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Gabri, Ann: see Ann Gabri.

Gadareth: bronze dragon, rider T'lion [DoP/3:45]. Affectionately called Gaddie by his rider [DoP/5:91].

[Illustration taken from the cover of the US Del Rey edition of The Dolphins of Pern © Rowena]

Galath: brown dragon, rider N'ran [RSR].

Gale: Healer at Big Bay Hold [Mor].

Gallardy: Healer at Healer Hall (Fort Hold) [Mor].


Gallian: eldest son of Lord Jamson and Lady Thea of High Reaches Hold. Steward at High Reaches Hold [RSR/10:251]. Nicknamed Galli [RSR/11:289]. He was of the same age as K'vin of Telgar Weyr [RSR/10:258]. He represented his father at the Bitran Exodus trials at Telgar and Benden Weyr at the end of the Winter of 257 [RSR/11:261]. By winter 257 Gallian was already authorized to deal with a part of the Hold matters [RSR/11:284]. When his parents left for the warmer climate of Ista Hold in the same winter,  he received authorization to act in all matters concerning High Reaches Hold and was able to show a document to this extend at the emergency meeting at Telgar Hold at which meeting Lord Chalkin of Bitra was formally impeached [RSR/11:291].

Galliani, Cesar: see Cesar Galliani.

Galliani, Marco: see Marco Galliani.

Galliani, Ramona: see Ramona Galliani.

Galliani, Stefano: see Stefano Galliani.

Galliani, Terry: see Terry Galliani.

Galnish: a Healer at Hold Gar [Mor].

Games, the: [D1/16].

Gamesmen: see Gamester

Gamester: a person in charge of a betting office or just someone who is continuously trying to bring people to place or make bets, also called gamesmen, often Bitrans. After Lord Vergerin took over at Bitra Hold in late 257, all the gamesmen got the chance to sign new contracts because the new Lord would not honor the old ones [RSR/16:387].

Gaminth: bronze dragon of M'tal, Weyrleader of Benden Weyr [DK].

Gana: wife of Bestrum, Holder of High Hill Hold [Ner].

Gandidan: [D3].

Ganmar: miner in the Telgar Region. Son of Boris. He expected to marry Debera, as arranged by her father in return for a deal concerning a mining site [RSR/3:93].

Gar: a dolphin [DoP/5:99].

Gar Hold: [Mor, Dfire].
  • Healers: Golnisk [Mor].
  • Lady of: [D1/138].

Garanath: brown dragon, rider R'yar [MHoP].

Garben, senator: a senator who was of great importance in getting the plans for the Pern colony approved of by the Federation of Sentient Planets (FSP). In honour the big volcano at the original colonist landing site on the Southern Continent was named after him [DLG2/2:0].

Garben, Mount: see Mount Garben

Gardiflon: a Holder [RoP].

Gardner: a teacher at Fort Hold who was specialized in the drawing up of legal contracts and land deeds. He represented, although unenthusiastically, the felons at the Bitran Exodus trials at Telgar and Benden Weyr at the end of Winter in 257, and did win one concession for them (return to Bitra for the rapists after their castration). While Gardner wasn't thrilled to represent them, he did take the job seriously and tried his best [RSR/11:262].

Gardrow: a holder lad at Kimmage Hold [RoP].

Garirth: gold dragon, rider Jessala. High Reaches senior queen at the end of the Second Interval. has of 23 eggs in what was possibly her last ckutch in 495, with at least one queen egg among them (on which Sonia has an eye) [Dfire].

Garm: ship master [RoP].

Gas-ring: a piece of equipment that came into use by the end of the First Interval. Used to heat water and other liquids [RSR/4:122].


Gather dress: a Pernese expression that indicates fancy dress.


Gathers, famous:
  • At Fort Hold early autumn of 257: at this gather was held a conclave on which the important issues were the imminent appearance of Thread and the establishment of a new mine hold on Ruathan land (the later Crom Hold). It is noteworthy that a name for the current Lord of Ruatha is not given in RSR and that he doesn't speak at the conclave, especially because the idea of impeaching a Lord Holder was first considered here [RSR/first chapter].

Gayton: a guard at Landing [AtWoP].

Gedenase of Lemos, Lord: Lord Holder of Lemos Hold, father of Lord Asgenar [RoP].

Gemma of Crom, Lady: Spouse of Fax and mother of Jaxom.
  • Death: [D1/47-48].

The picture on the right is the portrait artist Robin Wood made for the book The People of Pern (1988).

[Illustration used with permission. © Robin Wood, 1988]


The picture on the right is the portrait artist Robin Wood made for the book The People of Pern (1988).

