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This page last edited on 08 March 2008

Zair: bronze fire lizard, looking to Masterharper Robinton [D2; D3; H2; H3; DoP; AtWoP]. Zair chose to end his life when Master Robinton died [AtWoP].

The picture on the right is part of the portrait artist Robin Wood made of Masterharper Robinton for the book The People of Pern (1988). The original of this painting resides at Dragonhold, Anne McCaffrey's home in Ireland.

[Illustration used with permission. © Robin Wood 1988]

Zalla: an abominator, holdless. Nicknamed "the Scalp". Originally from Igen (holdless) caverns [SoP]

Zane, Rezmar Dooley: see Rezmar Dooley Zane.

Zenor: an apprentice miner at Camp Natalon in Crom Hold. Son of Talmaric and Norla. Brother of Renna and lover of Nuella [DK, Dfire].

Zewe: Portmaster at Monaco Bay [SoP].

Z'gal: rider of blue Tracath, stationed at Telgar Weyr. A young man, weyrmate and lover of T'sen [RSR/16:378].

Zi Ongola: lieutenant commander, colonist, meteorologist. One of the leading men at Landing [DD].

Zist: Master Harper. Specialized in voice. Relieved Harper Jofri of his duties at Camp Natalon, tutor to Kindan who lives with him until he is chosen as handler for the mine's watchwher (Kisk, later to be known as Nuelsk). Has been married but lost his wife Cayla and his baby daughter Carissa to fever (the circumstances are recounted in Dragon's Fire but not revealed in Dragon's Kin (which was published earlier). Zist's favourite instrument is the gitar
As a Journeyman Harper
Zist was posted to Benden Weyr, to copy their records. He is a friend of Benden's Weyrleader M'tal. Zist is one of the few known persons who met himself by going between times to help his younger self healing Gaminth, M'tal's bronze dragon [DK].

Ziv Marchane:
In Red StarRising/Dragonseye a medical doctor is mentioned who lived during the First Pass and wrote about Thread injuries [RSR/7:183]. This person might be the same person as Ziv Marchane mentioned in Dragonsdawn but could also be one of his descendants. See also Marchane.

Z'ran: rider of an unnamed brown dragon, stationed at Telgar Weyr. At a practise flight in early 258, he and another rider named T'lel had a nearly fatal accident because the were showing off [RSR/15:358].

Zulaya of Telgar Weyr: rider of gold Meranath, Telgar Weyrwoman at the start of the Second Pass. Weyrmate of Weyrleader B'ner. Nicknamed Zu. She was Fort Weyrbred and a linear descendant of one of the first dragonriders, Aliana Zuleita.  After the unexpected death of B'ner early 257 she called for an open flight when Meranath was ready to mate again (c. mid 257). She insisted she had no personal preference and had been sincerely attached to B'ner. There had been no lack of "suitors" [RSR/1:32]. To the new Weyrleader K'vin she was understanding and reassuring. She was nearly a decade his senior. Sometimes her intuition was uncanny, she could accurately predict the size of clutches, the distribution of the colors, the sex of the babies born in the Weyr and, occasionally, even the type of weather in the future [RSR/1:33]. Zulaya was tall for a woman, long-legged but still a full head shorter than her weyrmate K'vin, she had long, inky black and curly hair that fell to her waist when not wearing a flying helmet. The hair framed a high-cheekboned face, lustrous eyes that were nearly black and a wide and sensual mouth above a strong chin [RSR/1:35-36]. She wore a sapphire pendant that was inherited by the eldest female of her Bloodline [RSR/1:36]. She was light on her feet and liked to dance but because she was so tall she preferred K'vin as her dancing partner [RSR/1:42].

Zuleita, Aliana see Aliana Zuleita.

Zulieta, Yashma: see Yashma Zulieta.

Zulueta, Alianne: see Alianne Zulueta.

Zurg: Masterweaver. Craftmaster, head of the weaver's craft during the end of the Second Long Interval and the start of the Ninth Pass [D1/221].

The portrait on the right is the one artist Robin Wood made for the Mayfair Boardgame Dragonriders of Pern (1985, 1989). Masterweaver Zurg does not appear in The People of Pern (1988).

[Illustration used with permission. © Robin Wood 1985, 1989]

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