988]

Berdine: a Journeyman Healer at Nabol Hold [H3].

Bernard Hegelman: colonist, vintner [DD].

Bernard Shattuck; captain of the ship Mayflower, a fishing vessel [DD]. The character Bernard Shattuck is name after a real person, an old friend of Anne McCaffrey who was first mate on a trawler working for his captaincy during Anne's first yeras in Ireland. As skipper Bernard later employed Anne's oldest son, Alec, for a short time. When Anne received a proof of the cover of Dragonquest in 1971 she and her son Todd thought that the F'nor depicted on that cover looked exactly like Bernard, a soft spoken Englishman, with a well muscled body and curly brown hair. Anne deliberately named the captain of the Mayflower after her friend Bernard [Dragonholder; 76, 82, 86].

Illustration: the F'nor of the Dragonquest cover by Gino D'Achille that looked so remarkably like Bernard Shattuck, an old friend of the McCaffrey family.

Berries: known to grow in abundance in especially the Igen and Lemos forests. Not all kinds of berry broght to Pern by the colonists survived, as we can read in the Dragonlover's Guide to Pern about "survivor species like blueberries (the most popular to make pies), blackberries, raspberries and gososeberries, of which is said that they still existed in the Ninth Pass [DLG1/II:16]
Berrin: [Dfire].

Besel: a drudge at Nabol Hold [H3].

Bessel: a man at Beastmasterhold, in Keroon Hold [Mor].

Bessera: rider of queen Odioth, Junior weyrwoman at High Reaches Weyr [Mor].

Bessie: a dolphin in the vicinity of the Jordan River [DD].

Bessie Sifuentes: child-carer [DD].

Bestrum: a smallholder, holder of High Hill Hold [NS].

Beth Eagles

Bethany: a student (since 227) at College who stayed on as a teacher and was at College for thirty years by 257 [RSR/2:75].   She has a clubbed foot and is a much loved, kind, lovely and gentle woman who had long since decided never to inflict her deformity on offspring and subsequently refused any intimacy and relationship, even a childless one [RSR/2:75]. She attended the Telgar Weyr hatching of autumn 257 [RSR/3:105]. Her first ever composition was a lament that was to be one of the new Teaching Songs [RSR/7:198]. Bethany won a prize during a music contest in 257 with the making of a little reed whistle that had a particularly sweet, clear tone [RSR/2:73]. Her chosen instrument is the flute [RSR/15:351]. As a teacher she taught (probably among other subjects) history to juniors [RSR/2:70].

Betrice: midwife or birthing-woman at Harper Hall [MHoP].

Betty Sopers: a young female student with no children of her own yet, who was hard hit by the death of Alianne, gold Chereth's rider, who died giving birth to her third child. Betty had known Alianne very well. Betty is a member of the Ruatha founding party led by Red Hanrahan. Fellow student and founding party member Jess Patrick, was in love with her. She later tended the precious Ruatha livestock together with Brian Hanrahan and Jess Patrick and whichever fosterlings were available. Betty has a tanned face. Her name is found spelled as Betty and Betsy in the UK edition of Chronicles of Pern : First Fall. [CoP-FoRH]. The xenobiologist A.C. Sopers, who appears in Dragonsdawn might be related to Betty Sopers [DD].

Between: an area of nothingness and sensory deprivation between here and there.
  • Between places: In order to be able to go between places a dragon and/or its rider has to know where to go. The rider has to visualize a  reference or recognition point and transfers it to the mind of his or her dragon. There are certain consequences to an ill-considered jump. Badly visualized reference points often result in staying between. One should always plan to arrive in the air above the reference point. The more experienced riders do not have to be in the are while taking the jump but can also do so from a stationary position on the ground. Weyrlings are taught a certain number of reference or recognition points, beginning with the Star Stone-Eye Rock-Finger Rock. end configuration of its Weyr. More reference points are then learned, first by the instructor and after that by going there, getting the initial visualization by the instructor. After that weyrlings are constantly taken to and from the main reference points all across Pern. Weyrlings are taught a certain number of reference or recognition points, beginning with the Star Stone-Eye Rock-Finger Rock configuration of its Weyr. More reference points are then learned, first by the instructor and after that by going there, getting the initial visualization by the instructor. After that weyrlings are constantly taken to and from the main reference points all across Pern [D1/160-161].
  • Between time:

At great cost I have been able to lay my hands on a picture of what between looks like, shown here in the top right hand corner. The copyright to this picture is mine, please do not copy this picture or offer it for sale but try to make one yourself!

B'fol: rider of green Gereth, stationed at Benden Weyr [D1/205].

B'greal: weyrling at Fort Weyr [Mor].

Bidanth: a Fort Weyr dragon of unknown colour, rider unknown. Bidanth was a seriously injured dragon who would take at least six months to heal [DB].

Bidorth: bronze dragon, rider N'mool [Mor].

