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Lace:a delicate open work fabric, made by hand or by machine, of linen, silk, cotton etc. but also a name for silver or gold braid used to decorate uniforms, hats etc. Lace was known and made on Pern but use of it was declining by the time of the Second Pass. It was used for clothing like frothy collars [RSR/5;154].

Lado: Lord Holder of Lado Hold on Ista Island. A kind man. Husband of Cirine [EtT].


Lady Holder:

Lady Holdless: see Thella.

Laela: woman at South Boll hold [MHoP].

Laland: a journeyman mechanical engineer at Telgar Hold, who obviously had had an (almost) accident with a HNO3 or flame thrower [RSR/7:189].

Lamanth: a queen dragon, rider Celina (probably stationed at Benden Weyr) who had clutch of 30 eggs (no queen egg) in 2519.

Lanath: queen dragon (senior), rider Sarai of Fort [RSR].

Land allotment: see Legal land allotment.

Land grant: see Legal land allotment.

Landing: Name for the chosen landing site of the Pern colonists. Situated on the volcanic plateau in the Southern Continent, behind an enormous extinct volcano cone, with three smaller cones in a line pointing away from it to the southwest. It had sandy scrublands to its eastern side. The large volcano was called Mount Garben, in honour of a senator who had been a great help in obtaining the FSP approval for the colony [DLG2/2:9, RSR/16:375; DoP/5:105].
  • Meteorology/control tower: three stories high, two square sections supported by a wider, rectangular base. The ground level initially served as headquarters for the admiral, the governor and the informal council until the proper administrative building would have been erected after which the entire bilding would be turned over to the departments of meteorology and communications [DD].

Landing field: [DoP/3:57].

Landing Suite: a composition by Sheledon. This composition made mention of the Charter [RSR/14:324]. Its debut performance took place at the Turn's End celebrations at Bitra in 257, it was performed on First Day 258 [RSR/14:327; 15:351]. The suite was about the arrival of the colonists on Pern. One of the last verses of the first part covered leaving the great colony ships for the last time (sung by a tenor voice), expressing a grateful farewell to them where they would orbit over Landing for ever (so this suite must have been lost in the time after the Second Pass!). The suite had three parts, the last part bringing then happenings up-to-date (to the end of the First Interval) [RSR/14:340-341].

Landon: second son of the Lord Holder of Ista Hold [MHoP].

Landownership by dragonriders: a dragonrider can not own land. His or her non-rider descendants could however, even if they were Weyrbred. In actual fact those often preferred to stay in the Weyr, even if they did not impress, and thus did not claim their legal land allotment [RSR/1:29-30]. See also Legal land allotment.

Langsam, Ilsa: see Ilsa Langsam.

Language purity: with language purity on early Pern is meant the preservation of the original, terran, language. Some Pernese , living at the end of the First Interval, were concerned with preserving this. One example from among many: the term "Turn" instead of "year" was coming into fashion at the end of the First Interval [RSR/1:67].

Lantern: Still in existence on Pern during the Second Interval since they are mentioned to be used in Dragon's Fire, as are candles. In later Turns lantern have been replaced by glowbaskets [Dfire].

Lao: a medical doctor, who practiced until the end of the First Pass. He wrote about Thread injuries [RSR/7:183, 185]. This docter Lao could well be the same person as Shi Lao, one of the original 18 dragonriders.

Lao, Shi: see Shi Lao.

Larad of Telgar, Lord: first son of the Lord Holder of Telgar Hold, later Lord Holder of Telgar Hold [D1/134, 221; MHoP].

The picture on the right is the portrait artist Robin Wood made for the Mayfair boardgame Dragonriders of Pern (1985, 1988). Lord Larad does not appear in the book The People of Pern (1988).

[Illustration used with permission. © Robin Wood, 1985, 1989]

Laradian: son of Lord Larad of Telgar Hold [AtWoP].

Larinth: bronze dragon at Ista Weyr. Rider N'ru, twin brother of queenrider Nian [EtT].

Larissa: baby girl of Natalon and Jenella at Camp Natalon in Crom Hold [DK].

Larna: woman at Benden Weyr, daughter of Carola, had a relationship with F'lon and became the mother of F’lar [MHoP].

Larth: brown dragon (mistakenly described as a green dragon in Dragonflight), rider L'tol (see L'tol and Lytol).

Laudey of Igen, Lord: Lord Holder of Igen Hold [RoP].

The picture on the right is the portrait artist Robin Wood made for the Mayfair boardgame Dragonriders of Pern (1985, 1988). Lord Laudey does not appear in the book The People of Pern (1988).