[Illustration used with permission. © Robin Wood, 1988]

G'don of High Reaches Weyr: rider of bronze Chakath. High Reaches Weyrleader at the start of the Second Pass. Oldest Weyrleader at the start of the Second Pass (older even than senior Weyrleader S'nan of Fort Weyr) [RSR/1:49].

Genealogy: see Bloodlines.

Generators; still in use as a power source at the end of the First Interval. They even still had surge protectors, which unfortunately did not save the computers when lightning struck in the autumn of 257 [RSR/4:121].

Genjon: Master Glass-smithat Tillek Hold [Mor].

Gennel: Masterharper at Harper Hall, predecessor of Masterharper Robinton [MHoP].


George Milan: darmer at Calusa stakehold [DD].

Germathen: Healer at Nabol Hold [MHoP].

Gerendel: a mean and vicious man, foreman at the Firestone Mine #9, the mine Tarik was sentenced to work at. He died in the explosion of mine #9 [Dfire].

Gereth: green dragon, rider B'fol [D1].

Gianath: bronze dragon, rider S'ligar [Mor].

Gifflen: one of Fax’s soldiers, assassin who killed F'lon at a gather that was held at Telgar Hold [MHoP].

Ginia: Masterhealer at Harper Hall [MHoP].

Gingko: a tree. Colonist botanists raised seedlings of all Earth trees in the hydroponics lab. The gingko and cottonwood trees did well in the open plains, breaking the ground and providing shelter for the oak and pine seedings planted in their shade [DLG1/II:15].

Gionth: blue dragon, rider R'limeak [Mor].

Giri: a brindle dog at Paradise River Hold [RoP].

Giron: a dragonless man (a dragonrider who lost his dragon) with cold and empty eyes. Thella's second-in-command [GWHD/15].

Gisa: second wife of Lavel and Debera's stepmother. She and her husband lived at Balan Hold. She was a submissive wife, a natural victim who liked to be dominated [RSR/4:112]. She was still alive at the end of the First Interval [RSR/4:108]. She was pregnant in 257 [RSR/4:110].


Gledia: first wife of Crenden Lilcamp, mother of Jayge [RoP].

G'lir: a dragonrider and old Fort Weyrleader, probably during the beginning or middle of the Second Interval, prior to K'lior [Dfire].

Glovecap: probably digitalis spp. A blood-pressure reducer, the crushed leaves make a decoction which eases cardiac contractions. Digitalis is a biennial, it starts as a ring to a low mound of green leaves (up to 10" long) to a tall (4'-8') flowering plant with unmistakable tubular flowers that are purple on the outside and white with crimson spots on the inside. Full to partial shade, temperate climate, prefers acid soil.
The glovecap mentioned is probably foxglove: digitalis purpurea, a member of the snapdragon family and is the source of digitoxin, still one of the most effective heart medications (and almost 1000 times as powerful as the dried leaves.) While foxglove is poisonous, it is not as deadly per milligram as aconite or adonis, especially in its unrefined plant form and as such can be used as long as due care is taken. [Submitted by Jennifer Quail].

Glow: a chemical light source which is put into specially designed baskets that are mounted (to a wall) or can be carried by hand.

Glowbasket: a basket that holds glows. It can be carried as well as put in a (wall mounted) fixture. Glowbaskets can always be closed. In the earlier times on Pern candles and lanters were obviously still in use as they are mentioned in Dragon's Fire [Dfire].



The picture on the right is the portrait artist Robin Wood made for the Mayfair boardgame Dragonriders of Pern (1985, 1988). G'narish does not appear in the book The People of Pern (1988).

[Illustration used with permission. © Robin Wood, 1985, 1989]

Goal ball: a Pernese children's game. The object of the game is to throw a ball through a hoop or ring that is attached to the top of a pole; like in Terran korfbal (only known and played in several European countries) or basketball.

Gold dragon:

GOLDI:also written as G.O.L.D.I. A acronym used by the survey team that also srveyed Pern, meaning "good only for large, diversified interests." The target planet of the third system on this survey tour was designated as a GOLDI [CoP-Survey/1:4].

See also System number three

Gollagee: a tenor singer who originated from Telgar. The RSR character list suggests he was stationed at Telgar Hold though from the actual text in the book it seems that he was stationed at  College. He did attend the Telgar Weyr hatching of autumn 257 [RSR/3:106], which might have made the person who made the character list decide he was stationed there [RSR/character list].
In Red Star Rising/Dragonseye Gollagee is the character named for Anne’s friend Johnny Greene.

See also Johnny Greene

Golnisk: Healer at Gar Hold [Mor].

Gomalsi: son of Lord Sifer of Bitra, co-abductor of Masterharper Robinton [AtWoP].

