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Tagath, blue dragon, rider C'gan. Tagath was a dragon of Lidith's last clutch, which had fine beasts in it. Tagath suicided at the death of his rider C'gan who was mortally injured when bringing additional firestone-sacks to the fighting dragons battling thread at Keroon at the second fall after the Long Interval. The dragon was too old to go between fast when a patch of thread caught his rider in the face. The made it back to Benden Weyr, where dragon and rider were initially saved from crashing by Ramoth [D1/96, 207].

Tagetarl: journeyman harper at Harper Hall.

Taking a short dragon-ride: a euphemism for the ending of an unwanted pregnancy by going between when you are pregnant [RSR/3:89]. 

See also Abortion.

Talina: rider of an unnamed queen, junior weyrwoman at Benden Weyr [D3].

Talith: blue dragion, rider J'trel, stationed at Ista Weyr [Dfire].

Talla: brown fire lizard, one of Sharra's [RoP].

Talmaric: a miner at Camp Natalon in Crom Hold. Aged 31 Turns. Spouse of Norla, father of Zenor, Renna and three more, younger, girls. Killed in the cave in (mining accident) that also killed Danil [DK].

Talmor: journeyman harper at Harper Hall.

The picture on the right is the portrait artist Robin Wood made for the book The People of Pern (1988).

[Illustration used with permission. © Robin Wood, 1988]

Talpan: healer of animals at Keroon Beast Hold [Mor].

Tamianth: queen dragon, rider Falga [Mor].

Tana: a dolphin swimming the Eastern waters [DoP].

Tansy: Tanacetum vulgare, F. Compositae. Tansy has fernlike leaves, with loose clusters of small yellow flowers. Grows from a rhizome and spreads. Crushed leaves emit a pine odor. It grows to 3-4', mostly found in weedy places (roadsides, verges) and in temperate zones in full sun to partial shade.
In our world tiny amounts are still sometimes used in cooking, the amounts required for medicinal purposes (traditionally as an abortifacient, or externally to relieve sprains) may often contain potentially-fatal levels of the chemical thujone. Unlike its relative wormwood, the thujone content in tansy is highly variable. As such, it is currently considered unsafe for medical use, as selective breeding has proved unable to stabilize the thujone levels. [Submitted by Jennifer Quail].

Tapestries: The manufacturing and use of tapestries became wider and wider during the Second Pass (258-308). At the end of the First Interval Fredig, a weaver-designer from Telgar Weyr, suggested hanging tapestries in every Weyr and Hold, depicting the return of the Red Star (with the formulae needed for the calculation of its position and trajectory in the borders), as a reminder to the people of the dangers they faced. Despite the fact that colors fade and fabrics deteriorate relatively fast they probably made a lot of them, renewing or restoring them when necessary. Tapestries were used before, though not to help people remember or for their "educational" value. There were tapestries in houses at Landing too. One of them (probably moved to Fort Hold) was still remembered by the Telgar Weyrwoman Zulaya in 257. It depicted an Earth-Moon scene and was much more durable than the later Pernese tapestries because synthetic yarns were used for it that were not available anymore in later times [RSR/3:84]. The popularity of tapestries probably comes from their use as insulators on cold rock walls.

Tapeth: green dragon, rider T'nure [Mor].

Tarathel of Telgar Hold, Lord: Lord Holder of Telgar Hold [MHoP].

Targus: cotholder at the Nerat border [MHoP].

Tarik: a miner at Camp Natalon in Crom Hold. A surly man. Natalon's uncle. Spouse of Dara and father of Cristov. Tarik had a fire lizard egg once (he must have been a really succesful miner) but lost it when the newly hatched critter went between right after hatching. Tarik blames Dask for frightening it (this must mean that Kindan's father and Dask were also employed at the mine of Tarik's father as this can't have happened at Camp Natalon). Near the end of the Second Interval he's already been a miner for 20 Turns. He used to work with his father, who opened their seam (mine) 70 Turns earlier. Unfortunately the mine has played out and he was invited by his cousin Natalon to come work in his new mine. He's in league with the Shunned, steals coal from Camp Natalon's mine (that is being sold by criminal Shunned) and mines the columns, a very dangerous thing to do. When his thievery and other crimes are discovered he is shunned and made nameless and sent to work in a firestone mine. There half acidentally kills all the shunned miner and is the only survivor. He is forced to take over mining firestone in a new mine, with new Shunned labourers, under the jurisdiction of Telgar Weyr but he is again in league with Tenim and steals firestone for him. Tarik is killed (together with more than half the men working there) in the explosion that destroys Firestone Mine #9 and finally pays the ultimate price for his crimes [DK, Dfire].

Tarragon: a herb, imported to Pern by the colonists [DLG1/II:16].

Tarri: Journeywoman Trader in charge of a trader caravan that visits Camp Natalon regularly to buy coal. In her early twenties. In Dragon's Fire she helps both Pellar and Halla [DK, Dfire].