[Illustration used with permission. © Robin Wood, 1985, 1989]

Laura of Ista: rider of queen Jemath. Ista Weyrwoman at the start of the Second Pass [RSR].

Lavel: Holder at Balan Hold. He had more than twelve children (his daughter Debera had three half sisters with which she shared a room and at least four full brothers) by two wives: Milla and Gisa. He was the father of Debera, one of the main characters in Red Star Rising/Dragonseye. Lavel tried to force a union between his daughter Debera and Ganmar, son of Boris, because of a mining deal he wanted to execute with Boris. He told Boris that his daughter had refused to honor the fact that she was Searched while in reality he hadn't even told her that an official announcement of Search, with her name on it, had been delivered to the hold [RSR/3:94, 4:108]. He was attacked and wounded by Debera's green dragon Monarth when he tried to physically prevent Impression between them at the Telgar Weyr Hatching of autumn 257 [RSR/3:92-93]. He had always been a troublemaker according to Lord Tashvi of Telgar [RSR/3:95-96]. Lavel made arrangements for his children in a way that they would best benefit his own ambitions, trying to get enough land (among his relatives) to become a Lord Holder [RSR/3:96].

Laws, the: [D1/86].

Lawyer: see Legists.

Layrence: an older teacher, stationed at Tillek Hold [RSR/7:193].

L'bol of Igen Weyr: rider of bronze Timenth. Weyrleader at Igen Weyr. L'bol lost both his sons to the plague. [Mor].

Leading Edge

Lear: first year apprentice at Harper Hall [MHoP].

Ledith: green dragon, stationed at Ista Weyr. Rider Sarty. One of the three dragons that came on Search to Lado Hold [EtT].

Leef of Ruatha, Lord: Lord Holder of Ruatha Hold [Mor].

Legal land allotment: also called land grant. At the time of the Second Pass still one of the (basic) rights of the people on Pern [RSR/3:98]. One could transfer the rights to land, or legal land allotment, or probably even sell the rights. In this case there were relatively low transfer fees to be paid to the Council. (Probably the Council of Lord Holder who could then spend it for the common good. This sounds sensible to me because of the Lord Holders got the marks themselves some of them would want their holders to transfer as much land as possible for the marks it gave then but at the same time all these transfers to others would not be good for Hold management). Example: the artist Iantine wanted to transfer his rights to his father he wanted to extend his pasturage, but his father did not have the marks to pay the transfer fees though it was said that this never was a huge amount [RSR/5:139]. Malversations with land transfers were known to occur, especially involving Bitrans. A case involving bogus land transfer deeds occurred in 252 [RSR/5:142].
The legal land allotment was probably a variation based on the original stake acres granted by the Charter to all colonists. Sariel's view on holdless people and their land rights: It seems that people may choose to sort of hand over their land allotment to a Lord, in return for his protection and leadership.  If they then get kicked out, they may not get their land back, though they should because they no longer receive protection.  Tricky subject. It’s a very confusing topic, about which it is hard to deduce much for certain.  I’ll guess we’ll both do the best we can, and back up our interpretations with book references.  A good question to ask Anne about someday, though she may not have ever worked out the details in her own mind.

Legists: a term used on Pern for the office of lawyers or barristers. At one time there had been trained legists on Pern but by the end of the First Interval there weren't any more because the need for such persons had waned. Most arguments were settled by negotiated compromise or, when all negotiation efforts failed, by hand-to-hand combat. There still were teachers, however, who specialized in legal contracts and land deeds. One of these was Gardner, who resided at Fort Hold [RSR/11:262].

Legumes: Any of a large number of eudicot plants belonging to the family Leguminosae (or Fabaceae). Their characteristic fruit is a seed pod. Legumes live in a symbiotic relationship with bacteria in structures called nodules on their roots. These bacteria are able to take nitrogen from the air, which is in a form that plants cannot use, and convert it into compounds that the plants can use. Many legumes are widely cultivated for food, as fodder for livestock, and as a means of improving the nitrogen content of soils. Beans, peas, clover, alfalfa, locust trees, and acacia trees are all legumes.
All of the Terran legumes, brought by the colonists, did well in Pernese native soil and reacted very well to the local bacteria. They were very important in providing first fodder and assist the native grasses in becoming palatable tot the imported animals. The cncentrations of boron, rendered nactive, simply passed through their dgestive systems [DLG1/II:16]..

Lemos: had many forests, mountains and rivers [GWHD/23]. There was a forester's hold situated about a day and a half by wagon ride from the Igen border [GWHD/35].
  • Nut plantation: there was a nut plantation in Lemos, about a day's ride from the Igen border, not far from the spot where Pell found a cave in which his family could shelter from Threadfall [GWHD/28].

