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This page last edited on 08 March 2008

I have been begging the Egg for...: Pernese saying [D1/223].

Ianath: bronze dragon, rider B'nurrin of Igen [RSR/16:380].

Iantine: at the start of the Second Pass a newly certified (the words "diploma'd" and "accredited"  are also used [RSR/6:169, 170]) journeyman Artist, specializing in portraits. Nicknamed Ian. Studied at Hall Domaize and took his exams there at the beginning of the Winter of 257; RSR/5:136. Lover of Debera of Telgar Weyr. Was commissioned by Lord Chalkin of Bitra Hold to do a portrait of him. Inexperienced, arrogant and too self-assured as he was he did not listen to the warnings people gave him concerning taking commissions from Bitrans. The original commission had also consisted of the making of miniatures of Lord Chalkin's four children, Iantine ended up making twenty on various materials he had to pay for himself. When the Lord's children got sick and they couldn't pose he had to work on the murals at the main Hall to earn his keep [RSR/5:135-136, 143-144, 148]. The price offered for the commission was sixteen marks plus keep and travel expenses [RSR/5:138]. Iantine needed all the marks he could earn because he wanted to start repaying what he owed his parents (who obviously partially funded his studies at Hall Domaize; the Lord and Lady of Benden Hold paid more than half of the fees involved [RSR/5:141]). His father would be able to extend his pasturage with the money and he would be able to pay the Council transfer fees involved in taking over his son's land allotment [RSR/5:139]. Iantine came from a large holder family who managed their own sheep and farm hold (elsewhere called a sheephold) in the Benden mountains. He had nine siblings. His mother had wanted him to become a teacher and had taught him (and other children from nearby holds) all the basics. He was sent to College and his next youngest brother had assumed his tasks at the hold. This more or less implies that Iantine was the oldest of the sons. At College his artistic talents were discovered and from there he was sent to Hall Domaize in Keroon [RSR/5:139-140]. Iantine was accepted into Hall Domaize after an interview with Master Domaize. Due to winter weather he had to prolong his stay at Bitra Hold in which he painted full sized portraits of Lord Chalkin and Lady Nadona (a square meter each) on skybroom wood (paid for by Lord Chalkin who also had to pay for all other materials) in their Gather dress [RSR/5:153]. He secretly made notations and drawings of the outlay of the interior of Bitra Hold [RSR/11:297]. He stayed at Bitra Hold for seven weeks before he was able to leave and was finally rescued by P'tero, a dragonrider of Telgar Weyr, from freezing over in the harsh weather [RSR/6:159-160]. Iantine was asked to bring out a report about his stay at Bitra to the Benden Lord Holder Bridgely and Benden Weyrleader M'shall [RSR/6:167]. He was visited by his mother at Telgar Weyr while he came down with mountain fever, which he probably got from Fendler, the woodsman he stayed with for a few nights, immediately after leaving Bitra Hold [RSR/6:172]. While convalescing Iantine was also visited by Master Domaize [RSR/6:174]. During the time he was convalescing he sketched a lot in and around Telgar Weyr and taught Weyr artist Waine bits of technique and procedures [RSR/6:175-176]. Iantine had plans to do miniatures of each of the almost six hundred dragonriders that lived at Telgar Weyr at the end of the First Interval [RSR/10:255]. Iantine also did sketches of the Bitran exodus trials proceedings at Telgar and Benden Weyr at the end of the Winter of 257 [RSR/11:263]. Iantine was involved in, and present at, the arrest of Lord Chalkin. At the request of Vergerin Iantine took the portrait he made of Lord Chalkin with him when he left, to rework it and make Chalkin look as he looked in real life (Iantine felt he had demeaned himself and Hall Domaize by succumbing to Chalkin's coercion [RSR/13:313]). Iantine told Lord Bridgely of Benden, who had invited him to come to his Hold, that he would probably be able to come after Turn's End 257, after he had finished Telgar Weyrleader K'vin's portrait and the last of the Telgar dragonrider's portraits [RSR/13:312]. Iantine discovered Morath (Debera's green dragon) liked him because she told him so [RSR/14:335]. Shortly after New Year 258 Iantine moved to Benden Hold to meet his obligations there [RSR/15:353]. His quarters at Benden Hold were on the family's floor [RSR/15:354]. He returned to Telgar Weyr (and Debera) as soon as his work at Benden Hold was finished, still early in 258 [RSR/16:392].

Ice cream: on Pern ice cream considered to be a delicacy, a special and traditional sweet that was especially served on First Day. It comes in various flavors [RSR/14:342].

Iced cake: a delicacy, usually served of feastdays [RSR/14:338].

Idarolan: Masterfish(er)man (Mastermariner), craftmaster of the Fish(er)craft [DoP/3:58]. Called Iddie by the dolphins [DoP/4:89]. Captain of the vessels Wave Eater [MHoP] and Dawn Sisters [DoP/4:76, 84-90; DoP/5:108-110].