Tarrie Chernoff: rider of queen Porth, one of the original first eighteen dragonriders [DD].

Tarvi Andiyar (Tarvi Telgar): born c. 60 years BL (before landing; he spent the 15 years of the journey to Pern in deepsleep) one of the original colonists, died c. 50 AL. Tarvi is a geologist, miner and head of mine engineering on Pern. He is of Indic ancestry with many holy men amng his ancestors. Tarvi Andiyar changed his name to Tarvi Telgar after the heroic death of his wife Sallah Telgar whom he married in the first year of the colonist settlement on Pern while she was already pregnant with their frst child, their son Ram Da [DD].
Tarvi occupied quarters C-8411 on the colonist flagship the Yokohama. He is the founder and first Lord Holder of Telgar Hold. In 48, ten years before Threadfall ceased (the end of the First Fall was in 58), he had seedlings in every corner of the Hold, ready to plant out [RSR/1:65]. [DD; CoP-SW; RoP; AtWoP]. He had four children with Sallah: Ram Da, Dena, Ben and Cara, who all changed their name to Telgar together with their father.

For the Telgar Bloodline Bloodline: click here.

The portrait of geologist Tarvi Telgar shown here is the fourth in the series of Pern Portraits made especially for the Pern Encyclopedia by the American artist and Pern fan Linda Eicher. It is copyright by her and you are asked politely not to reproduce it or use it in any way without prior permission by the artist. You can click the portrait for a larger version.

Tashkovich: [DD].

Tashvi of Telgar, Lord: Lord Holder of Telgar Hold at the start of the Second Pass, husband of Salda [RSR/1:39].

Taventh: bronze dragon, rider W'ter [Mor].

Tawkin: an oarsman at Southern Hold [RoP].

T'bor: rider of bronze Orth: Wingleader at Benden under Weyrleaders R'gul and F'lar.

T'dam: rider of … Kessuth (color unknown). Weyrlingmaster at Telgar Weyr [RSR/3:103]. Irreverently nicknamed T'dam-damn-him by the weyrlings [RSR/11:272].

Teaching Ballads: see Teaching Songs.

Teaching Songs: also called Teaching Ballads and History Ballads. Clisser (head of College at the end of the First Interval and beginning of the Second Pass) discussed the possibilities of putting the information about the signs that indicated that a Pass was coming, something each student had to learn at an early age, to music with catchy tunes and good lyrics at the gather at Fort Hold in 257 with his collegues Sheledon, Danja and Bethany. It was decided to make a survey after the possibilities of this option a history class project, with the brilliant student Jemmy in charge of it (who wondered why the balladic medium was not used earlier) [RSR/2:70-72, 76]. The first song, one of many, was turned out Autumn 257 [RSR/3:83-84]. Key question was: how to perpetuate the critical information [RSR/3:85]. The first and main introduction of the Teaching Songs and Ballads took place on Second Day 258, the main performance being staged at Telgar Weyr and others - simultaneously - all over Pern. They were well received. After these events copies of all the new songs were being made by the teachers themselves, who would require their students to transcribe them [RSR/15:351-352].
  • Duty Song: also called Duty Ballad (after it was first made).
  • Question song:

Technology: technology was already declining fast during the First Interval, not through mishandling of materials but from the attritions if age and inability [RSR/1:63]. At the end of the First Interval there still was an electric beverage counter at College that finally died due to the damage to the electric systems done by lightning in the autumn of 257, while at the same time people also used gas-rings to heat water and beverages [RSR/4:122]. See also: computers, solar panels.

Ted (Theodore) Tubberman: colonist, botanist; sent a homing device to Earth, a fact that was still remembered (at least at College) almost a quarter of a millennium later in which time it was referred to as the Tubberman Tube Theory. Ted is also mentioned (not appearing) in the short story Beyond Between [RSR/4:119; DD; BB].

Teelarth: blue dragon, rider K'dall [Mor].

Tegger: a Ruathan Holder [D3].

Tela, Lady: one of Fax's ladies, daughter of a clothman [D1/34-35, 70].

Telenth: green dragon, rider P'lel (mistakenly mentioned as a small blue once in Dragon's Fire) [Dfire].

Telescopes: At the end of the First Interval there were still three usable telescopes at College, there once had been many more [RSR/1:63].


Telgar Hold: major Hold.
  • Bound to: Telgar Weyr.
  • Harpers: Bristol [MHoP].
  • High seas and flooding: [D1/102].
  • Holds bound to: South Telgar Hold.
  • Lady of: [D1/138].
  • Products: grain [D1/108].
  • Southern outer Hold: [D1/139]. See South Telgar Hold.

Telgar Hold, South: see South Telgar Hold.

