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This page last edited on 08 March 2008

Jack Brooks: joat (jack of all trades) [DD]. This person might be named after the husband of Anne McCaffrey's sister-in-law Sara Brooks.

Jacob Chernoff: a child, later smith [DD].

Jacobsen, David: see David Jacobsen.

Jake Chernoff: communications technician [DD].

Jakris: a miner at Camp Natalon in Crom Hold. Son of Danil. Jakris left Camp Natalon after his father and five of his brothers were killed in a mining accident. He has woodcarving skills. He joined the family of Terra and her husband Riterin, who already had four children, all of them young.

Jalerth/Jaleeth?: bronze dragon, rider T'lonneg [Mor].

Jallora: journeywoman healer at Fort Weyr [Mor].

Jamal: a boy from a group of young, shunned, children with Tenim and Moran as their leaders. Older brother of Halla. He broke his leg and was walking with crutches and still alive in 492 but he caught an infection in the broken leg and died [Dfire].

James Tillek: See Jim Tillek.

Jamson of High Reaches, Lord: Lord of High Reaches Hold at the start of the Second Pass, husband of Thea. Child by Thea: Gallian (oldest son), there were thirteen other children (among them at least one girl) which number substantially increased the borders of the Hold when the children were old enough to claim their land grants [RSR/1:44, 11:261]. Lord Jamson refused to go along with the impeachment of Lord Chalkin because of his strong belief in the autonomy of the Holds. He was known to be (very) conservative [RSR/9:220]. His son Gallian was of the opinion that his father's memory was slipping a bit. According to Lord Paulin of Fort Hold Jamson was getting old as well as odd. Lord Paulin was visited by Gallian and his mother Lady Thea already in 256 after they noticed that their father and husband was having spates of memory loss [RSR/10:251, 253]. Lord Jamson was ill of a respiratory fever at the end of the Winter of 257, at the time of the famous Bitran exodus trials at Telgar and Benden Weyr and which he could not attend [RSR/11:261]. His wife Thea and oldest son Gallian disagreed with his view on the impeachment of Lord Chalkin of Bitra, of which Lord Jamson was the only opponent. They, helped by Lord Paulin of Fort, plotted against him, in a mild sense of the word, and planned to send him to Ista or Nerat (to recuperate) on the count of his respiratory illness (he also had constant chest infections) in which case he had to authorize his heir Gallian to deal with all Hold matters (at that time Gallian was already authorized to deal with a part of the Hold matters) [RSR/11:284]. Gallian was Jamson's oldest son and heir, he repeatedly referred to the younger sons as "stupid", the nephews also did not have a chance at the succession [RSR/11:285]. After Lord Jamson spent two months at Ista, Lord Paulin of Fort took him along to Bitra Hold early in Turn 258. At the time Jamson was still furious that his son had voted for him in the Lord Chalkin impeachment case [RSR/16:384-392].

Jan Regan: a dolphineer [DD].

Jancis: Journeywoman and later Master Smith. Granddaughter of Mastersmith Fandarel and spouse of Piemur [DoP/3:46]. Mother of Pierjan.

Jane of Benden, Lady: Lady Holder of Benden Hold at the start of the Second Pass, spouse of Bridgely. Under all the flutter an extremely efficient woman. She had graceful, small hands (the only jewels she wore consisted out of her spousal ring) [RSR/15:354]. She was considered to be a graceful and charming woman by Iantine [RSR/15:356].

Janeruth: bronze dragon. His rider is Weyrlingmaster H'mar at Eastern Weyr [DoP/5:108].

Jannik: a Master Miner, assistant of Masterminer (craftmaster) Britell [Dfire].

Jaran: a miner at Camp Natalon in Crom Hold.

Jarlath: a bronze dragon, rider unknown. He was one of the dragons that helped carry the Bahrain's engine to the Red Star [AtWoP].

Jarrol: oldest child and son of Lord Jaxom and Lady Sharra of Ruatha Hold [AtWoP].

