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This page last edited on 08 March 2008

MacCaffrey: often found misspelling of Anne McCaffrey's name (even found on websites dedicated to her and her books and - o how shamefull - in the computer system of my local library; yes, of course I've written to them). When referring to her in whatever document or on the internet. please be sure to get her name right!

Macartor: a journeyman artist, he trained at Hall Domaize, worked as a painter at Bitra Hold and had to stay for nine months before his work was deemed to be satisfactory. It took Macartor five months just to finish Lord Chalkin's wedding-day scene (this must have been in the period of nine months he stayed at Bitra) and in the end he still had to borrow marks from an engineer to pay off the last of his "debt"[RSR/6:170]. During the winter of 257 he was working on new murals for the new Hall at Nerat Hold [RSR/5:138].

Macedonia: one of the original colonist provinces and places of settlement on the Southern Continent [DD].
  • Stakes: Honshu, Roma, Sadrid, Thessaly.
  • Holds: Honshu Weyrhold.

Macester: guard at Telgar Hold [MHoP].

Madeleine Messurier: chatelaine at newly founded Ruatha [CoP-FoRH].

Magrith: bronze dragon, rider S'nan of Fort [RSR/16:384].

Maidir of Benden, Lord: Lord Holder of Benden Hold, married to Lady Hayara [MHoP].

Maindy: Holder of Far Cry Hold [RoP].

Maindy: a herdsman at Southern Hold [RoP].

Mainland, the: on Pern the Mainland means the Northern Continent [RSR/11:287, 13:318].

Mairi Hanrahan: wife of Red Hanrahan, mother of Brian and Sorka [DD].

Mairian: a dragonrider from the Ruathan Bloodline, deceased before the end of the First Interval [RSR/1-34-35].

Maizella: daughter of Lord Maidir of Benden Hold, studied voice at Harper Hall [MHoP].

Makfar: son of Lord Leef of Ruatha Hold [Mor].

Malawi: a dolphin [CoP-DB].

Mallan: journeyman harper at High Reaches Hold [MHoP].

Mallibeau, Rene: see Rene Mallibeau.

Malay River: a river on the Southern Continent [RSR/15:365]. The area around the Malay River consisted out of vast grassland, similar in some respects to the plains of Keroon, spreading out in all directions, dotted by upthrusts of bare yellow rock, occasional copses of angular trees with fronds spilling from the crests, and large, wide branched trees like islands [RSR/15:368].

Malir: leader of the small group of Shunned that encountered Master Harper Zist and his wife and daughter, Cayla and Carissa, on the road [Dfire].

Mallum: a runner, stationed at Telgar Station [Runner].

Malth: green dragon, rider S'gor [Mor].

Maneth: brown dragon, rider T'ral [Mor].

Manora: Headwoman at Benden Weyr. Mother of F'nor, fathered by Weyrleader F'lon. A stately woman, with a serene dignity; in her middle years at the time Lessa started as Weyrwoman at Benden [D1/93-94; MHoP].

The picture on the right is the portrait artist Robin Wood made for the book The People of Pern (1988).

[Illustration used with permission. © Robin Wood, 1988]

Manotti: Journeyman Smith at Telgar Smithcrafthall [AtWoP].


Mar Dook: colonist, head agronomist and leader of the group of eight agronomists among the colonists [DD].

Mara: daughter of Lord Tolocamp and Lady Pendra of Fort Hold [NS].

Mara: member of a small group of Shunned. Spouse of Kenner and mother of Koria, who all died of fever [Dfire].

Maranis: Weyr medic at Telgar Weyr [RSR/3:94, 98]. He treated the dragons that got wounded during the rescue of the Telgar riders M'leng and P'tero, after they got severely wounded by attacking lions. Head medic Corey was flown in to treat the wounded humans because Maranis was competent for handling the dragon's wounds but needed reassurance on his treatment of the injured riders [RSR/16:374].

