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This page last edited on 08 March 2008

C: written in superscript beside the name of a planet in an EEC report indicates that the designated planet s suitable for colonization [CoP-Survey/2:18].

See also System number five, Pern.

Cabot Francis Carter: colonist, a legist by profession. He settled at Cambridge stake [DD].

Caith: bronze dragon, rider Cr'not.

Cake, iced: see Iced cake.

Cal: a dolphin, swimming the Kahrain waters [DoP].

Calanuth: a bronze dragon, stationed at Benden Weyr, rider unknown. Calanuth is the dragon who remarked to Kilminth that young Robinton was not old enough to be searched [MHoP]. Calanuth is not listed in DLG2.

Caleb Putsch: meteorologist [DD].

Calculator, electronic: also called a digital pad. There were only a few of them still operating by the end of the First Interval. Because of this Jemmy re-invented the abacus and the slide-rule [RSR/11:277].

See also abacus and slide-rule.

Caldazon: Master Harper (instruments) at Harper Hall during the end of the Second Interval [Dfire].

Calusa: one of the original colonist's sites of settlement (stakes) in Jordan province on the Southern Continent of which the name is still known at the start of the Second Pass. A visit there was proposed by Weyrwoman Zulaya to her co-leader and Weyrleader K'vin of Telgar Weyr at the start of Turn 258. Calusa was situated on the coast of Kharain [RSR/15:359]. On "Major Provinces and Stakes" map in the Del Rey paperback edition of Dragonsdawn it is given in the list (as number 3) but it is not to be found on the map itself! [DD-US/364-365]. Calusa does appear in the UK Corgi paperback edition, on the map by Niels W. Erickson (1987), situated directly south of Landing [DD-UK/6-7] Note: the pages mentioned are unnumbered in both cases. 
Calusa could be named after Calusa Island in the Philippines [with thanks to Teri Mom (a member of the erstwhile discussion board "The Kitchen Table"at the Worlds of anne McCaffrey website) for this suggestion].

Camo: mentally handicapped son of Masterharper Robinton and Silvina, Headwoman of Harper Hall. Camo works as a drudge in the Harper Hall kitchen [H2]. The fact that Camo was retarded was not due to a genetic fault. Camo was retarded because of the fact that he suffered oxygen deprivation at birth [Various statements by AMC]. He accompanied Menolly on her trip to Paradise River Hold [DoP/4:74-75].

The picture on the right is (part of) a portrait artist Robin Wood made for The People of Pern (1988), the wonderful book with portraits of Pernese people by the same artist.

[Illustration used with permission. © Robin Wood 1988]

Camp Natalon: a miner's camp and unproved Hold situated in Crom Hold [DK].

Campbell's Field Hold: situated on the the plains of Telgar Hold, not far from a subsidiary of the Great Dunto River and not far and southwest from Balan Hold. Said to be a month's foot journey from Greenfields Hold [AoP/12, Dfire]. 
  • Healers at: Rapalo [Mor].

Campen of Fort, Lord: Lord Holder of Fort Hold, oldest son, heir and successor of Lord Tolocamp of Fort [Mor; NS].

The picture on the right is (part of) a portrait artist Robin Wood made for The People of Pern (1988), the wonderful book with portraits of Pernese people by the same artist.

[Illustration used with permission. © Robin Wood 1988]

Campila: a Healer at Ruatha Hold [AtWoP].

Campiol: journeyman miner at a mine in Telgar [H2].

Candler: a Harper at Nabol Hold [H3].

Candles: a light source that usually has an internal wick rising through the center of a column of solid fuel. Still in existence on Pern during the Second Interval since they are mentioned to be used in Dragon's Fire, as are lanterns. In later Turns candles are no longer mentioned and only glows were used.
On Earth candles were only used for their entertainment and symbolic values but prior to the mid 19th century also as an important lightsource. In those times the candle was made from tallow (a byproduct of beef-fat rendering). In later times the fuel became some form of wax, with paraffin wax being the most common. Candles were also made from gel, soy, beeswax, and vegetable products are also available. Beeswax candles on Pern ar an impossibility as there are no bees on Pern. The colonists did take them but they didn't survive [Dfire].

Canell: medic at High Reaches Hold [RSR/11:289]. Canell took part in the "conspiracy" to have Lord Jamson agree to go to a warmer climate for the winter (giving his son Gallian authorization in all Hold matters), so High Reaches Hold would be able to vote for the impeachment of Lord Chalkin of Bitra [RSR/11:289].

Caneth: bronze dragon, rider M'rak, stationed at Telgar Weyr. Impressed at Telgar Weyr in 257 (same Hatching as Debera and Morath) [RSR/5:130]. His name is misprinted as Canith in the RSR character list and in DLG2 [RSR/character list; DLG2/237].

Canines: the expression used by the Pernese for dogs though the word dog is used too (in spit dog).

Canth: brown dragon, rider F'nor, stationed at Benden Weyr. Canth is the biggest brown dragon on Ninth Pass Pern.

The illustration on the right is taken from the cover the artist Gino D'Achille made for an early US paperback edition of Dragonquest.

Canith: see Caneth

Cannahir: a woodsmith at Crom Hold [DK].

Canvas: a Terran and Pernese seaman's/fisherman's term for sail and sailcloth [DoP/1:12].

Capiam: Masterhealer at Fort Hold [Mor].

The picture on the right is (part of) a portrait artist Robin Wood made for The People of Pern (1988), the wonderful book with portraits of Pernese people by the same artist.

[Illustration used with permission. © Robin Wood 1988]

Captiva: a dolphin [CoP-DB/26-27].

Cara Andiyar (Telgar): daughter of Tarvi Andiyar and Sallah Telgar. Known as Cara Telgar after her mother's heroic death [DD].

Carbon paper: an ancient way of making copies of a written or typed document (used on Terra until well into the second half of the twentieth century), not having been used for many centuries prior to the landing of the colonists on Pern. Still, Lord Paulin seems to remember something like it and Head Master Clisser comes up with the name during an informal conclave at Fort Hold in the Winter of 257. Even stranger is the fact that Clisser proposes to ask Lady Salda of Telgar Hold for ideas on the subject of making multiple copies. No reason is being given why she would be the person to ask [RSR/7:203-204].

Carissa: baby daughter of Master Harper Zist and his wife Cayla. She and her mother died of fever [DK, Dfire].

Carola: rider of queen Feyrith. Weyrwoman of Benden Weyr [MoP].

Carolina: a dolphin [CoP-DB/77].

Carral: spouse of Rantou at Pierie Hold [MoP].

