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What is already covered? Edition/source used Remarks

Various   The base or backbone for the PE is formed by notes that were taken from several of the Dragonrider books (some of those notes date back more than ten years) and information taken from the various Dragondexes and similar lists in the various books.

Red Star Rising (Dragonseye) Notes were taken from the UK Corgi mmp edition; 1st printing, 1997. Note-taking on Red Star Rising (with the help of Sariel) took place from February to April 1999. After which 95% of the notes were added to the PE. Some subjects need more study before they are added.

The P.E.R.N. Survey, in: The Chronicles of Pern : First Fall Notes were taken from the US Del Rey mmp edition and cross referenced with the Corgi mmp edition; 1st printing, 1994. Sariel already had taken notes on this short story before Elrhan got his site up. The material is ready to be added but has not yet been incorporated in the PE.

The Girl Who heard Dragons,
in: The Girl Who Heard Dragons
Notes were taken from the US Tor mmp edition; 1st printing, 1995. A "diversion" was needed while we were plowing away through RSR, so in-between Elrhan took notes on this short story which is the only story about Pern that appears in the book by the same title

Moreta, Dragonlady of Pern   Note-taking on Moreta by Sariel started in July 1999. Not finished yet.

Dragonflight Notes were taken from the US Del Rey mmp edition; 15th printing, October 1979. Note-taking on Dragonflight by Elrhan started in August 1999. Not finished yet

Dolphins of Pern Notes were taken from the US Del Rey mmp edition; 1st printing, 1995.  The "cold" notes (notes pertaining to names of persons and places and their locations in the book) were put into the encyclopedia at the end of October 1999. Not finished yet.

Who's Who on Pern The Pern Character List that was made by Hans van der Boom,Anne McCaffrey, Anneli Conroy and Cheryl Miller. Originally compiled 2000-2001 with additions every time a Pern book or story was published after that.

Pernese (herbal) pharmacopeia   Articels for this were written and submitted by Jennifer Quail (in Pernese fandom akak as Anareth's Rider and/or Anareth).
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