Marceau, Kwan: see Kwan Marceau.

Marchane: a medical doctor who lived during the First Pass and wrote about Thread injuries [RSR/7:183]. He might be the same person as Ziv Marchane mentioned in Dragonsdawn but could also be one of his descendants. See also Ziv Marchane.

Marcine; woman at High Reaches Hold [MHoP].

Marco Galliani: rider of brown Duluth. His family name is misspelled as Galliano in the short story Beyond Between [DD, BB].

Mardra: rider of queen Loranth. Weyrwoman of Fort Weyr [D1].

The portrait on the right is the one artist Robin Wood made for the Mayfair Boardgame Dragonriders of Pern (1985, 1989). Mardra does not appear in The People of Pern (1988).

[Illustration used with permission. © Robin Wood 1985, 1989]

Mardy: woman at Harper Hall [MHoP].

Marella: Lady Holder of South Boll Hold [RoP].

Margatta: rider of queen Ludeth. Junior weyrwoman at Fort Weyr [D2].

Margit: a miner's wife, healer and midwife [Dfire] at Camp Natalon in Crom Hold. Her spouse was killed in the cave in (mining accident) that also killed Danil and five of his sons [DK].

Mari: rider of gold Susuth, High Reaches Weyrwoman at the start of the Second Pass [RSR/1:38].

Mariah: Bay Harkenon's gold fire lizard [DD].

Maril: a shunned man, one of the sixteen firestone miners at Firestone Mine #9, the firestone mine Tarik was sentenced to work at. He died in the explosion of mine #9 [Dfire].

Marl: handler of both herd- and runnerbeasts at Ruatha Hold [Mor].

Marla: one of the children, who were with Moran first and Halla later, who got adopted by Lord Fenner of Crom [Dfire].

Marlifin: masterwoodsmith at Tillek Hold [MHoP].

Martha Chernoff: a communications technician [DD].

Martin: rider of blue Dagmath, stationed at Fort Weyr [CoP-SW].

Maruth: queen dragon (senior), rider Irene of Benden [RSR/9:226].

Mary Tubberman: colonist, farmer, wife of Ted Tubberman [DD].

Masdek: journeyman harper at Fort Hold [Mor].

Masso: a runner [Runner].


Master Fish(er)man: a master of the Fish(er)craft.

Master Harper: a master of the Harpercraft.


Masterfish(er)man: the (chosen) head of the Fish(er)craft.

Masterharper: the (chosen) head of the Harpercraft.

Masterminer: Nicat [H1/.].

Matal: pre-Impression name of M'tal [DK]. See M'tal.

Mating flights: [D1/119-124].
  • Of green dragons: at the time of the Second Pass the green dragons were not limited to their own Weyr when they were at the mating stage. If a green rider had a friend or lover from another Weyr she could move her dragon there when she was about to mate. The choice was left to the riders; RSR/11:273.
    As amorous and numerous as greens are, it’s a wonder and a relief that they don’t get into fights like queens can, because green flights must happen almost every day!

Matsen: seaholder, South Boll hold.

Mattew: son and heir of Lord Paulin of Fort Hold, fostered at Benden Hold. Nicknamed Matt [RSR/9:223]. Lord Paulin was tempted to designate his eldest nephew Sidny as his successor as Lord Holder because he had a few reservations about his own son Mattew, but at the same time knew he was tending to be more critical of his own Blood than others were [RSR/9:221].

Maurice de Broglie: a miner [CoP].

Mavi: Lady Sea Holder of Half Circle Sea Hold, spouse of Yanus Sea Holder. Yanus and Mavi had eight children: six sons (of which Alemi was the third) and two daughters (Sella and Menolly). The most positive thing to be said about Mavi and her husband Yanus is that they mean well. They contrive and thrive in a dangerous occupation that leaves little scope for the mistakes to which man, and woman, are heirs. In fact, they do not understand "mistake", since they clearly know that one does one's duty by Hold and Weyr and a good meal and a secure place to rest should follow such adherence. They believe in hard work for idle hands, making do or doing without, and in no quarter given or taken. They have neither humour nor insight, and how they priduced a legendary musical talent and sensitive personality like Menolly would have mystified them if they had had an ounce of curiosity in their make-up. They hold on to tradition in the most strict way and will not deviate from it even to save their lives. In the end they mean well and do their duty.[H1; DoP/4:84; PoP:18].