Telgar iron: Telgar is famous for its iron mines. The beams that held up the stout walls of the College (later called Harper Hall) are made of Telgar iron [RSR/1:31]. The ore in Telgar's mines is embedded deep in the ground and not near the surface, it was much harder to get than the later established mines that excavated mountain deposits [RSR/1:60-61].

Telgar, Sallah: see Sallah Telgar.

Telgar slate: the peaked roof of College (later Harper Hall) was covered with Telgar slate [RSR/1:31].

Telgar Weyr: sometimes referred to as plainland Telgar.
  • Bowl, the: central, ground level, area of the Weyr. Named for the shape [RSR/3:98]. Had a rocky surface that was sandier around the lake [RSR/5:128].
  • Clutches: Telgar Weyr had the largest clutches (with a lot of greens and blues) of all Weyrs in the three turns preceding the start of the Second Pass (255-257). It made the Weyr so full that they might have to shift out some of the excess population to other Weyrs [RSR/1:49].
  • Coat-of-arms: a black grain design on a white field, a table was decorated with them at the gather at Fort in 257 [RSR/1:42].
  • Entrance: the surface entrance to the Weyr consists out of a long tunnel, carved in the thinnest wall of the Telgar Crater. it is lit by glowbaskets [RSR/4:112].
  • Hatching Ground: shaped like an amphitheatre [RSR/3:93]. Situated on ground level (Debera's horse Bilwil halted at the entrance, where she slid of and raced towards the Hatching Ground) [RSR/4:113].
  • Hatchings: Telgar Weyr had a Hatching at the end of Autumn 257. It was a large clutch (fifty-one eggs) by Meranath. At this time, such a short time before the start of all, various Weyrs were overproducing [RSR/3:83]. At the Hatching in the autumn of 257 there were only five girls on the ground, there were no queen eggs and it was hoped there were enough boys to impress the (other) green hatchlings. Weyrleader K'vin thought that a good third, or maybe even half, of this clutch might be green [RSR/3:88].
    Hatching of autumn 257: Total 51. Green: 19, Blue: 15, Brown: 10, Bronze: 7 (good size, meaning large ones), Gold: 0. Considered a very good Hatching. At least one of the new bronze riders was Hold bred [RSR/3:98].
  • History: by the end of the First Interval there was nothing to remember the first occupants of Telgar Weyr by ; no portraits of the early dragonriders or Weyrleaders  existed. This is why Weyrwoman Zulaya was pleased with the project of Artist Iantine to make portraits of all the dragonriders [RSR/10:256].
  • Dragon population: due to the large clutches that were produced in the years preceding the Second Pass by Meranath and Miginth the Weyr was almost full. They might have to shift out some of the excess population to other Weyrs [RSR/1:49]. Just prior to the last Hatching (in Turn 257) before the start of the Second Pass (in 258) there were one senior and five junior queens at Telgar Weyr (together forming Telgar's low flight wing). The before mentioned clutch had no golden eggs [RSR/3:87]. At the end of the First Interval/start of the Second Pass there were close to six hundred dragons at Telgar Weyr [RSR/10:255].
  • Kitchen caverns; located in one quadrant of the bowl. Consisting out of a series of caves, each with its own entrance, varying in size, width and height. The hearths or ovens were ranged against the outside wall of the smallest kitchen cavern, each oven having its own chimney protruding up the cliff face [RSR/5:129].
  • Lake: used for bathing by dragons and dragonets [RSR/5:127].
  • Lower Caverns: in one of these caverns food was prepared [among other things] and that particular cavern was probably situated at ground level, because it is easier to get the fuel for fires inside a ground level cavern in stead of an upper level cavern. The total number of caverns belonging to the Lower Caverns will have been large and could well have been spread out over several (lower) levels [RSR/3:98]. Two junior queen dragons had also done well with at their latest hatchings, which probably both took place in 257.
  • Main cavern: largest cavern. Hatching feasts were held there [RSR/3:97]. It was located next to the kitchen caverns, on the ground level, and had many long tables [RSR/5:129].
  • Queen dragons: at the start of the Second Pass there were one senior (Meranath) and five junior queen dragons at Telgar Weyr [RSR/1:49].
  • Weyrleadership: after the unexpected death of B'ner, Weyrwoman Zulaya called for an open flight when her dragon Meranath was ready to mate again (about mid 257), leaving it to the dragons to decide on the next leader. K'vin had no real wish to lead the Weyr into the next pass, he considered himself to young for such responsibilities and was especially disturbed by the idea of fellow-riders being injured or killed [RSR/1:32-33].
  • Weyrling barracks; there were separate Weyrling barracks for boys and girls at Telgar Weyr. The barracks had double doors ("wide enough to accommodate wing-trailing dragonets"). The dragonet beds consisted out of basic wooden platforms, raised half a meter above the ground. The Weyrling's bed was a trundle affair to one side of the dragonet's. Weyrlings and dragonets stayed in there until they were old enough to be transferred to a permanent weyr apartment [RSR/3:97, 4:113].

