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The work on the Pern Encyclopedia project is a continuous process and the contents of the encyclopedia will change
and be added to on a regular basis (hopefully). Please keep in mind the fact that Elrhan (Hans van der Boom)
is the editor-in-chief that several people will be able to write for and contriibute to the encyclopedia and that subsequently
the articles and notes will often reflect their and the editor's personal ideas and perceptions on the various subjects.

Some explanations

abbreviation of sources | letter menus | entries with no explanation or text
alphabetical order of subjects | main entries and sub-entries |
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Abbreviations of source

At the end of most entries, or right after specific bits of information or data, you will find the abbreviation(s) of the relevant book title(s) [between square brackets]. This gives you the title(s) of the book(s) where the information comes from, sometimes accompanied by a chapter number and one or more page numbers (separated by a colon). If given, the page numbers refer to the Pern books the editor has used for the encyclopedia. These editions might not be the same as your own. If you want a list of the exact editions that were used for the Pern Encyclopedia go to the page about what is covered by the encyclopedia.
In one of the departments of the Pern Museum Library you will also find a list with all the book title abbreviations used.
Book abbreviation and chapter/page numbers are separated by a slash. (Example: RSR/4:107, 114 = Red Star Rising (published as Dragonseye in the US), chapter 4, pages 107 and 114). 
If you see (s#) right after the chapter reference in the book reference this indicates a section (for books with none or only a few chapters). Section are often  headed by a verse (like in Dragonflight), and were numbered by Elrhan himself, they might help you when you want to find certain passages, or want to check, or look up something, in your own book edition.
Letter menus

From any encyclopedia page you can jump to any another page, or section you want or need, directly by using the letter menus that are at the top and bottom of each page or section and which are sometimes scattered throughout the pages (you might have to scroll up or down to see them or hit ctrl-home or ctrl-end).
Entries with no explanation or text

While I keep working on the encyclopedia you might find entries with no explanation or text. 
These are there for my benefit and will let you know that I am still gathering information or am currently working on this particular subject but do not have any text ready yet to put in the encyclopedia.
Alphabetical order of subjects

All entries are in strict alphabetical order. This also means that I did not follow the custom to see the honorific apostrophe in dragonrider names as an "A". This would put them always at the beginning of their letter section, like they appear in the Dragonlover's Guide to Pern. As an archivist I do not like to deviate from the strictly alphabetical order, so names of dragonriders appear in their correct place (i.e. Crick, Cr'not, C'rob, Crom etc.). Luckily Anne McCaffrey herself gave me permission (while I was compiling the Who's Who on Pern) to alphabetize the "Terran way".
Main entries and sub-entries

Main subject entries are seperated by a line. Sub-entries are indented and have a circle list-item on the left hand side. This indicates you might have to scroll up to get to the original or main entry. This was done because there are entries (like Benden Hold) that have so much sub-entries that your complete screen will show only sub-entries and you can't see the main entry anymore.

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We have received permission of several artists to display their art, most notably Robin Wood gave her permission to use the her art made for the book The People of Pern and the (two editions of) the Mayfair Pern boardgames. Sometimes you will be able to click on the picture that is displayed in the encyclopedia to enjoy a larger version of the picture.

Please remember:
If you have corrections, objections, notions
or think things need alteration, verification, or whatever
Please email us


This site is owned and maintained by Elrhan, Master Archivist.
All references to worlds and characters based on Anne McCaffrey's fiction 
are copyright Anne McCaffrey 1967, 2000,
all rights reserved, and used by permission of the author.

This page last edited on 05 March 2006