The portrait on the right is the one artist Robin Wood made for the Mayfair boardgame Dragonriders of Pern (1985, 1989). It does not appear in The People of Pern (1988).

[Illustration used with permission. © Robin Wood 1985, 1989]

Ierne Island: caleld Big Island in later centuries. Oone of the original colonist provinces and places of settlement on the Southern Continent, situated in the river between Cibola (to the west) and Dorado (to the east) provinces [DD].
  • Stakes: Lochahatchee, Longwood, Orkney, Uppsala.

If you are hungry enough, even tunnel snake tastes good: Pernese proverb, meaning that under dire circumstances people will do things they normally wouldn't.

Ifor: journeyman harper at Tillek Hold [MHoP].


Igen Hold: major Hold.
  • Bound to: Igen Weyr.
  • Caverns for the holdless: by the end of the Ninth Interval (Second Long Interval) these caverns were overcrowded and sheltering hundreds of the holdless folk on Pern [GWHD/13]. There was a lot of pilfering done among the families in the caverns and the occupants had to guard their belongings carefully. Having no hold to be proud of, the holdless residing in the caverns had no pride of place at all. As a result of that it was a rather dirty and odorous place [GWHD/16].
  • Lady of: [D1/138].
  • Lord Holders: Banger [D1/222].
  • Tidal swamps: [D1/102].

Igen Hold, Parts of Upper: see Parts of Upper Igen Hold.

Igen Plain: [D1/94].

Igen River: a river flowing near the Main Hold and the Holdless cavern that almost dries out in summer. It partly forms the border between Igen and Lemos [GWHD/16-17]. Near the Main Hold there was a place in the river where one could cross it [GWHD/18].

Igen Sea Hold: [Mor].
  • Healers: Burdion [Mor]; Tonia [Mor].

Igen Weyr: nicknamed Hot Igen.
  • Holds under the protection of: Keroon Hold, Parts of Upper Igen, Southern Telgar Hold.

Iggie: a dolphin swimming the Southern waters [DoP].
Ika: misspelling of the name of Kenjo Fusaiyuki's wife Ito, found in the UK edition of Dragonsdawn only [DD, UK ed.].

Ika Kashima: colonist, might be indeticl with Ito who was married to Kenjo Fusaiyuki, whose name is found spelled Ika in the UK edition of Dragonsdawn but it one of the rather large bunch who doesn't even appear in te US edition of the same title [DD].

Ilex: Ilex spp. (English Holly, Mat). Febrifuge and tonic. English holly is an evergreen tree, averaging 6-15' tall but capable of up to 70'. It has glossy, spiny leaves with small white flowers. Female plants produce red berries. Mat reaches only 20' and has oval, matte leaves without the prickly spines.
The leaves of English holly (Ilex aquifolium) as we know it have been traditionally used as febrifuges, tonics, and a sedative. Laboratory results confirm the mild sedative properties, but not the tonic or febrifuge effect. Other varieties, such as yaupon (American holly, Ilex vomitoria) and mat‚ (Ilex paraguariensis) contain caffeine and the leaves can be brewed into a tisane which serves the same purpose as coffee and tea. [Submitteed by Jennifer Quail].

ILF: also written as I.L.F. A notation used by the survey team that also surveyed Pern, to indicate the existence of an "intelligent life form" on a planet, which renders a planet unsuitable for colonization and stops further investigation by a survey team. On this tour, the target planet of the first system was designated as ILF [CoP-Survey/1:4]. See also System number one.

Ilith: queen dragon, rider Lidora [Mor].

Ilsa Langsam: teacher at Ruatha Hold [CoP-FoRH].

Ima: female butcher [DK] and hunter [Dfire] of Camp Natalon in Crom Hold.

Impeachment (of a Lord Holder): one of the penalties in use on Pern. Impeachment could be imposed on a Lord Holder if there was a unanimous agreement of all major Lord's Holder. There was no trial procedure for impeachment, though normally an indictment was issued, and obviously no mode of appeal. In the case of impeachment the Charter requires the persons that issue the penalty to find a suitable candidate for the office of Lord Holder from the incumbent's Bloodline [RSR/1:56-57, 59].

Impression: "the moment when a newly hatched dragon links minds with a suitable human partner; a bond of such complexity and depth that no other union can be compared with it; almost overwhelming in the initial moment of recognition, and certainly the most intense emotion a dragon rider will ever experience" [RSR/3:86]. If a newly hatched dragon does not find a compatible personality among the candidates (or spectators present) he will die [RSR/3:100].
  • Availability of females for impression: just before and during the start of the second pass there were fewer and fewer girls available for impression (of mainly green dragons) or encouraged to stand on the Hatching Grounds. Parents were often more interested in applying for more land by setting up cotholds for married children. Being a dragonrider did not prevent girls from having children but it did prevent them from owning land. Grandchildren, even the Weyrborn, could claim land although they generally preferred to stay in the Weyr even if they did not impress [RSR/1:29-30].
  • Traditions: [D1/186-188].