Telgarian: a person of Telgar origin.

Tellani: a woman at Fort Weyr [Mor].

Tellinth: brown dragon, rider V'mul [Mor].

Temma: [RoP; DoP].

Temp: a dolphin of the Paradriv pod [DoP/1:29, 4:82, 90, 5:115].

Tenim: a teenager, criminal and murderer, son of a shunned father (thus Shunned himself) and a spineless mother. He has jet black hair and green eyes, Tenim is a criminal and has the knack of intimidating others into working for him. He's a Scrooge-like leader of a group of shunned children to which Moran, a Harper gone astray, is also a part. Tenim was a cold blooded thief and murderer, he killed Milera because she had wanted to rob him and Sidar, a holder near Keogh. Tenim has a bird of prey, a falcon (once called a hawk) named Grief. Both are killed by Pellar [Dfire].

Tenna: runner [Runner].

Terbo: chemist-zoologist [DD].

Terentel: son of Lord Oterel of Tillek Hold [AtWoP].

Teres: a dolphin, oldest member of the Moncobay pod [DoP/3:64].

Teresa: a dolphin [DD].

Terra: Earth.

Terra: a woman at Camp Natalon in Crom Hold. Wife of Riterin, mother of four children. They took in Jakris and left Camp Natalon [DK].

Terran: of or from Earth.

Terregar: smith (rank unknown) at Smithcrafthall at Telgar Hold. Of medium height, well muscled, a short-trimmed, dark beard and blue eyes. Marries Silstra (Sis) at Camp Natalon in Crom Hold. They live at Telgar Hold [DK, Dfire].

Terry: a Master Smith, Fandarel's foremost assistant and second-in-command.

The picture on the right is the portrait artist Robin Wood made for the book The People of Pern (1988).

[Illustration used with permission. © Robin Wood, 1988]

Terry Galliani: [CoP].

Tesner of Igen Hold, Lord: Lord Holder of Igen Hold [MHoP].

Tether stone; a stone to which runner- and cart beasts (dray beasts) can be tied [GWHD/18].

Texur: first mate at Fort Sea Hold [DoP].

T'gellan: rider of bronze Monarth, Wingleader at Benden Weyr. Half Circle Sea Hold was under his responsibilities as Wingleader [H1/.].
T'gellan lead the wing searching for Thella and Giron after they tried to abduct Aramina [GWHD/61]. Weyrleader of Eastern Weyr [DoP/5:93].

The picture on the right is the portrait artist Robin Wood made for the book The People of Pern (1988).

[Illustration used with permission. © Robin Wood, 1988]

T'gor: rider of blue Relth, stationed at Benden Weyr [D1].

T'gran: rider of brown Branth, stationed at Benden Weyr [H1/.].

Tgrath: green dragon, rider A'dan [misspelled as T'grath in Mor-Dragondex? Dragon name with apostrophe?]

T'grel: rider of bronze Raylinth. Wingleader at Telgar Weyr [Mor].

Thaniel: beastholder, smallholder of Waterhole Hold. In his late middle Turns, has a limp. His wife died giving birth to their youngest son Bill. The modest beasthold is situated in Keroon but beholden to Ista Weyr [BB].

The lady breaks bread first: a Pernese custom and saying [D1/75].

Thea of High Reaches, Lady: Lady Holder of High Reaches Hold at the start of the Second Pass, spouse of Jamson. Child by Jamson: Gallian (oldest son) [RSR/1:40]. She was present at the Bitran exodus trials at Telgar and Benden Weyr at the end of the Winter of 257, at which her son Gallian represented his father [RSR/11:261]. She had a plump body [RSR/11:286]. She carried out the plan, conceived by Lord Paulin of Fort, her son Gallian and herself, to have her husband Lord Jamson go to the warmer climate of Ista Hold on the count of his respiratory illness on which journey she accompanied him [RSR/11:284-286].

Thella: also called Lady Holdless. A member of the Telgar Bloodline. She visited the Igen caverns to recruit people for her roving bands. She discovered the ability of Aramina to hear every dragon and wanted to exploit that ability to her own advantage. [GWHD/15].

Theng: guardleader at Fort Hold [Mor].

Theskin: son of Lord Tolocamp and Lady Pendra of Fort Hold. Brother of Nerilka [NS].

Theodore Tubberman: see Ted (Theodore) Tubberman.

Thomas the Ninth: father of dragonrider S'mon. Together with his wife, his daughter Suze and her older brother, he attended the Telgar Weyr Hatching in the autumn of 257 at which his son impressed [RSR/3:101].

Thomas the Tenth: see S'mon.