The picture on the right is half of the double portrait, modeled after the famous painting American Gothic (by Grant Wood), artist Robin Wood made of Mavi and Yanus for the book The People of Pern (1988).

[Illustration used with permission. © Robin Wood, 1988]

Max Schultz: a fosterling at newly founded Ruatha [CoP-FoRH].

Maxilant: Harper at Ista Weyr [MHoP].

Maylone: candidate at Fort Weyr [Mor].

Maynar: holder's son at Waterhole Hold. Thaniel's oldest child and son [BB].

Maynooth: a dragon of unknown color whose rider is also unknown but mentioned to be at Tillek Hold. Probably the watchdragon at Tillek Hold [AtWoP].

M'barak: rider of blue Arith. Weyrling stationed at Fort Weyr [Mor].

McCaffery: an often encountered misspelling of Anne McCaffrey's name (even found on websites dedicated to her and her books!). When referring to her in whatever document or on the internet. please be sure to get her name right!

McCaffrey, Anne: see Anne McCaffrey.

McCaffrey, Todd: see Todd McCaffrey.

McArdle-Cooney, Chris: see Chris McArdle-Cooney.

M'dani: a dragonrider from the Ruathan Bloodline, deceased before the end of the First Interval [RSR/1-34-35].

Meadowsweet: Filipendula ulmaria. A painkiller and fever-reducer. The flowers and roots can be used in teas. The decoction is mildly astringent, and may help prevent urinary tract infections. Perennial up to 6' tall, creeping rhizome. Oval, tri-lobed leaves with white hair on the underside. Marshes, wet soil, and moist woodlands, partial shade.
The meadowsweet we know is also known as Bridewort or Queen-of-the-meadow, was the first plant from which salicylic acid was isolated. It may be useful in treating UTIs, but as the active ingredient is the same as willow, the two are for the most part interchangeable. [Submitted by Jennifer Quail].

  • Acre: used in the Charter article on how to claim Charter acreage [RSR/11:281]
  • Dragonfoot: [D2/13:251].
  • Dragonlenghth
  • Hand
  • Kilo: a weight measure still in use during the First Interval/Second Pass [RSR/16:376].
  • Klick:
  • Meter/metre: at the end of the First Interval probably still in use as a measure at Pern [RSR/4:113, 151].
    (Both spelling variations (UK/US) are used in RSR).
  • Yard:
    Zulaya uses the word yards in the expression "My word, you did do yards today, didn't you?". Does this imply yards were still known during First Interval/Second Pass or is it a slip-up by AM? It could be remaining in use as a measure of cloth (and therefore be in common usage) even though the FSP world should be metric by then.


Mechanical engineers: their chief at the start of the Second Pass was named Kalvi [RSR/1:45]. The headquarters of the mechanical engineers was at the Telgar Foundry.

Mechalla: a Holder at Southern Hold [RoP].

Medaman: a Holder in Lemos [RoP].

Medicine: by the end of the First Interval a lot of medicines, equipment and procedures that the colonists brought with them were no longer available. The last of the carefully hoarded Earth chemicals were depleted. The indigenous pharmacopoeia was proving to be sufficient for most ailments, and even better in some cases [RSR/2:81].
  • Fellis: a sedative in liquid form.
  • Frostbite salve: [RSR/6:160].
  • Numbweed: on dragons it has its pain-killing effect about three seconds after applying it, at least to the outer side of a wound or injury, taking somewhat longer to numb the deeper tissues [RSR/6:178]. It obviously comes in various sorts of thickness, varying from a thick salve to a pure liquid form, the last of these forms can be applied with a brush (for instance to a dragon's wing) [RSR/6:178].

