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This page last edited on 08 March 2008

Vandentine: a student at Landing [AtWoP].

Vander: a smallholder at Ruatha Hold [Mor].

Valli Lieb: colonist, geologist at Drake's Lake [DD].

Valden: forest holder at Tillek Hold [MHoP].

Valrol: holder at Tillek Hold [MHoP].


Varena: rider of queen Ralenth, junior weyrwoman at Southern Weyr [D3].

Varney: Master Fishman, Master of the ship Windtoss [Mor].

Vartry: a marine [CoP-RR].

Vassaloe, Francesco: see Francesco Vassaloe.

Vendross: guard captain at Tillek Hold [MHoP].

Veran: Journeyman Trader in of a trade caravan that visits Camp Natalon regularly. Has illegitimate children at Crom Hold. He's a good 10 Turns older than his colleague and friend Tarri [DK, Dfire].

Vergerin of Bitra, Lord: Lord Holder of Bitra (confirmed Turn's End 257). Brother of Lord Kinver of Bitra Hold, uncle of Lord Chalkin. It was said that he was done out of the succession of Bitra Hold by his nephew Chalkin by giving him an isolated mountain hold in the back of beyond [RSR/1:59]. It was rumoured that Vergerin and Chalkin of Bitra had played a game, the stake being an uncontested succession to Bitra Hold [RSR/11:287-288].
By the time the discussion about the impeachment of Lord Chalkin became to take on serious form, Vergerin was still not located [RSR/9:222]. When dragonriders started looking for Vergerin because of the chance of impeachment of Lord Chalkin, they found his hold cleared out and made to look as if nobody had lived there at all. There was no evidence of any violence but though Vergerin had cleared his hold of vegetation someone had thrown debris all around to disguise the clearance [RSR/9:228]. Vergerin came out of hiding right after the arrest of his nephew Lord Chalkin. He had figured that the safest way to hide was under Chalkin's nose and had lived in one of the nearby cotholds, earning his keep in one of the beastholds [RSR/13:304]. Vergerin did lose his rights to the succession in a wager with Lord Chalkin but said that Chalkin had cheated [RSR/13:305]. He was accused by Lord Chalkin and Lady Nadona for breaking his word, acting as a traitor and of setting up the whole impeachment process [RSR/13:306]. Vergerin accepted the position of provisional Lord Holder and the assistance of a management team, consisting out of younger sons and daughters from every other Hold, until a final decision on the subject of succession was taken on the Turn's End conclave [RSR/13:309]. He was confirmed as Bitran Lord Holder at Turn's End 257 but was not abjured to train his young relatives (Chalkin's two sons) to succession though he was - in conscience - bound to see them well taken care of, educated and prepared to make their own living. He was relieved of his promise (to Chalkin) to have no legitimate heirs and promptly installed a nine year old son and a five year old daughter as heirs (nobody knew who their mother had been). Vergerin also made it clear he was interested in acquiring a suitable spouse to hold as his lady, so supposedly he was not married (although having more than one wife on Pern wasn't illegal, just not practiced often) [RSR/14:324]. Vergerin eventually found "Chalkin's hoard" (a money chest, hidden under one of the steps of the back staircase from the Lord Holder's office to the kitchen) and he put the money to good use, hiring craftsmen with it to repair the hold and prepare it for Threadfall and supplying his holders with materials to make repairs to their holds [RSR/16:385-386].

Vero: an older man who got sick, member of a small group of Shunned [Dfire].

Vesna: second mate on the vessel Northern Maid [MHoP].

Viderian: fosterling at Fort Hold, son of a Sea Holder. Friend of Audiva [H2].

Vina: a dolphin calf of the Pardisriv (Paradise River) pod; podleader Afo's latest calf [DoP].

Vincet of Nerat Hold, Lord: Lord Holder of Nerat Hold [D1/222].

The portrait on the right is the one artist Robin Wood made for the Mayfair Boardgame Dragonriders of Pern (1985, 1989). Lord Vincet does not appear in The People of Pern (1988).

[Illustration used with permission. © Robin Wood 1985, 1989]

Vineflower: [D1/200].

Violin: still in existence as such and named violin in the Turns prior to the Third Pass [Dfire].

Visual Records see Records, sub Visual.records.

V'last: rider of bronze Collith, wingleader at Telgar Weyr [RSR].

V'line: rider of bronze Clarinath, stationed at Eastern Weyr [DoP/5:94].

V'mal: rider of brown Koth, stationed at High Reaches Weyr [Mor].

V'mul: rider of brown Tellinth, stationed at Benden Weyr [Mor].

Volcanoes: some of the Volcanoes of Pern started to erupt during the Winter of 257 [RSR/1:52]. The erupting volcanoes were one of the signs of the coming start of a Pass.

Volodya Ostrovsky: husband of Sonja Ostrovsky and father of Torene [CoP-SW].

V'sen: rider of blue Kordeth, stationed at Fort Weyr. Kordeth and V'sen were rescued by Moreta and Orlith in mid air after the dragon sustained a scored wing which was also healed by Moreta [BB].

Vuroth: bronze dragon, rider L'sur [RSR].

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