Thread: (mycorrhizoid). Spores from the Red Star, which descend on Pern and, if allowed to burrow into it, will devour all organic material they encounter.
Thread can devour a whole cow in less than two minutes. Thread needs oxygen as well as an organic material to thrive, while water kills it (it drowns in three seconds). So an immersion in water could save the life of a human to which a Thread attached itself. Dragons could go between, where the extreme cold kills the Thread. Due to the time factor this is not an option for humans if they are not already on a flying dragon [RSR/7:184]. There are two kinds of Thread: first the ones that eat themselves dead, which are in the majority, and secondly the kind that finds something in what they ingest that allows them to progress to the second step of their life-cycle (the kind that was never deeply investigated by the colonists, who only knew it existed and supposed it needed some trace minerals or elements to propagate). At the end of the First Interval there were areas on the Northern Continent that were still sterile two-hundred years after the First Fall [RSR/7:190]. So the second type of Thread burrows and can multiply itself if it finds the right nourishment [RSR/7:191]. One tangle of Thread could destroy an acre of trees in the time it took to get a ground crew to the affected area [RSR/15:352].
  • Made harmless by unusually cold weather: [D1/178, 192-193, 223].

  • Burrow:
  • Duration of one attack: [D1/178, 180].
  • First fall after Second Long Interval (over Nerat): [D1/197-202].
  • Injuries: lessons on this subject are taught by the weyrlingmaster. The worst injuries would likely occur on wing edges, especially if Thread was falling in clumps and the team was not sharp enough to avoid them. A dragon can fly with one third of his exterior sail damaged. Injuries of the inner wing are belonging to the most serious sort and can be fatal because Thread can, depending on the angle of its fall, sear through the wing and go into the body at the place where the dragon's lungs are [RSR/6:177] it is a rider's task to immediately start encouriging his dragon after landing with injuries and slathering the injuries with numbweed (at which task he will normally be assisted immediately by ground personnel) [RSR/6:178]. Lessons in first aid concerning both human and dragon (Thread) injuries were also given by the Head Medic Corey at College [RSR/7:183]. Reports by First Fall doctors Tomlinson, Marchane and Lao indicate that the mortality rate under humans receiving Threadscore is high, if Thread doesn't directly kill a heart failure or stroke will usually be the cause of death. Doctor Lao wrote that humans, who had received slight scores and were successfully treated, often died from the pathological trauma of being scored [RSR/7:185].
  • Interval between attacks: [D1/178, 180].
  • Map of attack waves: [D1/180].
  • Second Pass: The Threadfall of the Second Pass started in spring 258[ RSR/15:353]. See for further information Second Pass.

Thread chart: a chart that shows the pattern of Threadfall. Each Weyr still had them at the start of the Second Pass [RSR/16:383].

Thread-lost: a Pernese expression, meaning being out in the open while Thread is falling.

Three Rivers Hold: a Hold in Crom [Dfire].

Thyme: Thymus vulgaris (Thyme). Anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, antispasmodic. An infusion of the tops of the plant may be used up to two cups daily. Several varieties, varying in height from 2" to 10". Hardy in temperate zones, mildly acid soil, full sun to partial shade. Thyme was imported by the colonists and did well in Pernese soil.

[Data partly submitted by Jennifer Quail].

Tiabeth: bronze dragon, rider S'mon. Impressed autumn 257, stationed at Telgar Weyr [RSR].

Tilarek: a soldier of Ruatha Hold. Was in charge of the first tithe train, send by Warder Lytol, from Ruatha to Benden Weyr after the death of Fax [D1/106-109].

Tilgin: apprentice harper, Piemur's understudy [H2].


Tillek, captain: mentioned as having annotated an Aivas report on collision between the Red Star and Pern; RSR/1:44. Exhaustive reports about the Red Star, done by captains Keroon and Tillek [RSR/1:63]. See also Jim Tillek.

Tillek, the: A dolphin, chosen of all the pods for her wisdom [DoP/2].

Tillek Hold: Major Hold.
  • Bound to: High Reaches Weyr.
  • Herds: [D1/95].
  • Lord Holders: Diatis [Mor].

Tillek, Jim: see Jim Tillek.

Tillek sweater: a thick-knit sweater that probably resembles Irish Arran sweaters. Mostly used by sailors and fishermen [Dfire].

Tillek wine: a wine that tended to be foxy and harsh [RSR/1:40].

Tim Andriades: colonist, flautist. Settled at ancient Paradise River. Mentioned only once in Dragonsdawn [DD].

Timareen: Weaver Crafmaster at Telgar Hold [H2].

Timberjack: Pernese for lumberjack [RSR/1:65].

Timenth: bronze dragon, rider L'bol [Mor].

Timor: one of the two moons of Pern, the smaller and lowest set of the pair [GWHD/16].

Timore: engineer [RSR]. Probably named for one of Pern's two moons.

Tinamon: healer at Benden Weyr [MHoP].

Ting, Pei Pei: see Pei Pei Ting.

Tini: a dolphin swimming the Kahrain waters [DoP].


Tirone; Masterharper at Harper Hall, Fort Hold [Mor; BB].

The picture on the right is the portrait artist Robin Wood made for the book The People of Pern (1988).

