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Kaarvan: captain of the ship Pernese Venturer [DD].


Kahrain: one of the original colonists provinces and places of settlement on the Southern Continent, west of the Jordan river [DD; RSR/15:359]. Kahrain was the province the Irish traveling folk (tinkers) settled in [DD].
  • Stakes: Amsterdam, Bavaria, Bordeaux, Killarney, Milan, Oslo Landing, Vienna-on-Jordan.

Kahrainian coast: the coast of the Southern Continent area called Kahrain. During the Second Crossing the armada (fleet), that helped evacuate people and material to the Northern Continent, had a long stop here for repairs after a violent storm [RSR/15:359].

Kailey: journeyman harper at Wide Bay Hold [MHoP].

Kalanth: brozne dragon, rider B'ralar, Weyrleader of High Reaches Weyr near the end of the Second Interval [Dfire].

Kale: Lord Holder of Ruatha Hold, son of Ashmichel [MHoP]. Father of Lessa.

Kalem: journeyman shipbuilder at Tillek Hold [MHoP].

Kaljan: Master Miner [H3].

Kaloth: bronze dragon, rider D'gan, former Weyrleader of Igen and later of Telgar Weyr [Dfire]. According to Todd McCafffrey's own Dragon's Fire character list Kalioth is K'lur's green dragon.

Kalvi: head engineer; chief of the mechanical engineers at the end of the First Interval and the start of the Second Pass [RSR/1:45]. A lean, hawk-nosed man [RSR/1:60]. Kalvi loved to fish in the Istan waters. In the frantic search during the run-up to the Second Pass for materials long left in storage, some reels of stout nylon fishing line had been found that would even take the weight of packfish and that were used by Kalvi [RSR/7:192]. He had two sons that worked in supervisory capacities in his Telgar works [RSR/2:80].
At the gather at Fort in 257 Kalvi reassured Weyrleaders and Lord Holders that his foundry had turned out sufficient HNO3 cylinders, but that the HNO3 would have to be made up on site. Kalvi scheduled every major Hold with three days of training in the maintenance and repair of flame-throwers including a practice session [RSR/1:48]. He had the issue of new mines in the Great Western range, just beyond the Ruatha borders, put on the agenda of the meetings at the gather at Fort Hold in 257. It was seconded by Lord Tashvi of Telgar. High Reaches Weyr and Telgar Weyr would take care of transport of the necessary materials [RSR/1:60-62].  Kalvi was also responsible for the manufacture of the new, surgical, bonecutters that were introduced during the Winter of 257 [RSR/7:187]. He, and members of his team, demonstrated to those who would form the Fort Weyr ground crews how to use and service HNO3 cylinders in the Great Hall at Fort Hold in the Winter of 257 [RSR/7:188].

Kami: daughter of Alemi and Kitrin [DoP/5:114].

Kamiana: rider of queen Pelianth. Junior weyrwoman at Fort Weyr [Mor]. She succeeds Moreta as Weyrwoman at Fort Hold [BB].

Kanadin: see K'din.

Karenchok: journeyman harper at South Boll hold [MHoP].

Kashima, Ebon: see Ebon Kashima.

Kashima, Ika: see Ika Kashima.

Kasia: intended bride of  Merdine (deceased) and Robinton's spouse, at Tillek Hold, sister of Juvana (spouse of Lord Holder Melongel)  [MHoP].

Katz Field Hold:
  • Named after: Katz Field Hold is obviously named after Jay Katz, Anne McCaffrey's real-life lawyer and friend, who is also mentioned in the acknowledgements of DLG1.

Kayla: Kayla is the sister of Abuna. They manage the kitchen at the Harper Hall and are supervised by Silvina and, generally, assisted by kitchen aids, Camo among them, and any number of apprentices who might be on punishment detail. They bicker constantly over minor tasks, with no real ill-feeling but a certain competitiveness which generally makes the work go more easily. They are both married to journeymen serving Master Arnor, the Harper Hall's archivist. They are devoted to Masterharper Robinton and the Hall and quite happy to take Silvina's orders even though they might, from time to time, contest them. [PoP:70]

The picture on the right is Kayla as she appears in the scene with Camo, Abuna and Kayla that artist Robin Wood made for the book The People of Pern (1988).

[Illustration used with permission. © Robin Wood, 1988]

Kaylek: apprentice miner at Camp Natalon in Crom Hold. Son of Danil, next oldest brother of Kindan, just turned 14 (near Pellar's age) and admitted into the mine to work. Red haired. Was killed in a cave in (mining accident) [DK, Dfire].

K'dall: rider of blue Teelarth, stationed at Telgar Weyr [Mor].

K'der: rider of blue Warth, stationed at Ista Weyr [D2]

K'din: rider of brown Bulith, stationed at Eastern Weyr [DoP/5:93]. Older brother of T'lion, son of a journeyman living at Landing [DoP/5:92].