Big Bay Hold: a Sea Hold in Igen, also called Igen Sea Hold [Mor; Fonstad-AoP/5, 13].
  • Healers at: Gale [Mor]; Pollan [Mor].

Bill: holder's son at Waterhole Hold. Thaniel's youngest son. His mother died giving birth to him [BB].

Bill Fawcett: Author and publisher; husband of Jody Lynn Nye, the author of the Dragonlover's Guide to Pern [DLG/xi].

Bilwil: a horse (horses were not yet called runnerbeasts or runners yet in the earlier Passes) ridden by Debera, rider of green Morath. Bilwil was the fastest horse in Balan Hold. Debera rode him during her escape trip to the impression at Telgar Weyr [RSR/4:109].

Binth: bronze dragon, rider S'lan.

Birch: tree, found in abundance in the Igen and Lemos forests.

Birsan: a holdless renegade [RoP].

Birthing-woman: Pernese equivalent of a Terran midwife, a woman who assists at (human) births.


B'irto: rider of bronze Cabenth, stationed at Benden Weyr [D2].

Biswy: a holdless schemer [AtWoP].

Bit: a dolphin swimming the Fort Waters [DoP].

Bitra: Region in the north-eastern part of Pern's Northern Continent.
  • Border guards: some of the Bitran border guards, involved in the Bitran exodus of 257, who committed atrocities were taken prisoner. Three of them were incarcerated at Benden Weyr. They claimed to have only followed orders, that they were outnumbered by the influx of so many "ranting, raving maniacs" and had to use force to restrain them until they could receive further orders from the Hold [RSR/10:244]. After being released from Benden several of these border guards (even the ones that were already punished for their deeds) were put in prison by their own Lord Holder and released when he was arrested. The two that had been castrated for the crime of rape were more dead than alive. They were given mercy and their passing eased with fellis juice [RSR/13:303]. Only the day before Lord Chalkin's arrest four imprisoned persons had died and slid into the limepits [RSR/13:304].
  • Borders: to the north the Northern Barrier Range and the Snowy Wastes, to the east the Eastern Sea and Benden, to the south Keroon and to the west Lemos [Fonstad-AoP/69].
  • Border stations: the border stations at Forest Road and North Pass, on the border with Telgar, both played a role in the Bitran Exodus of 257 [RSR/9:234].
  • Bound to: Bitra is protected from Thread by and tithes to Benden Weyr.
  • Climate: Bitra Hold has a damp environment [RSR/5:143].
  • Exodus: see Bitran Exodus of 257
  • Inhabitants: the total amount of inhabitants of Bitra at the end of the First Interval was recorded to be 24,657 (including the 342 refugees of the Bitran Exodus) [RSR/11:267].
  • Person from: a person from Bitra is called a Bitran.
  • Mines: in Bitra there were mines in the Steng Valley. They were not active at the end of the First Interval though Lord Chalkin did try to reactivate them. However, with the Second Pass coming up and the fact that the mines yielded only second rate ore, this was not approved of at this time. At a later time Lord Vergerin also plans to open them the mines [RSR/1:61]. During the Sixth Pass the old, or new, Bitran mines were obviously in production. By that time Bitra even boasted a Minehall. See also Bitra Minehall [Mor].
  • Products: it is often said that gambling is Bitra's main product. There were not many industries at Bitra apart from some forestry and a few looms. By the end of the first Interval the mines (in the Steng Valley) only produced what was needed locally. The gaming was considered an industry only by Bitrans [RSR/1:61, 11:267]. Bitra is considered to be one of the smaller holds without any indigenous industry [RSR/11:267]. Bitra Hold is not a grain producing Hold [D1/93, 135]. See also Bitra Minehall and Bitra, sub Mines.
  • Refugees: at the end of the First Interval, in Turn 257, many refugees from Bitra - who fled their sadistic Lord Holder - were taken in by Benden Hold [RSR/1:58-59]. At a later stage refugees were also taken in by Nerat and Telgar Holds [RSR/10:241].
    See also: Bitran exodus of 257.

Bitra, Avril: see Avril Bitra.