[Illustration used with permission. © Robin Wood, 1988]

Tisha: large (obese) headwoman at Telgar Weyr who had an infectious laugh [RSR/13:318]. Weyrwoman Zulaya once said of her that she treated all the weyrgilrs like live dolls, dressing them up and fussing with their hair. She was not childless but apparently had an excess of maternal instinct which was an asset in the Weyr [RSR/3:103]. Tisha had a contralto voice, shapely hands with long strong fingers and large breasts. She loved making clothes [RSR/5:131]. She gave massages to the (tired) weyrlings [RSR/5:134].
Getting Tisha on brown Branuth for an outing to the Southern Continent during First-month of 258 was a struggle involving five helpers and definitely was an hilarious occasion. Tisha, with her thick legs sticking out at angles from her perch between the neck ridges remarked to Branuth's rider T'lel: "…get up here T'lel. (…) I'll be split. And if I'm split you'll suffer. (…) This is very uncomfortable. (…) Get up here and let's go!", and a few moments later: " Not only am I being split, I'm also being bisected by these ridges. Did you sharpen them on purpose, T'lel?" [RSR/15:362]. Tisha was one of the two weyrfolk that came down with a fever while on a Telgar Weyr outing to the Southern Continent during first-month of 258. The other woman recovered quickly but Tisha had a harder time and sweated kilos off her big frame [RSR/16:376]. She was transported home by ship, that picked her up at the mouth of the Rubicon River. Everyone was extremely worried, evidence of how important a Weyr Headwoman really is [RSR/16:377].

Tithe: supplies send by the Holds to the Weyr they are bound to. At the end of the First Interval tithings occurred every quarter [RSR/1:56].

Tithe train: group of carts (tithe wagons) and people that bring the tithe from a Hold to the Weyr they are bound to.

Tithing: see Tithe.

T'kul: oldtimer, rider of bronze Salth. Weyrleader at High Reaches Weyr, later banished to Southern Weyr [D2].

The portrait on the right is the one artist Robin Wood made for the Mayfair Boardgame Dragonriders of Pern (1985, 1989). T'kul does not appear in The People of Pern (1988).

[Illustration used with permission. © Robin Wood 1985, 1989]

T'lan: rider of an unnamed brown dragon, a white-haired older man [RSR/9:237].

T'ledon: rider of blue Serith, stationed at Fort Hold/Weyr [D2].

T'lel: rider of brown Branuth. At a practice flight in early 258, he and another rider named Z'ran had a nearly fatal accident because the were showing off [RSR/15:358].

T'lion: rider of bronze Gadareth, stationed at Eastern Weyr [DoP/3:44-45]. Born at Benden Hold [DoP/5:97]. Son of a journeyman living at Landing who inadvertently impressed his dragon on the day his brother K'din stood on the Hatching Ground and impressed Bulith. T'lion had been barely the acceptable age, at the time of his Impression he was twelve Turns old [DoP/5:92]. He also has an unnamed sister who was present at the Hatching, together with their parents [DoP/5:93]. T'lion is a friend of Readis (junior), the first official dolphineer of Ninth Pass Pern and later Craftmaster of Dolphin Hall.

[Illustration taken from the cover of the US Del Rey edition of The Dolphins of Pern © Rowena]

T'lonneg: rider of bronze Jalerth/Jaleeth?. Wingleader at Ista Weyr [Mor].

T'mas: rider of an unnamed bronze dragon, one of the founders/first group of riders of Benden Weyr during the First Pass [RSR/3:102; CoP/4:191].

T'nure: rider of green Tapeth, stationed at Fort Weyr [Mor].

Tobin, Joe: see Joe Tobin.

Todd Hamilton: [DLG/xi].

Todd McCaffrey: son of Anne McCaffrey, changed his name from Johnson to McCaffrey. Co-author of the Pern books Dragon's Kin and Dragon's Fire and author of Dragonsblood. Has a website at:

Todd Johnson: see Todd McCaffrey.

Tofir: a miner at Camp Natalon in Crom Hold. Son of Danil, one of Kindan's older brothers. Left Camp Natalon after his father and five of his brothers were killed in a mining accident. He was fostered to Crom Hold itself, where his gift with drawing would be encouraged and where he might take up mapping (a skill needed in mining) [DK].

Toldur: a miner at Camp Natalon in Crom Hold. Spouse of Alarra. Shift leader at Camp Natalon. Old friend of Natalon. A tall man who goes into firestone mining, helped by his wife and Cristov. By that time described as being a Master Miner. He gets killed when Tenim destroys the High Reaches firestone mine he's running [DK, Dfire].

Tolocamp: Lord Holder of Fort Weyr [Mor].

The picture on the right is the portrait artist Robin Wood made for the book The People of Pern (1988).

[Illustration used with permission. © Robin Wood, 1988]

Tolly: brown fire lizard, one of Mirrim's [H1].