Cart beasts: see Oxen and Dray beasts.

Carter, Cabot Francis: see Cabot Francis Carter.

Caselon: apprentice glass-smith at Landing [AtWoP].

Casmodian: a Harper at Fort Hold [NS].

Cass: a dolphin [CoP-DB/28].

Castor: EEC survey team member. Had his leg put into a gelicast because of compound fractures sustained on the target planet of system number three, designated as a G.O.L.D.I. [CoP-Survey/1:4]. His leg injury forced him to stay on the ship instead of helping survey planetary surfaces [CoP-Survey/1:7]. He is the Captain of the EEC survey vessel [CoP-Survey/1:6], and the most experienced climber of group [CoP-Survey/1:9].

Castration: used on Pern as a punishment for rape. Morinst, a Bitran guard leader stationed at the border with Benden, who committed rape in 257, was convicted and castrated by way of punishment [RSR/11:265].

Caterel, David: see David Caterel.

Cathay: one of the original colonist provinces and places of settlement on the Southern Continent [DD].
  • Stakes: Mexico, Xanadu.

Catherine Caves:  a set of caves at Landing, discovered and named after Catherine Radelin-Doyle [DD].

Catherine Radelin-Doyle: rider of queen Singlath. One of the original eighteen first dragonriders [DD].

Cats: domestic cats were obviously brought by the colonists and used as pets until at least the time of the Second Pass. Though not mentioned as pets in The Dragon Lover's Guide to Pern, there is a picture in that book of the evolution of a Pern feline from the Terran housecat [DLG1/2:19], so Terran housecats must have been brought to Pern by the colonists. That there have been cats on Pern, at least up to the Second Pass, can be proved by a quote from Red Star Rising/Dragonseye: "Especially when she [Luccha, daughter of Lord Chalkin of Bitra Hold] was busy trying to unite the Hold's cats by tying their tails together" [RSR/5:146]. It is altogether possible that cats were kept more for their ability to kill vermin (rats, tunnel snakes), than just as (pampered) pets - Pernese didn’t seem to have the resources to waste on pets. It is also possible that the domestic cats disappeared from Pern in later Passes due to a disease (of epidemic proportions?) to which the domestic cat was especially vulnerable. The problem with this RSR reference to cats on Pern lies in Anne McCaffrey's statement that there are no (trained) cats on Pern. To a question that originally concerns forms of entertainment and the possibility of trained animals on Pern Anne answered: "I think singing, dancing are the main entertainments on Pern, plus card games and the usual that follow any human civilization. But as there are no trained bears/cats/dogs, except spit dogs, I think things would be relatively innocent pleasures..." [Interview with Anne McCaffrey by Shirley Hagstrom, 28 April 1993]. One could argue that this quote from the interview only pertains to trained cats and not to domestic cats, but one has to consider that cats (and domestic dogs - except spit dogs - for that matter) appear in none of the other books about Pern. Of course we have to consider that this interview was given before publication of Red Star Rising/Dragonseye (1996) and it is the prerogative of a writer to change his or her views on matters, especially concerning worlds they created themselves.

Cayla: A harpering woman with honey blonde hair, Master Zist's mate. She played pipes. She was the mother of Carissa; both died of fever the baby first, the mother soon after. [Dfire].

Cecelia Rado: [DD].


Celewis: a Master Healer at Bitra Hold [AtWoP].

Celina: rider of queen Lamanth, junior weyrwoman at Benden Weyr [D2/40 - in which only Lamanth is mentioned by name].

Cereal: on Pern cereal is eaten (often hot) as breakfast in the form of porridge (made by boiling oatmeal, or other meal, in water or milk until it thickens; originally called pottage) [RSR/5:130].

Cervantes, Angelo: see Angelo Cervantes.

Cervantes, Corazon: see Corazon Cervantes.

Cervantes fosterlings: two fosterlings at Ruatha Hold [CoP-FoRH/89].

Cesar Galliani: [DD].

C'gan: rider of blue Tagath, weyrsinger and weyrling instructor at Benden. Was already retired/inactive (as a fighting dragonrider) because of a stiff leg when R'gul was Weyrleader but served as weyrling instructor. C'gan was mortally injured when bringing additional firestone-sacks to the fighting dragons battling thread at Keroon at the second fall after the Second Long Interval, prior to the start of the Ninth Pass. His dragon was too old to go between fast when a patch of thread caught his rider in the face. They did made it back to Benden Weyr, where dragon and rider were initially saved from crashing by Ramoth. On one of the websites maintained by a Pern fan the death of C'gan is called a "kleenex moment".
  • As young dragonrider/weyrharper/weyrsinger: [MHoP].
  • Death of: [D1/206-20].
  • Guitar: [D1/233].

Chad: a Harper at Telgar Hold [D2/176, 182, 189-190, 201].

Chaila Xavior: [DD].

Chair, the: presidency of a meeting (of Pern leaders, like a conclave) [RSR/1:43]. During the First Interval and the Second Pass the meetings of Pern's leaders were still attended by not only the Lord Holders but also by the Weyrleaders and the Craftmasters [RSR].  

Chakath: bronze dragon, rider G'don, stationed at High Reaches Weyr [RSR].

Chaldon: oldest child of Lord Chalkin and Lady Nadona of Bitra [RSR/5:144].