Bitra Hold: one of the major Holds on the Northern Continent. At the end of the First Interval Bitra was considered to be badly managed Hold where a lot of holders lived that were kicked out of other Holds for poor management or plain laziness. Weyrleader M'shall of Benden had to struggle every quarter to receive decent supplies and generally had to return half of the tithings, which included mouldy grain, unseasoned timber and improperly cured hides [RSR/1:56]. The big traders bypassed Bitra usually and could cite many examples of unfair dealings. The few small traders who ventured into Bitra rarely returned [RSR/6:163]. By the end of the First Interval the current Lord Holder, Chalkin, did not inform the minor holds in his jurisdiction of the imminence of Thread. He had increased the tithe on every household, which implied that he was amassing supplies for his own good, not that of the Hold. This constituted a flagrant abuse of his position as Lord Holder. His holders would not speak out against him though. Chalkin had his folk so cowed, none would accuse him for he still had the power to turn objectors out of their holds [RSR/6:163-164].
  • Cliff walls: were more than three meters thick [RSR/5:151].
  • Cold storage: nickname for a series of cubicles at Bitra that were used as prison cells [RSR/11:297].
  • Conclaves held at: The Turn's End Conclave of 257 was held at Bitra Hold. There was no referendum held at this Conclave [RSR/14:324-325].
  • Cotholds: there was a row of cotholds, with slate roofs and painted metal shutters, situated very near the Hold proper [RSR/16:385].
  • Crafthalls at: there are no (major) crafthalls at Bitra Hold.
  • Established: Bitra Hold was established after the end of the First Pass, during the first Interval (probably early in the Interval) [RSR/16:387].
  • Gaming rooms: the most elegant rooms of the Hold and, in Winter, the warmest [RSR/5:154].
  • Harpers at: there were no harpers at Bitra Hold at the end of the First Interval, the last one having left the Hold of his own accord, in or just prior to Turn 257, voiding the contract he had with Lord Chalkin [RSR/7:198].
  • Head cook: unnamed, had a perpetually runny nose [RSR/5:149].
  • Healers at:
  • HNO3 tank shed: a completely new tank shed was built after Lord Vergerin took charge of Bitra Hold [RSR/16:385].
  • Holdings beholden to: there is a ring of outer Holds, ranged around the courtyard, opposite the main Hold [RSR/5:153]. Some klicks away from the main Hold there was a woodsman's holding (probably a cothold) owned by Fendler [RSR/5:158]. After the impeachment of Lord Chalkin his successor Lord Vergerin managed (shortly after he took over) to complete all necessary repairs on the holds adjacent to or not far from the major link roads. Those high up had to wait on supplies [RSR/16:388]. See also Bitra Hold, sub Cotholds.
  • Hydroponics: Bitra having been established after First Pass, there were no hydroponics sheds although the tanks were stored below in the main Hold [RSR/16:387].
  • Inhabitants: Bitra Hold was considered to be one of the smaller major Holds [RSR/11:267].
  • Kitchens: the kitchens at Bitra are located on an upper level (but have their own entrance/exit?! [RSR/11:298]) [RSR/5:152]. In Lord Chalkin's days there was a hidden door next to the spice cupboard behind which a staircase started that led directly up to the Lord Holder's office [RSR/11:299].
  • Lady Holders: Lady Nadona [RSR].
  • Lord Holders: Lord Kinver (?-242) [RSR]; Lord Chalkin (242-258) [RSR]; Lord Vergerin (258-?) [RSR]. The family of the Lord's Kinver, Chalkin and Vergerin have been in possession of Bitra Hold for at least four generations (and probably more) since Chalkin's children's were made to look for their great-grandparents (whose portraits were among the murals of the ancestors in the main Hall) by the Artist Iantine though the Hold could have been inherited through the female line (which is, however, unlikely).
  • Lord Holder's room and office: the Lord Holder's office at Bitra Hold has a flight of steps leading directly down to the kitchen, which Lord Chalkin used to steal delicacies from his own kitchen secretly so he could accuse others for the theft [RSR/11:298]. The hidden door in the kitchen to this staircase was next to the spice cupboard [RSR/11:299]. The office has a heavy wooden door with brass plates. After the interior was remodeled by Lord Vergerin, after he took charge of Bitra Hold, the office boasted work-tops, shelving and bookcases, a scale map of Bitra, three upholstered chairs and a low table in front of the hearth and polished metal vases on a deep window-ledge [RSR/16:386].
  • Main Hall: also called the big Hall, it is situated on an upper level of the Hold. At the start of the Second Pass it still had many murals of members of the ancestral Holder family (it is unlikely those did survive until the Ninth Pass unscathed). The Hall has four hearths and consists out of several levels [RSR/5:148, 151-152]. Leading up to the Main Hall is a double-sided staircase, along which the paintings of the Lord Holders and their family members were hung [RSR/16:389].
  • Main Hold: the Main Hold has more exits than a snake tunnel and is considered a warren [RSR/11:295, 298]. The Hold proper has nine exits including the front one and the kitchen door, some of these exits were considered secret ones at the time of the First Interval [RSR/11:298]. The lowest level is called the drudges level [RSR/6:169]. There is a ring of outer Holds, ranged around the courtyard, opposite the main Hold [RSR/5:153].
  • Murals: in the Main Hall of the Hold there were murals of Lord Chalkin of Bitra's ancestors, the previous Lord Holders and their family members. These murals were touched up and restored by the artist Iantine in the Winter of 257 [RSR/5:148].
  • Named for: Avril Bitra. See also Avril Bitra.
  • Outer Holds: ranged around the courtyard, opposite the main Hold [RSR/5:153].
  • Panel heights: the height where the solar panels were situated [RSR/11:269, 298].
  • Prison cells: also nicknamed "cold storage". A series of cubicles, some horizontal some vertical, "none of them long enough or wide enough for the poor blighters shoved in 'em" [RSR/11:297]. One of the kitchen girls, who spilled a tub of sweetener, was immured in a prison cell for a week and died of the damp cold of the place [RSR/11:298].
  • Seamstress: the seamstress at Bitra Hold at the end of the First Interval was not particularly adept at her profession [RSR].
  • Solar panels: the solar panels at Bitra Hold were situated at the panel heights. They were cleaned and repaired after Lord Vergerin took charge of Bitra [RSR/16:385].
  • Watchwher: the watchwher at Bitra Hold at the end of the First Interval was a poorly fed beast that was all bones [RSR/11:299].