Tom: a dolphin swimming the Eastern waters [DoP/5:99].

Ton: a unit of measurement. See also hundredweight. In both old Terran systems described under hundredweight (US customary and UK Imperial), there were twenty hundredweights to a ton – the "long ton" of 2240 pounds (approximately equal to a metric tonne), and the "short ton" of 2000 pounds. In both systems, the hundredweight is abbreviated cwt, where wt is an abbreviation for weight and c is an abbreviation for one hundred (since the Roman numeral C is equal to 100).

Tom Patrick: colonist, psychologist [DD].

Tomlinson: a medical doctor who lived during the First Pass and wrote about Thread injuries [RSR/7:183]. Possibly the same person as Basil Tomlinson who appears in DD.

Tomlinson, Basil: see Basil Tomlinson.

Tomlinson, Greta: see Greta Tomlinson.

Tomol: apprentice harper at Harper Hall [DoP].

Tonia: Healer at Igen Seahold [Mor].

Tony Gale: a worker at Bitkim Island [DD].

Tordril: son of Lord Banger of Igen Hold, fosterling at Ruatha [D3].

Torellan: member of a small group of Shunned. Torellan, who got sick like many other is the group, was lieutenant to the leader of that small group, Malir [Dfire].

Torene of Ruatha Weyr (formerly of Fort Weyr), rider of gold Alaranth: Weyrwoman at Benden.

Torenth: queen dragon, rider Wimmia [Mor].

Toric of Southern, Lord: Lord Holder of Southern Hold [D1, D2, RoP, DoP, AtWoP]

The picture on the right is the portrait artist Robin Wood made for the book The People of Pern (1988).

[Illustration used with permission. © Robin Wood, 1988]

Tork: bronze fire lizard, looking to Alemi [DoP/4:70].

Torlin: son of a cotholder at Tillek Hold [MHoP].

Toronas of Benden Hold, Lord; Lord Holder of Benden Hold [D1].

Torsten: a tanner at Southern Hold [DoP].

Tortole: cotholder and forester at Tillek Hold [MHoP].

Tory: a dolphin at Monaco Bay [CoP-DB].

Tosikin: Journeyman Joiner from Bitra Hold [AtWoP].

Tower guard:

Tracath: blue dragon, stationed at Telgar Weyr, rider Z'gal [RSR/17:411].

Trader(s): salesmen of a wide variety of goods but who don't produce the goods themselves. See also: Travelling traders.


Traditional music/songs: at the end of the First Interval songs like "The Long and Winding Road" was still considered a traditional [RSR/2:73].

T'ragel: rider of blue Keranth, weyrling at Fort Weyr [Mor].

Tragger: leader of the troop of Fax's soldiers that visited the Hold of Barla and Dowell [RoP-US/4].

Trail boss: somebody in charge of a part of a traveling trader train [RSR/8:208].

T'ral: rider of brown Maneth, stationed at Fort Weyr [Mor].

Traller: alias Tuck, spy, journeyman harper [MHoP].

Tran: a runner [Mor].

T'ran: rider of bronze Rederth, stationed at Igen Weyr [D3].

Transportation services: were still provided by dragonfolk at the start of the Second Pass [RSR/1:37].

Traveling traders: usually a group of traders, often related through family ties, that don't have any allegiance to a Hold but practice free trade. Besides the harpers they were often also the ones who brought news to the Holds, especially to the smaller holds which did not have their own harper. By the time of the start of the Second Pass the traveling traders had set up a chain of sheltered halts along their trading routes where they could shelter in case of Threadfall [RSR/8:206].
Because of the fact that the traveling traders were not affiliated to any of the Holds they were the only group of people who retained the old family names, not able to adopt a name that pointed to the area they originated from.

T'reb: rider of green Beth, stationed at Fort Weyr. T'reb is the rider of the proddy green involved in the famous Smithcrafthall stabbing in which F'nor got wounded [D2].

T'red: rider of an unnamed brown dragon, stationed at Telgar Weyr. Lover of Jule for a short while [RSR/11:274].

Trees: The colony's botanists brought seedlings of all Earth and Alpha Centauri trees in the hydroponics labs, it isnt likely however to assume that all Earth's tree species will have survived on Pern. Gingko and cottonwood trees did well in the open plains, breaking the ground and providing shelter for the oak and pine seedlings that were planted in their shade. In the higher regions ash, rowan and scrub pine were planted and thrived while willow trees did well on the wet river banks on which they were plated. Most of the original imported tree varieties reseeded thmselves on grubbed ground and can be found in the Southern Continent. It is logical that non-indigneous sorts were seldom found in the Northern Continent in the pre Ninth Pass period [DLG1/II:15-16].

Trelbin: healer at High Hill Hold [NS].

T'rell: weyrlingmaster at Benden Weyr [MHoP].

Trenth: green dragon, rider T'sel [H1/.].