Medics: the old Pernese name for Healers. They always had their main facility at College (later healer Hall, Fort Hold) but every major Hold had its own, often even specialized medical personnel. As on old Earth the medics on Pern were sworn to preserve life but also to maintain a decent quality of life for those under their care. The issue of euthanasia was, as it was on 20th century Earth, not addressed in general, but left to the decision of the involved medic and the seriousness of the occasion [RSR/7:186].
During a Pass Lord Holders had to assign suitable medics with every ground crew or have a member of the ground crew trained in medical aid [RSR/1:49]. A few of them always attended Hatchings because of the minor lacerations that generally occurred [RSR/3:92].
The original medical computer files were destroyed due to lightning in the autumn of 257. Students were in the process of transcribing the diagnostics section but only covered a mere fraction before all files were destroyed [RSR/4:117-118].
At the end of the First Interval there seems to be a shortage of certain medical and surgical instruments. At the end of a lesson on Thread injuries at College in the Winter of 257, head Medic Corey distributes "the new bonecutters" that are described as "more axes than the traditional surgical tool". They were made by Head Engineer Kalvi [RSR/7:187]. See also Healers and Harpers.

Meer: Sharra's bronze fire lizard.

Meishun: daughter of Stev Kimmer and Chio Fusaiyuki, born on Pern. Returned to Earth [CoP/RR].

Mel: a dolphin of the Paradriv pod [DoP/1:29, 4:82, 5:115].

Mellor: rider of queen Dalgeth, Weyrwoman of Telgar Weyr [Mor].

Melongel of Tillek, Lord: Lord Holder of Tillek Hold, married Juvana (sister of Kasia, spouse of Robinton) [MHoP].

Melvinah, Cos: see Cos Melvinah.

Menar: apprentice miner at Camp Natalon in Crom Hold. An older apprentice. Taken in by Alarra [DK].

Mende: K'van's foster mother [GWHD/51-52].

Mendir; Healer at Ground Hold [Mor].

Menolly: apprentice, journeywoman and Master Harper. Youngest daughter of Yanus and Mavi of Half Circle Seahold. Owner of the following fire lizards: gold Beauty, bronze Rocky, Diver and Poll (the famous "tenth fire lizard" which she inadvertently impressed [D3/.]), brown Lazybones, Mimic and Brownie, blue Uncle and green Auntie One and Auntie Two [H1; H2; H3; DoP/4:73-78].
Journeyed to the Southern Continent together with Sharra on the Dawn Sisters [DoP/5:104].
Called Nolly by the dolphins [DoP/5:115].

The picture on the right is the portrait artist Robin Wood made for the book The People of Pern (1988).

[Illustration used with permission. © Robin Wood, 1987, 1988]

Meranath: queen dragon (senior), rider Zulaya of Telgar. In the three turns preceding the Second Pass (255-257) Meranath produced the largest clutches (with a lot of greens and blues), sired by her mate Miginth, of all the Weyrs [RSR/1:49]. Meranath's clutch of Turn 257 counted fifty-one eggs. Hatching occurred in late Autumn [RSR/3:83]. Meranath had a habit of talking to K'vin, the mate of her rider Zulaya, even using his name, which considerably gratified the Weyrleader and is relatively unusual among dragonriders and in the Weyrs [RSR/15:361]. Meranath was among the nine dragons involved in the rescue of Telgar Weyr dragonriders M'leng and P'tero who were attacked by lions while on an outing to the Southern Continent during first-month 258. She suffered a bite on her forearm [RSR/16:372].

Mercer, Jerry: see Jerry Mercer.

Mercia: daughter of Lord Tolocamp and Lady Pendra of Fort Hold, twin with Merin [NS].

Mercy: Pernese term for active euthanasia.