K'dren of Benden: rider of bronze Kuzuth. Weyrleader of Benden Weyr [Mor].

Keating, Greg: see Greg Keating.

Keeper of the Records: By tradition one of the responsibilities of the Weyrwoman of each weyr. Each weyrwoman kept the records of her own weyr.

Keita: Holder of Greystones Hold [RoP].

Kelsa: songmaster at Harper Hall [Dfire].

Kenelas: weyrperson [D2].

Kenil: miner at Camp Natalon in Crom Hold. Son of Danil, brother of Kindan. Killed in a cave in (mining accident) [DK].

Kenjo Fusaiyuki: colonist, shuttle pilot and instructor. Hero pilot from the Nathi war, served under admiral Paul Benden. Nickamed "Fussy Fusi", had a prostethic left leg (and called a cyborg because of it). Husband of Ito (who later became the partner of Stev Kimmer) and father of Shenso, Chio, Jiro and Kimo [DD, AtWoP].

Kenner: member of a small group of Shunned. Spouse of Mara and father of Koria, who all died of fever [Dfire].

Keogh Hold: a minor Hold in Crom, situated in a bend of the Crom river [Dfire].

Kepiru: lad who was with Fax’ party at the gather at Telgar when F’lon was killed [MHoP].

Ker: a guard at Landing [AtWoP].

Keranth: blue dragon, rider T'ragel [Mor].

Kerdal: miner at Camp Natalon in Crom Hold. One of Tarik's old cronies but in the end he told on Tarik [DK].

Kern: oldest son and heir of Lord Holder Nessel of Crom. Prospective Lord Holder of Crom [D3].

Keroon: Keroon had vast grasslands, called the Plains of Keroon or the Keroon Plains and is like the Southern Continent in some places [RSR/15:367].
  • Threadfall at: [D1/195].

Keroon, captain: see Ezra Keroon.

Keroon Beasthold: (Keroon Beast Hold) [Mor].
  • Healers: Mibbut [Mor]; Talpan (Healer of Animals) [Mor].

Keroon, Ezra: see Ezra Keroon.

Keroon Hold: major Hold.
  • Bound to: Igen Weyr.
  • Coastal flooding: [D1/95].
  • Herds: [D1/95].
  • Lady of: [D1/138].
  • Lord Holders: Corman [D1/22].

Keroon Plateau: [D1/95].

Keroon Runnerhold: (Keroon Runner Hold) [Mor].
  • Healers: Gorby [Mor].

Kessuth: dragon, color unknown, rider T'dam [RSR]. Designated as a bronze dragon in DLG2.

Ketrin: steward at Telgar Hold [RoP].

Kevelon: Holder of Central Hold (Southern Continent) [RoP].

Kevin Hanrahan: also called Kevin of the Hanrahans. See K'vin of Telgar.

Kib: a dolphin of the Paradriv pod [DoP/1:28, 2:39, 4:81-82, 86, 88-89, 5:115].

Kibbe: a dolphin [DoP/1].

Kibby: a dolphin [CoP-DB/26]

Kiersey, Andrew: see Andrew Kiersey

Kiersey, Jennifer: see Jennifer Kiersey.

Kiffin, Saki: see Saki Kiffin.

Kilamon: journeyman harper at Ruatha Hold [Mor].

Kilanath: queen dragon, rider Diona [Mor].

Kilminth: bronze dragon, rider S’bran [MHoP].

Kilo: a measurement of weight, still in use on Pern during the First Interval/Second Pass ("…she sweated kilos off her big frame") [RSR/16:376].

Kilometer: used (once) as a measure for distance in Dragon's Fire [Dfire].

Kilpie: headwoman at Ista Weyr. An older, slightly stout woman with sun streaked blond hair that is braided and coiled around her head. She has a stern mouth but her eyes betray her sense of humour [EtT].

Kilti: Msterhealer. craftmaster [Dfire].

Kimi: Sebell's gold fire lizard [H2].

Kimo Fusaiyuki: son of Kenjo and Ito Fusaiyuki, born on Pern. Returned to Earth [CoP/RR].

Kindan: wherhandler and apprentice Harper at Camp Natalon in Crom Hold. Son of Danil. Master Harper Zist's apprentice (voice). Chosen as handler for Camp Natalon's watchwher (Kisk, later know as Nuelsk). He has the making of a good singer and is studying at Harper Hall by the time of Dragon's Fire. He does the archival research after the better, less dangerous firestone [DK, Dfire].

Kinsale alias Nip: harper who served as spy [MHoP].

Kimmage, Chuck: see Chuck Kimmage.

Kimmer, Charity: see Charity Kimmer.

Kimmer, Faith: see Faith Kimmer.

Kimmer, Hope: see Hope Kimmer.

Kimmer, Stev: see Stev Kimmer.