In the name of the egg:

Ind: Healer at Ista Weyr [Mor].

Infirmary: in early times the main infirmary was located at the College [RSR/27], in later times called Harper Hall. There obviously were other infirmary facilities on Pern because it is said that the one at Fort Hold (College) was the main facility [RSR/1:31].

Infirmary-research facility: this facility was housed in annexes to the College at Fort Hold [RSR/1:31].

Inrion: Hold Harper at Lemos Hold [DK].

Internet Pern Rules (concerning all kinds of role playing games): rules in relation of RPGing Pern changed and were substantially more relaxed per ultimo 2004, around the time Anne's McCaffrey's own bulletin board and chatroom were discontinued. Be advised though that this heavy relaxation of the rules can be reverted in case the rights to Pern are sold.

For current rules click on this link to visit the Fan Fiction rules page on Anne's site.

For a bit of history, here are the old rules: in the faq list of the newsgroup is the following statement (with thanks to "Chris Houghton" for relaying this "message"), by Anne McCaffrey herself (dated October 8, 1992): "The rules are that my characters may be referred to but not used. BUT there can be no adventure/stories set on Pern at all!!!!! That's infringing on my copyright and can bear heavy penalties - particularly right now when there's a film deal (yet another) which has bought and paid for the right to use the material - which, I fear, e-mail users have not. On CIS, I have asked people to limit Pern material to a discussion of their persona and dragons, fire-lizards, etc., in a diarist form. Fanzines have slightly more latitude as the zine is usually mailed only to members so that's limited publication, and a due copyright notice is included.  As there is no such protection on electronic mail, we authors have to be insistent on these safeguards. I know this can be confusing since Paramount and Star Trek are handled differently, but that's the point:  they are, and have been.  Individual themes and characters of s-f/fantasy novels are not. And such indiscriminate usage of our characters, worlds, and concepts on a "public" media like electronic mail constitute copyright infringement AND, which many fans disregard, is ACTIONABLE!  Both the e-mail company AND the person.  My publishers are most insistent on that point!  So it's to safeguard the interested e-mail user that I make these very strong, and perhaps unpalatable points."

Inka: a dolphin swimming the Fort waters [DoP].

Interval: the period of time between passes, generally 200 Turns. However, a Long Interval (see there) can last approximately 400 turns; D1/116.
  • Long Interval: generally a Long Interval has twice the length of a normal interval (app. 400 Turns). A period in which no Thread falls and dragonmen decrease in number. The last Long Interval was thought to herald the end of Threads. See Interval.
  • Normal Interval:

Irene of Benden: rider of gold Maruth, Benden Weyrwoman at the start of the Second Pass [RSR/1:43], nicknamed Renee [RSR/16:401]. She put a wing of Benden riders at the disposal of Lord Vergerin of Bitra, to use in contacting the larger holdings in Bitra and announcing Chalkin's impeachment and exile [RSR/13:311].

Irm: an old loper [Runner].

Irtine: a holder lad at Kimmage Hold [RoP].

Isla: cot keeper at Harper Hall [MHoP].

Island 32: an island in the southern archipelago that also contained Young Island. This was the island to which Lord Chalkin of Bitra was exiled after his impeachment during the winter of 257 [RSR/13:311].


Issony: a traveling teacher who formerly taught at Bitra but left in or just prior to Turn 257, voiding his contract with Lord Chalkin and refusing to go back. After leaving the Hold he was rescued by a dragonrider (as Iantine was) [RSR/7:199]. After the impeachment of Lord Chalkin and Lord Vergerin taking over the management of Bitra Hold, Issony returned to Bitra Hold to teach there. He was already back by early 258 [RSR/16:390].

Ista: described as having sharp hills and deep valleys, densely vegetated [RSR/15:367].

Istan diamonds: black diamonds that are mined at Ista [RSR/1:25]. See also Black diamonds.

Ista Hold: major Hold.
  • Bound to: Ista Weyr.
  • Lord Holders: Fitatric [Mor].
  • Mountains beyond: [D1/139].
  • Threadfall at: [D1/195].

Ista Weyr: sometimes referred to as Ocean Ista.
  • Healers: Ind [Mor].
  • Holds under the protection of: Ista Hold, Igen Hold, Nerat Hold.
  • Records from: [D1/175].

Istan diamonds: see Ista - sub Istan Diamonds, see also Black diamonds.

Italia: a dolphin [CoP-DB].

Ith: bronze dragon, rider M'gent [Mor].

Ito: colonist, mechanical engineer. Name also fund misspelled as Ika [DD, UK edition only] and Ita. Wife of Kenjo Fusaiyuki, whom she was married to on Pern. had children Shenso, Chio, Jiro and Kimo by Kenjo. Was partner of Stev Kimmer. She died because she had to many stillborn babies during her partnership with Kimmer [DD, CoP-RR].

Ivan Chernoff: a miner at Karachi stake. Nicknamed Ivan the Terrible [DD].

Ixth: bronze dragon, rider P'nine [Mor].

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