Merdine: intended first husband of Kasia, who married Robinton [MHoP].

Merelan: originally from Pierie Hold, mastersinger at Harper Hall, daughter of Roblyn, spouse of Petiron, mother of Robinton [MHoP].

Meren: station master, South Boll [MHoP].

Merga: Lord Gorghe of Fort's gold fire lizard [H2].

The picture on the right how Merga appears in the portrait artist Robin Wood made of Lord Groghe for the book The People of Pern (1988).

[Illustration used with permission. © Robin Wood, 1988]

Merika: rider of an unnamed queen, Weyrwoman of High Reaches Weyr [D2].

The portrait on the right is the one artist Robin Wood made for the Mayfair Boardgame Dragonriders of Pern (1985, 1989). Merika does not appear in The People of Pern (1988).

[Illustration used with permission. © Robin Wood 1985, 1989]

Merin: child of Lord Tolocamp and Lady Pendra of Fort Hold, twin with Mercia [NS].

Meron of Nabol, Lord: Lord Holder of Nabol Hold. Had been warder at Nabol under Fax and did not come from an official bloodline; therefore sometimes called so-called Lord of Nabol [D1/107, 135, 221].
  • Description: [D1/137].
  • Rumor started by him [D1/188:].

The portrait on the right is the one artist Robin Wood made for the Mayfair Boardgame Dragonriders of Pern (1985, 1989). Lord Meron does not appear in The People of Pern (1988).

[Illustration used with permission. © Robin Wood 1985, 1989]

Mesla: rider of an unnamed green dragon. A weyrling at Telgar Weyr, not weyrbred. Impressed at Telgar Weyr during late autumn 257 [RSR/5:134]. Mesla had a tendency to take everything literally [RSR/11:272].

Message-pennon: a pennon or flag flown at a Hold by which the presence of a dragonrider was requested (usually for conveyance) [RSR/11:288].


Messurier, Madeleine: see Madeleine Messurier.

M'gent: rider of bronze Ith. Wingleader at Benden Weyr [Mor].

M'hall: rider of bronze Brianth. Weyrleader and co-founder of Benden Weyr during the First Pass. Died during the First Pass [RSR]

MHoP: abbreviation used for the book The Masterharper of Pern.

Miata: teacher at Benden Hold [MHoP].

Mibbut: Healer at Keroon Beasthold [Mor].

Mid-air rescue: a rescue manoeuver used by dragons and their riders during Threadfall [RSR/1:27-29].

Midwife: See Birthing-woman.

Mid-winter holiday: a Pernese holiday in which festivities took place [RSR/13:313].

Miginth: bronze dragon, rider B'ner, Weyrleader of Telgar Weyr. In the three turns preceding the Second Pass (255-257) Miginth sired the largest clutches (with a lot of greens and blues) of all the Weyrs on his mate Meranath [RSR/1:49].

Mikal: ex-dragonrider (originally M'kal) who lost his brown dragon in a firestone accident. He lives in a cave near Harper Hall at Fort Hold. He is a healer who is also knowledgeable in alternative healing processes such as healing with crystals. Pellar studied with him [Dfire].

Milan, George: see George Milan.

Milan, Joe: see Joe Milan.

Milchbeast [D1/3].

Milera: pretty, doe eyed/sharp eyed, pink faced yong woman with straggly hair, daughter of Shunned Conni. She is killed by Tenim whom she herself had wanted to rob [Dfire].

Milla: First wife of Lavel. Mother of Debera and a number of other children. Cousin of master trader Jol Liliencamp. Lived at Balan Hold. Died during the First Interval, prior to the start of the Second Pass. It was said her husband wore her out by getting her pregnant too many times [RSR/3:98]. Milla is one of the rare names that appear twice in the books about the Dragonriders of Pern.

Milla: kitchener at Benden Hold [MHoP]. Milla is one of the rare names that appear twice in the books about the Dragonriders of Pern.