Lemos, Bart: see Bart Lemos.

Lemos Hold: major Hold.
  • Bound to: Benden Weyr.
  • Products: Lemos Hold is not a grain producing hold [D1/93, 135].

Lemos range: mountain range in Lemos [GWHD/24].

Lemosk: Lemos Hold's watchwher, handled by Darel and Erla, both children from Lemos' Lord Holder [DK].

Lensdale: purser [DD].

Leopol: a Weyrbred lad at Telgar Weyr, helpful around the Weyr, especially to Iantine [RSR/6:165]. Son of bronze rider C'lim, stationed at Telgar Weyr [RSR/14:334]. His mother died shortly after childbirth, making Leopol sort of everyone's child with headwoman Tisha acting as his foster mother [RSR/14:334]. Nicknamed Leo. He proposed to Iantine to take him with him when he left Telgar Weyr [RSR/14:333]. He had thick black hair. Other riders thought he would impress a bronze in about three or four years [RSR/14:334].

Leri: rider of queen Holth. Weyrwoman at Fort Weyr [Mor; BB].

The picture on the right is the portrait artist Robin Wood made for the book The People of Pern (1988).

[Illustration used with permission. © Robin Wood, 1988]

Lesnour: an Artist who had worked extensively at Benden Hold. Deceased prior to the start of the Second Pass, he lived well past the hundred mark [RSR/15:355]. He designed the main artworks at Benden Hold [RSR]. When Iantine worked at Benden Hold, shortly after First Day of 258, Lesnour's easel was taken out of stores for his use. Besides for the Benden murals Lesnour was known for his glossary of pigments available from indigenous materials, which probably was compulsory studying material at any artist hall [RSR/15:355].

Lessa: alias Lessa of Benden and Lessa of Pern, formerly of Ruatha, rider of queen Ramoth. Was just eleven years old when Fax invaded her ancestral Hold. Lessa is able to talk to and hear all dragons [MHoP].
She visited Aramina just after Thella and Giron tried to abduct her [GWHD/61] and, rather unsubtle, claimed Aramina for Benden Weyr, to which her mother agreed [GWHD/63].

We know of three official portraits of Lessa, all three made by Robin Wood. The one on the left here was made for the Mayfair Boardgame Dragonriders of Pern (1985, 1989), the one in the middle was made for the book The People of Pern (1988) and the one on the right is how she appears in the scene that is depicted on the dustjacket of The People of Pern where she, together with F'lar, Anne McCaffrey, Robin Wood and Gigi (Anne's daughter, who stood as model for Moreta) are obviously enjoying a performance by Master Robinton perform.

[Illustrations used with permission. © Robin Wood, 1985, 1989]

Lessa of Pern: see Lessa of Benden

Lessa of Ruatha: see Lessa of Benden.

Lesselam: Harper at Harper Hall [DoP]

Lesselden: Lord Holder of Crom Hold [MHoP].

Leta: a dolphin swimming the Kahrain waters [DoP].

Levalla: rider of queen Oribeth. Weyrwoman at Benden Weyr [Mor; BB].

Levis, Christine: Author of a map of Pern that appears in the Del Rey mass market paperback edition of Dolphins of Pern. The special thing about this map (which isn't in Fonstad's Atlas of Pern since that book was published in 1988 and DoP in 1994) is that it lists cold and warm water currents and, upwellings (there are four) and the subsidences (of these there are two: the greater and the smaller). Besides that this map shows more of the Far Western Continent and more of the barren part of the extreme north of the Northern Continent (north of the North Barrier Range and the Snowy Wastes) than usual [DoP].

Lexey: slow child at Harper Hall [MHoP].

Libby: Kubisa’s girl at Harper Hall [MHoP].

Library: there still was a computer based library at College at the end of the First Interval. Danja (violinist and teacher at College) was wondering how long they would still have the power to run it (because of the deterioration of Fort Hold's solar panels). Clisser informed her that engineer Kalvi worked on new panels that were being hooked up to the main banks the day after the gather at Fort in 257, and that the computers themselves would fail long before power was lost [RSR/2:70].
The handing out of printed copies of the Charter at Turn's End to each small holder at Bitra in 257 depleted the printed copies in the regular library at College to a few dozen [RSR/14:324].

Lidith, queen dragon, rider unknown. Lidith was a queen dragon at Benden. C'gan's blue Tagath was one of the beasts of her last clutch [D1].