Bitra Minehall: [Mor].

Bitran: a person from Bitra.

Bitran Exodus of 257: During the Winter of 257 the Bitran Exodus took place. Many holders and their families, and other dependents of Bitra Hold choose to leave Bitra because of the conditions they had to live under. Lord Chalkin generally was a cruel overlord. He did not inform his people about the danger of Thread and when and where there were gathers, so they could not have got the information about coming Thread in another way. Besides that he did not encouraged them to travel because he did not want Bitran marks to go past his borders. Only his gamesters attended the east coast gathers [RSR/7:201]. A delegation of his holders approached their Lord about the news of Thread coming (again) but he had them beaten out of the Hold. He announced that dragonriders were just trying to get extra tithes on false pretenses. He also refused the delivery of the new HNO3 cylinders (refused to pay for them), so there would be no ground crews at Bitra once Thread started falling [RSR/7:202].
When Lord Paulin of Fort Hold sent a proposal for impeachment to all the other Lord Holders and Weyrleaders, accompanied by evidence, there was not a direct unanimous decision. Lords Jamson of High Reaches and Azury of Boll felt that the matter could wait until the Turn's End Council meeting [RSR/9:220].

When Lord Chalkin became aware of the people leaving (fleeing) his hold he put guards at his borders who stopped every person who wanted to leave and allowed them to take with them only the clothes they were wearing, nothing else, not even the animals that they probably had raised themselves [RSR/7:198-199]. The situation became desperate because Bitrans, who wished to leave were freezing to death on the Bitran borders because they  were prevented from leaving by Chalkin’s guards. Reports say there were well over a hundred at the main border crossing with Benden, with women, children and elderly people, and that there were as many more at other border points. These refugees had no shelter and were driven into makeshift pens ("ropes looped around trees" with "shivering knots of people forced to stand - for there was not enough room to sit down"). They weren't even allowed to go back to their homes which Lord Chalkin had confiscated and would not give back anyway to the "ungrateful dissenters" as punishment for defying him. Several atrocities obviously took place: dragonriders saw several bodies hung up by the feet which seemed to have been used as target practice; people were also stripped of all but what covered private parts and stood almost completely naked in the snow [RSR/9:223, 229]. Benden Weyrleader M'shall wanted to bring the refugees supplies but was afraid the guards would steal them. To prevent this he wanted to station (volunteer) dragonriders at the border stations, which had to stay on the non-Bitran side of the border because of possible accusations of "Weyr Interference" [RSR/9:224]. When the decision was taken to rescue the Bitran refugees, Telgar Weyr (at which Weyr they had been planning already for this sort of action) took care of the refugees at the western and northern crossings while Benden Weyr covered the others [RSR/9:228]. The Artist Iantine was taken along by the Telgar wings to record the facts in drawings as much as he could, so that it could be used as evidence [RSR/9:229]. By the time Telgar Weyr's wings arrived (at least) three elderlies had already died and bloodied faces and bruised eyes were more common than the unmarked [RSR/9:230]. The refugees were removed to Benden and Telgar Weyrs, where almost everybody had to share his sleeping quarters because the numbers had been larger than anticipated. The resources of the two Weyrs were stretched but the Lord Holders (especially the nearby ones of Nerat, Benden and Telgar Holds) immediately sent additional supplies and offered shelter [RSR/9:233]. At the Forest Road border there had been three women raped by the border guards. These were pregnant women, one of them delivered prematurely but she and the babe were all right, the other two cases were slimmer; they were forced to swear out warrants against the guards who raped them [RSR/10:259] so they would not be able to sue the guards later on a paternity claim. Dragonriders who went to the North pass border crossing were just in time to rescue three lads from rape by the guards. People in general were rescued just in time because a blizzard was closing in, which surely would have meant the death for most of the refugees [RSR/9:234]. Weyrleader M'shall of Benden also imprisoned some of the guards (the ones that were accused of involvement in the killing of innocent people), so they could be used at witnesses at the coming trial [RSR/9:238]. At the end of 257 there were still fourteen Bitran refugees housed at Benden Weyr because they were unfit to be transferred elsewhere. They were interviewed by Lord Azury of Southern Boll Hold. At the same time three of the Bitran border guards were still in custody at Benden Weyr, they were also interviewed by Lord Azury [RSR/10: 244]. The total of Bitran refugees ended up to be 342 (343 including the prematurely born baby) out of a total of 24,657 inhabitants of Bitra [RSR/11:267]. The refugees wanted to return to their holdings, some of which were damaged, burned or torn down by Lord Chalkin's men. They especially wanted to go back to prevent their Lord taking their holdings because they were not holding them. They owned what they held, a fact they now knew. Both Benden and Telgar Weyr riders made daily checks on the people that had returned [RSR/11:266, 269].