Trestan: an apprentice at Landing [AtWoP].

Triana: dancer at High Reaches Hold [MHoP].

Trig: bronze fire lizard, looking to Jancis [AtWoP].

Tris: brown fire lizard, looking to N'ton [D3; H3].

The picture on the right is part of the portrait artist Robin Wood made of N'ton for the book The People of Pern (1988).

[Illustration used with permission. © Robin Wood, 1988]

T'ron (T'ton): rider of bronze Fidranth. Weyrleader of Fort Weyr [D1].

Trume: Masterherdsman at High Reaches Hold [Mor].

Trury, Emma: see Emma Trury.

TSD: abbreviation used for the story The Smallest Dragonboy, which appeared in the collection of short stories Get off the Unicorn.

T'sel: rider of green Trenth, stationed at Benden Weyr. Owner of bronze fire lizard Rill [H1/.].

T'sen: rider of an unnamed green dragon, stationed at Telgar Weyr. Weyrmate and lover of Z'gal. He and Z'gal gave the wounded P'tero a pad to sit comfortably on his dragon [RSR].

T'sum: rider of brown Munth. Wing second of F'lar's wing at Benden Weyr. After F'lar became Weyrleader T'sum was appointed wingleader [D1/196, 198].

T'ton: see T'ron.

Tubberman grubs, the: a genetically engineered kind of grub that served as a protection against Thread after it had burrowed and with which the Southern Continent was seeded. The story and importance of this project was obviously still known to (at least the important) people of Pern at the end of the First Interval and the start of the Second Pass, during which time regular checks on the expansion of the grubs over the Southern Continent were performed [RSR/15:358]. The progress of the migration of the grubs was charted (Weyrleaders had this information showing on their charts) [RSR/15:360]. The grubs were just an extra precaution though and certainly not seen as the total answer; RSR/15:361. It was established by Telgar Weyrleader K'vin that a diligent survey of the grub penetration would take three days, which was performed during an outing to the Southern Continent during First-month of Turn 258 [RSR/15:362]. During this outing it was established that the grubs had infested yet a few more kilometers westward and southward, towards the Great barrier Range, in an uneven wave of expansion. Their progress into the sandy scrublands east of Landing had slowed to a few meters. The agricultural experts were not worried by this last data, they were more eager for the rich grass and forest lands to be protected by the grubs [RSR/16:376].

Tubberman, Lucy: see Lucy Tubberman.

Tubberman, Ned: see Ned Tubberman

Tubberman, Mary: see Mary Tubberman.

Tubberman, Petey: see Petey Tubberman.

Tubberman, Ted (Theodore): see Ted (Theodore) Tubberman.


Tubridy: weyrman at Benden Weyr [RoP].

Tuck: see Traller.

Tucker: called little Tucker, a young shunned boy with Moran {Dfire].

Tuenth: bronze dragon, rider S'lel [ D1; MHoP].

Tuero: journeyman harper at Ruatha Hold [Mor].

Tumara: a candidate, originally from Ista [AtWoP].

Tunnel snakes: considered to be "good eating" by Pell (son of Dowell and Barla and brother of Aramina), who caught them by setting snares, a job he was quite good at [GWHD/27].

Turn: a Pernese year. The name Turn came into use around the time of start of the Second Pass in 258 at which time there were still people that scorned the use of the new name (among them Fort Weyrleader S'nan) [RSR/1:48].

Turnien, Ben: see Ben Turnien.

Turn's end: last day of a turn, like earth's new years eve.

Turn's End celebration: still called Year's End celebration at the end of the First Interval though the term Turn for year was coming into use [RSR/4:116]. It appears that it was a custom on Pern to give each other presents at Turn's End (probably a remnant of Terran Christmas traditions) [RSR/10:255]. Took place at Winter Solstice [RSR/14:323].

Tursi: a dolphin swimming the Kahrain waters [DoP].

Turvine: a cropholder at Ruatha Hold [Mor].

Turving: a smallholder at Ruatha Hold [Mor].

Typewriter: still in existence at the end of the First Interval but probably already scarce at the time. The contract between Lord Chalkin and the artist Iantine was made up with the use of a typewriter about which Iantine's fellow student Ussie remarked that the letters did not strike evenly [RSR/5:142].

Tussilago: Tussilago farfara (Coltsfoot). The dried roots and leaves are used in cough remedies like decoctions or smoked.. Tussilago is a creeping perennial, grows from a root network. Produces a wooly single shoot, which produces a single yellow dandelion-like flower, which only opens in sunlight. It has leaves with distinct coltsfoot shape open after the flower dies. Grows to 6", hardy in temperate zones, prefers moist soil.
Smoking the leaves or inhaling steamed vapors is ineffective as the process destroys the mucilage which provides cough relief. In laboratory tests, the plant has proven carcinogenic and is considered unsafe for internal use. [Submitted by Jennifer Quail].

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