Chalkin of Bitra, Lord: Lord Holder of Bitra Hold at the end of the First Interval/start of the Second Pass. Son of Kinver, husband of Nadona. Children by Nadona: Chaldon, Briskin, Luccha and Lonada. Chalkin had a jowly face with muddy brown, close-set eyes (with bags under them) that seemed to cross towards the bridge of his rather fleshy, bulbous nose (a family treat), scanty hair and a mole on his chin [RSR/5:136, 155; 16:389]. He was obviously a vain man, wearing many, jeweled rings on both hands. He "seemed to have more rings than days of the year" [RSR/5:155]. His children were plump, indolent by nature, dressed in ill-fitting clothes, constantly eating, dirty and had long, greasy and roughly cut hair. One of the two girls cut her own hair with a knife, but for the long tress she wore on the back, strung with beads and little bells while the other had thick braids which were rarely undone [RSR/5:145]. All four children had measles in the Winter of 257 [RSR/5:147, 150]. 
Chalkin did not believe in Threadfall and, according to Lord Tashvi of Telgar, he managed to find like minds [RSR/1:37, 41]. He was berated by Lord Paulin of Fort for his conduct (he was half drunk) during the meeting of leaders at the gather at Fort in 257 [RSR/1:43] and had failed to sent in a readiness report (in relation with the upcoming Second Pass and Threadfall) since he did not believe Thread was going to fall. He refused to comply to the requests of the Weyrs concerning the clearing of all vegetation from his Hold and he also took the mistaken view that he did not have to act when asked or told to do so because Holds were autonomous according to the Charter [RSR/1:50-52]. Even more serious was the fact that Lord Chalkin did not even inform his holders of the coming and dangers of Thread, which was a requisition made in the Charter [RSR/1:54]. He left the meeting of Weyr Leaders and Lord Holders, held during the gather at Fort Hold in 257, prematurely after a quarrel with his peers over his actions and views [RSR/1:55].
Lord Chalkin held no court in which difficulties could be aired and he had no impartial arbiters to make decisions. This means there were no Harpers at Bitra, an observation strengthened by a remark from Iantine, who noticed that music was totally absent from the Hold [RR/6:163, 171; 7:198]. 
Lord Chalkin tried to lodge a complaint about Iantine on the basis of him having ordered a seasoned painter and not a "young upstart" but was visited by Master Domaize, who was brought to Bitra Hold by Weyrleader M'shall himself, and had to desist [RSR/6:174]. He tried to lodge a complaint against dragonriders because they ignored the fact he flew a red striped banner (also called urgent banner, indicating he needed a dragon messenger) and were interfering with the management of the Hold. He sent the complaint to Benden, Nerat and Telgar Holds with the request to forward it to Lord Paulin, who was Council Chair at the moment [RSR/9:237-238]. He lodged a second complaint with Lord Paulin during the Winter of 257 concerning the "unmitigated interference of assorted renegade dragonriders (…) and the abduction of loyal holders of their premises" [RSR/11:263] after the Weyrmen helped the poor Bitran refugees that Chalkin kept from leaving Bitra (see Bitran Exodus of 257). He lodged a third complaint with Lord Paulin during the Winter of 257, making it plain that he intended to demand compensation for the "ritual disfigurement of men only doing their duty" (referring to the guards that were castrated as a punishment for rape during the Bitran Exodus) [RSR/11:269].

At an emergency meeting held at Telgar Hold in the winter of 257 Lord Chalkin was formally impeached for dereliction of his duties and responsibilities to Benden Weyr, for the cruel and unusual punishment of innocent holders, for refusing to allow the Charter to be taught and for denying these rights to his holders without due reason [RSR/11:291]. Chalkin tried to bribe several Lord Holders at his arrest, to get out of his predicament [RSR/13:303]. He was taken to the island of his exile (not the same one his exiled guards were sent to) on bronze Craigath by Benden Weyrleader M'shall [RSR/13:308]. Chalkin was exiled to Island 32, one of the chain of southern islands of which Young Island belonged too [RSR/13:311].
Initially nobody could find Lord Chalkin's treasury (he did not take any marks with him when he was exiled) and his wife denied any knowledge of its whereabouts and complained that he had left her without a mark to her name [RSR/14:324]. The treasury was later found by Chalkin’s uncle and successor Lord Vergerin who found out, by the good records Chalkin had kept for himself, that his nephew had extorted his people so that they didn't even have enough to buy supplies to get by during the winter. He did take care of his own family and had laid in stores that would last him fifty years, but his holders wouldn't have lasted the first year of Threadfall [RSR/16:387].

Challer: a trader, driver in the Lilcamp Train [RoP]. Possibly a member of the Lilcamp family.

Champagne: see bubbly (bubbling) wine.

Chamuth: a queen dragon, rider unknown. She shared the Hatching ground with Milath, Tenneth and Amalath, an experience the dragonriders definitely did not want to repeat because a fight broke out among the queens [CoP-SW].

Change over of wings: a flight maneuver used during Threadfighting [RSR/17:411].

Charanth: bronze dragon, rider K'vin of Telgar Weyr. Nicknamed Charrie by his rider. Charanth held the Weyr Record for the longest emission of flame [RSR/1:50]. He was among the nine dragons involved in the rescue of the Telgar Weyr dragonriders M'leng and P'tero who were attacked by lions while on an outing to the Southern Continent during first-month 258 [RSR/16:373].

Charity Kimmer: daughter of Stev Kimmer at Honshu Hold [CoP-RR].

Charter: The original charter was drawn up between the group of colonists and the Council of the Federated Sentient Planets (FSP) [DLG2/7].
At the end of the First Interval the complete (already revised and adapted) charter was still available as a computer print-out, made in quantities by Headmaster Clisser's predecessor. Clisser promised print-outs of article 14 (dealing with the duties of a Lord Holder) at the meeting at Fort Hold in 257 [RSR/1:57]. From a remark from Clisser to a minor Fort holder ("read you copy of the Charter, Farley") it can be deduced that probably all minor, and of course major, Holders possessed  a copy of the (then current) charter [RSR/7:200]. Weyrleader K'vin of Telgar Weyr remarked about the Charter that it was not as ironclad as they used to think. It is also indicated that far more autonomy was granted than was actually practiced on Pern during the First Interval [RSR/10:258]. Telgar Weyrleader K'vin had been surprised at how detailed the Charter was [RSR/10:259]. Impeachment was called "a Clause" at the emergency meeting during the winter of 257 at which Lord Chalkin was formally impeached. It was also noted that this was the first time the Clause had been invoked since it was written "two hundred and fifty odd years ago" [RSR/11:292].

I suppose the charter was revised many times during the subsequent Passes and Intervals, especially since it sounds eminently sensible that they put things like duties of a Lord Holder in at a later time because in the original charter there could not have been such mentions or articles.