King: a bay stallion at Ruatha Hold [CoP-FoRH].

Kinsale aka Nip: Harper, undercover agent [MHoP].

Kinver of Bitra, Lord: Lord Holder of Bitra Hold prior to Lord Chalkin. Father of Chalkin and brother of Vergerin. The records stated that Kinver was a capable and fair Lord Holder (even though he gambled too, but - more importantly - didn't cheat) [RSR/11:293].


Kisk: a green watchwher at Camp Natalon in Crom Hold. Kisk was Nuelsk's name while Kindan was her handler [DK, Dfire]. See Nuelsk.

Kista: daughter of Lord Tolocamp and Lady Pendra of Fort Hold [NS].

Kitral: daughter of Alemi and Kitrin [DoP/5:114].

Kitrin: spouse of Alemi [DoP/3:42]. She has a bronze fire lizard called Bitty [DoP/3:43]

Kitti Ping Yung: colonist, bio-geneticist [DD; DB in passing, DK in preface as Kitti Ping]. Kitti Ping, sometimes called Kit Ping for short, was the most eminent bio-geneticist of the Federated Sentient Planets, the only human who had ever been trained at the Great Beltrae Halls of the Eridanis. Nobody knew "how under the suns" the Pern expedition had lucked out enough to include her.
The original work of Kitti and Wind Blossom (sometimes called Wind Blossom Ping) was to use the Eridani techniques to alter animals, and plants, the colonists had brought so they'd be able to adapt and thrive on Pern. The plan was for at least some of the animals brought to be tailored to make required enzymes in their own glands, instead of using symbiotic bacteria as their ancestors on Earth had done.
Kitti was already in her tenth decade when arriving on Pern and was a small (she was half Paul Benden's height) and frail lady that kept some mobility with the help of prostheses.
When the dragonets had proved immensely valuable in warning agaist and yes, even fighting Thread, zoologist Pol Nietro and biologist Bay Harkenon worked under and with Kitti to give the dragonets mentasynth, something that made the indigenous animals even more valuable to the colonists. After Thread started falling Kitti, and Wind Blossom, were also invaluable in the research that was done to discover more about this sudden and unsuspected menace. They lent their special skills in analyzing the life-forms as soon as samples were brought in. On behalf of the Pern colony and its people governors Paul Benden and Emily Boll asked Kitti to lend her special knowledge to enhancing the dragonets and having them evolve into a semblance of the old Terran beasts called dragons. A "renewable airforce" that could be used to fight the mindless menace now threathening the life of the colonists. The governors feared Kitti would say no to such enormously invasive tampering with the genes and life-form then known as dragonets, knowing full well how Kitti felt about bioengineering beyond simple adjustments to adapt creatures to new ecological parameters, but to their immense relief Kitti said yes and began the gigantic task, aided by a team of scientists of which Wind Blossom, Pol Nietro and Bay Harkenon formed the core. The project got top priority and only had to yield to the actal fighting of Thread. At one day while everything was still "proceeding vigorously" under Kitti Ping's eminent guidance Wind Blossom found her (grand)mother dead at the keyboard of the electron microscope. "
PROGRAM COMPLETED flashed on the screen — almost indignantly..." The label on the last egg cel Kitti had produced was: "Trial 2684/16/M: nucleus #22A, mentasynth Generation B2, boron/silicon system 4, size 2H; 16.204.8" and it was the last of the 42 that would hold the hope of Pern. Kitti left copious notes and instructions on how to proceed, it seemed that she had about anticipated everything but her own death.
The descrepancy about Kitti being either mother or grandmother of Wind Blossom stems from the fact that she is called Wind Blossom's mother in the UK edition of Dragonsdawn and her grandmother in the US edition. In light of the substantial age difference the granddaughter-grandmother relationship is most likely though in Todd McCaffrey's Dragonsblood (US and UK edition) Wind Blossom is called Kitti Ping's daughter.

The double portrait of Kitti Ping Yung and Wind Blossom shown here, showing the science laboratory at Landing with the microbiological incubiation unit , is the sixth in the series of Pern Portraits made especially for the Pern Encyclopedia by the American artist and Pern fan Linda Eicher. It is copyright by her and you are asked politely not to reproduce it or use it in any way without prior permission by the artist. You can click the scene for a larger version.

Kizan, captain: shipmaster and commander of the fleet of Tillek Hold, husband to Cherry [RSR/1:38].

Klada: shy cotholder at Tillek Hold [MHoP].

Klah: a tree native to Pern (Klah tree), and the name of a popular hot drink brewed from its bark. The drink acts as a stimulant (like Terran caffeine) and tastes like a combination of Terran coffee and chocolate with a touch of cinnamon.