Bitty: bronze fire lizard looking to Kitrin, spouse of Alemi [DoP/3:43].

Biz: a dolphin of the Pardisriv pod [DoP/5:115].

Bjorn Patrick: teacher on Ierne Island [DD].

BL: an abbreviation used to indicate a date Before Landing (before the colonist's landing on Pern).

Black diamonds: also called Istan diamonds for the place they are mined.
The Telgar Weyrwoman Zulaya had combs, gifted to her by her mate K'vin, that were used for a hair dress and that were studded with them [RSR/10:255].

Black dust: a name for Thread made harmless by cold (freezing) weather. Frozen Thread appears like black dust when it comes apart in the air [RSR/17:405].

Black heavy-water: analogous to Terran oil.

Black marshberry: possibly the same berry as the Terran blackberry.

Black squall: See Squall.

Blackberry: Terran berry brought to Pern by the colonists, one of the berry species that survived. Possibly the same berry as the "black marshberry".

Blackie Nilwan: jack of all trades [DD].

Blackrock: analogous to Terran coal. Sometimes also called Cromcoal, which is possibly a variety of (ordinary) blackrock.

Blast the shell and sear the skin: A Pernese curse (used by Piemur) [H2/186].

Blazer: bronze fire lizard looking to Sean Connell [DD]. 

B'lerion: rider of bronze Nabeth. Wingleader, stationed at High Reaches Weyr. An old friend of Moreta. Lover of Lord Alessan of Ruatha's sister (and later queenrider) Oklina [Mor].

The picture on the right is (part of) a portrait artist Robin Wood made for The People of Pern (1988), the wonderful book with portraits of Pernese people by the same artist.

[Illustration used with permission. © Robin Wood, 1988]

Blesserel: son of Lord Oterel of Tillek and an unknown lady [AtWoP].

Blood, the: another name for a Lord Holder's family; e.g. "he is a member of the Blood" or "she is belonging to the Blood", meaning he or she is a member of the current Lord Holder's family or Bloodline.

Blood will tell: Pernese proverb, meaning that ones true nature will always show or prevail eventually [RSR/1:35].

Bloodfish: [DoP].

Blooding (the/their kill): the act in which a dragon in heat, about to set of on a mating flight, sucks only the blood from her kill, not devouring the meat cause that would inhibit them to fly high and confortable in such a strenous and tiring act as a mating flight.

Bloodline: a Pernese expression for a genealogy or family tree. Originally the Bloodlines of several colonist families and their descendants were put in the College computers, using a comprehensive genealogy program, up until the end of the First Interval when the computers at College were destroyed. This genealogy program consisted out of a searchable database to which queries could be put concerning a family's genealogy. Fortunately Head Master Clisser had the program's data printed [boy, would I like to have one of those printouts!] and copied before the computers went down though it seems logical to assume that the paper, on which these genealogies were printed, and the copies that were possibly made of them, were lost in later Passes.
At the end of the First Interval Lord Paulin of Fort needed the genealogical data from the College computers because he wanted to search for legitimate heirs to Bitra Hold if that was necessary in relation to the probable  impeachment of Lord Chalkin. It seems that, at the end of the First Interval, the only available prints and copies were stored at College since Lord Paulin did not own the information himself at the time [RSR/9:222].
Bloodlines or genealogies can have several different forms. Most widely known is the form in which all members with a specific family name are listed. This has the disadvantage that only the male descendency lines are followed since only the males pass on the family name in a patri-linear society. In relation to Pern (and on Earth, if you are inclined to do so) it is better to use the form in which all lines are pursued, male as well as female. This, of course, has the advantage that all descendants of a given person are listed but the genealogy will become more difficult to "read" because of the fact that it will include a lot of different family names or family lines. A third option is the pedigree chart, which lists all direct ancestors of a given person, i.e. two parents, four grandparents, eight great-grandparents etc. The number of ancestors will double with each generation. For the Bloodlines/genealogies on this site the last of the two mentioned options has been chosen, listing descendants in all lines. Where possible (with the larger Lord Holder's families for instance) I tried to make the kind of genealogy that pursues all family lines, so collateral lines can be followed too. For smaller families and/or famous persons I will try to make small pedigree charts covering four generations (up to the great-grandparents). You can check out the Bloodline-Genealogy section of this site to see which genealogical data is available right now. Any corrections, new views or data are, of course, highly appreciated.