Articles (known):

  • No. 14 - Article about the Dereliction of Duty by a Lord Holder [[RSR/1:57].
  • Unknown no. - Article about the trust which holders rest in the Lord of their Hold in return for their labor [RSR/1:56].
  • Unknown no. - Article about the duty of the Lord Holder to inform and prepare his folk for Threadfall (that's one reason why the Holder system was adopted: to give people a strong leader to supply direction during Fall and to provide emergency assistance) [RSR/7:202].
  • Unknown no. - Article about the Freedom of movement (one of the basic tenets vouchsafed in the - original - Charter) [RSR/7:202].
  • Unknown no. - Article called "The Inheritance Clause" [RSR/11:293]. Precept of inheritance (which was probably outlined in the original Charter too). The new Lord Holder did not necessarily have to be of the Bloodline (competence should always be the prime factor, though it appears this was not worded that way in the Charter) [RSR/9:221]. The charter stipulated that succession candidates from the Bloodline have to be considered first [RSR/11:293].
  • Unknown no. - Article about  Infringement against Hold autonomy [RSR/9:227].
  • Unknown no. - Article about  Weyr neutrality [RSR/9:227].
  • Unknown no. - Article in which is told that the Weyrs have to protect the people from Threadfall. [The wording is important but can be interpreted wider than it appears at first glance. See remark by K'vin in RSR/9:227].
  • Unknown no. - Article which holds the statement that a holder or cotholder could only be removed from his property by a jury of his peers that had to be convened prior to the actual eviction [RSR/10:258]. This means that a Lord Holder by himself did not have the authority to evict holders under his protection.  
  • Unknown no. - Article which holds rules in relation to the  constraining of people by a Lord Holder. This could only be done by a Lord Holder in case of collusion or organized mutiny [RSR/10:258]. 
  • Unknown no. - Article which states that people have a right to present their Lord Holder with a list of grievances [RSR/10:258].
  • Unknown no. - Article on Justice, which also informs us that justice can be administered anywhere, provided the circumstances warrant it. It was a good custom though to invite representatives of other Weyrs and Hold who could oversee that justice was being done the right way [RSR/10:260].
  • Unknown no. - Article that states the people have the right to lawful assembly [RSR/11:282].
  • Unknown no. - Article that describes people have the right (and informs how to exercise that right) to appeal for mediation for crippling tithes [RSR/11:282].
  • Unknown no. - Article on how to claim Charter acreage [RSR/11:281].

Trials and penalties:

  • Trials could be held in case of a felony. Known are the trials at Telgar Weyr and Benden Weyr in relation to rape and murder respectively that were committed during the Bitran exodus of 257. In case of trials at a Weyr the Weyr's Hold (meant is probably the main Hold or the one closest to the Weyr) had to be joint with the Weyr (probably meaning both had to deliver persons for the jury) [RSR/10:259]. Famous trials are the ones held at Telgar and Benden Weyrs in the winter of 257 (concerning the Bitran exodus of 257) and the one at Ruatha Hold (concerning the abduction of Masterharper Robinton). A trial jury consisted out of twelve members, picked at random by straw among those who had come to observe the trial. In 257 one person (M'shall) acted as prosecutor, one as the barrister (Gardner) and three Lords as judges (Franco, Bridgely and Tashvi) [RSR/11:264].
  • An alternative penalty for very serious crimes: tying down out in the open during Threadfall (obviously only available during Passes) [RSR/11:264].
  • or breaching the trust which holders rest in the Lord etc.: impeachment/followed by exile (this last was, however, not a fixed punishment) [RSR/1:56].
  • or failing to prepare one's Hold (for Threadfall): impeachment [RSR/1:56].
  • For rape: castration (carried out immediately after the trial) [RSR/11:264].
  • For being an accessory to a crime: lashes (number to be set by the judges, forty in case of accessory to rape) [RSR/11:264].
  • For murder: exile to an island with supplies for the first seven days was the customary punishment. During the First Interval there were several men and even some families (unsure if for punishment or if they were accompanying family members) sequestered on one of the eastern [RSR/11:287: southern] islands. Telgar and Benden never had to resort to this punishment, Fort sent two and Ista, Nerat and Bitra (in app. 253) also sent killers to the islands [RSR/11:268].
  • For abduction: exile to an (eastern) island.

Charter members: charter members among the Pern colonists, mostly veterans or surviving dependents of parents killed in the Nathi War, were allowed to purchase stake acres on Pern. Specialists were also able to buy stake acres, by contracting their services for so many acres per contract year. There were approoximately the same number of specialists as there were charterers.

Charts of the Southern Continent: accurate ones were still in existence at the start of the Second Pass [RSR/15:359].

Chaum: a boy at Lado Hold, later a candidate and dragonrider. Sixteen Turns old at the beginning of the story Ever the Twain [EtT].

Chemical deterrents: chemical deterrents were still very much in use until well into the First Interval. At the end of the First Interval though, there was a restriction on the use of them, which Nerat Hold gave as one of the reasons for their problems with vegetation and subsequent failure to be completely ready (vegetation free) for the coming Pass [RSR/1:51].

Chendith: bronze dragon, rider S'loner [MHoP].

Chernoff, Dasha: see Dasha Chernoff.

Chernoff, Ivan: see Ivan Chernoff.

Chernoff, Jacob: see Jacob Chernoff.

Chernoff, Jake; see Jake Chernoff.

Chernoff, Martha; see Martha Chernoff.

Chernoff, Peter: see Peter Chernoff.

Chernoff, Tarrie: see Tarrie Chernoff.

Cherry: a fruit

Cherry: the young spouse of (sea) captain Kizan. She came from a small fishing hold in Tillek and had little experience with a wider hold when she married Kizan. She had not yet ridden a dragon at the time of the gather at Fort Hold in 257, at which she arrived - with her husband - after an overland journey. She was teased by her husband with the fact that she sailed through a force nine gale without complaint but was nervous to return home adragonback [RSR/1:38].
It is possible that Cherry is a distant relative of general Cherry Duff, a Charter member of the Pern Colony, Colony magistrate, judge and the first official historian and librarian of Pern, since she has the same name, which does not happen very often in novels of this kind and is very, very rare in books about the Dragonriders of Pern.

Cherry Duff: colonist, female general. Oldest charterer and the pro tem colony magistrate. Pern's first archivist. She was a passenger of Sallah Telgar and Barr Hamill's first shuttle flight from the Yokohama to Pern [DD].

Chester: a miner and Holder, co-founder of Crom Hold (the name is an acronym made out of the first letters of the names of the founders) [RSR/9:222].

See also Crom Hold.

Chief Engineer: at the end of the First Interval and the start of Second Pass Kalvi was the chief engineer (a function that rated the title Mastersmith in later centuries) [RSR/1:43].

See also Kalvi.

Chilblains: Pernese name for itching fingers because of the cold [RSR/11:270].

Childon: Holder of Kimmage Hold [RoP].

China: a dolphin that leads a group in the Monaco Bay area [CoP-DB/26].

Chink: a black dog at Paradise River Hold [RoP].

Chio Fusaiyuki:daughter of Kenjo ad Ito Fusaiyuki, born on Pern in the year her father was killed (by Avril Bitra). Had a bronze fire lizard. Was pregnant by her stepfather Stev Kimmer two months after becoming a woma. Returned to Earth [CoP/RR].

Chio-Chio Yorimoto: colonist [DD].