Jassap: a Holder in Ruatha [RoP].

Jaxom: Lord Holder of Ruatha Hold. Rider of white Ruth. Husband of Sharra and father of Jarrol and Shawan [D2].

The picture on the right is the portrait artist Robin Wood made for the book The People of Pern (1988).

[Illustration used with permission. © Robin Wood, 1988]

Jayge Lilcamp: Lord Holder of Paradise River Hold [DoP/2:37]. Husband of Aramina and father of Readis and Aranya (Janara).
Jayge is usually just called Holder but when he is addressed formally by Lord Jaxom of Ruatha (concerning the use of Paradise River sands for the manufacturing of glass) Jaxom calls him Lord Holder [DoP/2:37].

Jaythen: a guard at Aleesa's camp (Hold, DK) and Aleesa's mate, Jaythen has a bronze watch-wher (unnamed, but should be Jaytesk) who has mated more than once with Aleesk [Dfire]

J'dar: rider of an unknown bronze dragon. Wingleader stationed at Telgar Weyr, chosen by K'vin as his second-in-charge [RSR/15:359, 17:412].

Jean: rider of gold Greteth, stationed at the newly founded Benden Weyr [CoP-SW].

Jelth: blue dragon, rider N'men [Mor].

Jennifer Kiersey: a farmer on Ierne Island [DD].

Jemath: queen dragon (senior), rider Laura of Ista [RSR].

Jemmy: a young genius studying and working at College. Favorite pupil of Danja [RSR/2:71]. A brilliant composer, musically a Jack of all Trades (as he was called by headmaster Clisser), except that he couldn’t sing well. Though not officially "graduated" from the Hall (College) he already ran several smaller study groups by 257. He was to be put in charge of the information survey held in the history classes [RSR/2:72]. He was unprepossessing in physical appearance, with pale hair and skin and oversized features. Had uneven teeth and a long face [RSR/11:276]. He was self-effacing and indifferent to his academic achievements. While not in the least athletic he had won the long-distance races in the Summer Games in 255, 256 and 257. He did not relate well to his peer group and said that they didn't think the same way he did [RSR/2:73]. He came from a family of fishermen at Tillek Hold that didn't understand him or his abilities at all, and at one point thought him retarded. At the age of fourteen he had followed his siblings into training in the family occupation but lasted only three voyages. He was an able navigator but had constant motion sickness (never even acquiring "sea legs"). Captain Kizan had interested himself in the lad and sent him to Fort Hold for evaluation, recommending that he be trained as a teacher. He was accepted and galloped through even the hardest lessons so that a special and independent study program was made for him. He had perfect pitch, could not sing but could play any instrument (given a few hours of training). His family and Lord Holder (Bastom) expected him to return to teach at Tillek but at College Hall it was decided that he should stay on there, benefiting the entire continent instead of teaching basics to children at the Hold. He was a deft archivist and seemed intuitively to know how to fill in the gaps left by improper copying or damaged records. He wasn't a good teacher but he could, and did, produce manuals and guides that enhanced the basic texts that the settlers had brought with them. It was said that he translated "Earth" into "Pern" [RSR/2:74-75]. He idolized Bethany and was secretly in love with her although she was many Turns his senior; some other teachers thought he might be the one to finally get past her emotional barriers [RSR/2:75]. Jemmy introduced the idea, based on the old principles also implemented at the Terran Stonehenge (UK), of using Eye and Finger rocks as a warning system and locator for the all important positioning of the Red Star [RSR/13:322]. He was the composer of many teachings ballads and other songs.

Jenella: wife of Natalon, leader at the mining Camp Natalon in Crom Hold. Mother of Dalor, Nuella and Larissa. She had a miscarriage prior to the birth of Larissa [DK].

Jenny: a child living in a Shunned community, daughter of Yona. Jenni got sick and died of fever [Dfire].