Milla: female baker at mining Camp Natalon in Crom Hold [DK].

Millet: a Terran grain, brought to Pern by te colonists, which did well in the rich native soil [DLG/II:16].

Mimic: one of Menolly's fire lizards [H1].


Mines (iron): Telgar's mines were the oldest. There were also mines in Steng Valley in Bitra [RSR/1:61]. In 257 it was decided to open new mines, excavating high grade ore mountain deposits in the Great Western range, just beyond Ruatha's borders. At the latest mentioned locations there were to be mines and a new mining hold in a nearby cave system [see Crom Hold]. There were convenient coal (later called blackrock) deposits nearby, which could be used as fuel for the fires necessary to melt the iron into ingots that could be shipped down the river [RSR/1:60-61].

Minerva: Holder and miner at Crom Hold. Co-founder of Crom Hold [RSR/9:222].


Minisled: a mode of colonist transport, one of these minisleds was brought to the surface during the first run of the six shuttles [DD]. A good example of a minisled can be seen on the cover of the US edition of Chronicles of Pern : First Fall, drawn by cover artist Keith Parkinson [CoP].

Minnarden: masterharper at Tillek Hold [MHoP].

Miridan of Telgar Weyr: rider of queen Sutanith. Weyrwoman at Telgar Weyr [Mor].

Mirrim: rider of green Path, was stationed at Benden, Southern and Eastern Weyrs. Originally a fosterling of Brekke at Benden Weyr. Mate and lover of T'gellan. Mirrim is the owner of three fire lizards: greens Reppa and Lok and brown Tolly [H1/.]. She became the only female rider of a fighting dragon during the Ninth Pass. [GWHD/39].
Weyrmate of Weyrleader T'gellan of Eastern Weyr [DoP/5:93].

The picture on the right is opart of the portrait artist Robin Wood made of Mirrim and Path for the book The People of Pern (1988).

[Illustration used with permission. © Robin Wood, 1988]

Miskin: a guard at Landing [AtWoP].

Mislue: a patient of Master Oldive at Healer Hall [DoP]. 

Missath: a green dragon, stationed at Telgar Weyr, that had a broken sail bone and whose behavior was discussed in T'dam's lesson on dragon injuries in the Winter of 257 [RSR/6:177].

Misty Hold: [Mor]. This hold might be named for the author and early Pern fan, Annes friend and co-author (Ship Series) Meredes Lackey, who'se nickname is Misty.
  • Healers: Branda [Mor].

M'kal: Brown dragonrider who lost his dragon in a firestone accident.See Mikal [Dfire].

M'leng: rider of green Sith, stationed at Telgar Weyr [RSR/1:32]. Weyrmate and lover ("special friend"; RSR/6:179) of P'tero [RSR/1:36]. M'leng was the older of the two [RSR/17:407]. Flew in V'last's wing [RSR/15:365]. A handsome young man, with almond shaped green eyes in an angular face and thick brown curls [RSR/6:179]. M'leng was small-boned but had a surprisingly strong and agile wiry frame [RSR/15:367]. He had good distance vision [RSR/15:368].
M'leng berated P'tero for his reckless behavior during a mid-air rescue manoeuvre at a gather at Fort Hold in 257 [RSR/1:32]. . Iantine did a portrait of P'tero for him, made in secrecy, so M'leng would have a memento if anything happened to his lover in the coming Pass [RSR/6:180-181].
He and his weyrmate and lover P'tero were attacked by lions while on a Telgar Weyr outing to the Southern Continent during first-month 258. Nine dragons were wounded while rescuing them, including the dragonrider's own dragons. P'tero saved his lover's life by throwing his body over his [RSR/15:369-371]. M'leng suffered a chest wound (that had to be stitched) and had a great lump and cut on the back of his head. He had been unconscious during the whole attack [RSR/16:374]. M'leng had Iantine do two pictures of the lion scene (P'tero lying on top of M'leng while being attacked by the lions) of which he presented one as a gift to his lover while keeping the other one himself (in the picture both riders were fully clothed though, which wasn't the actual truth) [RSR/16:379]. His weyrmate and lover P'tero was not allowed to attend the first live Fall on the count of his, still not completely healed, injuries. This was probably the reason that Weyrleader K'vin choose not to include M'leng among the group of green riders that were to fight in the historic first Threadfall of the Second Pass [RSR/17:406].