Blooming plant: probably a plant indigenous to Pern. It has fragrant pink blossoms that grow in tangled clusters. Blooms in winter, possibly the whole Turn round. A known location for this plant to be found is Southern Boll. From that it might be assumed that one can find it elsewhere in areas that have the same climate.

Bloors: a holdless renegade [RoP].

Blue dragon:

Blueberry: Terran berry brought to Pern by the colonists, one of the berry species that survived.

Bluebush: a bush; an indigenous Pernese plant [Dfire]

Bluebush ink: ink made from the Pernese bluebush. This ink is indelible and used for the S with which shunned people are marked on the forehead [Dgire].

B'naj: [D2].

B'neil: rider bronze dragon Danenth, stationed at High Reaches Weyr [Dfire].
B'ner: rider of bronze Miginth. Weyrleader at Telgar Weyr (prior to K'vin; during the First Interval). Born c. 196, died unexpectedly, early in 257, prior to the start of the Second Pass, due to heart problems. He was just in his sixth decade when he died [RSR/1:32].

B'nurrin: rider of bronze Ianath, Igen Weyrleader around the start of the Second Pass. An irrepressible, young Weyrleader [RSR/1:46]. He approached K'vin of Telgar Weyr about having a look at a Fall on the Southern Continent before Thread started falling on the Northern Continent. Attending a Fall like that, or even just looking at it, was something several Weyrleaders (especially the much older S'nan of Fort) were against [RSR/16:381-382].

Boar: an animal brought to Pern by the colonist. Like on ancient Terra Pern also has "wild boar', which is mentioned in Dragon's Fire [Dfire].

Bob Jepson: colonist child, twin brother of Ben and friend of Brian Hanrahan. Had an older brother Sorka Hanrahan's age. Ben later became a Threadfighter/sled pilot [DD].


Boll Blood: said of someone who has a swarthy complexion. The quote from Dragon's Fire goes: "They get swarthy down there" [Dfire].

Boll, Emily: see Emily Boll.

Bonna: artist, daughter of Lord Larad of Telgar [AtWoP].

Bonneau, Drake: see Drake Bonneau.

Bonneau, Frank: see Frank Bonneau.

Bonneau-Olubushtu, Svenda: see Svenda Olubushtu.

Bonz: an apprentice harper at Harper Hall [H2, H3].

Boojie: a dolphin, latest calf of pod leader Alta [DoP/5:99].

Books: still available in large quantities by the end of the First Interval [RSR/4:120]. In later times the knowledge of the process for making paper out of woodpulp was lost because it wasn't much needed on a planet where almost no trees grew or were allowed to grow because they formed a hazard and were hard to protect. During later Passes books became very rare and the people of Pern reverted to an old technique of writing on animal skin (vellum) and other media, like slates and used blackboards and sandtables if such was handy and convenient.

Boots: dragonrider boots were often steel-rimmed and high, with cuffs that were turned down over one's calves [RSR/1:36].

Borage: Borago officinalis. Mucilage in the plant has a mild expectorant effect. It is mildly astringent in decoction, and has a constipating effect. It's a self-seeding annual with branched, hollow stems covered with stiff white hairs. It has blue star-shaped flowers with wrinkled, hairy leaves, 2-3' tall, prefers mildly acid soil and full sun. The borage we know does have mucilage, but the results are so mild it's generally not worth the effort if more effective expectorants are available. Borage was imported to Pern by the colonists and did well in the Pernese soil.

[Data partly submitted by Jennifer Quail].

Boranda: a Healer at Healer Hall [Mor].

Borel: a trader, driver in the Lilcamp Train. Uncle of Jayge Lilcamp. It is unknown whether Borel is a brother of Jayge's father or mother [RoP].

Borgald Amhold: a carter/trader of the Amhold Train, later associated with the Lilcamps [RoP].

Boris: a miner and small holder in the Telgar region. Father of Ganmar, the prospective spouse of Debera. Boris was, misguidedly, told by Lavel that Debera (his daughter) had refused to honor the fact she was Searched. Boris was told by Lord Tashvi of Telgar that he could dig a new mine though Lord Tashvi was not aware that Lavel, of which he had a low opinion, was also involved [RSR/3:94].

Boris Pahlevi: rider of bronze Gesilith, one of the original eighteen dragonriders [DD].

Boron: A soft, brown, amorphous or crystalline nonmetallic element that is present in Pernese plantlife in high concentrations [DLG/II:16].

Boskoney: a Journeyman Harper at Paradise River Hold [DoP].

Bosler: a Master Harper at Harper Hall [MHoP].

Bourdon: Holder of Mardela Hold. Husband of Brashia and father of Kasia (Robinton's wife) [MHoP]. Mistakenly described as a Seahold captain at Greystones Hold in the MHoP Who's who [MHoP-Who's who].