Jepson, Arnold: see Arnold Jepson.

Jepson, Ben: see Ben Jepson.

Jepson, Bob: see Bob Jepson.

Jepson, Elizabeth: see Elizabeth Jepson.
Jepson twins, the: see Ben and Bob Jepson [DD].

Jerky: (jerked beef) Jerky is meat which has been cut into strips with the fat trimmed off, marinated in a spiced, salty or sweet liquid for a desired flavor, then dried with low heat (usually under 160°F or 70°C) or occasionally salted and sun-dried. The result is a salty, stripped, semi-sweet snack which can be stored for long periods of time without refrigeration. Jerky is one of humankind's earliest applications of food preservation.
The word "jerky" itself comes from the Terran (Ecuador Quechua term) word Charqui, which means "dried meat". Throughout human history and culture, drying meat has been a common method employed to preserve it. By drying thinly sliced meat in the sun and wind next to a smoky fire, the meat is protected from insects which would lay eggs in the raw meat. These prehistoric methods to preserve meat for storage have been used by the Inca and many other ancient peoples, who prepared jerky from the animals they hunted or husbanded as an essential matter of need [DFire].

Jerint: Master Harper (construction of instruments) at Harper Hall [MHoP].

The picture on the right is the portrait artist Robin Wood made for the book The People of Pern (1988).

[Illustration used with permission. © Robin Wood, 1988]

Jerra: holder's daughter at Waterhole Hold. Thaniel's second child, oldest of two girls. About the age to get married [BB].

Jerry Mercer: rider of brown Manooth. One of the original 18 riders [DD].

Jesken: weyr lad at Benden Weyr [MHoP].

Jess: son of Lord Tolocamp and Lady Pendra of Fort Hold [NS].

Jessala: rider of gold Garirth, Weyrwoman of High Reaches Weyr at the end of the Second Interval, mate of B'ralar. In 495 Jessala has not bee well for the last two Turns [Dfire]

Jess Hamil: a farmer [DD].

Jez: a beasthandler at Ruatha Hold [MHoP].

Jillith: queen dragon, rider Namurra [Mor].

Jim: a dolphin of the Pardisriv pod [DoP/4:82, 5:115].

Jim Clouse: [DLG/xi].

Jim Tillek: captain. One of the first colonists that charted Pernese waters [DoP/4:88-89].

Jiro Akamoto: colonist, co-pilot of one of the Yokohama's three shuttles. Jiro was the co-pilot of Kenjo Fusaiyuki on the first shuttle flight to Pern [DD]. His name is also found as Jiri in the UK edition of Dragonsdawn.

Jiro Fusaiyuki: son of Kenjo and Ito Fusaiyuki, born on Pern and probably named after Kenjo's colleague and co-pilot Jiro Akamoto. Returned to Earth [CoP/RR].

Jith: bronze dragon, rider L'vin [Mor].

Jivan Paramundi: obstetrician [DD].

J'lantir: rider of bronze Lolanth, wingleader at Ista Weyr. J'lantir was ordered by his Weyrleader to research watchwher lore. He was one of Kindan's staunch supporters and helpers and instrumental in getting Nuella to teach a few other wherhandlers to communicate with their watchwhers better to be more effective [DK].

Joanson: senior medic at South Boll Hold, a tall man [RSR/7:186].

Jody Lynn Nye: born 5 july 1957. Besides being a successful author in her own right, to Pern and Anne McCaffrey lovers Jody is best known as the author or the Dragonlovers Guide to Pern, two Crossroads Adventure books set on Pern as well as co-author of several novels she wrote together with Anne McCaffrey.

Joe Milan: a child [DD].

Joe Tobin: engineer [DD].

Joel Lilienkamp Sr.: A prominent First Settler and direct ancestor of master trader Jol Liliencamp. Iantine remembered a portrait of Joel Lilienkamp being part of a mural, which also depicted the other charterers, at Fort Hold. He was a smallish man with black hair, depicted with sharp eyes and a pad of some sort depending from his belt and several writing implements stuffed in his chest pocket and one behind his ear [RSR/8:208-209].