Chitter: Pellar's brown fire lizard. Lord Egremer sent two fire lizard eggs to the Harper Hall as a gift. One of them was intended for Master Harper Zist, who refused and suggested the egg be given to his apprentice Pellar. That egg hatched Chitter, who was killed by Tenim's bird Grief [Dfire].

Ch'mon: rider of bronze Helith, stationed at Igen Weyr [Mor].

Chocol: a hill Holder in Tillek [MHoP].

Chomas: a woodworker (artist), studying at Hall Domaize during the First Interval [RSR/5:138].

Chris McArdle-Cooney: caretaker of children at Landing [DD].

Chrislee: head chef at Fort Hold, in his time one of the best chefs of Pern. He was lured to Fort Hold by Lord Paulin. Lord Chalkin of Bitra had also bid for the man's services but Chrislee refused [RSR/1:26]. Chrislee was renowned for his Year's End feasts (Turns were still called years on early Pern) for which people tended to especially stay at home at Fort Hold and to which, among others, the senior teachers of College were always invited [RSR/4:116].

Chuck Havers: colonist, zoologist [DD].

Chuck Kimmage: colonist, miner [DD].

Chung: a child [DD].

Cibola: one of the original colonist provinces and places of settlement on the Southern Continent, unoccupied by colonists [DD].

Ciotti: a family at Milan stake that was killed during First Fall [DD].

Ciparis: brother of Lord Holder Begamon of Nerat who was to take over the hold (temporarily) after the impeachment of Begamon [AtWoP].

Cirine: spouse of Lado. Lady Holder of Lado Hold in Ista [EtT].

Citron: see citrus fruit.

Citrus fruit: citrus fruit was obviously brought to Pern by the colonists, since it is originally a Terran fruit. On Terra the name, also written as Citron, is used for a collection of several fruits (orange, lemon, lime and grapefruit). Since it is obvious that in this case a sweet tasting fruit is meant the Pern citrus is probably the same as the Terran orange. On the Northern Continent it is grown in Nerat, which complies with the climate an orange tree needs to bear fruit [RSR/8:205]. It's name is found as citron when Moreta ses it as a helpful preventitive [Mor].

Claire Byrne: a dolphineer at Monaco Bay [CoP-DB/38]. 

Clargesh: Master glass-smith at Tillek Hold [Mor].

Clell: apprentice drummer at Harper Hall under Master Olodkey [H3].

Clidith: gold dragon, rider unknown. Clidith is Ista Weyr's senior queen in the story Ever the Twain. She had a clutch of 32 eggs [EtT].

C'lim: rider of an unnamed bronze dragon, stationed at Telgar Weyr. Father of Leopol [RSR].

Climate zones: Pern has five climate zones: two polar, two temperate and one tropical. Only three of these zones are inhabited. Benden, in a (northern) temperate zone, has weather like New York, USA. Igen and Keroon, though half in the temperate and half in the tropical zone, are mostly desert. Ista, Southern Boll and Nerat are tropical. Cimate has a major effect on the orgaization of each Hold [DLG1/X:113].

Clinnith: bronze dragon, rider L'mal [Mor].

Clioth: bronze dragon, rider S'peren [Mor].

Clisser: head teacher (headmaster, college head) at College at the start of the Second Pass, his preferred instrument was the guitar. He was not only College Head but also the senior astronomer [RSR/1:44]. Nicknamed Cliss [RSR/2:68]. He had been at College since at least 227 [RSR/2:75] and had his office in the original (oldest) part of the College building, on the upper floor [RSR/4:116, 11:279] (this probably means: in the cliff face itself). He is obviously named after Dieter Clissman about whom Anne McCaffrey writes: "who sorts out my various computers and never fails to answer my pleas for HELP!" [RSR/dedication].
The first tentative discussions for other means to accurately calculate the position of the Red Star in relation to coming Threadfall, because it was perceived technology would - for various reasons - fail to do so in the future, were voiced by headmaster Clisser at the meeting during the gather at Fort Hold in 257, though the concept of the actual (star) stones was not yet thought of at that time. The metal plates (of which a copy was to be found at Fort Weyr centuries later in F'lar and Lessa's time) were discussed as an option [RSR/1:63-64, 66]. At the same meeting Clisser also broached the subject of what must be put in the records for the future generations in relation to what to do during the next Interval to be ready for the next Pass [RSR/1:65].

Clisser felt College had failed the trust put in it to preserve the data available after all the computer data was destroyed due to lightning in the autumn of 257 [RSR/4:120]. A description of Clisser's totally new approach to and view on the organization of education on Pern can be found in Red Star Rising [RSR/2:78-82]. He discussed the Eye Rock-Finger Rock idea, as a warning system, with head engineer Kalvi in the winter of 257 [RSR/13:322].

Clissmann, Dieter: see Dieter Clissmann.

Clissmann, Nyassa: see Nyassa Clissmann.

Clostan: a Healer at Tillek Hold [MHoP].

Closto: a planet designated as an L.A. (Lethal - Avoid) on the original EEC team’s previous survey tour. The surface of this planet was visited [CoP-Survey/2:13]. The L.A. is almost surely an Anne McCaffrey joke, because the letters also stand for the Terran city of Los Angeles (where which her son Todd and family live!).


Clothmen('s) Hall, situated at High Reaches Hold [D1/16-17, 19]. Probably closely affiliated with or more likely a part of the Weavercrafthall.

Clouse, Jim: see Jim Clouse.

Clutches: frequent clutches are a sure sign that there will be a Pass [RSR/3:83].

Coal: see Blackrock and Cromcoal.

Coatl: three fosterlings of that name at Ruatha Hold [CoP-FoRH/89].

Cobber Alhinwa: colonist, miner. Originally settled at Karachi and later at Telgar Hold. Worked closely with Tarvi Andiyar (later called Telgar and Ozzie Munson [DD; CoP-FoRH; CoP-SW].

Cohen, Dr. Jack: [DoP-Acknowledgements].

Cold, the: see Cold season.

Cold Season: also called the Cold. A Pernese name for winter.