Lidora: rider of queen Ilith. Junior weyrwoman at Fort Weyr [Mor; BB].

Lieb, Valli: see Valli Lieb.

Ligand: Journeyman Tanner at the Fort Hold gather [H2].

Like rider, like dragon: [D1/158].


Lilcamp, Crenden: see Crenden Lilcamp.

Lilcamp, Jayge: see Jayge Lilcamp

Lilcamp (wagon/trader) train: [RoP; DoP/1:12].

Liliencamp, Jol: see Jol Liliencamp.

Liliencamp train: also called Jol Liliencamp Traders. A group of travelling traders of which a large number belonged to the Liliencamp family [RSR/8:206]. The Liliencamp family had been among the more prominent First Settlers and the first Bloodline of the peripatetic traders [RSR/8:206]. At the time of the end of the First Interval/beginning of the Second Pass they had store facilities at Telgar Hold [RSR/8:216].

Lilienkamp, Buck: see Buck Lilienkamp.

Lilienkamp Sr., Joel: see Joel Lilienkamp Sr.

Lilla: daughter of Lord Tolocamp and Lady Pendra of Fort Hold [NS].

Limpy Obrin: fisherman [DD].

Lina: rider of gold Garoth, D'gan's mate. Weyrwoman at Telgar at the end of the Second Interval [Dfire].

Lingual (linguistic) shift: [DoP/3:54, 5:100].

Lion: a feline that roamed the Southern Continent (often in groups, as they do on Terra). The Pernese lion's fur has a tawny brown color and they have yellow claws. A group of fourteen (adult) lions attacked the Telgar riders P'tero and M'leng when they rested after their love-making when they were on a Telgar Weyr outing to the Southern Continent during first-month 258. The riders had accidentally chose a spot just above the cave in which the pride of lions lived as the place for their love-making [RSR/15:370, 16:374]. About the lions on the Southern Continent is known that they at least lived on the plains near the Malay River because it was there that the before mentioned attack on the dragonriders took place [RSR/15:366-367]. The attacking lions were eaten by the rescuing dragons. The Telgar brown dragon Collith remarked that they were quite tasty [RSR/16:373]. The lions were the result of a breeding program that was executed by the settler Ted Tubberman. They had broken out of Calusa (after killing Tubberman) and bred quite handily in the wild. They were some of the sport beasts Tubberman had been experimenting with. This information was obviously still common knowledge at the end of the First Interval since Leopol (a lowly helper lad) told this to P'tero, one of the injured lovers [RSR/16:374].

Lisath: a dragon with a damaged wing, rider unknown [AtWoP].

L'mal of Fort Weyr: rider of bronze Clinnith. Weyrleader at Fort Weyr [Mor].

Lissala: seawoman aboard the vessel Wave Eater [MHoP].

Lobirn: masterharper at High Reaches Hold, married to Lotricia [MHoP].

Logorides, Gyorg: see Gyorg Logorides.

Logorides, Kolya: see Kolya Logorides.

Logorides, Paul: see Paul Logorides.

Loki: a dolphin swimming the Kahrain waters [DoP].

Lolanth: bronze dragon, rider wingleader J'lantir, stationed at Ista Weyr [DK].

Lonada: third child and youngest daughter of Lord Chalkin and Lady Nadona of Bitra. She had a pudding face, with small holes for eyes and her father's fleshy and bulbous nose [RSR/5:146].

Londik: apprentice (voice, treble) at Harper Hall [MHoP].

Long Interval: generally a Long Interval has twice the length of a normal interval (app. 400 Turns). A period in which no Thread falls and dragonmen decrease in number. The last Long Interval was thought to herald the end of Threads. See Interval.

Long-foot: An insulting name for a human used by dolphins [DoP/6].

Looks to: Pernese expression meaning: is Impressed by.


Lord Holder: Originally a title conferred on the original northern Stakeholders through a patent, which gave the stakeholder families and their descendants the right to Hold [RSR/1:56]. A succeeding Lord Holder did not absolutely have to be of the Bloodline of the previous Lord Holder [RSR/9:221].

Lord Holder's mercy: a right all Pernse have is "asking for Lord Holder's mercy"[Dfire].

Lord of the High Reaches: see Fax.

Loreana: healer at Bay Head Seahold [Mor].

Lorenzo, Wade: colonist [DD].

Lorra: Headwoman at Harper Hall, mother of Silvina [MHoP].

Lorra: a woman at the High Reaches firestone mine [Dfire].

Losacot: Master Farmer in Nerat Hold [AtWoP].

Losfir: a where egg candidate at Fort Hold. Stood next in line after Kindan [DK].