Jofri: Journeyman Harper at Camp Natalon in Crom Hold. A young man due to return to the Harper Hall for his mastery. Relieved from duty by Master Harper Zist [DK, Dfire].

John Aldrin: colonist, a pilot. Settled in Jordan province [DD].
John is probably named by Anne McCaffrey after Edwin Eugene (Buzz) Aldrin (born Montclair, NJ 1930), the American astronaut who, as a member of the crew of Apollo 11, was the second human to set foot on the moon (after fellow astronaut Armstrong) on July 21, 1969. He was also the second man who made an EVA, as a crewmember of Gemini 12 he stayed in space for 129 minutes on Nov. 12, 1966.

John Greene: marine sergeant of the Amherst [CoP-Survey].

Johhny Greene: colonist, engineer [DD].

Jol Liliencamp: master trader, owner of the Jol Liliencamp train, also called Master Jol. Descendant of Joel Lilienkamp (see Joel Lilienkamp) [RSR/8:208]. Cousin of Milla and of her daughter Debera [RSR/8:213].

Jonno: child at Benden Hold [MHoP].

Jora of Benden: rider of queen Nemorth: Weyrwoman at Benden prior to Lessa. Jora died before the last clutch of her dragon hatched, subsequently we must assume that Nemorth suicided shortly after the hatching of her daughter Ramoth, the queen of her last cluth that was impressed by Lessa. Jora was an incompetent, obese and stupid Weyrwoman; she could not control her grief over her killed weyrmate F'lon, Benden´s Weyrleader.
  • Death: [D1/7, 17].
  • Search that provided: [D1/9].

Jordan: one of the original colonist provinces, located on the Southern Continent, east of the Jordan river [DD]. Location of the first mushroom farming on Pern, in the caves that ridded the palisade overlooking the Jordan river [DLG1/II:16].
  • Stakes: Calusa, Cambridge-on-Jordan, Cardiff, Landing, Monaco Bay.
  • Weyrs: Monaco Bay Weyr.

Jorgenson, Simone: see Simone Jorgenson.

Jori: a child at Camp Natalon in Crom Hold [DK].

Joruth: brown dragon, rider B'refli [MHoP].

Josi: a dolphin swimming the Kahrain waters [DoP].

Journeyman: a crafter's rank, the middle rank for a crafter, comes between apprentice and Master.

Journeywoman: a crafter's rank, the female equivalent of a Journeyman.



J'trel: rider of blue Talith, stationed at Ista Weyr. He, or maybe his dragon, is good at Searching candidates for gold dragons. J'trel visits the Southern continent regularly which is forbidden. He thinks nobody knows, but his Weyrleader C'rion does. He gave himself away by always returning with th best, and sometimes unusual, fruit from a foraging trip. He is designated to help Cristov, Alarra and D'vin to find the safer variety firestone on the beaches on the Southern Continent [DK, Dfire].

Ju Adjai: colonist, botanist, owner of two fire lizards of which teh name are unknown. Wife of Admiral Paul Benden. The couple originally settled at Boca [DD; CoP-DB; CoP-FoRH; AtWoP].

Jule: rider of an unnamed green dragon. A Weyrbred weyrling at Telgar Weyr. She impressed at Telgar Weyr during late autumn of 257 [RSR/5:134]. She was the lover and weyrmate of T'red, a Telgar brown rider, but kept the relationship short so as not to affect the maturation of her dragon. Elsewhere in RSR it is indicated that it was T'red that was biding his time, because he knew better than to start a relationship with a weyrling (because of the fact her dragon was still immature) [RSR/11:274, RSR/15:357]. Jule's dragon is incorrectly listed as Plath in the RSR character list [RSR/character list].
In DLG2 the name of her dragon is given as Minath.

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