College: see also Harper Hall. During the First Interval and Second Pass College is also called teacher's college and College Hall. It was the teaching facility that was to be called Harper Hall during later Passes. The exterior of the College buildings was designed to be Thread proof and had high peaked roofs of Telgar slate and gutters which led into underground cisterns in which errant Thread could drown. It had walls more than two and a half meters thick at ground level, tapering to just under two meters under the roof, supported by structural beams of Telgar iron [RSR/1:31].
It always had been the place for record keeping. In the same period it was being enlarged (the buildings being extended outward because tunneling into the cliff at Fort Hold would take more time and was banned by the engineers for safety reasons), and scaffolding was up during the gather at Fort Hold in 257. The new quarters were to be finished within a month after the gather [RSR/1:27, 31-32]. The College included Pern's main infirmary-research facility (later to be called Healer Hall) and teacher training center, which were housed in annexes that also housed volunteers who were assiduously trying to save the old records, many of which were damaged during the spring of 257 when water had leaked down the walls of the vast storage caverns under Fort Hold [RSR/1:31]. At the end of the First Interval there were still three usable telescopes at College [RSR/1:63]. Mathematics was a base course for all students at College [RSR/1:66].
There was to be a graduation of a class of teachers at College almost at the very end of the First Interval [RSR/2:70]. History classes were given at College [RSR/2:70]. There was no room, or facilities, for more than one teachers' school nor was their a possibility for providing private tutors some Holders felt should be supplied by College. Headmaster Clisser did think about having another college in the future, preferably on the eastern coast [RSR/2:78]. There were classes on computer programming, electronic maintenance, Terran geography and Terran politics, still given at College by the end of the First Interval [RSR/2:78]. It was decided at College that a Turn's End 257 a concert should he held at Bitra. On this occasion copies of the Charter would be given to each small holder (this would deplete the stock of printed copies of the Charter in the College Library to a few dozen (Wouldn't you love to have one?) [RSR/14:324].
The most senior official at College was called: headmaster, head teacher or College Head.
  • Computers: At the beginning of the Second Pass they still had the use of some computer systems at College (but they were running low on paper for printing) [RSR/1:57]. There was a computer based library at College (see also Library) [RSR/2:70]. At the end of the First Interval there were still computer courses given though, with the number of working computers running low, the need for them was dissipating. It was considered the most prestigious course offered at College (and the one that involved the least amount of work), so parents wanted their children to be in it (though they could not practice what they learned) [RSR/2:77]. Due to damage by lightning all of the computers, their memory banks with all their information on a large variety of topics and the solar panels of College were destroyed in late autumn of 257 [RSR/4:117]. College teacher Sheledon was of the opinion that the computers had been performing far past their design optimum and the fact that they had still had been working for the last fifty years before they went down a miracle. Some even considered them "a gimmick from the past" [RSR/4:120]. Some people thought the fact that the computers were gone was not completely bad since people tended to be too dependent on them [RSR/4:123].
  • Head master's office: the head master's office was situated on an upper floor, probably the second [RSR/11:279].
  • New Curriculum (initiated end of First Interval): the new curriculum was also called a revitalization program. Head master Clisser sent out questionnaires to every teacher on the rolls and to holders, major and minor, concerning what they thought should be in the new curriculum. Using that information a new curriculum was made [RSR/7:195]. it was hoped that music, which was to be at the core of the new teaching method and was to be composed as to be psychologically uplifting, would have the desired affect: developing the morale and encouraging the effort [RSR/7:197]. [see also Clisser's discussion with Sallisha on history: RSR/11:281].
  • Refectory: the refectory at College was spacious [RSR/7:193].
  • Teacher's lounge: the teacher's lounge was situated on the first floor. It had a hearth [RSR/11:279-280].
  • Teaching districts: Pern was divided into four quadrants that each had its supervisor. Sallisha was supervisor over Southeastern Pern [RSR/7:196].

Collith: bronze dragon, rider V'last. Collith was among the nine dragons involved in the rescue of Telgar Weyr dragonriders M'leng and P'tero who were attacked by lions while on an outing to the Southern Continent during first-month 258. One of his forearms was gashed to the bone [RSR/16:372]. Collith was not allowed to fly home between because of his wounds. Head medic Corey was flown in to stitch Collith's wounds [RSR/16:374]

Colonists; also referred to as First Settlers [RSR/5:151]. One of the reasons they had come to Pern was the wish to revert to a society that was not so dependent on technology though after arrival on Pern events like Threadfall forced them probably a little lower on the technological scale than they had anticipated [RSR/7:196].
There were 6023 colonists in total. The Yokohama, the flagship of the Pern Colony, held 2900 people, the Buenos Aires held 1733 people and with the Bahrain 1390 came to Pern. The Dolphins, in essence colonists too, traveled on the Bahrain. The demographic figures were: 2000 unattached; 2020 married (1010 couples, so there was no polygamy within the group of original colonists); 120 single parents; 223 persons over bearing age, 721 nomads (Jensche, Tuareg, Gypsies and Irish traveling folkm also known as tinkers) and 923 children. This means the couples had 0.9 children each, in my opinion a low figure. Of all people the majority stayed in deepsleep for the whole of the journey which took fifteen years (2500 on the Yokohama, 1500 on the Buenos Aires and 1200 on the Bahrain). From a remark made by Sean Connell can be deduced that the nomads (at least the Irish tinkers he belonged to) were in deepsleep even before they traveled to the starships in their stationary orbit.
The colonist group consisted mainly of charterers and contractors (specialists). The charter members of the colony were mostly veterans or surviving dependents of parents killed in the Nathi War. This group was allowed to purchase stake acres on Pern. Members of the other  group (contractors/specialists) were also able to buy stake acres, for which they "paid" by contracting their services. There were about as many charter members as contractors. The adding of a third group of colonists was a requisite of the FSP-colonist Charter; this group was formed by 721 nomads of different ethnic background (see above). What the colonists all had in common was the wish to escape the over-technicized, impersonal society of the FSP worlds. The main body of the colonists came from Earth and First Centauri.
The human colonists were joined by one more sentient life-form: 25 dolphins, all volunteers. They slept in cryogenic chambers. They came because they were eager to explore new seas and oceans

Comfrey: Symphytum officinale. Speeds healing of burns, good with wounds and skin problems. Fresh leaves, dried leaves, stalks, and rhizome can all be used, either as is or in a salve or oil.. Comfrey is a hardy perennial, with ovate-lanceolate leaves, up to 10' long, hairy leaves and stem. Rhizome is black outside, white inside. Blue to yellow flowers. 3-5' tall. Cold-hardy, prefers a neutral to slightly basic soil, dry, full to partial sun. Spreads well.
The comfrey we know is a suspected carcinogen. Its efficacy when taken internally as a medicine is questionable in any case. (It was considered a source of vitamin B 12, but a person would have to eat 4 lbs a day to obtain the RDA.) Externally it is perfectly safe and is very easy to cultivate. In fact almost too easy when planted in a suitable soil, it spreads rapidly and will crowd out other plants. Can be confused with foxglove when not blooming.