Box: Buxus sempervirens (Boxwood). Diaphoretic (induces sweating). While traditionally some herbalists used dried boxwood bark for fever, but laboratory tests demonstrate there is nothing in the plant that has any medicinal value. It's a nice border hedge.

[Data submitted by Jennifer Quail].

Brace: a Master Harper at Harper Hall [NS].

Brahil: brother at Igen Hold [MHoP].

Brailli: holder's daughter at Waterhole Hold. Thaniel's third child, youngest of two girls. She is expected to go to a Weaver Hall [BB].

B'ralar: rider of bronze Kalanth. Weyrleader of High Reaches Weyr at the end of the Second Interval. Mate of Weyrwoman Jessala. Is in the middle of his sixth decade around 495, forty Turns of which he has been a dragonrider and Weyrleader for over 20 [Dfire].

Brambles: brought to Pern by the colonists [DLG1/II:16].

Brand: warder at Ruatha Hold [D3]. Owner of a blue fire lizard. Brand is an able second to Lytol as warder and to Jaxom as Lord Holder of Ruatha Hold. He's staunchly devoted to Jaxom and his family. A good administrator, Brand enjoyed the challenge of helping rebuild Ruatha to its former prominence. He has a steady eye, a steady hand, a firm mouth, and considerably more humor in him than the dour Lytol. Jaxom finds him more approachable and trusts him implicitly and can leave him in charge of Ruatha Hold alone if he, his wife and Ruth are (needed) elsewhere on Pern. Brand is not a demonstrative man but he relaxed considerably after he Impressed a blue fire-lizard and became more open and flexible [Wood-PoP:28].

The picture on the right is (part of) a portrait artist Robin Wood made for The People of Pern (1988), the wonderful book with portraits of Pernese people by the same artist.

[Illustration used with permission. © Robin Wood, 1988]

Branda: Healer at Misty Hold [Mor]. Branda is not listed in DLG2.

Branuth: brown dragon, rider T'lel [RSR].

B'rant: rider of brown Fanth, stationed at Benden Weyr [MHoP].

Brant of Igen: husband to be of Kylara, prior to her being taken on search [D1/135].

Branth: bronze dragon, rider T'gran [H1].

Brare: an ex-fisherman with Keroon as his port who lost the use of one of his legs. Later a holdless man at the Igen caverns [RoP].

Brashia: spouse of Bourdon. Mother of Kasia (Robinton's wife) [MHoP].

Brassicae: any plant belonging to the genus Brassica, of the mustard family, including many economically important vegetables, as cabbage, kale, broccoli, cauliflower, turnip, and mustard. On Pern found in Nabol. It seems safe to assume the name will have been used for cabbage.

Bravonner: F'lon’s half brother at Benden Weyr [MHoP].

Breast Pass: a pass near Ruatha Hold [D1/22].

Breda: rider of queen Amaranth. Originally from Crom Hold [AtWoP].

B'refli: rider of brown Joruth, stationed at Benden Weyr [MHoP].

Bregard: Healer at Peyton Hold [Mor].

Breide; a man from Southern Hold, acting as steward at Landing [RoP; AtWoP].

Brekke: rider of queen Wirenth, stationed as junior queen at Benden Weyr after her Impression of Wirenth. Later she was stationed at Southern Weyr and transferred from there to High Reaches Weyr (when the oldtimers were exiled to Southern). Owner of bronze fire lizard Berd. Mate and lover of F'nor. Her queen dragon was killed in a fight (with Pridith, the queen of High Reaches Weyrwoman Kylara) during a mating flight. Brekke was born in a Farmercraft family. During and after her being a dragonrider she studied and practiced Healercraft. She was one of the few persons that could hear and speak to any dragon [D2; D3; H1; H2].

The picture on the right is (part of) a portrait artist Robin Wood made for The People of Pern (1988), the wonderful book with portraits of Pernese people by the same artist.

[Illustration used with permission. © Robin Wood, 1988]

Brennan family: [DD].

Brennan fosterlings: two fosterlings at Ruatha Hold [CoP].

Brenton: father of Lord Franco of Nerat and of Lady Nadona of Bitra (spouse of Lord Chalkin), who were his children by two different wives, Franco from his first and Nadona from his second marriage [RSR/11:288].

Brestolli: trader, driver in the Nurevin Train [AtWoP].

Brever: brother of Toric of Southern Hold [RoP].

Briala: female student at Harper Hall [H2]. A pretty child, vain about her hair, which she is constantly rearranging. She looks up to Pona, who is the girl with the most aggressive personality staying at Dunca's cot. If she wasn't so much under Pona's influence Briala would probably be a much nicer person. Her parents sent her to study at Harper Hall only because they hope her prettiness will help in cementing a good alliance with one of the fosterlings there [Wood-PoP/66].

