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This page last edited on 08 March 2008

Yanus: Holder/Sea Holder: Sea Holder of Half Circle Sea Hold. Husband of Mavi [H1/.]. Yanus and Mavi had eight children: six sons (of which Alemi was the third) and two daughters (Sella and Menolly). The most positive thing to be said about Yanus and his wife Mavi is that they mean well. They contrive and thrive in a dangerous occupation that leaves little scope for the mistakes to which man, and woman, are heirs. In fact, they do not understand "mistake", since they clearly know that one does one's duty by Hold and Weyr and a good meal and a secure place to rest should follow such adherence. They believe in hard work for idle hands, making do or doing without, and in no quarter given or taken. They have neither humour nor insight, and how they priduced a legendary musical talent and sensitive personality like Menolly would have mystified them if they had had an ounce of curiosity in their make-up. They hold on to tradition in the most strict way and will not deviate from it even to save their lives. In the end they mean well and do their duty. Yanus' name is misprinted as Yanis in D1-Dragondex and D2-Dragondex [H1; H2; DoP/4:71-72, 78, 84; PoP:18].

The picture on the right is half of the double portrait (modelled after Grant Wood's American Gothic) artist Robin Wood made for Yanus and his wife Mavi for the book The People of Pern (1988).

[Illustration used with permission. © Robin Wood 1988]

Yarrow: Achillea spp. Can be used as a wash to treat acne. Extremely hardy perennial, with fernlike leaves and white flowers resembling miniature daisies. Stem and leaves are covered with silky hairs. 3', most species will grow anywhere, except creeping yarrow, which requires well-drained soil.
The genus name Achillea comes from the story that Achilles, the Greek hero, used yarrow to stop the bleeding of his troops' wounds in the Trojan War. An alkaloid in the plant has been shown to have coagulant properties. Some species apparently contain chemicals with anti-inflammatory properties, and some also contain salicylic acid (like willow and meadowsweet), while still other species contain varyingt amounts of thujone, the abortifacient found in tansy.

[Data submitted by Jennifer Quail].

Yashma Zulieta: chef at Fort Weyr. Possible grandmother of Aliana/Alianne Zulueta (spelling of family names are slightly different) [CoP-SW].

Yawl: a Terran and Pernese name for a small fishing vessel. A yawl is a fore-and-aft rigged, two masted vessel having the mizzenmast (or jiggermast) aft of the rudder post [DoP/1:13].

Year: the term year was still in use at the end of the First Interval, though Turn was coming into fashion [RSR]. See also Turn.

Yearly review: each turn (still predominantly called year at the start of the Second Pass) a yearly review of all the Weyrs was made. In respect to each Weyr's population decisions were then made if people were to be shifted from one Weyr to another to get the number of dragonriders optimal for each Weyr [RSR/1:49].

Year's End celebration: see Turn's End celebration.

Yellowtop: a flower on Pern, the kind Halla put on the graves [Dfire].


Yona: a female member of a small group of Shunned people. Mother of Jenni, who died [Dfire].

Yorag: masterhealer, Hold Healer at Benden Hold [MHoP].

Yorimoto, Chio-Chio: see Chio-Chio Yorimoto.

You have been reading Pern too long when…: (also known as YHBRPTLW) hilarious website owned and maintained by Greg Kempe. On 17 January 2005 Greg wrote on his site: After over 4 years without an update, I have decided to close this site. I haven't read any of Anne's books in ages. I will leave the contents up indefinitely, but submissions will no longer be accepted. Thanks for the contributions! Thank you Greg for your wonderful and unique contribution to Pern fandom! The site can be found at:

Young Island: an island in a tropical southern archipelago, the only volcanic island in that particular chain [RSR/11:287]. See also: Southern islands.

Yuen, Xi Chi: see Xi Chi Yuen.

Yung, Kitti Ping: see Kitti Ping Yung.

Yvonne Yves: a fictional hero of "space adventures" mentioned in Dragonsdawn [DD].

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