[Data submitted by Jennifer Quail].

Computers: computers were still in use at the end of the First Interval (mainly at College) but by this time they were often so erratic that their performance was suspect at most times. There were also problems with power supply for them and no one knew how to solve the problem of replacement parts. Another problem was that (a lot of) data was lost, not only because of malfunction but also lost among files. The computers were so old and decrepit by this time that it was a wonder some of them survived [RSR/2:77]. The last computers at College went down during late autumn of 257, due to damage by lightning. It was a rule that electronics had to be turned off in any storm but this did not help to avoid the catastrophe. All of the memory banks were lost, including the medical ones, of which the diagnostics section was being transcribed at the time [RSR/4:117, 121].

Commsats: short for communication satelites. Commsats were set up soon after the first landings on Pern by colonists Drake Bonneau and Xi Chi Huen on borh Pernese moons with the admiral's jig Mariposa [DD]

Cona: candidate from Nerat Hold [AtWoP].

Conclave: at the end of the First Interval still a form of council that was not only attended by the Lord Holders but also by the other society and craft leaders as well as the Weyrleaders [RSR/7:198]. There were several (formal) conclaves each Turn and there always was one held at Turn's End [RSR/7:203]. Traditionally a Conclave of all Lord Holders and Weyrleaders was held the day before Turn's End (the Winter Solstice), to discuss what matters should be brought to those who would assemble for the festivities. A second sitting of this Conclave took place (three days later, so Turn's End celebration took two days? [RSR/14:326]), on the day after Turn's End, when the New year/Turn started [RSR/14:323]. The Turn's End Conclave of 257 was held at Bitra Hold, there was no referendum [RSR/14:324-325]. The Conclave of Lord Holders already mentioned in Dragon's Fire, which is set at the end of the Second Interval [Dfire].

Conifer: a tree. Known locations they can be found: Tillek and High Reaches.

Conna: female rider of green Oswith, stationed at Ista Weyr. Conna and Oswith were one of the three dragon and riders that came to Lado's Hold on Search. Conna had already been a dragonrider for thirty Turns at the beginning of the story/when they came on Search [EtT].

Connell, Bridey: see Bridey Connell.

Connell, Mick: see Mick Connell.

Connell, Porrig: see Porrig Connell.

Connell, Sean: see Sean Connell.

Connell, Sinead: see Sinead Connell.

Connell, the: name by which Sean Connell, the first Weyrleader, was sometimes referred to by later generations [RSR/1:46].

Conni: a young Shunned woman, a prostitute (a "tart whore"), mother of Milera. Conni has the S on her forehead. Slept with Geffer and robbed him [Dfire].

Contract Hold: a term for a Hold to which somebody has contracted (or indentured) himself to do certain work or labor [RSR/11:262].

Contract worker: a contract worker is a laborer that sells his or her labor for a set amount of time. It is a rule that a contract worker must have his basic needs supplied by the Hold he indentures himself to [RSR/14:325].

Conwy: beastmaster at Benden Hold [RoP].

Cooky: a small, thin, dry cake, usually sweetened; often taken with klah [RSR/13:319].

CoP: abbreviation used for the book Chronicles of Pern : First Fall. This book consists out of four different stories for which the following abbreviations are used in the Pern Encyclopedia: The P.E.R.N. Survey (abbreviated as CoP-Survey), The Dolphin's Bell (abbreviated as CoP-DB), The Ford of Red Hanrahan (abbreviated as CoP-FoRH), The Second Weyr (abbreviated as CoP-SW) and Rescue Run (abbreviated as CoP-RR).

CoP-DB: See CoP.

CoP-FoRH: See CoP.

CoP-RR: See CoP.

CoP-Survey: See CoP.

CoP-SW: See CoP.

Corana: girl friend of Lord Jaxom of Ruatha Hold prior to his relationship with Sharra. Sister of Holder Fidello of Plateau Hold in Ruatha. Corana is a pretty girl and well aware that a Lord Holder should be obeyed. She was quite willing to dally with Jaxom. Because he is a gentle and personable youg man, she shyly encourages his attentions. A more sophisticated young woman might have put off Jaxom's tentative approach, so Corana's undemanding and uninhibiting response was exactly right for Jaxom at the time they met. However, her brother Fidello saw opportunities and tried the wheedle a fire-lizard egg out of his sister's acquiantance with his Lord Holder. He probably wasn't a good and responsible fire-lizard owner because Ruth told him he already had gotten a fire-lizard who went between and never returned. Despite the fact Jaxom did what he could to get a fire-lizard egg to Plateau Hold, a fire-lizard that was hopefully delivered to and Impressed by Corana rather than by her brother [D3; Wood-PoP:30].

The picture on the right is (part of) a portrait artist Robin Wood made for The People of Pern (1988), the wonderful book with portraits of Pernese people by the same artist.

[Illustration used with permission. © Robin Wood 1988]

Corazon Cervantes: a farmer [CoP].

Cording: man of Maizella, Eastern Sea Hold [MHoP].

Corey: Head Medic (a title that was later changed to Master Healer) at the end of the First Interval/start of the Second Pass. Just prior to the start of the Second Pass she planned three day seminars instructing major and minor Hold personnel in burn control and first aid after Threadscore to dragons as well as to people [RSR/1:48, 7:183]. She was flown to the Southern Continent (Malay River area) after the Telgar dragonriders M'leng and P'tero were severely wounded after an attack by lions, where her expertise was especially needed on dragon injuries [RSR/16:374].

Corey: a dolphin [DoP/1].

Cori: a dolphin calf, member of the Pardisriv pod [DoP].

Coriander: a cooking herb, brought to Pern by the colonists, which did well in Pernese soil [DLG1/II:16].

Corman of Keroon, Lord: Lord Holder of Keroon Hold [D1/222].

The picture on the right is the portrait artist Robin Wood made for the Mayfair Boardgame Dragonriders of Pern (1983, 1989). Lord Corman does not appear in The People of Pern (1988), the wonderful book with portraits of Pernese people by the same artist.

[Illustration used with permission. © Robin Wood 1983, 1989]

Cor te Poel: apprentice dolphineer, living at the Jordan stakehold [DD].

Corn: a Terran grain, brought to Pern by te colonists, which did well in the rich native soil [DLG/II:16].

Cos Melvinah: psychologist [DD].

Cosira: rider of queen Caylith, stationed at Ista Weyr [D3].

Cot: a name for a house or cottage (from which the name is derived) and also a name for a bedframe. Sometimes used as a name for a cothold. 

See also Cothold.