Klick: a length measure, originally Terran, still in use on Pern at the end of the First Interval/start of the Second Pass [RSR/2:68]. It obviously went into disuse during later Passes untill it was completely replaced by the dragonlength. See also Dragonlength.

K'lon: rider of blue Rogeth, stationed at Fort Weyr [Mor].

The picture on the right is the portrait artist Robin Wood made for the book The People of Pern (1988).

[Illustration used with permission. © Robin Wood, 1988]

K'lur: a green rider who helped Moran [Dfire]. His dragon's name is given as Kaloth in Todd McCaffrey's character list for Dragon's fire. However, Kaloth is also the name of D'gan's bronze dragon.

K'nebel: rider of bronze Firth. Weyrlingmaster at Benden Weyr [D1].

K'net: rider of bronze Piyanth: Wingleader at Benden under Weyrleaders R'gul and F'lar [MHoP; D1].

K'rem: Weyrhealer at Telgar Weyr at the end of the Second Interval [Dfire].

Kolya Logorides: obstetrician-gynecologist at newly founded Ruatha [CoP-FoRH].

Kordeth: blue dragon, stationed at Fort Weyr, rider V'sen. Kordeth and V'sen were rescued by Moreta and Orlith in mid air after the dragon sustained a scored wing which was also healed by Moreta [BB].

Koria: a child, living in of a small group of Shunned. Daughter of Kenner and Mara, who all died of fever [Dfire].

Kritith: bronze dragon, rider D'say. His name is misspelled as Critith in the short story Beyond Between [Mor; BB].

Kubisa: primary teacher at Harper Hall [MHoP].

Kulan: a smallholder at Ruatha Hold [Mor].

Kulla: hospitable woman at the Nerat border [MHoP].

Kundy: gold fire lizard, one of Sorka Hanrahan's [DD].

Kung: a guard at Landing [AtWoP].

Kung, Ashok: see Ashok Kung.

Kurt: colonist [DD].

Kuzuth: bronze dragon, rider K'dren [Mor].

K'van: the smallest dragonboy, rider of bronze Heth, stationed at Benden Weyr. He and his dragon answered the distress call from Aramina [GWHD/33]. K'van was still a weyrling at the time and younger than Aramina [GWHD/33]. He was weyrbred. As a boy he used to be small and just the right size to set snares for tunnel snakes. His foster mother used to give him an eighth mark for every fifty snakes he caught [GWHD/51].
The K'van character is modeled and named after Anne McCaffrey's brother Kevin Richard McCaffrey (1927-2003).

The picture on the right is the portrait artist Robin Wood made for the book The People of Pern (1988).

[Illustration used with permission. © Robin Wood, 1988]

K'vin of Telgar Weyr: rider of bronze Charanth, Telgar Weyrleader at the start of the Second Pass. Born as Kevin Hanrahan [RSR/1:50]. Nicknamed Kev [RSR/1:28, 33]. He was a descendant of one of the four children of Brian Hanrahan (second Lord of Ruatha) and thus a several times great-nephew of Sorka Connell (née Hanrahan), the First Weyrwoman and a member of the Ruathan Bloodline [RSR/1:34-35]. K'vin had two siblings (an older brother and his second oldest sister) and four cousins [RSR/1:35]/ three of the four cousins [RSR/1:50] were also dragonriders though none of them were Weyrleaders [RSR/1:35, 50]. He had the characteristic Hanrahan red hair, blue eyes and freckles [RSR/1:36]. K'vin was Searched and fourteen years old when he impresses Charanth [RSR/1:50].
  • Weyrleadership of Telgar: nobody had expected K'vin to accede to Telgar's Weyrleadership after it fell open after B'ner's death early 257. K'vin became Telgar Weyrleader due to Charanth flying Meranath in an open mating flight [RSR/1:32].
  • Dreams: just before the start of the Second Pass K'vin was sometimes racked by terrifying dreams [RSR/1:33].
  • Wishing that more girls were available to impress green dragons: there were too few of them just before the start of the second pass, with parents keenly interested in applying for more land by setting up cotholds for married children [RSR/1:29].

Kwan Marceau: colonist, zoologist [DD].

Kylara: She was taken on the same search on which Lessa was taken. She was destined at the time to marry Brant of Igen. She was the only full-blood sister of Lord Larad of Telgar [D1/135, 154, 187].
  • Birth of her first child: a son named T'kil [D1/154] which must be a "slip of the pen" because a baby can not receive the honorific contraction at birth), supposedly named after his probably father T'bor and his mother, whose birth was witnessed by Manora and Lessa. It was rumored, and Lessa thought, that F'lar was the father of the child and although F'lar himself thought it could have been, he doubted it [D1/154]
  • Impression of Pridith: [D1/188].

The picture on the right is the portrait artist Robin Wood made for the book The People of Pern (1988).

[Illustration used with permission. © Robin Wood, 1988]

Kylos: healer at Sea Cliff [Mor].

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