Gomez, Andi: see Andi Gomez.

Gooseberry: Terran berry brought to Pern by the colonists, one of the berry species that survived.

Gorazde: Masterharper at Harper Hall [MHoP].

Gorby: Healer at Keroon Runnerhold [Mor].

Gorianth: bronze dragon, stationed at Telgar Weyr, he and his riders were members of V'last's wing. Gorianth was among the nine dragons involved in the rescue of Telgar Weyr dragonriders M'leng and P'tero who were attacked by lions while on an outing to the Southern Continent during first-month 258 [RSR/16:373].

Gorta: apprentice to the headwoman at Fort Weyr [Mor].

Gostol: Masterfisherman at Tillek Hold [MHoP].

Grains: a food plant. Best known examples are: wheat, corn, rye, oats, rice, barley or millet. All of the types of Terran grains brought to Pern by th colonists, did well in the rich, native Pernese soil [DLG1/II:16]. Some of the grains underwent a name-change over the centuries. Rice, for instance, was later known as river grain.

Grall: F'nors gold fire lizard [D2].

The picture on the right shows a just hatched Grall as she appears in the portrait of F'nor artist Robin Wood made for the book The People of Pern (1988).

[Illustration used with permission. © Robin Wood, 1988]

Gram of Nerat, Lord: Lord Holder of Nerat Hold [Mor].

G’ranad: rider of unknown bronze dragon, Weyrleader of High Reaches Weyr [MHoP].

Grant, Felicia: see Felicia Grant.

Granth: green dragon, rider A'murry [Mor].

Grasella: a dark Istan girl, weyrling and later rider of an unnamed green dragon. Grasella impressed at Telgar Weyr during late autumn of 257 [RSR/5:134]. She's probably the same person as "the brunette from Ista" that impressed a green dragon at the Telgar Hatching of late autumn 257.

Grass: Earth-type grass was brought to Pern by the colonists and adapted for the animals to eat untill they were sufficiently used to Pernese grassoid. Isolated patches of Terran grass have survived until as late as the Ninth Pass, but only in the Southern Continent, where it was originally grown [DLG1/II:15].

Great Barrier Range: [RSR/16:375].

Great Currents, the: [DoP/3].

Great Reach Hold:
  • Healers: Semment [Mor].

Great Sleep, the: Delphinic name for the deep sleep in which the original dolphins were kept on their journey from Earth to Pern [DoP/3].

Great Southern Current: [DoP/1:13].

Great(er) Subsidence: See Subsidences.

Green dragon:

Greene, John: see John Greene.

Greenfields Hold: said to be a month's foot journey from Campbell's Field Hold [Mor, Dfire].
  • Healers: Snel [Mor].

Greg Keating: a worker [DD].

Greta Tomlinson: midwife [DD].

Greystones Hold: named after the Irish coastal village of the same name, situated near to Anne's Irrish hometown of Newcastle in Country Wicklow.

Grief: Tenim's hunting bird (falcon, once mentioned as being a hawk). Killed Pellar's brown fire lizard Chitter [Dfire].

Grodon: first year apprentice at Harper Hall [MHoP].

Grogellan of Fort, Lord: Lord Holder of Fort Hold. Father of Lord Groghe [MHoP].

Groghe of Fort, Lord: Lord Holder of Fort Hold [MHoP, D1].

There are two official portraits of Lord Groghe of Fort, both by Robin Wood. The one on the left was made for the Mayfair boardgame Dragonriders of Pern (1985, 1989) and the one on the right, with his firelizard queen Merga on his shoulder, for the book The People of Pern (1988).

[Illustrations used with permission. © Robin Wood 1985, 1988, 1989]

Grolly: a runner, based at Fort Station [Runner].

Ground Hold:
  • Healers: Mendir [Mor].

Ground crews: ground crews must be supplied by the Lord Holders and assembled as directed by the Weyrleaders [RSR/1:48]. Lord Holders have to assign a suitable medic to each ground crew or have one member trained in first aid. A ground crew has to be supplied with kits containing numbweed, fellis juice and other first aid medications [RSR/1:49]. As many ground crews as possible should be accompanied by a certified medic [RSR/7:185].



G-type star:


Gulegar: a young apprentice miner at Camp Natalon in Crom Hold. Was taken in by Alarra [DK].

Gunnar Schultz: a dolphineer [CoP-DB].

Gus Gustavson: sailor [DD].

Gustavson, Gus: see Gus Gustavson.

GWHD: abbreviation used for the story The Girl Who Heard Dragons, which appeared in the collection of short stories The Girl Who Heard Dragons.

Gyorg Logorides: agronomist, settled at Thessaly stakehold [DD].

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