Mnanth: brown dragon, rider F'neldril [Mor].

Mnementh, bronze dragon, rider F'lar. For a dragon, Mnementh had a rich voice [GWHD/63].

Mo Tan Liu: nexialist, member of the EEC team [CoP-Survey].

M'odon: rider of brown Nigarth, Benden Weyr [MHoP].

Moncobay: delphinic name for Monaco Bay [DoP].

Monaco Bay: one of the original colonist stakes, located in Jordan province on the Southern Continent [RSR/16:397; DoP/3:46, 55, 57-58].
Monaco Bay Weyr:

Monarth: bronze dragon, rider T'gellan [H1/.]. Monarth was heard discussing Lamanth’s latest clutch of thirty eggs (no queen egg), by Aramina on the journey from Igen to Lemos [GWHD/25].

Month: a period of four sevendays. The Pernese months have no names (as our Terran ones) but are designated by numbers, e.g.first month, second month etc.

Moons of Pern: See Belior and Timor respectively.

Moorhouse: a family that was related to the Connell family [DD].

Moorhouse, Lally; a traveler, intended wife of Sean Connell [DD]

Mor: abbreviation used for the book Moreta : Dragonlady of Pern.

Moran: a man of "unknown origins". Master Harper Zist's lost apprentice who was sent out to work undercover with the Shunned but who became an drunk/alcoholic. Also described as a "fat old fool" in Dragon's Fire. In said book he's also described as a Journeyman, probably becasue he's alread near thirty Turns in age at the time [Dfire].

Morath: green dragon, rider Debera. Impression between Morath and Debera took place during the Telgar Weyr Hatching in the autumn of 257. Debera's father tried to prevent it and was wounded by Morath, who was so upset by the actions of Debera's father that her mindspeech could be heard by every rider who attended the Hatching [RSR/3:92].

More than one way to skin a wherry: Pernese proverb meaning there are more ways than one to get the result you want [RSR/1:26].

Moreno, Dino: see Dino Moreno.

Moreta of Fort Weyr: rider of gold Orlith. Weyrwoman of Fort Weyr at the time of the Sixth Pass. According to legend Moreta was able to talk to and hear all dragons, which was in fact not so. It probably was an embellishment of the tale about the legendary deeds she performed [D1/193; Mor]. Moreta had a son by D'say called M'ray [Mor; BB].

The picture on the right is the portrait artist Robin Wood made for the book The People of Pern (1988). Moreta's portrait in that book is modelled after Anne's daughter Georgeanne (Gigi) Johnson.

[Illustration used with permission. © Robin Wood, 1988]

Morif: weyr lad at Benden Weyr [MHoP].

Morilton: Master Glass-smith at Landing [AtWoP].

Morinst: a guard leader at the Bitra border who committed rape in 257 during the Bitran Exodus, was convicted and castrated by way of punishment [RSR/11:265].

Morjell: journeyman harper at Fort Hold [MoP].

Morshall: Master Harper.

The picture on the right is the portrait artist Robin Wood made for the book The People of Pern (1988).

[Illustration used with permission. © Robin Wood, 1988]

Mosser: cotholder’s son at the Nerat border [MoP].

Mosstea: a herb (not described) native to Pern. Used to pack wounds, presumably as a poultice. Closest Terran equivalent: sterilized sphagnum moss was used to pack wounds during World War I. It's been replaced with safer synthetic alternatives. [submitted by Jennifer Quail]. 