Cothold: a small piece of land, usually used by only one family that lives in the actual hold (living quarters). Also the name of the buildings (the Hold proper) that are part of a cothold.

Cotholder: someone who owns or leases a cothold.

Cotton: cotton plants were originally brought to Pern by the colonists. A reference to cotton is found in RSR: "The socks were new, knitted of a sturdy cotton" [RSR/5:125].

Cottonwood tree: Colonist botanists raised seedlings of all Earth trees in the hydroponics lab. The gingko and cottonwood trees did well in the open plains, breaking the ground and providing shelter for the oak and pine seedings planted in their shade [DLG1/II:15].

Council: a meeting of leaders: all major Holders, Weyrleaders, and Craftleaders or their representatives. The president of a council meeting was called the Council Chair, a position he maintained until the next Council meeting [RSR/1:58, 9:227]. The council probably was the precursor of the Conclave, the name for a council of Lord Holders held in later times (in which Weyrleaders and Craftmasters did not participate).

See also Conclave.

Council of the Federated Sentient Planets

Cove Hold: [DoP/5:97].
  • Cove with dolphins west of Cove Hold: [DoP/5:97, 99].


Craft Halls, private: See Private Craft Halls.



Craftmaster(s): title of both the chosen head of a craft as of a person that holds the title master in a particular craft. 
  • Farmercraft: Masterfarmer.
  • Fish(er)craft: Masterfish(er)man.
  • Harpercraft: Masterharper. Since spellings seem to differ from one book to the other, I have chosen to designate the master of the harpercraft the Masterharper. The title of a craftmaster of the same craft will be written as Master Harper. Thus there can be only one Masterharper at any given time, but numerous Master Harpers.
    Creline [MHoP]; Gennel [MHoP]; Robinton [MHoP, D1-3, H1-3, AtWoP]
  • Healercraft: Masterhealer.
    Corey (still called Head Medic) [RSR]; Capiam [Mor]; Ginia [MHoP].
  • Herdercraft: Masterherdsman or Masterherder.
  • Minercraft: Masterminer.
  • Smithcraft: Mastersmith.
    Kalvi (still called chief egineer) [RSR]; Fandarel.
  • Tannercraft: Mastertanner.
  • Weavercraft: Masterweaver.


Craigath: bronze dragon, rider M'shall of Benden Weyr. Craigath appears to be more intelligent than the average dragon [RSR/10:249].

Crawler: a spider-like insect.

Creeper vine:

Creline: Master Harper at the end of the Eight Pass (2508), author of the Riddle Song [MHoP].


Crenden Lilcamp: trader, master of the Lilcamp Train, husband of 1st Gledia and 2nd Jenfa; father of Jayge Lilcamp [RoP].

Crick: a runnerbeast [Mor].

Cricket: Sean Connell's gray horse, the second one of that name. Sean had a horse called Cricket on Terra and on Pern [DD].

Cr'ion: rider of a bronze dragon. Weyrleader of Ista Weyr. Cr'ion is the Weyrleader who ordered his wingleader J'lantir to research watchwhere lore [DK].

Cristov: see also C'tov. Apprentice miner; later Journeyman, at Camp Natalon in Crom Hold. Son of Tarik and Dara, born first or second-month 482 (said to be juste turned 12 in third-month of 492). After his father is shunned his mother commits suicide and his father is killed in a firestone mine explosion/ Cristov and Toldur take up firestone mining in Tillek without much succes. They also have a run-in with the criminal Tenim again in which Toldur is killed. Cristov is wounded in the face and has a narrow escape with the help of Pellar. He then gets involved in the search for a safer firestone variety and later mines that at the Tillek coast ut Impresses brozne Sereth at High Reaches in the end, leaving the mine to Pellar and his spouse Halla [DK, Dfire].

Critith: misspelling of Kritith, D'say's bronze dragon appearing in the short story Beyond Between [BB].

Cr'not: rider of bronze dragon Caith. Weyrlingmaster at High Reaches Weyr [Mor].

C'rob: rider of bronze Spakinth, stationed at Benden Weyr [MHoP].

  • Weyrbound to: Crom is protected by Thread and tithes to Telgar Weyr.

Crom Hold: one of the major Holds in the Northern Continent. After it was established Crom became the main Miner's Hold, which role it took over from Telgar Hold, which was the main mining Hold well into the Second Pass. Crom is the Hold where the Masterminer has his residence.
  • Lord Holders: Lesselden [MHoP]; Fax [MHoP; D1]; Nessel [D1/223].
  • Vines at: [D1/108].

Cromcoal: a term that is also used for blackrock (analogous to Terran coal), probably more often during the earlier Passes than in later times. It is possible that the name cromcoal is used for a certain variety of blackrock or just for blackrock that is mined at Crom Hold.

Crossing, First: See First Crossing.

Crossing, Second: See Second Crossing.

Cryo spray: a (cold) spray that is used as an anesthetic. It was use to deactivate a spiny plant that started shooting its spines [CoP-Survey/2:14]. The word cryo is derived from cryogenics, the branch of physics that deals with very low temperatures.

C'tarel: rider of an unknown dragon, stationed at Benden Weyr. He got Threadscored in the last Fall before Menolly arrived at Benden Weyr from Half-Circle Sea Hold [H1/10:138]. With a name like his C'tarel cannot be but related to David Caterel, one of the original first eighteen dragonriders.

C'tic: rider of bronze Brith, an injured dragon of Ista Weyr [EtT].

C'tov: rider of bronze Sereth, Impressed and stationed at High Reaches Weyr. Originally miner Cristive, son of Tarik and Dara (both deceased) [Dfire]

Cucumber: a cucumber gel is used to treat burns. The gel from the pulp of the plant can reduce minor swelling (slices over the eyes reduces puffiness) but don't trade in your aloe. Most people think cucumber's best in salads.

[Submitted by Jennifer Quail].

Curmir: Harper at Fort Weyr [Mor].

Curran: a Master Fisherman at Fort Sea Hold [DoP].

Currency: each craft and (major?) Hold made it's own marks.
  • Farmermark: a mark made and issued by the Farm(er)craft.
  • Smithcraftmark: a mark made and issued by the Smithcraft, valued higher than other marks.

Currents, the: a name for the ocean currents between the Northern and Southern Continent [RSR/10:245; DoP].

Curtos: a child at Fort Hold [MHoP].

C'ver: rider of brown Hogarth, stationed at Telgar Weyr [Mor].

C'vrel: rider of bronze Falarth, stationed at Benden Weyr [MHoP].

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