Lotricia: spouse of Master Harper Lobirn at High Reaches Hold [MHoP].

Lottie: a dolphin [DD].

Louise Auster: colonist, obstetrician-gynecology nurse [DD].

Lovage: a mdicinal herb (good for coughs), imported to Pern by the colonists [DLG1/II:16].

Low flight wing: a (fighting) wing consisting out of queen dragons [RSR/3:87].

Lower Caverns:
  • At Benden Weyr: [D1/94].

Lozell: a harpist and music teacher at College [RSR].

L'rad: rider of ..., stationed at Benden. Member of F'lar's wing.

L'rat: Telgar Wingleader charged with guarding the camp at Firestone Mine #9 [Dfire].

L'rayl: rider of brown Sorth, stationed at Fort Weyr [Mor].

L'ren: rider of an unknown dragon, stationed at newly founded Benden Weyr [CoP-SW].

L'sur: rider of bronze Vuroth, stationed at Benden Weyr. Reported to his Weyrleader M'shall on what was going on at the Bitran borders during the Winter of 257 [RSR/9:223]. L'sur stayed on the Bitran border after having reported on the atrocities happening there, while fellow dragonriders did the same at other border crossing points [RSR/9:225].

L'tol (see also Lytol): rider of [in D1/16: mistakenly designated as a green dragon] brown Larth. When stationed at Benden he belonged to S'lel´s wing. At the Spring Games an ill-timed swerve brought both rider and dragon into the full blast of a phosphine emission from S'lel's bronze Tuenth. L'tol was thrown of his beast's neck as the dragon tried to evade the blast. Another wingmate swooped to catch the rider, but the green dragon, his left wing crisped, his body scorched, had died of shock and phosphine poisoning. Due to the accident L'tol's face was seamed with burn marks on one side and he required a tic in his left cheek that jumped the more when he got unsettled [D1; MHoP; Wood-PoP:24].

L'trel: rider of blue Falgrenth, stationed at Southern Weyr [D2].

Luccha: second child and oldest daughter of Lord Chalkin and Lady Nadona of Bitra. Her mouth was set aslant in her face and she had thin lips [RSR/5:146].

Lucil: nursery auntie at Fort Hold [NS].

Lucy Tubberman: daughter of Ted and Mary Tubberman, killed in First Fall [DD].

Lur: Holder at paradise River Hold [DoP].

L'vin: rider of bronze Jith, stationed at Benden Weyr [Mor].

Lytol, Lord Warder (see also L'tol): originally dragonrider at Benden Weyr, rider of brown Lart (Larth is mistakenly referred to as a green dragon in Dragonflight). After becoming dragonless Lytol became a weaver and rose to relative prominence in that craft. Later he became Lord Warder of Ruatha Hold.
Some people are born unlucky. Lytol has suffered and survived, almost every evil that can befall a man on Pern. For most of his contemporaries, to be born in the Weyr and IMpress a dragon would have been considered the best of good luck. But Lytol's brown Larth was fatally injured in the Spring Games and Lytol did not die. Leaving the Weyr brought a second trauma. Then, when he tenaciously began a new craft, Lytol succeeded well enough to become a master (in the weavercraft), marry a kind woman, and father daughters. His craft took him to High Reaches Hold just about the time Fax usurped it. His daughters and wife were pretty and coveted by Fax. Two of his girls managed to escape. The other committed suicide and her mother died of a heart seizure. Once again Lytol was left with nothing. Only a man of exceptional character and stability could have endured such personal catastrophes, so he seemed the logical person -- to F'lar -- to foster a newborn, orphaned baby who would grow up to be Lord Holder of Ruatha. Undemonstrative Lytol could never display to his charge, Jaxom, how much the boy meant to him -- a grip on reality, a bulwark, against utter spiritual defeat, and a triumph over misfortune of a tremendous scale. Lytol's unending battle with tragedy is engraved on his features, in his greying hair and sad brown eyes. But in his face ruined by the scars of dragonfire his integrity and strength of will are also visible and he is considered wise and just as well as extremely capable. Jaxom loves him deeply. [D1; MHoP].
Lytol told Lessa that, after all the years, Dowell's hold was still vacant [GWHD/63].
  • Best weaver of battle scenes: [D1/20].

There are two official portraits of Lytol, both made by Robin Wood. The one on the left here was made for the Mayfair Boardgame Dragonriders of Pern (1985, 1989), the on the right for the book The People of Pern (1988).

[Illustrations used with permission. © Robin Wood, 1985, 1989]

L'zal: rider of green Beerth, stationed at Eastern Weyr [AtWoP].

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