Mostar: son of Lord Tolocamp and Lady Pendra of Fort Hold [Mor].

Mott, Purdee: see Purdee Mott.

Mount Garben: name after Terran senator Garben [RSR/16:397; DoP/3:53]. Senator Garben had been of great importance in getting the plans for the Pern colony approved of by the Federation of Sentient Planets (FSP). In honour the big volcano at the original colonist landing site on the Southern Continent was named after him [DLG2/2:0].

Mount Picchu: [DoP/3:53].

M'rak: weyrling, rider of bronze Caneth , stationed at Telgar Weyr. Impressed at the Telgar Weyr Hatching of late autumn 257 [RSR/5:130]. His family weaves at Keroon Hold [RSR/5:133].

M'rand: rider of bronze Tileth, stationed at High Reaches Weyr [AtWoP].

M'ray: rider of brown Quoarth, stationed at Ista Weyr. Son of Moreta by D'say [Mor].

M'rek: rider of bronze Zigith, wingsecond at Telgar Weyr [D2].

M'ridin: rider of bronze Cortath, Benden Weyr [MHoP].

M'shall of Benden Weyr: rider of bronze Craigath. Benden Weyrleader at the end of the First Interval/start of the Second Pass [RSR/1:43]. At the end of Turn 257 M'shall had sweepriders checking every minor holds in Bitra to learn if Chalkin had informed his people of the imminence of Thread and sent a report of this to Lord Paulin of Fort Hold [RSR/6:163].

M'tal: rider of bronze Gaminth, Weyrleader of Benden Weyr. Friend of Master Harper Zist. He brings Kindan, Zist and Natalon between times to Fort Hold to collect the wher egg and assists Kindan and Nuella to raise watchwher Kisk/Nuelsk [DK, Dfire].

M'tani of Telgar Weyr: rider of bronze Hogarth. Weyrleader at Telgar Weyr [Mor].

M'tok: rider of bronze Litorth, stationed at Benden Weyr [D3].

Muhammed, Dos: see Dos Muhammed.

Mul: a dolphin of the Paradriv pod [DoP/1:29, 4:82, 5:115].

Multiplying song, the old: "One and one is two, two and two are four" song. A relic from Terran times that the colonists obviously brought with them, which was still an effective teaching aid at the end of the First Interval [RSR/2:70]. The original song comes from the 20th century Terran musical The King and I.

Mumolon: journeyman harper at Tillek Hold [MHoP].

Munchaun: Nerilka's uncle [NS].

Munson, Ozzie: see Ozzie Munson.

Murda: fisher at Big Lagoon [ RoP].

Murenny: Masterharper, craftmaster in the decades prior to the start of the Third Pass [DK, Dfire].

Murphytwen: holder, High Reaches Hold, father of Murphytwenone [MHoP].

Murphytwenone: son of Murphytwen, a holder in the High Reaches area. Son of Murphytwen [MHoP].

Musgrave-Blake, Betty: botanist? [DD].

Mushrooms: mushrooms that were brought to Pern by the colonists were raised side by side with edible native fungi. The first mushroom farms were ocated in caves that riddled the palisade overlooking the Jordan river in the stake by the same name [DLG1/II:16].

Music: at the end of the First Interval there was a new contemporary sort of music in fashion of which some (among them Danja) thought it was just a loud and diatonic musical fad. Opposing this new music there was a line of music that was called "traditional", which not only included what we perceive as classical music but also Terran traditionals and even classic pop songs like "The Long and Winding Road" [RSR/2:73].

Musical instruments: musical instruments in use at the end of the First Interval were (incomplete list): violin (fiddle), harp (standing and portable), recorder flute, flute, guitar, reed flute (reed whistle), drums. There was still one piano in existence. This instrument was undergoing repairs at the time of the gather at Fort Hold in 257, the main problem being the reproduction of the same sort of felt that had been used in the instrument originally (for the hammers) [RSR/2:76].

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