The picture on the right is (part of) a portrait artist Robin Wood made for The People of Pern (1988), the wonderful book with portraits of Pernese people by the same artist.

[Illustration used with permission. © Robin Wood, 1988]

Brian Hanrahan: colonist, son of Red and Mairi Hanrahan, brother of Sorka [DD].

Briaret: Masterherder. Craftmaster of the Herdercraft at Keroon Hold.

Bridey Connell: colonist, wife of Porrig Connell, leader of the Connell clan (Irish traveling folk/tinkers) [DD]. She probably was a Moorehouse, from the clan with the same name with which the Connell clan had very strong ties [DD].

Bridgely: Lord Holder of Benden Hold at the end of the First Interval/start of the Second Pass. Nicknamed Bridge. Husband of Jane. Possibly a descendant of Rene Mallibeau, who is the most likely candidate for the (major) founder of Benden Hold.
Lord Bridgely stated categorically that he would not succor all the Bitran refugees (see Bitran Exodus of 257) and would not lift a hand to help Lord Chalkin when his Hold was overrun by Thread [RSR/7:199].
Bridgely commissioned the Artist Iantine to do portraits of himself and his wife Jane (which were probably made in 258) [RSR/13:312].

Brindel: a guard at Benden Hold (died) [RoP].

Briskin: fourth child and youngest son of Lord Chalkin and Lady Nadona of Bitra, born 253 or 254 (mentioned to be three years old in 257). A sturdy lad who talked very little and carried a stuffed toy (a dirty bear) with him from which he could not be parted [RSR/5:146-147].

Bristol: Harper at Telgar Hold [MHoP].

Britell: Masterminer (craftmaster) at Crom Hold. Britell had high hopes for Camp Natalon though he admitted it to no one [DK, Dfire].

Brith: an injured bronze dragon of Ista Weyr, rider C'tic [EtT].

Brixth: queen dragon, rider Silga [Mor].

Brocade: a fine fabric used for the more formal and elaborate clothing. The name for this fabric is originally Terran [RSR/3:84].

Brodo: cotholder’s son, Benden Hold [MHoP].

Broglie, Maurice de: see Maurice de Broglie.

Broglie, Patrice de: see Patrice de Broglie.

Brolly: an apprentice harper (instrument maker) at Harper Hall [H2, H3].

The picture on the right is (part of) a portrait artist Robin Wood made for The People of Pern (1988), the wonderful book with portraits of Pernese people by the same artist.

[Illustration used with permission. © Robin Wood, 1988]

Bronze dragon:

Brookie: a farmer and small holder at Bitra at the end of the First Interval, one of the Bitran refugees of 257. Husband of Ferina. Brookie's great-great-grandfather had come to Bitra and his family had farmed in the region since until Lord Chalkin started to keep raising the tithe, ending up with taking the only sow which the family needed to raise piglets to be able to meet the tithe. The Lord Holder even took their daughter to work in his Hold. He told the couple they could not have more land because they did not work what they had enough. This was a violation of their charter rights, which they could not know since Lord Chalkin also withheld all knowledge of what was in the Charter from them and would not provide the means to have them learn to read (both violations of Charter rights too), so both parents and the daughter ended up illiterate [RSR/9:235-236].

Brooks, Jack: see Jack Brooks.

Brooks, Sara: see Sara Brooks.

Brosil: third brother at Ista Hold [MHoP].

Brown dragon:

Brude Olivine: mechanic [DD].

Brudegan: Journeyman Harper at Harper Hall [H2]. Choir leader.

Brum Hold: [Mor].
  • Healers at: Felldool [Mor].

Bubbly pie:

Bubbly (bubbling) wine: a champagne-style wine that was introduced by the Benden vintner Hegmon on the gather at Fort Hold in 257 [RSR/1:25-26].

Buck Lilienkamp: son of Joel Lilienkamp [CoP-FoRH].

Buckets: most buckets on Pern were made of hide [GWHD/26].

Buenos Aires: one of the spaceships with which then colonists made the journey from Terra to Pern.

Bulge nuts: a nut that is indigenous to Pern. Its name is probably derived from its shape. Found wild and in plantations in the Igen and Lemos forests. It is edible and large quantities can be made into a kind of flour with which a nutbread can be made [GWHD/27].

Bulith: brown dragon, rider K'din [DoP/5:92]. His name is listed as Buleth in DLG2 [DLG2/237].

Burdion: a Healer at Igen Sea Hold [Mor].



By the Egg: a Pernese saying/oath [D1/158].

By the egg of Faranth: a Pernese saying/oath [D1/148].

By the First Egg: a Pernese oath [D1/57].

By the golden shell of the queen: a Pernese oath [D1/5].

By the shell of the first Egg: a Pernese oath [D1/115].

By the Void that spawned us: a Pernese saying/oath [D1/136].

Byrne, Ben: see Ben Byrne.

Byrne, Claire: see Claire Byrne.

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